QuakeC Specification Draft 2 by Olivier Montanuy

Zip File of All Draft QuakeC HTML Files

 	  Quake-C specification and HTML version.
 	 by Olivier Montanuy (montanuy@dmi.ens.fr)
		August 1st, 1996.

This is my second draft of the Quake-C specs, as part of
the more general Quake specs.

Files contained in this archive:

index.htm	The browsing starts here, with a frame definition.
		You WWW server and client had better understand
		that .HTM is .HTML. Sorry for this, but with
		a PC, I prefer to avoid using .HTML.

progs.htm	Alternate starting point (no frames).

manual.htm	A vague sketch of Quake-C manual
		You can do much better. So help me ;-)

builtins.htm	Definition of all the Quake-C builtins.
		All... well, most of them at least.
		I know I missed some. Lack of time...

quakenet.htm    Definitions related to the network protocol
                of Quake (very incomplete).
qc2html.py	Python program to generate the other
		Html files (noweb could do it much faster)	

*.htm		The original Quake-C code, made into HTML.
		(some links are a bit of a hack, but it
		 should be valuable).

Quake-C modules

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