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This page provides all files and links associated with the Quake Developers mailing list. If you intend to subscribe to this list, you should keep a bookmark on this page.

The Quake Developers mailing list is dedicated to a fairly restricted set of topics, closely but not exclusively related to the game "Quake" announced by id Software. Please read the posting guidelines carefully, and stick to them. There's an FAQ that will be extended continuously, and another collection of infos related to majordomo lists in general. You will find the mailings of the current month here.

Topics of the Quake Developers list

The Quake Developers mailing list is restricted to topics related to developing tools and utilities that are primarily or partly useful for customizing the upcoming game "Quake". If you're are planning on writing or porting some software to be used with "Quake", I hope you'll find the list useful for gathering and distributing information. The list is dedicated to discussing algorithms, libraries, tools, and sources. If you are working for a commercial company, feel free to lurk on the list, and if your employer allows you to share some insights, your contributions will be greatly appreciated. Even if you are not going to do anything, you're still welcome, as long as your postings stay on purpose.

Note that the Quake Developers mailing list does not cover the usual editing issues, such as map editing, defining behavior, using QuakeC, modelling and painting, or any other issue that is using a tool rather than creating one. There is a Newsgroup already available for this.

Some remarks

The Quake Developers mailing list is open to everybody, be it beginner or professional. Note, however, that this list is a lot more restrictive than other lists. It is not moderated, but it is a closed list, which means that the list administrator has to approve every subscription. This does not mean you won't be able to subscribe to the list. It does, however, mean that you won't be able to subscribe a second time just as easily. In other words, if I'm forced to unsubscribe you for some reason, I won't always approve another subscription. Please read the posting guidelines carefully. Do not abuse the privileges provided by the net. Thank you.

To the "beginners": quake-dev is, even more than doom-editing, intended for advanced discussions of a restricted set of topics. I invite you to join us, but please keep to listening for some time, instead of posting away. Have a look at this webpage, and you'll find pointers to FAQ's, documents and sites. If you're completely lost, try the rec.games.computer.quake Newsgroup hierarchy. If you're in serious trouble, contact me at

not the list.

To anybody who does not consider himself a "beginner", as well as the "beginners": Quake Developers is a service offered by people you do not know. It requires machinery and manpower neither you nor I have paid for. I'm only handling parts of the list, as I did with doom-editing. Most of work is on-site administration at gamers.org. Please bear in mind that we are only guests in somebody else's house.

If worse comes to worse, I might be forced to run Quake Developers as a closed list all the time. If necessary, I might even switch it to a moderated list for a few days. It is, however, my hope that we end up with an open, unmoderated list once things have settled.

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