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How to get hold of Doom/Doom II/Ultimate Doom.

Several different versions of Doom are currently available. Some are Shareware, others are commercial products. Some are for home computers, others are for games consoles. Given below are the various ways you can obtain Doom and its variants.


Shareware versions of Doom (PC, Mac, Sun, SGI, etc):

Available from the various Doom ftp sites (see the ftp/www list), or for a small fee from some software stores (usually under $5). I have a help file which shows how to obtain Shareware Doom by ftp.

Registered Doom for PC and compatibles.

In the USA, it can only be obtained by mail order (read the file order.frm that comes with the Shareware version). In other countries it is on sale in most good computer game stores.

Games Console Versions (Jaguar, 32X, SNES, PSX and Nintendo64):

On sale in most game stores. Note that N64 Doom probably won't be for sale until early 1997.

Doom II:

PC and Mac Version:

On sale in most game stores. There is NO shareware version of Doom II.

All other versions:

In general, the combination of the Doom II wad file and the shareware executable for your system will work, IF the versions of each are the same or similar (eg. I play Doom II on an SGI Indy. The executable is from SGI Shareware Doom v1.8, whilst the WAD file is from Doom II v1.9 which I bought, installed on a PC and transfered to the SGI). This method isn't problem free, but it works pretty well all things considered.

Ultimate Doom:

PC Version:

On sale commercially. If you already have ordinary registered Doom, you can download a patch file from one of the Doom ftp sites and upgrade your copy of Doom to Ultimate Doom.

All other versions:

It can be done, but it's tricky in some cases. A way has been found to make it work with SGI systems, but I've no info on how to get it to work with any others except Linux systems. New information on this subject is most welcome. To get Ultimate Doom to work on a Linux PC, you need to download this patch:

ftp://sunsite.unc.edu/pub/Linux/games/doom/udoom-1.1.tar.gz [local copy available (8.4K tar.gz file)]

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