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             The Doom Help Service (DHS) Help Files Archive

                        Last Change:  05/July/96

              By Ian Mapleson, Copyright 1994, 1995, 1996.

Hi there! :)

(And welcome, if you are a newcomer to Doom)

This file contains a description of the various help files contained in
the Doom Help Service Archive (ie. the file

For detailed information about the DHS and the various rec-based USENET
newsgroups dedicated to Doom, Doom II and Heretic (or if you are a new player
of these games) please read the file called 'README' contained in this archive.


Doom is a complex game and has produced many questions. Like most subjects,
there is a Doom FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) available. This is the first
item listed below. Read this before anything else! Well, that said, it IS
rather large and will have a lot of information that you won't immediately want
or need to know.

Also, read the 'README' file that comes with Doom as that has lots of
information in it too.

To include ALL the information relevant to Doom in the Doom FAQ would make the
Doom FAQ very large indeed. I have already had problems emailing it to several
people because of its present size. Therefore, this archive contains, as well
as the main Doom FAQ, a sizeable number of other help files. These answer some
of the questions which really need to be explained at a level of detail which is
impractical to achieve in the main Doom FAQ without making it far too large.

                              Archive Contents

This archive should contain the following files:

README               doomhelp.txt         doomfaq6.666         pwadmake.hlp
doomchts.hlp         inetdoom.hlp         pwaduse.hlp          awadis.hlp           doomfaq6.666         keyfaq.hlp           rgcdfaq.hlp
bsp_faq.hlp          dmsp1666.hlp         levelnms.hlp         demomake.hlp
doomnet.hlp        e4secrts.hlp         linuxdm.hlp
sgidmfaq.hlp         ftpdoom.hlp          sgidoom.hlp          ftpintro.hlp
modemstr.hlp         spoilers.hlp         ftpmail.hlp          notes1_2.hlp
ftputils.hlp         windoom.hlp          ftpwww.hlp           os2help.hlp
dmiiscrt.hlp         patchinf.hlp         dmshrwr.hlp          hticfaq.hlp
pwadinfo.hlp         hticscrt.hlp         trinity.hlp          deu-help.hlp
deu4dums.hlp         deu4ids.hlp          bspinfo.hlp          wolfchts.hlp

If one of these files is missing then it means you've somehow obtained a
modified copy of the archive - please email me at
describing the omission and where you found the archive file (I'll send you the
correct version).

Contents Format:

<file name(s)>   - <brief description>

   <detailed description if needed>

Contents list:

doomfaq6.666  - The Doom FAQ v6.666, by Hank Leukart.

   It answers a vast number of questions about Doom and is a sizeable
   document. It has a very good description of the game as well. Read it
   before anything else! Like as not, the answers to most peoples' questions
   will be in this FAQ. However, the Doom FAQ does _not_ get updated very often
   and so the other files in the archive are actually more likely to have more
   up-to-date information on things such as ftp and World Wide Web site

rgcdfaq.hlp   - The RGCD FAQ, maintained by Frans P. de Vries.

   This answers the most frequently asked questions by those who read and post
   to the* news groups. It contains pointers to
   dozens of ftp sites and web sites where the most sought after PWADs, etc.,
   can be found, as well as answering many of the most frequently asked
   questions about Doom. This file is updated frequently; to get the latest
   version, read

doomchts.hlp  - A complete list of the Doom and Doom II cheat codes
                and how to use them.

   Also included is a summary of controls that you can use in Map mode, and
   how to use the berserker box when you already have the chainsaw. This
   file has been updated to include Doom II information and also contains the
   cheat codes for the Jaguar 64 and Sega 32X versions of Doom.

secdoors.hlp  - How to find Secrets in Doom.

   Finding secret doors is not always an easy task, especially for a beginner.
   Even the experts can miss them. This contains some hints and tips for
   tracking down the secrets in Doom. The info given applies equally well to
   Doom II and Ultimate Doom.

ftpintro.hlp  - An introduction to ftp.

   For those who want to use ftp to get Doom files, but have never used it
   before, this file explains what ftp is, how it works and how to use it.

ftpwww.hlp - A listing of ftp and World Wide Web sites for Doom.

   This file is a list of the main Doom ftp and WWW sites, plus an extended
   list of other sites that have Doom information and files (eg. 3rd party help
   on level editing, non-mirror ftp sites for Doom related files, etc.)

ftputils.hlp  - Where to get pkunzip, uudecode and the gmouse driver by ftp.

   (actually, it shows where to get the complete pk and uu archive files).

ftpdoom.hlp   - A step by step guide on how to ftp shareware Doom v1.9.

   Especially useful if you're unfamiliar with ftp. This file contains
   a list of ftp sites to choose from. It also shows how to install the game
   once you get the ftp'd file. The instructions given here are applicable to
   all version of Shareware Doom. v1.9 is just used as an example. If you
   download Shareware Doom, try and get the latest version (currently v1.9).

ftpmail.hlp   - How to get ftp files by email.

   If you don't have direct ftp access, it is possible to obtain files from
   ftp sites by using an 'ftp mailer deamon'. This is a site somewhere that
   allows you to email commands to it which are requests for files from an ftp
   site. Your request is eventually processed, the files retrieved, uuencoded,
   split into chunks if need be and emailed to you. All you have to do is then
   uuedecode the files you receive to obtain the file you wanted. This document
   shows you how to use ftpmail.

demomake.hlp  - A step by step guide to making .lmp demo recordings of your
                Doom sessions.

   Includes example command lines to demonstrate the various parameters.
   This file does NOT, however, contain information about making .lmps of
   modem/network playing sessions. If anyone wishes to send me a complete
   description of how to do this, feel free to email me.

dmiiscrt.hlp  - A complete list of secrets for Doom II.

   This is an extract from the Doom FAQ v6.666, by Hank Leukart.

e4secrts.hlp  - Episode 4 Secrets List (from 'Ultimate Doom').

   Ultimate Doom contains a new Episode 4. This file is a secrets list for
   Episode 4 only and is not a part of the ordinary Doom FAQ v6.666.

keyfaq.hlp    - The Doom II Key FAQ, by Richard Ward and Mike Newton.

   This file contain precise details of how to get every key on every level of
   Doom II. It has _no_ information about Doom I.

awadis.hlp    - A description of what a WAD file is.

   Explains the differences between an IWAD file, PWAD file, what they
   are, etc.

pwaduse.hlp   - A description of how to use add on level files (PWAD's).

   Contains info on front end utilities to make net play with add-on levels
   much easier and other info.

pwadinfo.hlp  - A brief description of how to begin making your own levels.

   This is NOT a file such as Tom Neff's Design FAQ (see next entry). It is
   just an explanation of what the business entails in general. Mentions the
   odd editor, that sort of thing. Useful for someone who hasn't started
   level creation at all just yet and has no idea where to begin.

editguid.hlp  - A general guide to level editing for Doom and Doom II.

   This a much more in-depth guide to level editing, with detailed information
   on the various editors available, exactly what can be edited, etc. This
   should definitely be one's main resource when one starts down the path of
   level editing.

pwadmake.hlp  - Tom Neff's Doom level-editing Design FAQ v1.2.

   This file contains the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions
   about level creation and editing.

dmsp1666.hlp  - Matt Fell's Doom Specs file.

   If you intend to do any Doom editing, read this file! It contains a complete
   description of the main Doom WAD file (internal format, contents, etc.)

bsf_faq.hlp   - BSF Frequently Asked Questions file.

   Doom's graphics engine is based on the use of a 'BSP' data structure (full
   name is 'Binary Space Partition tree'). This file explains how BSP trees work
   in general.

bspinfo.hlp   - A BSP article, by Eddie.

   As mentioned above, Doom uses a BSP tree in its graphics engine. This
   article, posted to a Doom newsgroup in 1994, explains in a little more
   detail how Doom's graphics engine uses a BSP tree. In case you haven't
   guessed already, bsp_faq.hlp contains *general* information about BSP trees
   whilst bspinfo.hlp is written specifically with Doom in mind.

trinity.hlp   - An explanation of how TRINITY2.WAD was made.

   TRINITY2.WAD marked a turning point in quality WAD design. Steve McCrea, the
   author of the Trinity level, explains how he made the WAD, covering the
   special tricks he used to obtain the excellent touches the Trinity level
   contains (such as the 'cinema screen' wall).

deu-help.hlp \
deu4dums.hlp  :- A collection of help files on using the DEU level editor.
deu4ids.hlp  /

   DEU is a powerful editor, but editing is a technical business and some
   people may find the technical jargon confusing at first. These files aim to
   guide one through the early stages of level editing, usually by showing how
   to construct a simple beginners' level. For more advanced editing advice,
   read pwadmake.hlp, dmsp1666.hlp and trinity.hlp.

dmshrwr.hlp   - A complete list of secrets for Episode 1 ONLY of Doom I.

   Written by Eugene Cohen, this is in word form (as opposed to the numeric
   co-ordinates given in the Doom FAQ) and covers just Doom Shareware.

doomnet.hlp   - The Doom Network Trouble Shooting Guide.

   Written by Murray Chapman, this guide is not a complete help text as
   it's designed for those who have dedicated Doom networks, but are still
   experiencing problems in getting the game to run properly.

inetdoom.hlp  - The TCP/IP Internet DOOMer's FAQ.

   Written by Scott Coleman and Jay Cotton, this file shows how to set up a
   dedicated network for Doom.

modemstr.hlp  - The Modem Init String List, by Keith Turbyfill.

   This file contains a large number of modem init strings for a wide variety
   of brands. Having trouble connecting with your playing pal via the phone?
   This file probably has the answer.

linuxdm.hlp   - The Linux Doom FAQ, by Steve VanDevender.

   This file shows how to run the Linux version of Doom, and also has loads of
   related info for Linux Doom players.

sgidmfaq.hlp  - The SGI Doom FAQ, by John Troyer.

   This file shows how to run the SGI version of Doom, and also has loads of
   related info for SGI Doom players.

sgidoom.hlp   - How to play Registered Doom, Ultimate Doom and Doom II on
                an SGI system. Also contains info on using add-on levels.

patchinf.hlp  - How to go about upgrading from one version of Doom to another.

   This file has specific information concerning upgrading from v1.1 to Doom
   v1.2 as there were particular problems with that upgrade. Information is
   also given as to how to upgrade to v1.9.

dmiiptch.hlp  - Info on patching Doom II.

   This file contains some miscellaneous info on how to patch various versions
   of Doom II. Apparently, some problems can occur in the patching process and
   this file shows how to avoid them.

notes1_2.hlp  - Information on Doom v1.2 compared to Doom v1.1.

   This does NOT describe new features - it merely covers things such as
   saved-game compatibility, etc. Most importantly, it has an extensive
   description of the PS/2 'psycho-mouse' bug and some ideas on how to solve it
   (the easiest being to upgrade to v1.666 or higher).

windoom.hlp   - How to run Doom under Windows.

   Originally devised as a means of curing the psychomouse bug present in
   v1.2, this file is surprisingly popular even now. It must be because of all
   those Doomers who play at work... :-)

os2help.hlp   - How to run Doom and Doom II under OS/2.

   Written by Brian Kidby.

snesdoom.hlp  - The SNES Doom FAQ.

   A version of Doom has been written for the SNES games console. This FAQ
   contains info relevant to players of SNES Doom. Before you read it, you
   should know that SNES Doom has NO cheat codes whatsoever.

hticfaq.hlp   - The Heretic FAQ v1.0, by Tom Laufert.

   This is the FAQ document for Heretic, a game based on the Doom graphics
   engine, written by Raven Softare for Id Software. If you like Doom, you'll
   probably like Heretic as well. Heretic is an RPG (role playing game) style

hticscrt.hlp  - a separate file that contains a complete list of all the secrets
                in Heretic.

spoilers.hlp  - A spoilers file. Miscellaneous hints and tips about Doom I.

    Covers the following:

    1. Where is the entrance to the secret level in E2?

    2. How can I kill the Cyberdemon at the end of episode 2?

    3. How can I get into the secret room to the right of the blue key in E2L2?

    4. I seem to be missing a secret in E2L2. Any idea where it is?

    5. How do I kill the two Barons of Hell at the end of episode 1?

    6. How do I do E1L1 (Hangar)? (this covers the entire level: how to get
       the power armour outside, how to find the new secret that is in v1.2,
       and is in fact a complete solution to the entire level).

    7. How do I do E1L2 (Nuclear Plant)? (this covers the entire level: how
       to find the first chainsaw, the chaingun, the backpack, and so on. It
       is a complete solution to E1L2).

    8. How do I do E1L3 (Toxin Refinery)? (this covers: 'How do I raise the
       bridge?', 'How do I get to the secret level on E1?', and is in fact a
       complete solution to E1L3).

levelnms.hlp - Doom and Doom II Episode and Level names listing.

   A list of each of the names of the various levels in each episode of
   Doom I and Doom II (the latter has levels only). A useful little reference!
   This should help reduce the number of 'I wish I could remember the level
   names...' comments! :D

3dgmsfaq.hlp - 3D Games FAQ, by Frans P. de Vries.

   Doom sparked off an explosion of 3D games. Many are just pathetic clones,
   whilst some are actually worth playing. What with so many questions about
   other 3D games appeared on the Doom newsgroups, it was felt that a 3D games
   FAQ was worth writing to try and answer some of the many questions and to
   decrease the noise level on the Doom newsgroups.

wolfchts.hlp - Wolfenstein 3D Cheats List.

   I occasionally get asked for this, so I thought I'd throw it in as a
   preventative measure. :)

                           *** End of Archive Index ***

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  - the archive remains complete and unchanged,
  - no money is charged for the distribution of this archive.

My thanks to the many contributors of the help information contained herein.

If you have any suggestions as to what else could/should be included in this
archive, or any other comments, feel free to email me.


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