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Net Resources

I will add recommended resources of any kind, be it books, articles, FTP sites, Web Pages, technical reports and other stores of knowledge here.

The PC Games Programmers Encyclopedia

The PCGPE 1.0 has been collected by Mark Feldman, and has been written by him and numerous other authors. To quote the README:

Well, here it is! This is the first edition of the PC Games Programmers
Encyclopedia. The PC-GPE as it currently stands is a collection of text
files, each covering a different aspect of programming games for the PC.
Some files were obtained from the net, others were grabbed off Usenet, quite
a few were written for the PC-GPE.

The information in the PC-GPE is provided to you free of charge. The authors
of each article have included their own conditions of use, eg some ask that
you give them credit if you use their source code. As a general rule of
thumb, an e-mail or postcard to an author telling them you found their file
helpful probably wouldn't go astray.....
For convenience, I am maintaining, with permission, a full copy of the PCGPE here. The 718K archive as of may 1994 does not include a few bug fixes. The official home site of the PCGPE is x2ftp.oulu.fi, look there for any additional files or updates. To my knowledge, the PCGPE for DOS is not continued and not maintained by Mark Feldman anymore, but new releases have been occasionally mentioned. Note that any of the files should not be distributed separately from the entire PCGPE, and that it is recommended to contact the respective author directly if you want to make specific use of anything provided.


The 3DGPL is an often recommended set of C source code accompanying four detailed tutorials:

It is written and Copyright 1995 by Sergei Savchenko (see README). The archive is available for download. The author maintains a 3DGPL Home Page, and it is recommended to look there for more recent versions.

USENET resources

There is an abundance of knowledge available on the USENET, posted in Newsgroups or provided on FTP sites and WWW servers. Now and then I will add a pointer here to something that has been mentioned on the mailing list.

You will find pointer to locations and archives in there as well for more current versions.


This are some additional bookmarks and references I collected.

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