By Brian Kidby (thekid@ornews.intel.com)


I've seen many posts every day from people wondering how to get DOOM
and/or DOOM II to run under OS/2 and/or Warp.  I've used the procedures
below with success, and I thought I'd share the info with the kind people
of these groups.

First of all, you have to understand that you CANNOT get DOOM/DOOMII to
use your audio adapter under OS/2 2.x/ Warp.  (I must confess that the 
only sound-card I have experience with is my old SoundBlaster Pro II.  
If you've gotten ANY other card to work, I'd like to hear your horror-
stories!  8>  )

IBM admits that DOOM(2) cannot use audio-adapters under OS/2 or Warp.
IBM is working on a native OS/2 version of the DOOM/DOOMII .EXE that will
allow full audio support.  It will work with your DOS wad-files, and it
will be downloadable via ftp.  

With that in mind, follow the following procedures to run DOOM/DOOMII
(without audio-adapter support) under OS/2 2.x or Warp:

        1)  Copy DOOM(2)'s "default.cfg" to "default.dos"
        2)  Run DOOM(2)'s "Setup" utility and select "NONE" for both
            "Music Card" and "Sound FX Card".  (Optionally, you can
            select "PC Speaker" for your Sound FX.  Personally, I find
            PC Speaker sounds to be highly irritating.)
        3)  Strike <ESC> to leave "Setup".
        4)  Save your settings before leaving.
        5)  Copy "default.cfg" to "default.os2"
        6)  Copy "default.dos" to "default.cfg"
        7)  Delete "default.dos" (but KEEP "default.cfg" & "default.os2").
        8)  Get to the OS/2 or Warp desktop.
        9)  If you haven't yet created a DOOM(2) object, do so now.
       10)  Open your DOOM(2) object's "Settings" folder.
       11)  Flip to the "Session" page.
       12)  Open the object's "DOS Settings" list.
       13)  Set your DOS settings to the values recommended
            in the "DMFAQ58.TXT" file that came with DOOM(2).
       14)  Add "-config default.os2" to the "Parameters" field of the
            "Program" settings-page.
       15)  Save and close the object's "Settings" folder.
       16)  Double-click your DOOM(2) object to begin your game.

Again, I've set both DOOM & DOOMII up under Warp using these procedures,
and I've had both running simultaneously (alternating between foreground/
active & background/paused) without any problems.  I hope they work for