Quake Developer's Hypermail Archive

Threaded by Month

Here you will find the pages accompanying the Quake Developer's Mailing List at gamers.org, including the threaded Hypermail archive sorted by month. A brief history of the list:

The list openend in march at nvg.unit.no, but had to be moved to gamers.org, because the norwegian home site experienced severe hardware problems. Some inconsistencies in the archive happened in the week before the list was completely shut down and moved.

The Digests

The threaded archive is slightly edited, e.g. unnecessary full quotes are deleted, off topic postings or accidentally posted private mails are removed, MickeySoft mailer attachments purged, and some Hypermail or mail header related problems have been fixed manually. If you want to be sure to get the original text, rely on the digests that are available for download, including all off topic postings and mailer attachments. All the files listed above are available for download.

About the List

There is general information on the Quake Developer's mailing list available. The list server used is Majordomo, and you should read the Majordomo documents if you are not familiar with it already.

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