Some useful hints on using patch files (special info for v1.2)

                             Last Change: 27/Jun/96

(before I begin, note this: running any patch file will DELETE your
older-version saved-games, so back them up if you want to keep them, although
if you do keep them you will have to hack them in order to still be able to
use them. Post to for more info about this)

This file is primarily concerned with upgrading Doom v1.1 to Doom v1.2, but
much of the advice given here is also relevant to those wishing to upgrade
other versions of Doom and Doom II (eg. Doom I v1.1 to v1.9).

The latest version of Doom (and Doom II) is v1.9. There are patch files on the
Doom ftp sites to allow upgrading from any version to v1.9. The extra notes in
this file are for those who wish to upgrade from Doom I v1.1 to v1.2 (which
strictly speaking isn't necessary now since it is now possible to go straight
from v1.1 to v1.9; however, I'll leave the extra info in anyway).

Where to get these patch files? I will send you a list of Doom ftp sites after
this (if I forget to do this, email me back for the ftp/www site list). If you
have ftp access, but are unsure how to use it, then email me for further info
(ask for the 'Introduction to ftp and how to use it...' help file).

When you ftp to a chosen site, goto the main Doom directory (eg. pub/doom on and enter the 'idstuff' directory. In this directory, you will
find the following further sub-directories:


Now enter into the appropriate directory for you (ie. 'doom' or 'doom2'. Ignore
the other three directories).

There are two types of patch file: .exe and .zip - the former are
self-extracting executable archives (for these, put them into your Doom
firectory and just run them to extract the patch files, after which enter
'pshell'), whilst the latter are standard zip archive files which can be
uncompressed with something like PKUNZIP v2.04g (if you don't have PKUNZIP,
email me for info on where to get it by ftp). Note that every patch file has an
associated .txt file to go with it, so download the .txt file first to make
sure you're getting the right patch file for you, just to make sure.

The zip and exe files of interest are:

- in the idstuff/doom directory:

 File Size     File name                    Upgrade Description
 ^^^^^^^^^     ^^^^^^^^^                    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  511766          Registered Doom I from v1.666 to v1.9.
  1038370     11_19drp.exe          Registered Doom I from v1.1 to v1.9.
  942076      12_19drp.exe          Registered Doom I from v1.2 to v1.9.
  545459      16_19drp.exe          Registered Doom I from v1.666 to v1.9. (*)
  471508      18_19drp.exe          Registered Doom I from v1.8 to v1.9.
  450819          Registered Doom I from v1.1 to v1.2. (**)
  511766          Registered Doom I from v1.666 to v1.9.

  388592          Shareware Doom I from v1.1 to v1.2. (**)
  650746          Shareware Doom I from v1.2 to v1.666.
  531594          Shareware Doom I from v1.666 to v1.9.
  91165          Shareware Doom I from v1.8 to v1.9.

(*)  The .txt file for this patch says v1.6 to v1.9, but this is a typing error
     so ignore it. The patch is definitely for v1.666 to v1.9 (there never was a
     version 1.6).

(**) I have some extra information regarding upgrading from v1.1 to v1.2. Email
     me for this information if you want it.

- in the idstuff/doom2 directory:

 File Size     File name                    Upgrade Description
 ^^^^^^^^^     ^^^^^^^^^                    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  118016          Doom II from v1.666 to v1.7a.
  64444          Doom II from v1.7 to v1.7a.
  434005          Doom II from v1.7a to v1.9.
  152177          Doom II from v1.8 to v1.9.

If you decide to ftp these files, make sure you download in binary mode
(enter 'bin' at the prompt). Users of Kermit should _especially_ make sure
that they have their terminal settings correct as this can often cause

This rest of this file concerns the patch from v1.1 to v1.2. This particular
patch has some problems with it, thus the existence of this help file. However,
very few problems occur with the v1.2 to v1.666 patch which seems to work fine
for most people (even so, you might find some of the info here useful anyway).

Don't forget though, that this info really isn't necessary now as there are
direct patches from v1.1 & v1.2 to v1.9. However, perhaps you're someone who's
having trouble downloading the direct patch files because they're too large,
etc., so this info will stay in this file for the time being. But otherwise, if
you're able, don't use the v1.1 to v1.2 patch - get the v1.1 to v1.9 patch

- End of general patch info.

Still here? Oh well, ok, you still want to use the v1.2 patch then... :D

Please read ALL of this file before attempting to use the patch; you might
just save yourself a lot of hair-pulling...

To use the v1.1 to v1.2 patch, place the patch files in your Doom directory
and enter:


But before you do...

                           Before you try...

If you are about to use the 1.2 patch, or if you have already tried but
are encountering difficulties, then the following hints may help:-

The patch wants a clean version of the v1.1 game to update with. Any
modifications made to doom.exe or doom.wad will halt the patch. If you
have problems, try re-installing the v1.1 game from scratch and running
the patch again.

If you've used the use1_94.bat file to switch to the 1.94 DOS extender,
then enter:


and try the patch again.

(Thanks to Chris Pollard (Xmastree@Sound.Demon.Co.UK) for the
following tip concerning FILE_ID.DIZ...)

I have been told that the patch needs the original FILE_ID.DIZ. If
you just copy the patch files from the unzipped file straight into
your Doom directory, then the original FILE_ID.DIZ will be overwritten.
Hence, try unzipping the patch zip file somewhere else, and then
renaming the FILE_ID.DIZ from the patch zip file to FILE-ID.DIZ or
something, and then copying them to the Doom directory. This way, the
patch program will find the original FILE_ID.DIZ. Then, afterwards,
rename the new DIZ file back to FILE_ID.DIZ.

Alternatively, only copy the three files that begin with 'patch' into your
Doom directory, as the patching process does not actually need the
FILE_ID.DIZ file that comes with the patch zip file.

If you still get an error, try entering this instead:

  patch -ignoremissing

This might work, but not always. As someone else who mailed me said:

"...The patch computes a checksum of the original files before touching
them and complains if the checksum doesn't match. Using the option
-ignoremissing is OK if an original unimportant file is missing (e.g.,
LICENSE.DOC). However, if the "bad checksum" complaint comes from one
of the important files (DOOM.EXE, DOOM.WAD), using the above option
will simply prevent the old file from being updated and the game will
still not work.".

It appears there are still some problems out there. If anyone has any
other tips on how the patch can be made more likely to work properly,
please email me so that I can update this help file.

Note to Australian players: it has been mentioned that some players
received an older version of Doom 1.1 that the patch does not work
with. If, after trying everything, the patch still does not work, then
contact your dealer/supplier. They should be able to help.

For answers to any further question you may have about upgrading, or about
anything else concerned with Doom, Doom II and Heretic, please post to:

Hope this helps! :)

Byeee! :)


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