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4. Some general remarks on the recording structure

4.1 Entity

An entity is an object. This may be the whole level (described by a BSP file), the player (described by a MDL file), an explosion (described by a SPR file) or the like.

There are different kinds of entities.

Static Entity

A static entity doesn't interact with the rest of the game. These are flames (progs/flame.mdl) and the like. It will be created by the spawnstatic message. It will never be necessary to reference such an entity. They don't get an entity number. The maximum number of static entities is 127.

Dynamic Entity

A dynamic entity is anything which changes its behaviour or its appearance. These are ammunition boxes, spinning armors, player models and the like. A dynamic entity will be created by the spawnbaseline message. The maximum number of dynamic entities is 449.

Temporary Entity

A temporary entity will be created by the temp_entity message. A temporary entity is a (as the name indicates) short time entity.

Quake uses these entities for hits on the wall (point-like entities) or for the Thunderbolt flash (line-like entities).

For more information on temporary entities look in section temp_entity.

4.2 Life-cycles

The Quake objects pass different life phases. The following information is not DEM specific but it may be of general interest to understand the co-operation of all the messages.


(Multi) Player

The following describes the deathmatch DEM messages of the two players Alice and Bob. Alice records the game from her -listen 3 server.

Medikits, Chthon, etc.

will be included later (anyone volunteer?)

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