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Background, News, What's New, etc.

Listed here are various supplementary items about the Doom Help Service (DHS).
Abbreviations used here:

  DHS  = Doom Help Service
  rgcd = rec.games.computer.doom (usually followed by .announce, .help, etc)
  agd  = alt.games.doom
  agdn = alt.games.doom.newplayers


The DHS no longer operates in agdn (a news group which I created on 12th April 1994).

The new USENET newsgroup in which to post help questions about Doom, Doom II and Heretic is rgcd.help.

There are now, in total, five new USENET newsgroups dedicated to Doom, Doom II and Heretic. These are organised to make it easier for one to talk about the particular aspect of a game that one is interested in (be it editing, playing, making announcements, asking/answering questions or just general discussion) without having to wade through dozens of unrelated posts. The complete newsgroup list is:

  rgcd.announce   (moderated)    (announcements)
  rgcd.editing    (unmoderated)  (PWAD and EXE hacking discussion forum)
  rgcd.help       (unmoderated)  (questions/answers)
  rgcd.misc       (unmoderated)  (miscellaneous discussions)
  rgcd.playing    (unmoderated)  (game play related issues)
Although these new rec groups already have a better site propagation than agd ever did, some sites still do not carry them. If yours is such a site, then please ask your News Administrator to carry these new rec groups. They are better organised and are easier to use than agd. The Doom FAQ, RGCD FAQ, Cheat Codes FAQ, WWW and FTP Sites List and many other useful sources of information are regularly posted to rgcd.announce. I also send these help files out by email to anyone I see asking for them.


The most obvious news is that the DHS layout has completely changed. The structure is very different from the old layout, so if you have any comments on the new setup, please feel free to contact me.

Also, the DHS has moved from DoomGate at Buffalo to gamers.org; the new DoomGate address is:


So the new DHS address is:


What's New

Most recent items first:


BFG FAQ, Editing Guide and links to HTML-ised versions of the RGCD FAQ, "DOOM: Other 3D Action Games" FAQ and FTP and World Wide Web sites list all added.


Completely new DHS layout. Comments welcome! :)

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