QuakeEd GUI/Screenshots

Screenshots have been released to provide a preview of what Editing Quake Maps actually looks like, and to encourage and support ports of QuakeEd, and implementation of other editors. Additional information is available:

Screenshot by John Romero, 1995

This screenshot provided by John Romero dates back to 1995. There has been at least on QuakeEd revision. The screenshot features the Texture Palette inspector (64x64 textures, four rows in a separate window), some BSP options (FastBSP, 1/2 BSP, Full BSP), a look down view, some Brush options. Note that the "sizing" buttons have been removed in the current version, and that BSP and other options have been moved to menus.

The full size image is 1280x1204, or 240K.

I made a downsized 640x256 one that's 70K and fits in a common Web Browser.

Screenshots by John Carmack, 1996

The QuakeEd Source release has been accompanied by two current screenshots, one of the primary window, and one of the four important inspector views (judging from the source, there are more), and seven menus.

The full size image GIF files are approx 15K and 180K, 1024x768 and 1280x1204, respectively. If you want to take a close look at the details, use the icons above to download the full sized picture, and use xv to select parts of the image for conversion to greyscale postscript. Any downscaling renders these screenshosts useless.

Short Summary of the GUI

In general, use the thumbnail pictures to get the high resolution screenshots. There are seven inspectors (to be selected in the upper right corner).

The menus seem to be in slight violation of NeXT conventions. There is a main menu, entitled QuakeEd, and the Document/Edit/Brush/BSP/Misc submenus.

The application inhericts the Windowsmenu, but ignores Services that is usually available as well. The placement of Quit and Hide under Misc/... supposedly is not common, as is the order of the submenus, or the lack of Info.

Screenshot Gallery

Here is a gallery of 1024x768 screenshots, each about 30-60K, in which you will find textured, wireframe and solid views of jrbase1.map and johnc99.map, with all inspectors, a glimpse of the help, and other details.

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