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Quake 2 Documentation Project

written by Q2DP

Version 0.3 of 18. March 1998

This document describes the "Quake 2 Documentation Project" in general, that is, it lists authors and contributors, states copyright and distributiuon policy issues, handles trademark acknowledgments and other legalese, describes the concept, and points towards the documents dealing with the separate technical issues related to "Quake 2", the game architecture published by id Software, Inc. This document also serves as a FAQ with respect to the Q2DP as such.

1. Revision History

2. ToDo

3. Introduction

4. How to submit a Contribution

5. Submissions to the SGML collection

6. Submissions to the DOC++ Source Reference

7. Current Status

8. Q2DP Tools and Technology

9. Q2DP documents

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