QuakeEd Source README by John Carmack


This is a dump of the current source code for QuakeEd, our map editing

This does not include everything necessary to build maps. There are graphics
files, prog files, and other utilities needed. I plan on releasing a full
development set of tools after the game ships. This is just intended to help
out anyone working on their own map editor.

This is a NEXTSTEP application, so hardly anyone is going to be able to use
the code as is. This is not an OPENSTEP application. It doesn't even use the
foundation kit, so porting to gnustep or openstep-solaris/mach/nt would not
be trivial.

There are lots of mixed case and >8 character filenames, so I'm using unix
gnutar (compressed) format.

Because most people won't have access to a NEXTSTEP machine, I took pictures
of some of the more important stuff from interface builder:
I included some sample data to help you follow the code:
There will not be any major changes to this code base. I am eagerly looking
forward to writing a brand new editor for windows NT + open GL as soon as
Quake ships.

This application was really not a very good fit for NEXTSTEP. The display
postscript model fundamentally doesn't fit very well with what we need here
-- if you run in an 8 bit color mode, the line drawing runs at an ok speed,
but the texture view goes half the speed it should as it dithers from 24 bit
color down to 8 bit. If you run in 24 bit color mode, you get less screen
real estate and significantly slower line drawing as a 3 megabyte XY view is
flushed. Sigh. If anyone does actually run this on NEXTSTEP be advised that
you want a fast machine. I never had the time to properly optimize QuakeEd.

The texture view rendering code in here is crap. Anyone coding a new editor
is strongly advised to just use an available optimized library, like open GL
or direct 3D.

John Carmack
Id Software

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