T H E   " O F F I C I A L "
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\\ . . . . . . .\\  //. . . . . . .\\  //. . . . . . .\\ \\. . .\\// . . //
||. . ._____. . .||||. . ._____. . .||||. . ._____. . .|||| . . .\/ . . .||
|| . .||   ||. . |||| . .||   ||. . |||| . .||   ||. . ||||. . . . . . . ||
||. . ||   || . .||||. . ||   || . .||||. . ||   || . .|||| . | . . . . .||
|| . .||   ||. _-||||-_ .||   ||. . |||| . .||   ||. _-||||-_.|\ . . . . ||
||. . ||   ||-'  ||||  `-||   || . .||||. . ||   ||-'  ||||  `|\_ . .|. .||
|| . _||   ||    ||||    ||   ||_ . |||| . _||   ||    ||||   |\ `-_/| . ||
||_-' ||  .|/    ||||    \|.  || `-_||||_-' ||  .|/    ||||   | \  / |-_.||
||    ||_-'      ||||      `-_||    ||||    ||_-'      ||||   | \  / |  `||
||    `'         ||||         `'    ||||    `'         ||||   | \  / |   ||
||            .==='`===.         .==='`===.         .==='/==. |  \/  |   ||
||         .=='   \|-_ `===. .==='   __   `===. .===' _-|/  `==  \/  |   ||
||      .=='    _-'   `-_  `='    _-'  `-_    `='  _-'   `-_ /|  \/  |   ||
||   .=='    _-'   %%    `-__\._-' %%  %% `-_./__-'   %%%% `' |. /|  |   ||
||.=='    _-'    %%  %%            %%% %%             %%  %%   `' |  /==.||
=='    _-'       ######            ## ###             ##  ##       \/   `==
\   _-'          ##  ##            ##  ##             ####          `-_   /
 `''                                                                    ``'
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\\ . . . . . . .\\  //. . . . . . .\\  //. . . . . . .\\ \\. . .\\// . . //
||. . ._____. . .||||. . ._____. . .||||. . ._____. . .|||| . . .\/ . . .||
|| . .||   ||. . |||| . .||   ||. . |||| . .||   ||. . ||||. . . . . . . ||
||. . ||   || . .||||. . ||   || . .||||. . ||   || . .|||| . | . . . . .||
|| . .||   ||. _-||||-_ .||   ||. . |||| . .||   ||. _-||||-_.|\ . . . . ||
||. . ||   ||-'  ||||  `-||   || . .||||. . ||   ||-'  ||||  `|\_ . .|. .||
|| . _||   ||    ||||    ||   ||_ . |||| . _||   ||    ||||   |\ `-_/| . ||
||_-' ||  .|/    ||||    \|.  || `-_||||_-' ||  .|/    ||||   | \  / |-_.||
||    ||_-'      ||||   ============================   ||||   | \  / |  `||
||    `'         ||||    \\ # # # # #### # # # # //    ||||   | \  / |   ||
||            .==='`===.  ========================  .==='/==. |  \/  |   ||
||         .=='   \|-_ `===. || #  ||__||  # || .===' _-|/  `==  \/  |   ||
||      .=='    _-'   `-_  `=||  # ||  || #  ||='  _-'   `-_ /|  \/  |   ||
||   .=='    _-'         `-__|| #  ||  ||  # ||__-'         ` |. /|  |   ||
||.=='    _-'                ||  # ||  || #  ||                `' |  /==.||
=='    _-'                   || #  ||  ||  # ||                    \/   `==
\   _-'                   ========================                  `-_   /
 `''                     // # # # # #### # # # # \\                    ``'

Post-Release v6.666 - STANDARD revision
Last Updated: DOOMSDAY, 1994
December 10, 1994 EST: Anniversary Edition
Written by: Hank Leukart (ap641@cleveland.freenet.edu)
"DOOM: Where the sanest place... is behind a trigger."
DOOM: Such mayhem the likes of which have never
been witnessed in this particular dimension!"


This FAQ is to aid in informing the public about the game DOOM and DOOM II, by id Software. In no way should this promote your killing yourself, killing others, or killing in any other fashion. Additionally, Hank Leukart claims NO responsibility regarding ANY illegal activity concerning this FAQ, or indirectly related to this FAQ. The information contained in this FAQ only reflects id Software indirectly, and questioning id Software regarding any information in this FAQ is not recommended.

Trademark Information

All specific names included herein are trademarks and are so acknowledged: id Software, DOOM, DOOM II, Apogee, Wolfenstein 3-D, Creative Labs, WaveBlaster, Sound Blaster, Advanced Gravis, Gravis UltraSound (GUS), Gravis Gamepad, Forte, Roland, Roland Sound Canvas, Pro Audio Spectrum, IBM, Microsoft, MS-DOS, Atari, and Jaguar. Any trademarks not mentioned here are still hypothetically acknowledged.

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If you would like additional rights beyond those granted above, write to the author at "ap641@cleveland.freenet.edu" on the Internet.

Section three - Doom Add-on Software

CHAPTER [1]: Introduction

*1-1*: A word from Hank Leukart

Happy DOOM Birthday!

It's not often that someone can ask me, "What were you doing at this very moment, one year ago?" and I would be able to answer. Today, December 10th, 1994, is one of those rare occasions in which I know exactly.

Actually, I'm sure if I asked about half the readers of this FAQ, they would be able to give me details about their activities too. Most of us were sitting on Internet (or using every free moment to log on) waiting for DOOM to be released. I remember staying up most of the night, disappointed when it wasn't release by 8am EST. I waited, waited, and waited, until finally everyone located it on "ftp.uwp.edu" all at the same time. Wow! All the die-hard-DOOM-fans-to-be let out a sigh of release as the suspense was lifted.

In retrospect, it has been an incredible experience. After 11 revisions and thousands of pieces of E-mail, I'm still alive and sane! DOOM has taken up a large portion of my life (it's so addictive) and now, here I am, one year, later.

I hope everyone enjoys this "Anniversary Edition" of the "Official" DOOM FAQ v6.666. It contains DOOM I and DOOM II information, the latest on DOOM ports, and all the coolest add-on utilities.

Now, I have a feeling it's going to all start over again with Quake! Watch for the game in late 1995 from id. Although this may or may not be last "Official" DOOM FAQ, it will definitely be awhile until the next revision--this covers just about everything.

Above all, "Keep on DOOMing!"

-Hank Leukart

[1-2]: About the "Official" DOOM FAQ

Welcome to the post-release v6.666 of the "Official" DOOM FAQ. What does that mean? Post-release is after the game is released, version 6.666 is a standard revision written after 5.8, "Official" means absolutely nothing, DOOM is the name of the game, and FAQs are [F]requently [A]sked [Q]uestions.

Here's how revision classification works. If a new version of the FAQ only has a small amount of information changed or added, the version number is increased by 0.1. This is called a "minor revision." If a new version of the FAQ has a substantial amount of new information changed or added, the version number is increased by 0.5. This is called a "standard revision." If a new version of the FAQ has a huge amount of added or changed information, major parts of the FAQ are rearranged, or major parts of the FAQ are rewritten, then the version number is increased by 1.0. This is called a "major revision."

(1-2-1): About the "Official" DOOM ASCII Logos

Thanks to Frans P. de Vries (fpdevries@hgl.signaal.nl), an incredible ASCII DOOM logo was added to the beginning of the document in v5.5 of the FAQ.

The DOOM II logo was added in v6.666 of the FAQ.

Please keep in mind that, as is rest of this document, the logos are copyrighted. This FAQ may not be split into parts and distributed. Therefore, the logo may not be used independently from the "Official" DOOM FAQ in any other documents apart from the "Official" DOOM FAQ, the Unofficial DOOM Specs, and DOOM iNsAnItY.

Thank you for respecting U.S. and global copyright laws.

[1-3]: Getting the "Official" DOOM FAQ

I am sorry to announce that my DOOM Mailing List has been canceled, due to numerous problems. Anyone who has had a subscription to the list in the past will no longer receive updates, and no new subscriptions are permitted. There is a new mailing list, however. See Chapter [1-5] for more information.

The "Official" DOOM FAQ can still be requested from me, however. My Internet E-mail address is "ap641@cleveland.freenet.edu." Please make the subject of your E-mail "DOOM FAQ Request."

The "Official" DOOM FAQ is posted every two weeks (or earlier if a new version is released) on the following Usenet groups.
  1. comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.action
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The "Subject:" line of the post will be "'Official' DOOM FAQ v??.??" where "??.??" is the version number of the FAQ.

New releases of the "Official" DOOM FAQ are uploaded to the following Internet FTP sites.
  1. ftp.uwp.edu:
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The file name of the upload will be "doom??.faq" where "??" is the version number of the FAQ. This filename is for FTP sites only. BBS filenames are below.

New releases of the "Official" DOOM FAQ are uploaded to Software Creations BBS (and other BBSes) under the file name "dmfaq??.zip" where "??" is the version number of the FAQ.
    Software Creations BBS:
  1. (508)-365-2359 2400 baud
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  3. (508)-368-4137 14.4-16.8k HST/DS

ATTENTION: ALL BBSes, Compuserve, America Online, GEnie, and all other information services. PLEASE conform to the naming standard of the "Official" DOOM FAQ when placing this file on your system. The file name should be "dmfaq??.zip" where the "??" is the version number of the FAQ or "dmfaq??.txt" if the FAQ is a text file instead of PKZIPped.

[1-4]: Adding to the FAQ

If you want something added to the FAQ, please send E-mail to "ap641@cleveland.freenet.edu" (no quotes), explaining what your addition is. It will be reviewed, and if accepted, added to the next FAQ version. In the E-mail, please supply your name and E-mail address.

Please note that all submissions to the FAQ become the property of the author (Hank Leukart) and that they may or may not be acknowledged. By submitting to the FAQ, you grant permission for use of your submission in any future publications of the FAQ in any media. The author reserves the right to omit information from a submission or delete the submission entirely.

[1-5]: The DOOM Mailing List

The DOOM Mailing List is run by an automatic server.


Send E-mail to listproc@cedar.univie.ac.at", with NO subject. In the body of the E-mail put the words:

subscribe dooml Space E. Marine

(obviously, replace "Space E. Marine" with YOUR first and last name)


Send E-mail to "listproc@cedar.univie.ac.at"", with NO subject. In the body of the E-mail put the words:

unsubscribe dooml

To POST a message to the whole list, send E-mail to "dooml@cedar.univie.ac.at".

[1-6]: Acknowledgments

I'd like to thank id Software for creating such a GREAT game! It definitely exceeds expectations. I'd also like to thank them for helping me out, and getting involved with on-line users. I'd like to thank the following on-line users for the following reasons:


John Romero (help@idsoftware.com)

What a guy! He's been putting up with my infinite cross-examinations for six months now, and he still hasn't killed me! He also read through the ENTIRE FAQ to give me a list of corrections for this release. A BIG thanks, John! (oh yeah, he also programmed that game -- what was it called?! :))

David Taylor (help@idsoftware.com)

Three cheers for David Taylor! His once-in-a-while "idNews" Usenet postings always seem to cut down the amount of E-mail I get for a few hours. He also, has put up with me, and answered numerous questions.

Jay Wilbur (help@idsoftware.com)

You've got to admire this guy. He puts his life and his family's life on the line everytime he posts a release date (or "within two weeks") on Usenet. He's a great CEO, a great net representative, and handled the small island travel arrangements at a time in which we thought we might be pummeled. :)

And to everyone else at id Software, thanks for a great game!


Christoph Anderson (psycho@asl.uni-bielefeld.de) - Enemy count info
Marco Arriaga (marco@fidev.pwcm.com) - Novell Netware Lite information
Kent Bentkowski (dpmh69a@prodigy.com) - DOOM Book information
Barry Bloom (barry@noc.unt.edu) - Modem Initialization Strings
Steve Bonds (sbonds@jarthur.claremont.edu) - IPX FAQ information
Vesselin Bontchev (bontchev@fbihh.informatik.uni-hamburg.de) - Major help on grammatic and other problems
Larry J. Brackney (brackney@ecn.purdue.edu) - Jaguar Specs
Scott Browser (browersr@cnsvax.uwec.edu) - Information on SMARTDRV
Jason Brunette (stimpy2129@aol.com) - Command line parameters
Kevin Burfitt (zaph@torps.apana.org.au) - Command line parameters
Tom Cannon (inkblot@leland.stanford.edu) - Location of the chain saw
TC Cheng (tc@po.EECS.Berkeley.edu) - PAS information
Scott Coleman (tmkk@uiuc.edu) - The TCPSetup DOOMer's FAQ
Jay Cotton (jay@calc.vet.uga.edu) - The TCPSetup DOOMer's FAQ
David Datta (datta.cs.uwp.edu) - Copyright notice/DOOM distribution
Seth Delackner (dax@crl.com) - Command line parameters
James Dicke (jdicke@carroll1.cc.edu) - DOOM DeathMatch WAD Ranking
Vinc Duran (vincd@ile.com) - ATI Stereo F/X information
Joakim Erdfelt (joakim.erdfelt@swsbbs.com) - Great DOOM Utilities, and help with the FAQ
Paul Falstad (pf@z-code.z-code.com) - HUGE amount of secret info (big thanks!)
Matt Fell (matt.burnett@acebbs.com) - DOOM Specs writer
David Few (dfew@cix.compulink.co.uk) - OS/2 settings info
Mark Harrop (harrop@telecom.jorn.gov.au) - Information classification
Jarkko Tapio Heinonen (jtheinon@cc.helsinki.fi) - Small grammar help
Fred Homewood (fred@meiko.com) - Novell Network Lite info
John Iodice (jiodice@telesciences.com) - HUGE grammatic fixes list
John Thomas Lemke (jtl10@ciao.cc.columbia.edu) - Frames per second info
Henry Liang (liangh@eniac.seas.upenn.edu) - IHHD information
Ian CR Mapleson (mapleson@cee.hw.ac.uk) - PS/2 Mouse information
Bill McCormick (billmcc@microsoft.com) - WinDOOM information
Samer Meshreki (meshreki@udel.edu) - Gravis UltraSound information
Christian Metcalfe (uk05624@mik.uky.edu) - Weapon shot conversions
Michael Millard (michael.millard@swcbbs.com) - Making sure the FAQ got finished :)
Neal Miller (millen3@rpi.edu) - For putting up with my seemingly inability to get his add-on software in correctly :)
"Minstrel" (minstrel@u.washington.edu) - IPX Network info
"Motop" (ekschult@vela.acs.oakland.edu) - Network card supply
Tom Neff (tneff@panix.com) - DOOM Design FAQ, monster information
Joe Pantuso (73633.2517@compuserve.com) - Miscellaneous info, putting up with my seemingly inability to get the RGD Editor entry correct :)
Elias Papavassilopoulos (ep104@cus.cam.ac.uk) - Cheat codes and parameters
Walter Pullen (cruiser1@stein.u.washington.edu) - INCREDIBLE amount of secret info and saving me at the last second from definite DOOM :)
Charlie Ray (exuchar@exu.ericsson.se) - DOOM: Opening a door to hell
Tobey Reed (treed@world.std.com) - DOOM v1.2 information
Owen Salava (osalava@vaxsrv2.royalroads.ca) - Keeping my nose to the grind stone and making sure my mailbox is filled
Joost Schuur (zxmsu01@studserv.zdv.uni-tuebingen.de) - Miscellaneous info
Wouter Slegers (wsbusr3@urc.tue.nl) - DOOM Secrets FAQ information
Stanley Stasiak (stasiak@tartarus.uwa.edu.au) - Motion sickness/secrets
Stephen Sprunk (ssprunk@nox.cs.du.edu) - Modem information
Stephen Stibler (stibler@watson.ibm.com) - Two button mouse information
Ajaipal S. Tanwar (tanwar@utxvms.cc.utexas.edu) - Secret level information
Aaron Fredrick Tiensivu (tiensivu@student.msu.edu) - Command line parameters
John Van Essen (vanes002@maroon.tc.umn.edu) - DOOM Mini FAQ/Miscellaneous
Jim Urbas (jimu@point.cs.uwm.edu) - DOOM DeathMatch WAD Ranking
Frans P. de Vries (fpdevries@hgl.signaal.nl) - The cool ASCII DOOM logo, lots of grammatic help, and never ending FAQ attention
"Zhar" (cerberus@hade.eqinox.gen.nz) - Fixing the "*" search method

Forgive me if I am missing anyone, so many people have helped me!

#- THANK YOU! -# If, for some reason, I did miss you, PLEASE send me E-mail!

Finally, I'd like to thank everyone who reads this FAQ, you are what the FAQ is for!

[1-7]: Accurate Information

An attempt has been made to make the information in this FAQ as accurate as possible. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the game was recently released, and updates, add-ons, and new information are being worked on each second, it's hard to keep up. I had to stop myself from adding to the FAQ, because if I didn't it would have never been released! The original press release dated from January 1993 listed a few things that didn't go in the final game. Some of those things were impossible to do after rewriting the 3-D engine 4 times over (for speed and size); other things just made no sense with the rest of the design. Trust id Software. They know what they are doing. DOOM is one great game!


CHAPTER [2]: What is DOOM?

DOOM is a three dimensional, virtual reality type action game created by id Software. In some ways, it is similar to Wolfenstein 3-D (id Software, Apogee).

In DOOM, you're a space marine, one of Earth's toughest, hardened in combat and trained for action. Three years ago you assaulted a superior officer for ordering his soldiers to fire upon civilians. He and his body cast were shipped to Pearl Harbor, while you were transferred to Mars, home of the Union Aerospace Corporation.

The UAC is a multi-planetary conglomerate with radioactive waste facilities on Mars and its two moons, Phobos and Deimos. With no action for fifty million miles, your day consisted of suckin' dust and watchin' restricted flicks in the rec room.

For the last four years the military, UAC's biggest supplier, has used the remote facilities on Phobos and Deimos to conduct various secret projects, including research on inter-dimensional space travel. So far they have been able to open gateways between Phobos and Deimos, throwing a few gadgets into one and watching them come out the other. Recently however, the gateways have grown dangerously unstable. Military "volunteers" entering them have either disappeared or been stricken with a strange form of insanity--babbling vulgarities, bludgeoning anything that breathes, and finally suffering an untimely death of full-body explosion. Matching heads with torsos to send home to the folks became a full-time job. Latest military reports state that the research is suffering a small setback, but everything is under control.

A few hours ago, Mars received a garbled message from Phobos. "We require immediate military support. Something fraggin' evil is coming out of the gateways! Computer systems have gone berserk!" The rest was incoherent. Soon afterwards, Deimos simply vanished from the sky. Since then, attempts to establish contact with either moon have been unsuccessful.

You and your buddies, the only combat troop for fifty million miles were sent up pronto to Phobos. You were ordered to secure the perimeter of the base while the rest of the team went inside. For several hours, your radio picked up the sounds of combat: guns firing, men yelling orders, screams, bones cracking, then finally silence. Seems your buddies are dead.

Things aren't looking too good. You'll never navigate off the planet on your own. Plus, all the heavy weapons have been taken by the assault team leaving you only with a pistol. If only you could get your hands around a plasma rifle or even a shotgun you could take a few down on your way out. Whatever killed your buddies deserves a couple of pellets in the forehead. Securing your helmet, you exit the landing pod. Hopefully you can find more substantial firepower somewhere within the station. As you walk through the main entrance of the base, you hear animal-like growls echoing throughout the distant corridors. They know you're here. There's no turning back now.

CHAPTER [3]: What makes DOOM different from Wolfenstein 3-D?

[3-1]: Texture-Mapped Environment

DOOM offers the most realistic environment to date on the PC. Texture-mapping, the process of rendering fully-drawn art and scanned textures on the walls, floors, and ceilings of an environment, makes the world much more real, thus bringing the player more into the game experience. Others have attempted this, but DOOM's texture mapping is fast, accurate, and seamless. Texture-mapping the floors and ceilings is a big improvement over Wolfenstein 3-D. With their new advanced graphic development techniques, allowing game art to be generated much faster, id brings new meaning to "state-of-the-art".

[3-2]: Non-Orthogonal Walls

In other games (such as Wolfenstein 3-D), walls were always joined at ninety degrees to each other, and were always eight feet thick. DOOM's walls are at many angles, and of any thickness. Walls have see-through areas, like windows. This allows more natural construction of levels. If you can draw it on paper, you can see it in the game.

[3-3]: Light Diminishing/Light Sourcing

Another touch adding realism is light diminishing. With distance, your surroundings become enshrouded in darkness. This makes areas seem huge and intensifies the experience. This also creates some amazing effects; sometimes the lights go out, and you'll have to look for a light switch or light amplification visors. Light sourcing allows lamps and lights to illuminate hallways, explosions to light up areas, and strobe lights to briefly reveal things near them. These features make the game frighteningly real.

[3-4]: Variable Height Floors and Ceilings

Floors and ceilings can be of any height, allowing for stairs, poles, altars, plus low hallways and high caves-allowing a great variety for rooms and halls.

In DOOM, monsters can be shot on levels that are higher or lower than you are. All you have to do is aim horizontally, and DOOM will do the rest!

[3-5]: Environment Animation and Morphing

In DOOM, the world reacts to you. Many surfaces animate. A glowing wall-plate may change in appearance when you touch it. Radioactive ooze could seethe and bubble.

In earlier versions of the FAQ, I talked about environment animation and morphing. id Software removed information terminals, access stations, and wall weapon damaging. DOOM does include "crushing ceilings," however.

[3-6]: Palette Translation

In earlier versions of the FAQ, I talked about many different types of palette translation. Most of the palette translation has been removed from DOOM. The only palette translations that are currently implemented in DOOM are for multi-player mode (other players are in different colors), invincibility mode and a few other special effects.

[3-7]: Multiple Players

Up to four players can play over a local network, or two players can play by modem or serial link. DOOM v1.2 supports modem play. You can see the other player in the environment, communicate with him or her, and in certain situations you can switch to their view. This feature, added to the 3-D realism, makes DOOM a very powerful cooperative game and its release a landmark event in the software industry. This is the first game to really exploit the power of LANs and modems to their full potential. In 1994, id Software fully expects to be the number one cause of decreased productivity in businesses around the world. See Chapter [8] for more information on multi-playing.

[3-8]: Smooth, Seamless Gameplay

The environment in DOOM is frightening, but the player can be at ease when playing. Much effort has been spent on the development end to provide the smoothest control on the user end. And the frame rate (the rate at which the screen is updated) is high, so you move smoothly from room to room, turning and acting as you wish, unhampered by the slow jerky motion of most 3-D games. On a 386DX, the game runs well, and on a 486/33, the normal mode frame rate is almost as fast as television. This allows for the most important and enjoyable aspect of gameplay: immersion.

*3-9*: New Monsters and Artificial Intelligence

Wolfenstein 3-D is basically made up of a lot of closed rooms. When you open a door, the guards get a chance to see you and opening the door connects your sound area to the revealed room's sound area, so a gunshot will be heard in both places. Guards in both places will respond to this kind of action. In DOOM it's much more complex. DOOM isn't made up of a bunch of rooms; it's a cohesive world. You might blast your shotgun and the sound could travel through a window or slime-river tunnel to another entirely different area and alert some monsters. Then, they'll come looking for you! Opening doors, going down stairs, wading through slime, etc. You are still able to get the drop on them from behind, just like in Wolfenstein 3-D -- but you have to be sneakier about it.

+: Not found in the shareware version of DOOM
#: Only found in DOOM II

*3-10*: Weapons

    Here's a list of weapons that are in DOOM. Don't try using these at home. :)
  1. Fist
  2. Chain Saw
  3. Pistol
  4. Shotgun
  5. # Super Shotgun (double barreled)
  6. Chain Gun
  7. Rocket Launcher
  8. + Plasma Rifle
  9. + BFG9000

+: Denotes a weapon not implemented in the shareware version.
#: Denotes a weapons found only in DOOM II.

[3-10-1]: What does BFG9000 stand for?

Being the most powerful weapon, the only thing BFG9000 could stand for would be "Big Fraggin' Gun." :)

CHAPTER [4]: Who created DOOM?

DOOM was created by id Software, and is also published by id Software.

Id Software is made up of the following dedicated people:

        - John Romero     Coder         -
        - John Carmack    Coder         -
        - Dave Taylor     Coder         -
        - Adrian Carmack  Artist        -
        - Kevin Cloud     Artist        -
        - Jay Wilbur      CEO           -
        - Sandy Peterson  Designer      -
        - Shawn Green     Tech Support  -
        - American McGee  Tech Support  -
        - Robert Prince   Music         -

Note: Apogee has NOTHING to do with DOOM.

[4-1]: How can I contact id Software?

id Software can be contacted via the Internet. If you would like to ask any questions about DOOM (that are not answered in here), send E-mail to "help@idsoftware.com". Id Software can also be reached at their 800 number. The number is (800)-ID-GAMES. This number is for ordering games ONLY. This number is not for technical support or inquiries.

[5]: What are the differences between the different releases of DOOM?

(5-1): What is the shareware release?

The shareware version of DOOM only includes one of the three missions of DOOM. Each mission contains eight levels and a secret level. The shareware version contains network support and modem support. The shareware version does NOT include the Plasma Rifle and the BFG9000 weapons. On December 10th, 1993, v1.0 was released. On December 16th, 1993, v1.1 was released. On February 17th, 1994, id released v1.2 of DOOM. This version fixed many bugs and added new features, including modem support. Unfortunately, this revision added many new bugs. On June 28th, 1994, v1.4 was released. This version was only an "Internet Beta version," as was used to find bugs before the pending released of v1.5 of DOOM. Then, on July 8th, 1994, v1.5 wasreleased as another "Internet Beta version." Both version 1.4 and 1.5 were released without registered version patches. In early August, v1.6 was released as yet another "Internet Beta version." FINALLY! In early September of 1994, v1.666 made its debut! The new features of v1.4, v1.5, and v1.666 are all outlined in Chapter [5-3].

[5-2]: What is the mail-order release?

The mail-order release of DOOM includes all three missions of DOOM. Each mission contains eight levels and a secret level. This version includes all weapons. All mail-order releases ordered July of 1994 are older versions. It is recommended that you upgrade to v1.666 if you wish modem support, Nightmare mode, DeathMatch v2.0, and various other bug fixes.

[5-3]: What makes the six versions different?

Seven different versions of DOOM have been released: v1.0 (which has the v0.99 operating system), v1.1, v1.2, v1.4, v1.5, v1.6, and v1.666. Version 1.0 was the initial December 10th, 1993 release. Version 1.1 was the first upgrade of DOOM, released on December 16th, 1993. Although this version fixed many bugs and compatibility problems, it introduced many new ones. Version 1.2, released on February 17th, added modem play, Nightmare mode, and better use of networks, but again introduced many new bugs. v1.4 of DOOM was a Beta version released exclusively on the Internet, and was only used for finding bugs before the pending v1.5 release. v1.5 followed, which again was released as an Internet Beta version to find bugs for the pending v1.6. v1.6 was then released as another Beta, and finally v1.666 was released in early September which fixed some modem play problems and other miscellaneous sound code and control bugs.

Note: id reports that v1.8 of DOOM will be released in the near future, and DOOM II has a version v1.7 and v1.7a.

NOTE: Saved games from versions before v1.666 do not work with v1.666.

It is recommended that you upgrade to v1.666 if you have not already done so.

(5-4): What is the commercial release?

The commercial version of DOOM is called "DOOM II: Hell on Earth" and is now available in stores!

DOOM II is finished and is now available to registered users of the original DOOM. It can be ordered directly from id or from GT Interactive Software at 1-800-332-4300. It costs $44.95 per copy.

[5-5]: I bought DOOM in a store, is it illegal?

    Here is accurate information regarding DOOM's legality.
  1. DOOM purchased directly from (800)-ID-GAMES is NOT illegal.
  2. The registered version of DOOM purchased in ANY retail stores within the United States is illegal.
  3. The registered version of DOOM purchased on CD-ROM ANYWHERE is illegal.
  4. The registered version of DOOM purchased in retail stores OUTSIDE of the countries listed below is illegal.
    • Australia
    • New Zealand
    • Hong Kong
    • Taiwan
    • Singapore
    • Netherlands
    • UK
  5. The registered version of DOOM purchased in retail stores in Canada is illegal.
  6. The shareware version of DOOM purchased anywhere (on CD-ROM or otherwise) is LEGAL.

I hope this clears it up. If you own an illegal copy of DOOM, please E-mail to "help@idsoftware.com" to report the distributor, date of purchase, and price. Calling (800)-388-PIR8 is also allowable for people without Internet access.

None of this information applies to DOOM II, which is sold in stores.

(5-6): What is WinDOOM?

*5-7*: What other DOOM ports are in the works?

Here is the status on all the latest DOOM ports. This is DIRECT from id Software, opinions conveyed in here are not nessecarily the opinions of Hank Leukart.

QNX: DOOM for the QNX OS is anonymously ftp'able from quics.qnx.com. It's compiled with Pentium optimizations and supports sound, music, the VGA console and X Windows with pixel doubling and tripling. We don't support this version, QNX Software Systems did the port. This version will run the shareware, registered, or doom2 wadfile. The files to ftp are:

OS/2: Still working, no dates yet. IBM guys are handling this. This is how this will work: You will be able to download the OS/2 version from most BBSs and ftp sites. It will work with your registered wad or the shareware one. NO CHANGE. STILL NO CHANGE.

SGI Irix v5.2: ftp.uwp.edu/pub/msdos/games/id/sgixdoom.tar.Z It is integrated with the v1.6ish DOOM version. It supports pixel-doubling, -tripling, -quadrupling as well as 16-bit sound for clearer mixing. Now compiled with -mips1 flag. Do not send us mail about this. We will delete it. NO CHANGE.

LINUX: the linux version is at sunsite.unc.edu:/pub/Linux/Incoming and may be moved to whatever appropriate directory later. Do not send us mail about this. We will delete it. NO CHANGE.

JAG: It's out now. Go buy it. Everyone likes it.

MAC: We have found a team to do this. There is no release date. We just got some Power PCs to test the beta version on. It should be here soon. Please do NOT ask to test this. There is no more info on this at this time. NO CHANGE.

WINDOWS: We just got a beta of this. Looks AWESOME. Still no release date. The MICROSOFT guys are working on this. NO CHANGE.

NEXTSTEP: There is a version 1.2 available from cs.orst.edu. There will not be another patch until we send out the finished version. Omnigroup is working on a new NEXTSTEP release of DOOM with interceptor direct framebuffer access, sound, customizable controls, and lots of other features. A DOOM II release will also be available.
URL for the info page at Omni's WWW site:

Sega 32X: Released. Everyone is spooging over this one, too. Buy it.

There will never be a port to these machines: Amiga, Sinclair 2000, Apple //gs, TRS-80.

CHAPTER [6]: Where can I get DOOM and related information?

[6-1]: How can I get the shareware release?

*6-1-1*: What are the file names?

DOOM is released in two formats, a two file 1.44mb format, and a one file 2mb format. The 2mb format is released under the name "dm1666.zip". The 1.44mb file names are "dm1666a.zip" and "dm1666b.zip." If you got DOOM before September of 1994, it is recommended that you upgrade to v1.666 if you wish all of its new features and bug fixes. A patch under the file name "dm1666sp.zip" is available to upgrade the v1.2 shareware version to v1.666. A patch under the file name "dm1666rp.zip" is available to upgrade the registered version to v1.666. Additionally, a file named "altdoom1.zip" is available for those people whose computers do not work with the DOOM DOS Extenders, but only for DOOM v1.1. NOTE: Registered version patches for v1.4, v1.5, and v1.6bt were NEVER released.

There is NO shareware version of DOOM II, however, there are patches to upgrade DOOM II to v1.7a. These are available under the file names "doom2p16.zip" (if your DOOM II is v1.666) and "doom2p17.zip" (if your DOOM II is v1.7).

[6-1-2]: How can I get DOOM using FTP?

Here is a list of sites DOOM is on. Choose the one closest to you for fastest delivery.

There is no shareware version of DOOM II.

[6-1-3]: How can I get DOOM using AFS?

DOOM can get received from the following AFS site.


[6-1-4]: How can I get DOOM on a BBS?

DOOM is on id Software's official BBS, Software Creations. DOOM is located in the id Software directory. Choose the appropriate phone number for your modem.
  1. (508)-365-2359 2400 baud
  2. (508)-368-7036 9600-14.4k v.32bis
  3. (c) (508)-368-4137 14.4-16.8k HST/DS

Software Creations can also be telnetted to using the site name "swcbbs.com."

*6-2*: How can I get the mail-order release?

The mail-order release of DOOM is available directly from id Software. To order, call id Software's order number, (800)-ID-GAMES. This number is for ORDERING ONLY, not for inquiries or technical support. The mail-order version of DOOM costs $40.00. If you live out of the United States, you can still order DOOM by an out-of-country shareware distributor.

*6-3*: How can I get the commercial release?

DOOM II was released at the beginning of October. It can be purchased in your local software store or ordered directly from GT Interactive (DOOM II's distributors) at (800)-332-4300 in the United States.

There is a patch to v1.7a of DOOM II available on the Internet. If your version of DOOM II is:
        v1.666          ftp.uwp.edu     /pub/msdos/games/id/doom2p16.zip
        v1.7            ftp.uwp.edu     /pub/msdos/games/id/doom2p17.zip

[6-4]: How can I get the DOOM Specs for creating add-on utilities?

id has made the decision not to release their own DOOM specs.

The Unofficial DOOM Specs, however, written by Matt Fell and distributed by myself, are available. See Chapter [15-24] for more information.

[6-5]: Where can I get the serial play and node building source code?

The serial play source code is available on the FTP site "ftp.uwp.edu" in the directory "/pub/msdos/games/id" under the filename "sersrc.zip."

The node building source code is available on the FTP site "ftp.uwp.edu" in the directory "/pub/msdos/games/id" under the filename "doombsp.zip."

[6-6]: What books about DOOM are available?

Killer DOOM: Tips & Tricks by Brady Publishing
Author: Robert Waring
Price: $9.95
Order: (800)-428-5331

The Official DOOM Survival Guide
Author: Jonathan Mao Mendoza
Price: $19.95 ($15.00 if ordered directly from id)
Order: (800)-ID-GAMES
ISBN #: 0-7821-1546-2

DOOM Battlebook: Secrets of the Games series by Prima Publishing
Author: Rick Barba
Price: $14.95
ISBN #:1-55958-651-6

Watch for a number of new books about DOOM and DOOM II to be released in early 1995. You may even see a cool DOOM editing book written by someone you know. :)

*6-7*: Where can I find World Wide Web sites about DOOM?

The HTML version of the DOOM FAQ is at:


The DOOMGate is located at:


Here are all the DOOMWeb sites to date:

  • by Marty Price (vhold@netcom.com)
  • by Sven Neuhaus (sven@fuzzy.ping.de)
  • by Tim McCune (trm@ksu.ksu.edu)
  • by T.J. Kelly (me, TJ@hmc.edu)
  • by Piotr Kapiszewski (kapis-p@cs.buffalo.edu)
  • by Bill Perry (wmperry@spry.com)
  • (The SGI DOOM FAQ)
  • by John Troyer (troyer@cgl.ucsf.edu)
  • by Joost Schuur (lothlhwI@irc)
  • by John Evans (lgas@cs.umd.edu)
  • by Randal Wilson (deftly@catt.ncsu.edu)

    CHAPTER [7]: What is needed to run DOOM?

    *7-1*: What is REQUIRED to run DOOM?

    DOOM requires a 386sx IBM compatible computer running MS-DOS v3.3 or higher, VGA (320x200x256) graphics, and 4mb of RAM. The shareware version of DOOM needs about 4.8mb of hard drive space. The mail-order version needs about 12mb of hard drive space.

    DOOM II requires a 486 with at least 17mb of hard drive space. I have seen it RUN on a 386, but it runs too slow.

    DOOM ports for the Atari Jaguar, Linux/X, Irix/X, Windows, OS/2 PM, MacOS, SEGA 32X (Mars), QNX, FreeBSD, Solaris, and UNIX are also planned.

    *7-2*: What sound cards does DOOM support?

    DOOM supports general MIDI, Adlib, Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster Pro, Sound Blaster 16, Roland Sound Canvas, Gravis UltraSound, WaveBlaster, Pro Audio Spectrum 16, Sound Blaster AWE-32, and compatibles.

    [7-3]: What game controllers does DOOM support?

    DOOM supports keyboard, mouse, joystick, and trackball (functioning as a mouse).

    DOOM also supports the Gravis Gamepad and Logitech Cyberman.

    CHAPTER [8]: How can I use multiple players in DOOM?

    DOOM supports 2-4 players in a multi-player mode. DOOM is playable over networks, modems and by serial link.

    Note: For playing the registered DOOM over networks or by modem, EACH user MUST BUY his/her own individual copy of the game.

    [8-1]: How does the multi-player gameplay work?

    In DOOM, players are able to see each other, and watch each other jerk in pain as they are hit during the game. Players are able to watch others get hurt, die, and move throughout the labyrinth. DOOM allows players to play together, working as a team. In this cooperative mode, players can see each other on an "automap" and switch to each other's view. DOOM also allows players to play against each other, in DeathMatch mode.

    [8-1-1]: How does pausing, saving, and loading work?

    In DOOM, some things change when playing with more than one player.
    When you activate the Options menu or submenus, the game KEEPS RUNNING so that other players can continue with the action. So, it is best to find a safe place before adjusting screen size, sound, etc.

    A player may pause the game by pressing the PAUSE key, but any other player can unpause the game by pressing the PAUSE key again. Make sure it is okay with your buddies before taking a breather.

    When you do a save game during network/modem play, it saves on every player's system in the save game slot you select, writing over whatever was there. Before saving the game, players should agree on a safe slot to save it in.

    You cannot load a saved game while playing a multi-player game. To load a game, everyone must quit from the current game and restart the game from a saved game. To start a game from a saved game, you can either select it from the SETUP program or identify it as a command line parameter.

    [8-1-2]: What are the different uniform colors for?

    In network/modem games, each player's uniform is a different color. The color of your character is the color behind your face on the status bar. The colors are BROWN, INDIGO (black), GREEN, and RED.

    These are used to identify between players during game play, and to chat with others using Chat Mode.

    [8-1-3]: How does a player see what others are doing?

    If you're playing in cooperative mode, press F12 to toggle through the other players' viewpoint(s). You still retain your own status bar at the bottom, and if your view reddens from pain it is YOU, not your partner, who has been hit.

    [8-1-4]: How do players communicate using Chat Mode?

    In a multi-player game you can communicate with other players in the Chat Mode. To enter into Chat Mode and broadcast a message to all the other players, press the letter "T". A cursor will appear where your messaging is normally placed. To broadcast to a specific player, instead of pressing "T", you'll need to press the first letter of the player's color: (B)rown, (I)ndigo, (G)reen, and (R)ed. For example, to send a message to the brown character, you would press the letter "B".

    In DOOM v1.2, a macro capability was added. After defining ten macros in SETUP.EXE, pressing the player color, and then "ALT-" will send a macro.

    [8-1-5]: How do the weapons work?

    When a player runs over a weapon, he picks it up, but the weapon remains in the game for other players to take. Shotguns dropped by former human sergeants are removed from the game after being picked up or smashed.

    In DeathMatch v2.0 (use the ALTDEATH parameter), weapons are removed from the playing field from thirty seconds and then reappear when playing DeathMatch mode.

    [8-1-6]: What happens when a player dies?

    If you die and restart in the level, previously taken items and destroyed monsters don't reappear unless you are playing in DeathMatch v2.0. Even though you've died, other players have survived.

    [8-1-7]: Can players exchange supplies?

    Players cannot exchange supplies.

    [8-1-8]: Miscellaneous

    In Cooperative mode, each player begins in the same area. In DeathMatch mode the players begin in completely different areas--if you want to see your buddy you'll need to hunt him down. Plus, each time you die, you'll start in one of several random locations.

    Unlike in single-player or Cooperative mode gameplay, in DeathMatch mode the players start at each location with the keys necessary for opening any locked door in that area.

    In DeathMatch mode the ARMS section on the status bar is replaced with "FRAG." The FRAG section displays the number of times you've killed your opponents.

    In Cooperative mode the Automap works the same way it does in single-player mode. Each player is represented by a different color arrow. In DeathMatch mode you won't receive the pleasure of seeing your opponents on the map. Just like the monsters, your friends could be just around the corner, and you won't know it until you face them.

    [8-2]: What exactly is "DeathMatch" mode?

    DOOM has a "DeathMatch" mode where every player is out for himself. At the beginning, the level is infested with enemies and power-ups. In this mode, players can't see the other players in the Automap, nor switch to their view. Players are not able to view other's health in the mode, because of the disadvantage this can cause.

    [8-3]: How does DOOM work with networks?

    DOOM supports the IPX (Novell Netware) protocol in the initial shareware version. Using this network support, DOOM can be played in a workplace type environment.
      To start network mode:
    1. Launch DOOM from the SETUP program, by going to the directory in which you installed DOOM, typing SETUP, and pressing the ENTER key. Unlike playing DOOM in single player mode, DOOM in multi-player mode must be run either from the SETUP program or by using the command line parameters.
    2. The SETUP program allows you to configure the information that is necessary for the multi-player game. The SETUP is simple to use.
    3. Start the game!

    (8-3-1): What are the network command line parameters for DOOM?

    LOADGAME allows you to start DOOM from a specified save game. Instead of using the saved game name, simply enter the number (0-5) that corresponds to the slot you saved the game to on the SAVE GAME screen.

    -loadgame <# of the game>

    DEATHMATCH starts DOOM as a DeathMatch game. If you don't enter DEATHMATCH as a command line parameter, DOOM will default to Cooperative mode.


    SKILL sets the skill level (1-5) you wish to play.

    -skill <# of skill level>

    EPISODE sets the episode (1-3) you wish to play. The default episode is Episode One, Knee-Deep in the Dead.

    -episode <# of the episode>

    CONFIG allows you to use your configuration file from any directory you choose.

    -config <pathname> ex. -config f:\doom\data\myconfig.cfg

    NOMONSTERS allows you to start playing with NO MONSTERS running around! This is great for DeathMatch where, really, the monsters just get in the way.


    RESPAWN tells DOOM that, yes, you are a badass, and yes, you want all the monsters to respawn 8 seconds after you kill them. The NIGHTMARE skill level already does this. Note that using -respawn and -nomonsters at the same time is a dumb thing to do.


    ALTDEATH uses DeathMatch v2.0 mode.


    FAST uses fast monsters, as in Nightmare mode


    MAXDEMO determines the maximum size of a recorded demo

    -maxdemo <size in K>

    TURBO increases the speed of the marine (this is considered cheating in single player mode and is meant for DeathMatch only)

    -turbo <speed increase 1-255>

    [8-3-2]: How does DOOM determine player colors?

    The player numbers and colors are determined by the ethernet node address. The lower the number, the lower number you will be assigned in a multi-player game. The lowest number gets green, and the highest number (with four players) gets red. To change the player numbers in a net game, insert the line :"NODE ADDRESS xxxxxxxxxxxx" under the Link Driver section of your net.cfg before you load LSL.

    [8-3-3]: How can I use DOOM on Novell Netware Lite?

    Hwere is information on how to play DOOM on a Novell Netware Lite network. Novell does not approve of or recommend the following drivers.

    HOST/CLIENT (1) Load the LSL.  (LSL.COM)
    HOST/CLIENT (2) Load your card driver.  (example: 3C5X9.COM)
    HOST/CLIENT (3) Load your server.  (SERVER.COM)
    HOST/CLIENT (4) Load your client.  (CLIENT.COM)
    CLIENT      (5) Log into the network.
    CLIENT      (6) Map the hosts to the hard drive.  (refer to NWL Manual)
    HOST        (7) Run DOOM's SETUP.EXE, configure, and press F10.
    CLIENT      (8) Change to mapped DOOM directory, and run SETUP.EXE,
                    using the same options as used on the host.
                (9) PLAY DOOM!

    Note: It is illegal to use the Registered DOOM on only one server. You must buy a seperate copy of the game for each player.

    [8-3-4]: How can I use DOOM on other types of networks?

    It does not matter what type of network you use for DOOM, whether it is Lantastic, Windows for Workgroups or other networks. netDOOM uses the cards at such a low level that it does not need the network services. It only needs the ODI/IPX drivers.

    This being the case, netDOOM works fine with any Ethernet or any other cabling system. Naturally, you can not use any normal network services at the same time.

    There are a number of ways of getting IPX working with a given ethernet card. One is to use a dedicated IPX driver for the card, another is to run an IPX converter over some other standard such as NDIS, ODI, or the packet driver standard. If one method fails to work, try another one! I have had good reliability with the IPX over Packet driver method, though it can sometimes be a challenge to get it running... If you are already using Novell, then the IPX over ODI might be simpler to set up, though I have found it less reliable.

    Before I get going, let me plead with everyone NOT TO USE DOOM 1.1 OR 1.0 ON ANY NETWORK OTHERS ARE TRYING TO USE!! Doom 1.666 is now available, so please use it rather than 1.1 or 1.0. DOOM 1.0 and 1.1 really screw up networks.

    Now that I have all my disclaimers out of the way... :)

    To use this method of installing IPX you need two files, both of which are in the file PKTD11.ZIP, which can be had from oak.oakland.edu as/pub/msdos/pktdrvr/pktd11.zip. I have seen some problems with this version (11) of the drivers, however, so it would be wise to test out the packet driver after it is loaded, or perhaps to try one which comes direct from the ethernet card manufacturer. (i.e. 3c5x9pd.com from ftp.3com.com)

    If you have problems with these drivers, I have put together a collection of older versions of IPX and packet drivers which seem to work better with DOOM. This package will be uploaded to ftp.uwp.edu as OLDIPX.ZIP. (see Chapter [14-6])

    The first file is specific to your ethernet hardware. It is the packet driver software that converts packet-driver calls to commands your ethernet card can understand. The INSTALL.DOC file included with the packet driver collection has details about which cards are supported and what sort of command-line parameters are needed for each packet driver. I always load the packet driver using interrupt 0x60, a popular convention. These drivers will not work well under Windows without tweaking, so read the INSTALL.DOC file for details. There are also some useful packet utilities included. Again details are in INSTALL.DOC. (Got the hint yet? :)


    3Com 503 card on interrupt 5, I/O port 0x300, and the internal transceiver. (twisted pair RJ-45 connector ON THE CARD or coaxial BNC connector-- NOT the 15-pin AUI connector) The shared memory area is automatically determined-- but be sure to exclude the region from your expanded memory manager, if used!

  • 3C503.COM 0x60 0x5 0x300 1

    3Com 509 card: These cards are entirely software-configurable through the config/diagnostics on your EtherDisk that came with the card. If you have lost the disk, all the needed files are available from ftp.3com.com.

  • 3C509.COM 0x60

    AT&T StarLan cards: Almost like the 503 except the memory location must be specified.

  • AT&T.COM 0x60 0x2 0x360 0xD000

    Once the packet driver is loaded and reports things correctly (i.e. it does not give your ethernet address as FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF...) then just run PDIPX.COM to load IPX support. The PDIPX.COM program is included with PKTD11.ZIP, but it is contained in a .ZIP file INSIDE of PKTD11.ZIP called PDIPX103.ZIP. Run the .COM file with no parameters.

    If you have problems with an "invalid mode" when loading PDIPX, you probably are trying to run other network software at the same time as the Packet Driver/IPX combination. Strip down your CONFIG.SYS and your AUTOEXEC.BAT files to those shown below. Do not load any additional TSR's! Once this bare-bones configuration works, you can begin adding TSR's. if your problems persist, try using the older versions of the packet driver and IPX-to-PD converter. (They should be on ftp.uwp.edu.)

    If nothing seems to work, try running the diagnostic program PKTWATCH.COM after getting everything set up. If your screen fills with scrolling multicolor hexadecimal numbers then the packet driver is working OK. If it just flashes a cursor at you, then you have problems UNLESS you are wired directly to another computer. Hook your computer back up to an active network and see if you can receive anything then. If you do not have an active network available, start DOOM on the OTHER computer while running PKTWATCH on the original computer. Of course, the other (sending) computer needs to have IPX set up as well.

    The simplest way to get all the drivers you need loaded and to exclude other drivers which may interfere is to create a boot disk with the correct startup files. For example:


              prompt [DOOM Setup] $p$g
              a:\3c503.com 0x60 0x5 0x300 1
              rem change the above according to your card.

    The ONLY line that will vary with what card you have is the "3c503.com" line. I encourage you NOT to load an EMS driver since so many cards use shared memory and it is sometimes difficult to ensure that the proper area, and only the proper area, is excluded. DOOM runs just fine with XMS, and you have the added benefit of loading DOS high to make room for things like mouse drivers. DOOM does not NEED XMS to run, though. Also, I like to change the DOS prompt to reflect my configuration whenever I am using a bizarre setup.

    It might be a good idea to also scan your bootable floppy for viruses BEFORE booting the networked computer with it. (Scan it on the NETWORKED computer, not your own...) There are a number of common viruses spread by booting computers from infected disks. (Stoned, Form, and Michelangelo to name a few.) Let's not give DOOM a bad name by booting network computers from infected disks! (btw, F-prot from oak.oakland.edu as /pub/msdos/virus/fp-211.zip is an EXCELLENT antivirus program. <plug>)

    You must make sure that all of the networked computers using DOOM are using the same frame type.

    [8-3-5]: How can I set up a small inexpensive DOOM network?

    All that is required for network play is a network card for each computer, a T-plug for each computer (usually supplied with your network card), and some cable. A server is not necessary. Here is a good supply of inexpensive eight bit network cards for DOOM play.
    Corporate Systems Center                PHONE: (408)-734-DISK
    1294 Hammerwood Avenue                    FAX: (408)-745-1816
    Sunnyvale, CA 94089

    Brand new 16-bit cards priced at only US$49.00 each. When calling, tell your service person that you would like to run DOOM. Corporate Systems will send you the cards mentioned here.

    [8-4]: How can I play DOOM by serial link?

    DOOM works in two player mode by modem or null modem. The minimum baud rate to play DOOM is 9600 bps.

    Shareware versions 1.0 and 1.1 do NOT support play by modem or serial link. It is recommended that you upgrade to v1.666 of DOOM.

    Using this mode is similar to network mode.

    To use a serial link connection, run the DOOM setup and choose "Run Network/Modem/Serial Game." Then, choose the type of connection you plan to make. Then, configure the game to your liking, and choose the connect method.

    Note that to run null-modem game, you must have a null-modem cable plugged into a serial port on both computers and each computer runs SETUP.EXE with identical parameters.

    If you are using a modem, you will most likely need to edit the MODEM.CFG file in the DOOM directory. The first line of the file is an initialization string. Pull out your modem manual, and do the following.
    1. Find the code that turns off error correction.
    2. Find the code that turns off data compression.
    3. Find the code that locks your modem at 9600 baud.
    4. Find the code that turns off all hardware and software flow control.
    5. Create an "AT" initialization string with all these codes and put it into the MODEM.CFG.

    To find an already created initialization string for your modem, look in Chapter [18-3] of this FAQ. If one is not listed for your modem, you will have to dig up your modem manual for the correct settings.

    The second line is a hangup string used when you quit DOOM.

    If you STILL cannot get the modems to connect, both of you should run your favorite terminal programs, and connect with 9600, no error correction, no data compression, and NO HARDWARE FLOW CONTROL. Then just run SETUP.EXE with the "Already Connected" option in the configuration box.

    [8-5]: How can I play DOOM over the Internet?

    (8-5-1): How can I play DOOM using IHHD?

    Enter IHHD -- the Internet Head to Head Daemon designed by Jim Knutson. With this brilliant little piece of code, multiplayer gaming has soared to new heights. With IHHD, you'll be able to play Head to Head against other human opponents all over the world, with the only cost to you being the regular prices you pay to connect to or use your Internet host. Best of all, it's free.

    First of all, your host needs to be running UNIX as its operating system. If you aren't sure what your host is running for its operating system, check the information given at the login prompt or send mail to your administrator.

    Other than that, you should be able to run IHHD with ease. Your first order of business is to get the IHHD software. It is available via anonymous FTP at "rex.pfc.mit.edu" in the "pub/IHHD/src" directory.
      To get it:
    1. FTP to rex.pfc.mit.edu ("ftp rex.pfc.mit.edu" at UNIX prompt)
    2. At the login prompt, enter "anonymous"
    3. At the password prompt, enter your E-mail address
    4. At the command prompt, type "cd pub/IHHD/src"
    5. Type "binary"
    6. Type "get dialer1.6.4.shar"
    7. Type "bye"

    If you followed the above steps, you should now have the "dialer1.6.4.shar" file in your home directory. Type "ls" at your host's command prompt to verify its existence. If you don't see it, try the above steps again or call for help.

    Next, if you've successfully retrieved the "dialer1.6.4.shar" file from the FTP site, you need to prepare the IHHD to run on your UNIX system. For UNIX veterans, the "dialer1.6.4.shar" file is in fact a shar file, and contains a makefile for easy compiling on your system. For the rest of us, follow these steps to get the IHHD up and running:
    1. Create a directory to put the IHHD software in.
      Type "mkdir IHHD" at the command prompt.
    2. Move the IHHD file to the new directory.
      Type "mv dialer1.6.4.shar IHHD"
    3. Go to the IHHD directory.
      Type "cd IHHD"
    4. Unpack the IHHD files.
      Type "sh dialer1.6.4.shar"
    5. Compile the IHHD software to run on your system.
      Type "make"
    6. You should now see a whole mess of files in the IHHD directory.
        The important filenames you're looking for should be:
      • "dialer"
      • "tcpdialer"
      • "tcpanswer"
      • "call"
      • "showlog"
    7. If you've got these, you're cool. Otherwise, try the above steps again, re-retrieve the "dialer1.6.4.shar" file from "rex.fpc.mit.edu" using the instructions above, or call for help.

    If everything checks out, you're ready to rumble!

    Here's how you get connected using IHHD:

    1. Set up a time to play with another Internet DOOM player. Ideally, you should use E-mail to make the prior arrangements.

      Make sure you and your opponent use the same baud rate and line settings for your modems.

      Make sure data compression, error correction, and hardware flow control on your modem are off. Look at the modem initialization strings section in this FAQ for more help.

    2. When it's time to play, start your favorite terminal program and call up your Internet host using your modem. Make sure that your baud rate and line settings correspond to your opponent's.
    3. Login to your Internet host normally.
    4. Contact the other player by sending a short E-mail message indicating that you are on the net and ready to play.
    5. Once you both establish that you're there and ready to go, return to your UNIX prompt.
    6. Type "cd IHHD" to enter your IHHD directory.
    7. You may have to type "terminal download," if you do not have it activated already.
    8. Type "dialer opponent's.host" to start the IHHD connection. For example, if you were playing against knuston@cactus.org, you would type "dialer cactus.org" to initiate the connection.
    9. Another way is to type "tcpdialer opponent's.host" while your opponent types "tcpdialer -answer". Or reverse roles, where you type "tcpdialer -answer" while your opponent types "tcpdialer your.host". Don't ask me what the difference is; I don't know. So, to recap, there are two methods of IHHD connection.
      Method 1: dialer. You each type "dialer other.guy's.host"
      Method 2: tcpdialer. One of you types "tcpdialer other.guy's.host" while the other types "tcpdialer -answer".
    10. Regardless of which method you use to connect, type short text messages followed by a carriage return until you see your opponent acknowledge you. Unless you have "local echo" set to ON in your serial settings, you will not see the text you type.
    11. If you don't see your opponent after a reasonable amount of time, exit dialer or tcpdialer by pressing "CTRL-C" (i.e. hitting the "CTRL" and "C" key simultaneously.) Contact your opponent again by E-mail and agree to try the other method of connecting.
    12. If you're connection looks fine and your opponent has acknowledged you and you have acknowledged him, exit your terminal program and change to your DOOM directory. Run SETUP.EXE, and select "Run Network/Modem/Serial Game." On the next menu, choose "Modem." Finally, configure all of the options to your liking, select "Already Connected," and press F10.
    13. If everything goes well, DOOM will start up and bring you to your first game over the Internet! Congratulations, you are now connected by IHHD. You can now proceed to play DOOM as if you were connected via a regular phone line.

    If you are having trouble getting DOOM to work with your modem, you may want to download one of the many third-party serial drivers for DOOM. (see Chapter [15])

    Unfortunately, because of the nature of the Internet, delays and warping may occur with your IHHD connection, depending on the quality of the connection between your and your opponent's host machines. These delays are often sporadic, and depend largely on what's going on on the Internet at that particular times. Then again, you might just be extremely unlucky and have a cruddy Internet connection.

    To gauge the quality of the connection, try to "ping" your opponent's computer from your host. At the UNIX prompt, type "ping -s opponent's.host". You should get a listing of "ping times", which you may stop at any time by pressing "CTRL-C". Try pinging some other hosts you know to get an idea of how much ping times vary, and use this data to guesstimate the quality of the connection between your host and your opponent's.

    Another way to judge the quality of your connection is to simply look at the other player. If he's jumping all over the place, you've got a cruddy connection. If he's relatively smooth and steady, you've got a good connection.

    If all else fails, burn incense and sacrifice a beautiful young virgin princess to the net.gods. No, wait. Better yet, send me a virgin. E-mail me for an address.

    *8-5-2*: How can I play DOOM using iDOOM?

    The TCP/IP Internet DOOMer's FAQ by Scott Coleman (asre@uiuc.edu)
    and Jay Cotton (jay@calc.vet.uga.edu)
    updated 10/16/94


    id Software's DOOM is truly the Killer App of the MS-DOS world. DOOM's popularity is so immense, it has been estimated that DOOM is installed on more PCs than OS/2 and Windows NT combined, and DOOM's creators commute to work in Ferarris. Interest in the game has been so great that it has been hacked, reverse-engineered, dissected, and enhanced more than any other game in PC history. And now, as more and more people become hooked into the Internet, DOOM is rapidly becoming the Killer App of the Internet, as well.

    Internet DOOM play is currently at the "clever hack" stage. DOOM, as released by iD, supports only IPX network play and serial play between two machines. As a result, the DOOM documentation doesn't include any information about DOOMing across the Internet. Of course, this also means that DOOMers can't call id for help. The result of all this is many curious people asking the same question: How do I play DOOM over the Internet? Enter this document. In the pages that follow, we will attempt to answer the most frequently asked questions about Internet DOOM, including what you need, how to set it up, and how to find new fragbait - er, I mean, opponents.

    DOOM across the Internet is made possible by a neat little freeware program called iDOOM. iDOOM uses the UDP protocol (part of the TCP/IP protocol suite) to send DOOM game information between multiple machines on the Internet. It is based on the WATTCP TCP/IP kernel written by Eric Engelke of the University of Waterloo. By some strange coincidence, the authors of this document are also the creators of iDOOM, and we have used the program to play Internet DOOM sessions with opponents from as far away as Estonia. In writing this FAQ, we hope that sharing some of our experience will make it easier for you to get connected in your own Internet DOOM sessions. NOTE: Throughout this document, we will refer specifically to games of DOOM played over the Internet via a DIRECT CONNECTION, i.e. no modems are involved anywhere in the link. Note that IHHD, SLIP and PPP connections all involve modems at some point. Although other methods of connecting two DOOM machines together across the Internet exist, this document will focus on direct net connections using the iDOOM network driver program.

    Getting Prepared

    Q1: I want to play DOOM over the Internet using iDOOM. What hardware do I need?

    To successfully play DOOM across the Internet, you will need the following hardware:

    * A machine capable of playing DOOM (D'OHH!)

    * A network interface card (NIC). And not just any old NIC, mind you - your NIC must be supported by a packet driver if you wish to use it to play Internet DOOM. Usually this means that your NIC must be an ethernet card, although iDOOM has been successfully played over token ring. This document assumes that your PC is already equipped with a suitable NIC, although it may currently be in use for some other non-TCP/IP function (such as a node on a Novell network).

    * A direct connection to the Internet. If there is a modem somewhere in the link between your PC and your opponent's PC, this FAQ is not for you. Although it is possible to play Internet DOOM over a modem link (either by dialing up to a UNIX machine and using IHHD or via SLIP/PPP), such connection methods are beyond the scope of this document.

    Q2: OK, I've got all the hardware. What software do I need?

    In addition to the hardware requirements, some software is also required to round out your the package. Before you can play, you'll need to pick up the following:

    * DOOM 1.2 or higher (1.7 is STRONGLY recommended, since this version seems to have solved some problems related to network games). DOOM versions 1.1 and below are incapable of using iDOOM.

    * A packet driver written specifically for your ethernet card. The Packet Driver is what lets iDOOM (and therefore DOOM) "talk" to your NIC.

    * iDOOM.EXE, the Internet driver for DOOM.

    * The WATTCP Applications. These are not absolutely necessary, but can definitely be useful for debugging and testing your setup.

    Q3: Hold on - I don't have some of this software! Where can I get it?

    * To obtain iDOOM: Log on to ftp.vet.uga.edu via anonymous ftp. Change to directory /pub/doom. Download the file IDOOM11.ZIP. Version 1.1 is the latest version of iDOOM as of this writing.

    * Many ethernet cards come with the appropriate packet drivers on a utilities diskette packaged with the card. If your card does not come with a packet driver, there is an excellent collection of freely available packet drivers called the Crynwr (nee Clarkson) Packet Driver collection. You can obtain it via anonymous ftp from oak.oakland.edu. Change to the /pub/msdos/pktdrvr subdirectory and download PKTD11.ZIP and PKTD11C.ZIP. The files PKTD11A.ZIP and PKTD11B.ZIP contain source code and example programs for the packet drivers - you won't need these in order to play iDOOM.

    * To obtain the WATTCP applications, ftp to dorm.rutgers.edu, change to the /pub/msdos/wattcp/ subdirectory, and download file APPS.ZIP.

    Q4: OK, I've got everything, now what do I do to set it up?

    Setting your computer up for TCP/IP access is very straightforward. As an illustration, I'll be taking you through the steps necessary to set up a PC with an SMC ethernet card and the IP address You'll of course need to substitute your own specific information in place of the examples given here. All set? OK, let's get started.

    Step 0: START WITH A CLEAN BOOT!!!!! Set up your CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files to load as few drivers as possible. This includes such things as memory managers (HIMEM, EMM386, QEMM, etc.) and network drivers (e.g. LSL, IPXODI). DOOM doesn't need the former, and the latter will probably conflict with the packet driver. We recommend that you prepare a boot floppy with a CONFIG.SYS containing only a FILES=20 line, and an AUTOEXEC.BAT containing only the line "prompt=$p$g".

    Step 1: Set up the packet driver. Determine your ethernet card's IRQ setting, it's base I/O port setting, and it's memory address setting (if any). You should be able to determine this by looking at the card itself and consulting the user manual. You'll need some if not all of this information, depending upon which packet driver you use and/or type of hardware you have (for example, some IBM computers with the MicroChannel bus can determine the settings on the card automatically without you having to supply them on the packet driver command line). Unzip the appropriate driver from Crynwr Packet Driver collection archive. In our example case, the packet driver is called SMC_WD.COM. By looking at the jumpers on the card and consulting the manual, I determined that the card has been set to IRQ 7, Base I/O port address 300h, and the base memory address is at segment d800h. For this example, I have chosen to use interrupt 60h for the packet driver. Packet drivers typically operate on an interrupt in the range of 60h to 80h inclusive; since nothing else in my sample system happens to be using the first available interrupt (INT 60h), I chose that. Thus, to load my packet driver, I use the command line

    SMC_WD 0x60 0x7 0x300 0xd800

    where 0x60 is the packet driver interrupt, 0x7 is the IRQ setting on the card, 0x300 is the I/O port base address, and 0xd800 is the memory base address (NOTE: all numbers are in C-style HEX notation). Don't worry if you don't understand what all this stuff means - as long as you use the correct numbers, your packet driver should work. NOTE: If your PC is currently part of a Novell network (e.g. Netware, Netware Lite, Personal Netware) the parameters you need can be found in a file called NET.CFG, usually located in your \NOVELL, \NWLITE or \NWCLIENT subdirectories (along with all the other drivers needed by Novell).

    At the very minimum, the packet driver should give a sign on message and report the ethernet address of your NIC when you load it. Chances are that if your NIC has been functioning properly for other tasks (e.g. as a node on a Novell network) then you'll have no problems here. If not, or if there are any error or warning messages, something is wrong. One possibility is that one of the settings on your NIC is in conflict with those of another expansion card in your system. No two cards can have the same IRQ, I/O port, or memory address settings, nor can the memory areas of two cards overlap. Whatever the cause, you'll need to find and correct the problem before continuing.

    Step 2: Set up your WATTCP.CFG file. Your WATTCP.CFG file contains important parameters used by the WATTCP TCP/IP kernel. These values MUST be entered correctly if you wish to make a connection with another DOOM PC. In preparation for this, you'll need several bits of information. Contact the networkadministrator for your site and find out the IP address for your machine, the IP address for your gateway or router, the IP address of at least one Domain Name Server local to your site, and your netmask value. The three IP addresses will each consist of four groups of digits separated by periods. In our example, the machine's IP address is, the gateway is, the netmask is, and the nameserver address is NOTE: it is important to use the numeric IP addresses, not the actual host names. NOTE: If you have other Internet programs currently installed on your machine, such as a Gopher client or the Trumpet newsreader, you can probably find the information you need in the configuration files used for those programs. If the application is based on the Waterloo TCP package, it will have it's own WATTCP.CFG, in which case you can simply copy it over to your DOOM directory. When you have collected all this information, unzip the iDOOM distribution archive (e.g. IDOOM11.ZIP) into your DOOM (or DOOM2) directory. Use your favorite ASCII text editor to edit the file called WATTCP.CFG. Edit or add the following lines in WATTCP.CFG:


    On our example machine, the WATTCP.CFG file looks like this:


    Save the changed file and exit back to DOS.

    If you know your machine's IP address, but you can't determine the other values, you can often get away with some educated guesswork. For instance, the gateway for a subnet usually has an IP address ending in .1, as is the case with our example. Thus, if your IP address is xxx.yyy.zzz.www, try setting your gateway's IP address to xxx.yyy.zzz.1. As for the subnet mask, a common value for this parameter is In some cases, the gateway value can be something like xxx.yyy.1.1 with a corresponding netmask value of - if one doesn't work, it can't hurt to try the other. Finally, if you don't know your nameserver's IP address, you can probably get by without it for the purposes of DOOM playing. Since you'll be specifying IP addresses for all of your opponents' machines, a nameserver lookup won't be necessary to resolve their addresses.

    Step 3: Test your TCP/IP setup. Load your packet driver with the appropriate interrupt, IRQ, I/O and memory addresses. Next, unzip the TCPINFO and PING programs from the WATTCP apps archive into your DOOM directory. At the DOS prompt, type:


    and press the key. If your WATTCP.CFG values are set up correctly, and if your packet driver and net connection are functional, you'll see a couple of screens of information about your system, including your ethernet address and the parameters you specified in the WATTCP.CFG file.

    If everything looks OK, the next step is to use the PING program to attempt to establish contact with your subnet gateway. At the DOS prompt, type


    and press the key. After a brief delay, you should see a message telling you that the host is responding, as well as the round trip time for PING's test packets. If you see the "Timeout" error message, then something is wrong with your setup; if your PC is unable to reach your gateway, it will be unable to reach the rest of the Internet as well, since all network packets which are sent to nodes outside of your local area network must pass through your gateway. For our sample system, we would type:


    If your gateway PING was successful, try PINGing your Domain Name Server (at the IP address you specified in WATTCP.CFG) as well as some well-known site on the internet (e.g. infant2, which is at IP address These will test your machine's ability to connect with other machines outside of your subnet as well as those outside of your site. All of these PINGs should result in a "host responding" message with a response time. If any of these attempts fails, recheck your entries in WATTCP.CFG and/or get some help from your network administrator. Examples for our test system:




    Put Me in, Coach - I'm Ready to Play!

    First, go find up to three of your most patient frag buddies. Since this is your first attempt at Internet DOOM, it's best to try and find someone on your local network who's willing to put in a little frag time with you. Connections on your local net will be faster and less problematic, whereas if you attempt a long distance connection your first time out, you'll have a hard time discerning problems caused by distance from problems caused by an incorrect configuration.

    Decide amongst yourselves which machine will be the "server" (the remaining machines in the game will all be "clients"). The server machine (and there can only be ONE server per game) acts as the coordinator for that session. The player operating the server is in some sense "the boss" - she can decide when to start the game, which parameters (e.g. -altdeath, -nomonsters, -warp, - skill, etc.) will be used, whether to kick a player out, and so on.

    The server starts iDOOM as follows:

    iDOOM -server [other game parameters]

    Once the server has started iDOOM running, the clients (all remaining players) can then connect to the server. Each client invokes iDOOM using the command line:

    iDOOM -client

    As an example, consider several computers which are part of a local area network in a computer lab. In this lab there are identical machines sitting side by side, with sequential IP addresses, i.e.,, and After stepping through the basic configuration process outlined above on all test machines, my frag buddies and I are ready to begin. First, we all agree to play our favorite DEATHMATCH level, DOOM I episode 1 map 5. We also agree to play in -altdeath mode, with -skill 5 and -nomonsters. On my machine, which we decided will be the server, I type:

    iDOOM -server -warp 1 5 -altdeath -skill 5 -nomonsters

    The iDOOM screen comes up, and a message is displayed informing me that iDOOM is entering server mode. This screen is divided into several sections: the credits, the output window, the status bar, and the input line. At the top of the screen is the name of the program, its version number, and the copyright notice. The large area beginning with the second screen line and continuing to the 22nd screen line is the output window. Here is where iDOOM will display all status messages as well as the chat text entered by the other players. Below the output window is the status bar, where the current game settings are displayed. Below the status bar is the input line where all the text I type on my keyboard will appear. Finally, the bottom line of the screen lists significant contributors to iDOOM.

    Once my iDOOM server is up and running, all the other players can connect to it. The other guys type:

    iDOOM -client

    Each client's screen layout is identical to that of my server. iDOOM displays a message confirming that it is entering client mode and connecting to the server. As each client's connection is established, the arrival of each player is announced by the server.

    During this phase of the game setup, all players who have connected thus far can type messages to each other using iDOOM's built-in chat facility. To send a message to the other players in the game, I simply type my message on the keyboard. My keystrokes appear in the input line at the bottom of the screen, and when I press , the text will be echoed to the screens of all players (along with an indication of who sent the message). The identical procedure can be used to send messages from each of the client machines. The server itself will also send messages. Messages from the server will begin with three asterisks ("***").

    When a client connects to the iDOOM server, the client receives a message containing the game parameters which will be used during that session. These game settings will be displayed on the status bar. The settings are abbreviated to ensure that they will all fit within the available space. These game settings may be changed interactively at the server console.

    My friend sees that I have selected E1M5 as the default episode and map for our game. He reminds me that we've been playing that one a lot lately, and suggests we change to E2M2 since we haven't played that one in a while. I agree, and issue the commands /episode 2 and /map 2 to change the level. Our status lines are immediately updated to reflect these changes.

    Once I have determined (via the chat facility) that everyone is ready to begin the game, I press the F10 key. The iDOOM server signals the clients that the game is beginning, the chat facility is shut down, and iDOOM sets up the connections which will be used for the actual game. Once these network links are established between all the machines, the message "Prepare to meet your DOOM!" is displayed, followed by the usual DOOM startup information. Shortly thereafter, the screen melts away and there we are, in E1M5, pistols at the ready!

    Give your buddies a good thrashing - you've earned it! Now, after you've gotten DOOM working on your own subnet, you're ready for the final step. Find a partner who is also capable of playing Internet DOOM. Watch the posts in alt.games.doom, or tune into the #doom, #tcpdoom or #iDOOM channels on irc. You and he will negotiate game parameters, such as which map to play, which skill level, and so on. You'll also decide on who will be the server and who will be the clients (experienced DEATHMATCHers will often try very hard to avoid being the server, since that player's uniform is colored day-glo green and is easier to spot in a DEATHMATCH). Now simply add the parameters you've agreed on to the iDOOM server command line you used before. A typical command line will look something like

    iDOOM -server -skill 5 -nomonsters -deathmatch

    Oh Oh - It's Not Working!

    OK, so you've done everything, just like I've shown you, but you're still having problems. The following are some suggestions to try in case of trouble.

    Q: When I try to connect to the iDOOM server it returns to DOS saying "Server is not responding" or "Remote reset connection."

    A: This means that the player on the server machine hasn't yet started the iDOOM server. The server must be started before the clients try to connect to it. Try again in a few seconds.

    Q: I keep seeing an "ICMP: port unreachable" message on my screen.

    A: This message is generated by the other machine when the port being requested by the sender is unavailable on the destination machine. I've seen this happen in some cases when I started iDOOM before the other player did. Once the other iDOOM was running, the ICMP: messages went away, and the game linked up normally. If you see this message, you might also want to try using a different port (see the iDOOM documentation on the -port command line parameter).

    Q: The music starts up fine, but all I see is a BSOD (Black Screen of Death).

    Q: My machine displays "sending network start info" or "listening for network start info" and then locks up.

    A: This problem can have several causes. Perhaps the server specified a DOOM II game, but one of the players didn't have DOOM II. Perhaps one of the other players' machines is slower than the others, or has a fragmented disk and takes a longer time to load DOOM at startup. Or perhaps some packets were lost - iDOOM uses UDP (user Datagram Protocol) packets to exchange game information between all machines in the game. UDP packets are not guaranteed to reach their destination, and there is no mechanism for the sender to even be informed that what it sent never made to the destination machine. iDOOM is designed to compensate for these lost packets to the extent possible, and occasionally this detection and correction takes a few extra seconds. You should always wait for at least 30 - 45 seconds for the other DOOM engines to sync up before you abort the setup.

    Frag Servers/Frag Trackers

    Frag Servers are a recent development. They facilitate iDOOM connections between multiple players quickly and easily and with a minimum of command line typing. Current versions of the Frag Servers are very similar to the server built into iDOOM. NOTE: An iDOOM client can NOT connect to a Frag Server. Frag Servers have their own client program which then loads iDOOM as the network driver.

    As of this writing, the latest version of the frag client/server package is TCPSRV12.ZIP, available from one of the infant2 mirrors in the /pub/doom/multi_doom/net directory. A couple of the more popular fragservers can be found at ararat.cs.ucdavis.edu and patriot.et.buy.edu. Both of these support 2, 3 and 4 player games on ports 1666, 1667, and 1668 respectively.

    Future versions of the Frag Servers (which will be known as Frag Trackers) will serve as online meeting places where DOOM players can log on, see a list of games which are awaiting players, and either join an existing game or register a new game. Waiting players will be able to send chat messages to each other, negotiate and set game parameters, check connection quality, etc. Although this exciting capability does not exist in the current Frag Servers, it will be available sometime in the near future, and will revolutionize the way Internet DOOM is played.

    [8-6]: How can I setup DOOM to be played on a multi-player BBS?

    Applied Personal Computing, Inc. has recently developed a platform that allows almost any multiline BBS to host 2-4 player network DOOM games.

    The APCi MultiPlayer Game Server allows gamers to create a simulated IPX network just by dialing the host BBS at high speed. APCi MultiPlayer Game Client software makes use of the APCi MultiPlayer Game Server very intuitive for even the newest user of online services. Best of all, all APCi MultiPlayer Game Client software is FREEWARE and includes any and all information desired about the supported game.

    For more information regarding the APCi MultiPlayer Game Server, or to witness the APCi MPGS in action, call the APCi BBS at (618) 632-7664. You may also contact APCi at 1-800-535-APCi. More information can also be requested from Kevin Sawyer (sawyerk@delphi.com).

    (8-7): Where can I find multi-player partners?

    A good place to find people to play with is on Usenet is the "alt.games.doom" newsgroup or on IRC on the #DOOM channel.


    CHAPTER [9]: How can I cheat in DOOM?

    *9-1*: What are the DOOM cheat codes?

    Here is a list of the cheat codes from DOOM. During play, just type the codes in with the keyboard. You need not hit ENTER after the code. After entering, a message should be displayed at the top of the screen telling which cheat mode was activated.
      idbehold       Displays menu (followed by S, V, I, R, A, or L for choice)
                           S=Strength (Berserk)
                           I=Partial invisibility
                           A=Full Automap (computer map)
                           R=Anti-radiation suit
                           L=Light amplification visors
      idchoppers     Gives you the chain saw (long story behind the message)
      idclev         Warp (followed by episode number and level number)
    # idclip         No clipping (you can walk through walls)
      iddqd          Degreelessness mode (God mode)
      iddt           Toggles Automap between normal, full, and full with
                     objects (enter when in Automap mode)
    + idfa           Gives full ammo, 200% armor, and all weapons but no keys
      idkfa          Very Happy Ammo (full ammo, 200% armor, all weapons &
    # idmus          Changes the music to a certain mission (followed by 
                     episode and level number)
      idmypos        Displays your bearing and coordinates in hex
    @ idspispopd     No clipping (you can walk through walls)
    #: Found only in DOOM II
    @: Only found in in DOOM I
    +: Only found in DOOM v1.4bt and up

    *9-2*: What command line parameters exist?

    To use most of these parameters, start DOOM by typing: "doom -devparm ". If the "-devparm" parameter is not needed, the parameter will be marked with a plus (+). Most of these parameters can be mixed and matched to create different effects. For instance, typing "doom -devparm -wart 1 8 -record demo01 -respawn" would record a demo on episode one, level eight, with monster respawn. Lastly, typing F1 during development mode will allow a 256 color screen capture in PCX format.
    @                   Used to read in a command line parm file
    -altdeath                     Activates DeathMatch v2.0 (v1.4 and above)
    -avg                          Ends the game after 20 minutes
    -cdrom                        Uses C:\DOOMDATA directory for data
    -comdev                       Internal development, texture mapping
    -config <file name>         + Reads an alternate configuration file
    -control                      Unknown
    -deathmatch                 + Starts NetDoom in Deathmatch mode
    -debugfile <parameter>        Dumps debugging info to debug<parm>.txt
    -devparm                      Puts you in developers mode
    -episode <episode>          + Starts on episode (1-3)
    -GUS                          Uses the original GUS instrument mapping
    -GUS1                         Uses the new GUS instrument mapping (default)
    -fast                     +++ Nightmare mode without respawn
    -file <name w/ .WAD>        + Allows usage of an external PWAD file
    -left                      ++ Sets up a network terminal for the "left view"
    -loadgame <game number>     + Starts from a saved game (0-5)
    -maxdemo                    + Specifies the maximum size of a LMP recording
    -nodes <players>            + Starts NetDoom with 1-4 players
    -noblit                       Internal bugging switch, useless
    -nodraw                       Internal bugging switch, useless
    -nojoy                        Does not use the joystick
    -nomonsters                 + Starts the game without monsters
    -nomouse                      Does not use the mouse
    -nomusic                      Does not play background music
    -nosfx                        No sound effects
    -nosound                      No sound at all
    -opl3                         Enables the stereo music through
                                  OPL-3 on PAS16
    -phase                        Enables phase shifting on PAS16
    -playdemo <name w/o .LMP>  #+ Plays back a recorded demo
    -record <name w/o .LMP>     + Makes a demo recording until you finish or die
    -recordfrom <0-5><demo name>+ Records a demo from a saved game
    -regdev                       Internal development, texture mapping
    -respawn                    + Causes enemies to respawn in non-Nightmare
    -right                     ++ Sets up a network terminal for "right view"
    -shdev                        Internal development, texture mapping
    -skill <skill level>        + Starts on skill level (1-5)
    -statcopy                     Unknown
    -timedemo <name w/o .LMP>   # Calculates the number of times the screen is
                                  redrawn when playing a demo
    -turbo <speed 1-255>          Increases the speed of the marine
    -warp <episode> <level>       Warps to episode (1-3) level (1-9)
    -wart <episode> <level>       Loads a PWAD named ExMy.wad
    +: Does not require the "-DEVPARM" parameter.
    ++: If you have a network, try setting up a network game with three
        The three terminals should have the parameters:
                    "doom -devparm -nodes 3 -left"
                    "doom -devparm -nodes 3"
                    "doom -devparm -nodes 3 -right"
        Then, set up the left and right terminal monitors next to the middle
        monitor, in a virtual-reality type configuration.  When you turn your
        head, you see the screen turned 90 degrees!  This ONLY works with
        versions 1.0, 1.1, 1.4, 1.5, and 1.6 of DOOM.
    +++: Must be used in conjunction with the "-WARP" parameter
    #: For the "-playdemo" and "-timedemo" options, if you give an LMP file
       name of "demo#" (i.e. "demo3"), then that internal demo will be played
       if the external LMP file is not found.  For example, to play the
       internal 1.6 shareware demo #2 (multiplayer demo), type
       "doom -playdemo demo2".
       Additionally, when using "-timedemo," the game will give you two
       numbers after you quit to DOS, GAMETICS and REALTICS.  To determine
       the DOOM frame rate use the formula (GAMETICS/REALTICS) * 35.

    Note: DO NOT name your LMP demos ExMx.LMP, or they will *NOT* work.

    If anyone has any idea what the "unknown" or question marked parameters do, send me some E-mail!

    [9-2-1]: What do the dots that appear in development mode mean?

    Direct from id, the final formula for calculating the frame rate that the dots represent has been determined. The formula to convert dots to frames per second is:
                             + 1

    CHAPTER [10]: Can someone tell me how to...?

    This chapter is full of spoilers for people who are "stuck" in the game. Enjoy!

    [10-1]: Where are the DOOM secret levels?

    [10-1-1]: Knee-Deep in the Dead

    You must be on level three to access the secret level in DOOM. First, there is a room with an elevator with armor on it in the northwest corner of the map. Press the red button in this room. This opens a corridor in the room where you can see a glowing sphere. The room it leads to has some lighted alcoves. Walk up the stairs. You should be able to hear a mechanical sound. This is the sound of two alcoves being lowered. The map looks similar to this drawing. (I love the beauty of ASCII art)
                         Alcove 1 /\/\
                                  \/  \
                                  / /\ \
                                 / /  \ \
                                / /    \ \
                                \ \    / /
                                /\ \  / /
                                \/\ \/  \
                          Alcove 2 \  /\ \
                                    \/  \ \
                                         \ \
                                          \ x

    Walking into this room normally, the alcoves rise before you can see them. But, if you run up the stairs to one of the alcoves fast enough, you can get in it and rise to a secret door. Alcove 2 leads to the blue glowing sphere. Alcove 1 leads to an island surrounded by ooze. You can get a rocket launcher here. In alcove 1, follow the ooze down the tunnel. The tunnel leads to a switch that raises the bridge over the opening ooze pit. A secret door is also near the switch, but the bridge leads to the secret exit. REMEMBER TO >BOOK< TO THE ALCOVE! :)

    [10-1-2]: The Shores of Hell

    When you get to Command Center, walk out the elevator door, and turn right. Walk up the stairs in the far right corner. At their top of the stairs, enter the door to the right. Walk to the end of the hallway. Open the door, and look to the right. Open that door and turn the switch immediately on the right in that room. That switch raises stairs in the hall you just left. Walk up those stairs, get through the red curtain, and get on the transporter. Kill the lost souls in the room you are transported to and open the hidden door there (a lion head marks it). Again use the transporter, and you will find yourself walking towards a marked EXIT-door. Enter and turn the switch!

    (10-1-3): Inferno

    The process of getting to the Inferno secret level is probably one of the most creative things in DOOM, and the most difficult to figure out. The way to get there is from level 6, "Mt. Erebus". You must get inside a blue box with no ceiling which is in a large triangular depressed area with "water" at its bottom. Inside it is a skull switch ending the level. Getting inside the box counts as one of the secret passage units for the level. Next to the box is a large red building which one can get on top of. To get on top of it, you must use the secret teleporter in the building with the berserk pack and stairs in it, with the four Imp cages by the entrance. For specifics, the teleporter leading to the ledge above the blue box is located at <0x27ed486,0x2315201>. Upon entering the building, you will see a secret opening to the teleporter on the left. The teleporter takes you to a ledge on the top of the red building. If you go to the right along the ledge you will be looking down at the blue box. Unfortunately, the distance is too far to jump. The key is to shoot a rocket at the ledge wall, the explosion of which will throw you into the box! The area on the ledge where you want to fire the rocket at the wall is located at <0x375bead,0xa900072>. There is a rocket launcher on the level, on a platform out in the open with a chaingun and a bunch of monsters. Finally the exit inside the blue box itself is located at <0x37f436d,0xc1ffa3c>. You will take a lot of damage in the process, even with lots of armor and health, however, there are a few invulnerability artifacts on the level which will protect you. One is next to the wall where the launcher and chaingun are, and the other is inside a central shack that opens when you enter a nearby enclosure to pick up the green armor.

    (10-2): Where are the secrets in DOOM?

    *10-2-1*: DOOM I Secrets

    A HUGE thanks to Paul Falstad for making this section possible.

    *10-2-1-1*: Secret Master List

    SECRET        IDMYPOS         DECIMAL
    ======== ================   ============   ==============================
     1  68 < b700000,f1000000> ( 2928, -3840) (oddly color wall after zigzag)
     2  69 < ccd0000,f0f00000> ( 3277, -3856) (shotgun behind tower in zigzag
     3  70 < dda0000,f0e00000> ( 3546, -3872) (elevator behind tower in zigzag
     1  21 < 5ec0000, 3c80000> ( 1516,   968) (door to outside in NE)
     2 106 < 2200000,fc800000> (  544,  -896) (door to E rm w/backpack in maze)
     3 116 < 1380000, 1200000> (  312,   288) (door on SE side of small
                                               structure at beginning)
     4 140 <f9b80000, 5b80000> (-1608,  1464) (door before lift to ridge w/imp)
     5 188 <f7270000,fe8d0000> (-2265,  -371) (path to chainsaw in W part of
     6 194 <f8500000, 1400000> (-1968,   320) (door to extra armor on way to
                                               chainsaw rm)
     1  40 <fbc00000,fad80000> (-1088, -1320) (door N of level 9 switch)
     2  51 <fa200000,f6b00000> (-1504, -2384) (corridor N of drawbridge to
                                               level 9)
     3  73 <fd8c0000,f7a00000> ( -628, -2144) (door in E corner behind blue
     4 134 <f3c40000,f8240000> (-3132, -2012) (door behind SE niche
                                               in yellow key rm)
     5 159 <f66d0000,fc140000> (-2451, -1004) (rm w/backpack past green tunnel)
     6 167 <f5240000,fb240000> (-2780, -1244) (corridor behind N niche in
                                               yellow key rm)
     7 174 <f6c80000,fbe00000> (-2360, -1056) (secret door to chaingun)
     1  71 < 61d0000,   80000> ( 1565,     8) (rm E of green trench)
     2  88 < 6000000, 1250000> ( 1536,   293) (supercharger)
     3 118 < 7880000, 3d80000> ( 1928,   984) (backpack rm at start)
     1   7 <f8aa0000, 3390000> (-1878,   825) (hidden door W of 2-pillar
     3   5 <f8a00000, 2f80000> (-1888,   760) (hidden door S of #1)
     2   3 <f8a00000, 2c00000> (-1888,   704) (steps outside, S of #2)
     4  49 <fc700000, 5000000> ( -912,  1280) (hidden door E of N elevator
                                                     behind yellow door)
     5  58 <fdb00000, 7740000> ( -592,  1908) (shortcut to W side of darkroom)
     6  69 < 1660000, 1480000> (  358,   328) (shotgun room E of 1st stairs)
     7  95 < 46c0000,  ec0000> ( 1132,   236) (hidden door in toxic lake)
     8  99 < 59c0000, 2f50000> ( 1436,   757) (path to computer map rm)
     9 110 <ff040000, 5c00000> ( -252,  1472) (niche with light amp)
     1  65 < 2640000, 55b0000> (  612,  1371) (room S of door to outside)
     2 169 <fce30000,f8d00000> ( -797, -1840) (supercharger in SW tunnel in
                                               toxic lake behind red door)
     3 181 <f8500000,f6c00000> (-1968, -2368) (exit from toxic lake behind
                                               red door)
     4 190 < 37d0000,fc760000> (  893,  -906) (rocket launcher + invisibility)
     1  71 <fdb80000,ffa00000> ( -584,   -96) (supercharger W of door)
     2  94 < 2a00000,fa800000> (  672, -1408) (path outside to invisibility)
     3 147 <ff1f0000,f72d0000> ( -225, -2259) (ledge in toxic lake S of big
     4 153 <fe500000,fa100000> ( -432, -1520) (path behind door E of radiation
                                               suit in lake N of big pillar)
     1  59 < 2040000, 1800000> (  516,   384) (rm E of corridor to 1st door)
     1  20 < 4200000, 4800000> ( 1056,  1152) (door to NE room)
     2  65 < 5000000,fe000000> ( 1280,  -512) (chaingun in lake in SE)
     1   3 < 1ee0000,ffde0000> (  494,   -34) (rm with plasma gun)
     2   5 < 4180000,  800000> ( 1048,   128) (red key)
     3  52 <ff200000,  800000> ( -224,   128) (thin corridor with health
     4  91 < 1940000,fe480000> (  404,  -440) (computer map behind red door)
     1  26 < 4010000,fff40000> ( 1025,   -12) (chainsaw N of crushing
     2  45 < 4200000, 2100000> ( 1056,   528) (plasma rifle on pillar)
     3  60 < 8160000, 3920000> ( 2070,   914) (corridor N of 3rd circle in SE)
     4 109 < 9e00000, 5e00000> ( 2528,  1504) (supercharger NE of blue key)
     5 128 <  480000, 7200000> (   72,  1824) (way to backpack, N of blue
                                               light rooms)
     6 137 < 33b0000, 7110000> (  827,  1809) (hidden room E of #5)
     7 140 < 3dd0000, 55b0000> (  989,  1371) (computer map, S of #6)
     8 146 < a700000, fda0000> ( 2672,  4058) (rocketbox behind E yellow door)
     9 160 < a520000, f200000> ( 2642,  3872) (rocket launcher behind E
                                               yellow door)
    10 164 < a5a0000, e700000> ( 2650,  3696) (ammo box behind E yellow door)
    11 176 < 4a00000, fc00000> ( 1184,  4032) (chaingun on pedestal in N)
    12 236 <ffdc0000, ac00000> (  -36,  2752) (shotgun ammo behind lowering
     1  37 < 1e00000,fff80000> (  480,    -8) (door in N of pentagram lake
     2  65 <fbc60000,  e40000> (-1082,   228) (plasma rifle in SW)
     3  97 < 2780000,fea00000> (  632,  -352) (door in SE of pentagram lake
     4 103 < 3600000,  680000> (  864,   104) (way into imp cage w/backpack)
     5 119 < 5780000, 3020000> ( 1400,   770) (rad suit S of toxic)
     6 121 < 8550000, 3d50000> ( 2133,   981) (supercharger E of toxic)
     1  10 < 8000000,fd400000> ( 2048,  -704) (supercharger room N of big
                                               toxic O)
     2  16 < a000000,ff6b0000> ( 2560,  -149) (niche just N of computer map)
     3  19 < 5800000,ff130000> ( 1408,  -237) (plasma rifle E of northern O)
     4  36 < 68e0000, 2280000> ( 1678,   552) (stimpacks in N part of lava
     5  53 < a0b0000,  970000> ( 2571,   151) (room S of crushing ceiling, E
                                               of lava room)
     6 107 < 5700000,fe300000> ( 1392,  -464) (mega armor SW of lava room in
     7 120 < 3800000,fb300000> (  896, -1232) (room w/invisibility W of toxic
     8 165 < 3600000,f5200000> (  864, -2784) (berserker S of zigzag in S)
     9 182 < 7e80000,f5480000> ( 2024, -2744) (supercharger near exit)
    10 188 <fecf0000,f4f80000> ( -305, -2824) (hidden rm just S of starting
     1   8 <fbe00000,  a00000> (-1056,   160) (chainsaw in S middle)
     2  11 <f9c80000,fe780000> (-1592,  -392) (anti-rad suit in circular
     3 121 <fea00000, 9000000> ( -352,  2304) (rm near exit to level 9)
     4 126 <fb840000, 8920000> (-1148,  2194) (secret imp rm E of starting
     5 186 <f28d0000, 1f30000> (-3443,   499) (niche N of fake fire)
     6 188 <f2250000, 4730000> (-3547,  1139) (rm with baron in cage)
     7 219 <f83c0000, 87b0000> (-1988,  2171) (secret imp rm W of starting
     8 229 <f2a40000, 8c00000> (-3420,  2240) (energy cell in NW niche in toxic
                                               lake in NW)
     9 234 <f3c30000, 4a00000> (-3133,  1184) (room W of #10)
    10 238 <f4e10000, 4a00000> (-2847,  1184) (lost soul rm thru teleporter
                                               in #5)
     1   0 <ff800000, c200000> ( -128,  3104) (invisibility, etc. by skull
                                               pedestal in NW)
     2  16 <fbc00000, 9400000> (-1088,  2368) (long N-S room in NW with
                                               chaingun & lite amp)
     3  48 < 6190000, c600000> ( 1561,  3168) (corridor leading N out of
                                               fake exit)
     1  44 <  200000,ffa50000> (   32,   -91) (room w/rocket launcher &
                                               teleporter in SW)
     2  72 <ffe00000,fd140000> (  -32,  -748) (rm w/switch behind red door in
     3 250 < d0c0000, 3a40000> ( 3340,   932) (computer map rm in E middle)
     4 284 <  900000, 5ce0000> (  144,  1486) (plasma rifle rm in NW)
     5 294 < 5e00000, 7e00000> ( 1504,  2016) (supercharger just E of starting
     6 301 < 18d0000, 7750000> (  397,  1909) (chainsaw rm in NE)
    E2M8: [none]
    E2M9: [none]
     1  25 <fc5c0000, 7600000> ( -932,  1888) (rocket launcher rm)
     1  19 < 6e40000, 7d40000> ( 1764,  2004) (wall blocking way to chaingun
                                              in NE)
     2  28 < 2720000, c080000> (  626,  3080) (hallway to rocket case at tip
                                               of middle finger)
     3  58 < 24a0000, 5280000> (  586,  1320) (plasma rifle near 2nd finger
                                              fm W)
     1  71 < 4600000,ffa00000> ( 1120,   -96) (rm E of northern niche in
                                               E corridor with dark niches)
     2 110 <fd900000, 1f00000> ( -624,   496) (rm just N of lava maze with
     3 154 <fec00000, 3a00000> ( -320,   928) (computer map in SW corner of
                                               N chamber near exit)
     4 164 < 47a0000, 4510000> ( 1146,  1105) (rm with rocketlauncher N of #1)
     5 184 < 1c80000, 1c00000> (  456,   448) (chaingun in SE niche of toxic
     6 187 <   00000, 3a00000> (    0,   928) (ammo in SE corner of N chamber
                                               near exit)
     1  91 < 4fe0000, 2630000> ( 1278,   611) (rm in NE with SW window where
                                              you can shoot demons)
     2  98 <ffe00000,fd040000> (  -32,  -764) (BFG9000)
     3 124 < 6c00000,fd9c0000> ( 1728,  -612) (radiation suit in NE)
     4 177 <feb80000,fae00000> ( -328, -1312) (secret rm with rockets in W side of
                                               rm S of BFG9000)
     1   1 <faa00000,fc400000> (-1376,  -960) (light amp rm)
     2  97 < 30e0000,  730000> (  782,   115) (chainsaw E of center chamber)
     3 106 <ff200000,ffb60000> ( -224,   -74) (S stony structure in center)
     4 108 <  8a0000, 1200000> (  138,   288) (E stony structure in center)
     5 128 <f7420000, 25d0000> (-2238,   605) (westernmost room with plasma
     6 132 <fdb60000, 1200000> ( -586,   288) (W stony structure in center)
     7 178 < 1e40000, 8e00000> (  484,  2272) (rocket launcher in most northern
     8 204 <ff200000, 28a0000> ( -224,   650) (N stony structure in center)
     9 237 <fad80000, 5a00000> (-1320,  1440) (secret door to NW in W part of
                                               N corridor; leads W to lava
    10 257 <fab40000, 6200000> (-1356,  1568) (radiation suit in NW chamber)
     1  77 < 3e40000, 39c0000> (  996,   924) (energy cell in NW-SE oriented
                                               structure with cages
                                               at entrance)
     2  88 < 3800000, bdc0000> (  896,  3036) (in front of door to level 9)
     3  92 < 1800000, a400000> (  384,  2624) (chainsaw)
     4 121 < 8030000, 19c0000> ( 2051,   412) (plasma rifle on NE end of
                                               small building with 2
     1  80 < 7800000, 5350000> ( 1920,  1333) (BFG9000, in NE)
     2  84 <fb600000,fe680000> (-1184,  -408) (supercharger in pentagram)
     3  98 <fd2c0000,fc940000> ( -724,  -876) (secret rm SE of pentagram rm)
     4 119 <fd800000, 7920000> ( -640,  1938) (plasma rifle & energy cells,
                                               past teleporter in SE)
    E3M8: [none]
     1  23 <fcdc0000, 7600000> ( -804,  1888) (secret rm W in rm just S of
                                               fake exit)

    *10-2-1-2*: Secrets in Detail


    E1M1: HANGAR:

    # Just after the zigzag look right for the oddly colored wall <0xBA389D6, 0xf0e054ec>. Push it for corridor to a open place with a blue armor vest.

    # After you cleaned out the exit room, go back to the zigzag room and look right for the shotgun (the tower with the Imp should be lowered now) <0xd68473b,0xf2510f63>.

    # For DOOM v1.2, a secret area has been added in the above secret room: look in the SE corner <0xdeff476,0xf0effdc2> for the elevator. You'll find some armor bonuses up there. The elevator lowers when you are at the entrance <0xb96c465,0xf4879655> in the north, so you'll have to run fast to get it.


    # The small structure you face when you begin, has a secret door in the SE corner (the lighter wall part) <0x15005a8,0x121e8ad>. Behind the door is a room with a red switch. Pushing that switch will open a secret door in the northern corner of the stairs in the east <0x60ada92,0x3affa0b>. You can get outside and collect a supercharger and a chaingun.

    + Behind the red door you'll see a stair twisting to the right. On the top is an indention to your left <0xf9900144,0x3a49ddd>. If you step on it, it will drop down. You will find enemies to your right, and you will also see (but not be able to get) the chainsaw.

    # A bit ahead you'll see a lift. Push the first panel to your left <0xf9d0052a,0x5aa56a6>. You'll be able to kill those Imps from the ridge.

    # In the southern part of the maze (to get in, pull the switch behind the pillar in the green toxic directly to the right behind the red door <0xfdc004de, 0x446230f>), shoot the middle most western wall (the one behind the green armor vest) <0xf79e0d81,0xfe82feac> for access to the chainsaw (push the switch in NW to lower the pillar so you can get it). In the same hidden area is some extra armor hidden behind the eastern wall in the northeastern corner of the stairs <0xf82fdc62,0x151532f>.

    # In the most eastern part of the maze, push the wall between the white stripes <0x1eff099,0xfc88d4d4d3> for a backpack.


    + The strange grey wall straight ahead beyond the first door you open is a secret drawbridge. The switch for the drawbridge is in one of the chambers described below.

    # In the room in the NW (the one that opens as soon as you push the red button and that contains the yellow key) are TWO secret passages (the second niche on your left <0xf3c7ca46,0xf7dfc822> and the second niche on your right <0xf5ac3fd1,0xfac4d713>), both will open when you're on the stairs but will close again after a (very) short while. Go to the stairs and then run like hell as soon as you hear them lower. It'll help when you shoot the drums that might get in the way.

    # In the northern niche (leading to a rocket launcher and a green armor) is a secret room in the SE corner (just follow the green stuff to the right). Run fast for minimum damage. You'll see a backpack and the switch for the drawbridge at the beginning. To the east is the exit (a lighter colored wall part <0xf6aff87a,0xfbd990b9>) through another secret chamber containing the chaingun.

    # In the south-eastern niche (the second on the right) is a supercharger (pull the switch on back of the pillar).

    # The drawbridge should be lowered now. Cross it, but be careful! There are a lot of Imps lurking behind automaticaly opening doors. My tactic is to select the chain gun, run forward and back up as soon as you hear the doors open. Then take them out at your leisure. Note that you can also shoot some of them via the secret `window' in the SE <0xf9480573,0xf8b2d736>.

    + In the north of the room is a corridor, follow it to find the hidden-level- switch.

    # To the north of the room with the hidden-level-switch is a elevator, push the wall <0xfbe7f1f6,0xfaafee8c> to lower it, so you can get the rocketbox.

    # Behind the blue door in the eastern corner is a secret door (the lighter patch in the SE <0xfd6ffcd8,0xf7a33c3b>). The chainsaw, a supercharger, a blue armor and a partial invisibility is available.


    You start facing a open space with a cage full of Imps in the middle. The following rooms are described relative to that cage.

    + In the northeast is a pentagram on the floor. If you touch it, numerous enemies will warp in. Try walking around it and then running to the corridor. That way you can pick them off one by one.

    + In the eastern room is a lift/trapdoor at the middle of the eastern wall <0x75cf281,0x2fa03b> (the highlighted patch on the floor). To the NE are a green armorvest.

    # Also in the eastern room is a lift/trapdoor in the SW-corner <0x6102f19, 0xff10138d> leading to a indoor lake with the chaingun.

    # The same area is accessible via the lift/trapdoor in the NE-corner <0x3d000fe,fcd013ff> of the southern room.

    # In the northern chamber, push the middle eastern wall <0x3efe3b3,0x479d0cd>. You'll get into a chamber with several high pillars. The pillar at the far side of the room <0x7ad637b,0x423de32> lowers when someone is on the stairs. Just run on it, wait for it to rise, and 'jump' to the other pillars by running fast counter clockwise.

    + To get to the end of level switch, run down the trench. To the NW is a isle with the switch and to the south is the lift upstairs.

    + Although they don't count as secrets in themselves, getting on the five pillars, each with a weapon or bit of ammo on it, in the secret room on the right hand wall of the room with the ooze trench and exit, is one of the more challenging things to do in the game. Basically, the room on the secret level of episode one "Military Base" contains five pillars of increasing height as you go around clockwise, along with a lift which lowers when you are on the entry stairs, allowing access to the first and highest pillar. The key is to go around each pillar in a counter-clockwise direction. Just running and jumping toward a pillar isn't enough, as you will go over it but fall off the far side, and this can only get you to the first and tallest pillar, and the shortest (or maybe the first two on either end if you manage to swipe the item off the top of the second pillar before falling). The key is to shift+forward run at each pillar, take off and jump toward it, and right when you reach it, briefly press the down arrow to move backward. This will stop your running and you will be standing still on the next pillar. If you move back too soon you will hit the pillar and fall to the ground; too late and you run off the far side. It's best to give yourself a running start for each pillar and line yourself up so you will be jumping over the minimum distance possible. Using the automap under a high zoom level can help here. This actually isn't as hard as it may seem to get right. I understand some can do this all in one fell running swoop by turning in mid-routine, but this is a surer way.


    # The light wall to the left in the beginning (before the door) <0x785a47f, 0x45005ef> hides a backpack.

    # The south exit from the round chamber (the one with the radiation suits) leads to a trench. Follow the trench east for the rocket launcher and a supercharger. To get the supercharger, simply stand on the left side of the lift and press the switch. If you are just barely on the lift, you can reach the switch while on the lift. Follow the trench west to get out.


    # The chamber in the middle (behind the first stairs you encounter from the start) has a secret chamber to the south (behind the drums) <0x15a4aa6, 0x1a0025b> with a shotgun.

    # In of the east of this chamber is a toxic lake. In the SE-corner of the toxic is a secret passage (the strangely colored wall) <0x466e20d,0x12009bc>. There is a rocket launcher and a blue armorvest.

    + In the NW behind the yellow keycard door is a chamber with two pillars and an isle with a switch in the green stuff. In the indention in the west <0xf8e024a0,0x34ff9c5> is a secret chamber with the antiradiation suit. The south wall of this chamber hides another room with the chainsaw. The south wall thereof gives away to let you outside and get the supercharger. You can get the blue armor in the NE-corner by stepping on the northern pillar when it's down, waiting until it rises again and then 'jumping' over. Ammo can be found by repeating the same action on the souther pillar.

    # Two platforms with Imps hidden in the walls behind the yellow keycard door act as elevator in DOOM v1.2. The southern one doesn't lead anywhere. The northern one <0xfc2fd5ee,0x4f92783> has a secret wall to the east which leads to a secret room with a partial invisibility and a shortcut to the darkroom (via the north). The pentagram is a teleporter back to the beginning.

    # In the north eastern chamber (the one with the blue floor and the blinking light) has a secret chamber to the SE <0x52fbab5,0x3d001f3> with a backpack, a chaingun and a computer map.

    # In the northern darkroom is a partially hidden chamber to the SW. The best way to get there is to follow the wall left. You'll find the night vision, which is very useful in sniping those baddies in the dark.

    + In the northern darkroom the top of the /\ in the middle wall is also a secret door, but as far as I can see this isn't really useful (maybe for dashing for the exit?)


    + At the first 'crossing' you encounter, look in the NW corner. There is a partially hidden chamber <0xfd4ff0b2,0xfe5ab835> with some ammo, health and a green armor vest. There are also some Imps there, so to be safe, fire a shot into it to detonate the barrels and kill them.

    # Behind the red door in the southwest is a green lake. In the NE-corner is an anti-radiation-suit. In the 'middle' (the tunnel in the SW) is a supercharger. In the SE-corner is a nightvision, a partial invisibility, a blue armor and the exit from the lake.

    # Just before you are by the blue door there is a secret chamber to the south. Before you're at the blue door, there is a tower with Imps <0x31dc6cd,0xfdc354b5>. When you reach the blue door it will lower so you can get in. You will see an anti-radiation-suit. Push the south wall for a backpack, a rocket launcher, a partial invisibility and a back way into the room with the yellow key.

    # In the same area as where the lowering tower is, is a corridor to the north. As soon as you get the yellow key, it will be accessable. The twisting path over the toxic waste will lead to a backpack and a door to the outside. There you will see a supercharger on a pillar <0x1125332,0x6c93ef6>. The pillar will lower as soon as someone goes near it. Step on it and as soon as it has risen, press the wall to the west to get inside the complex again.

    + In the room immediately before the ending room, there is a radiation suit available behind one of the pillars.

    # In the most eastern corridor is a strangely colored wall <0xd2ffa4f, 0xf9fc115f>. Push it to get the computer map.


    # In the southwest is a big pillar <0xfe5cda63,0xf7ff97d9> that will descend when you are on the stairs east of it. Stand on top of it, wait until is has risen sufficiently and jump on the ledge in the NE <0xffdfe6c0, 0xf9237c97> for the computer map or the south lake in the NE corner <0xff1e2866,0xf72ffeb0> for the chaingun and (when you leave via the secret door to the east) a backpack. Jump in the lake in the north and run fastly to the tunnel in the NW <0xfdf75b77f,0xfa229120>. In the west of that tunnel is a radiation-suit and in the east behind the door with the light are some goodies and a switch. Throwing the switch will allow you to get to the chainsaw later on in the room in the extreme SW <0xfacc64c4,0xf5a40aa1>. Leave the tunnel via the north and look behind the pillar <0xfea017a9, 0xfacffbc5> in that lake for blue armor. Follow the acid to the north to the supercharger <0xfdb37a3a,0xffa1e2e2> and leave via the east.

    # After you get the blue key in the northwest, two hidden areas will open to free Imps and former humans. The secret room in the middle of the map <0x1319742,0xfa50049c> has a false wall to the east which leads to outside so you can get a partial invisibility.


    # The only secret room <0x1cfdaa6,0x17bdce1> is in the east in the corridor leading to the first door and contains a supercharger.

    + Note that there is a map in the east of your starting point.



    # The SE-corner <0x63aba49,0xfdd82d07> of big room in middle (the one with the windows to the east, the south and the west) turns into a teleporter to the plasma-gun after you pull the switch <0x4e7f923,0xfee0883b> on the outer west side and push the button on the west side of the little wall that rises out of the floor (the east switch opens the passage to the red key).

    # In the SW is a indention <0x31cb145,0xfb50105e> with two skull-switches. Press the eastern skull-switch first for access to a teleporter to a corridor filled with bonuses in the north.

    # Behind the red door <0x186bb69,0xfd97f0a8> is a blue mega armor and the computer map.


    # If you walk along the south border of the storage area (the one with all those boxes), you'll bump into a box <0xff9751f6,0xb101ab0> which will lower if you are north of it, to reveal some shotgun ammo.

    # In the south east quadrant are three circles with parts of the floor going up and down. The northern one has a secret corridor <0x82ff4df,0x22fd506> in the north leading to the blue door in the north, filled with life-bonuses.

    # In the SW area (with three corridors with the blue lights on the ground and ceiling) is a partially hidden corridor <0xff85ce0a,0x6b92713> in the NW corner of the most western corridor. When you try to get the backpack, the wall behind you will close and the wall in front of you will lower, revealing some Imps. The door behind you will open after a while. The SE corner <0x2afe532,0x7011ab87> (the black-colored wall) is the secret door to a small chamber. The SE corner <0x3682291,0x6ebaa52> of that small chamber (the wall with the small green light) hides a corridor <0x4afeea4,9x667fa8e> back to non-hidden territory (the lightly colored wall). The most south part of the corridor <0x414d0b4,0x5d0039e> (the black wall part) gives away to a computermap.

    # In the south middle quadrant is a room <0x1baafb3,0x1d7344b> with two pillars, one khaki, one with tubes (to get there leave the three corridors with the blue lights via the way you came in. Turn right and first left. The room on your left [east] is the one you seek). The west (khaki) pillar <0x31dc5c4,0x2901565> has a switch on the north side, with which you can lower the eastern pillar to get the plasma gun.

    # In the south middle quadrant is a corridor with skull crushing doors. To get by them, run forward as soon as they start to go up. Take them one at a time. The middle one <0x3f4c349,0xff1006b4> (third one from either side) has a secret passage in the north ridge, leading to the chainsaw. When you get it lost souls will try to get you from hidden rooms in the south and east.

    + The room <0x6ec4d6b,0x3a0ad08> with the yellow keycard in the south middle has a bridge hidden under the red blood, following blue lights on the ceiling, just walk forward and back again fast to make them rise.

    # The western room behind the yellow door <0x456db4c,0xdc9ca53> contains the chaingun, just flip the switch!

    # In the eastern room <0x852f5ab,0xdadd4d9> behind the yellow door you'll see three rooms to your right and three auto-rising pillars to the north. You can get the backpack on the middle pillar by running over the pillar when it starts to rise or later on. The switch on the eastern pillar <0x95f38f8, 0x11901ab9> opens the middle door containing the rocket launcher. Flip the switch on the middle pillar <0x85ba244,0x11900694> for the south chamber (with ammo) and the one on the west pillar <0x75fa7ef,0x11900ad> for the north chamber (containing a rocketbox). It's best to pull all switches after each other. Note that the pillars lower as soon as you enter one of the rooms, so you can't open any doors after that! (but you can get the backpack).

    # To get the last secret go into the room with the blue keycard, <0x9e4f2bb,0x5affb22> and look up at the four corners. Note that the extreme southeast corner is lit up unlike the other corners. Go and stand in this corner and face along the wall. The platform with the supercharge on it will lower <0x9e41c9a, 0x5eff45c>. Run across and get it before it rises again. It will only go down once, so you only get one chance at it. This is one of the harder secrets in all of DOOM to find and get to.


    # In the most SW corner of the map is a corridor <0xfba6989a,0xfed0450f> to the room with the blue key containing the plasma gun. To get the plasma gun, jump in the red blood and run north (right) fast.

    # In the middle south is a room with a five-sided green lake. The wall <0x2847ab9,0xfe90013e> to the south east (the part with between the light lines) offers a shortcut.

    # The next secret on this level is similar to and next to the one above. You can get out of the room with the green lake <0x25ff9c6, 0xfe9f8db4> via a one way secret door on the wall in front of the main entry way, which leads back to the room with the imp cage. The other secret door above refers to a one way door into this room which is on the wall across from where the rising and falling platforms with candles on them are.

    # In the south east is a partially hidden cage with Imps <0x1de36ff,0x10156d>. You can enter via the NW corner <0x2effa57,0x951b16> to get the backpack.

    # Follow the corridor behind the blue door through the open area and the room with all those pillars and blinking light to the green toxic stuff. If you go around the corner <0x52fff7d,0x313783c> in the SE, you will find a radiation suit. In the middle of the eastern wall <0x6729d81,0x42cd91e> of the green stuff is a corridor to a room with the supercharger in the NE corner <0x85000da,0x3eac965>.


    # In the middle of the south wall <0xfd743e02,0xf5510517> of the beginning room (directly opposite to the TL's to the north), hides a room with the shotgun.

    # Take the teleporter to big room. In the north is a elevator. Press the head left of it to go up. You'll see a green armor and a computermap. To get them push the little red pillar <0xadc846c,0xfebfff01> with the skull on it in the NE corner.

    # To the north of the big O formed by green toxic waste is a secret door <0x59bf44d,0xfb6fe831>. It opens if you have walked via the corridor <0x75b231a,0xf6c3a683> in the SE of the big O. There is a supercharger and radiation suit. (Don't forget the partial invisibility south to the entrance)

    # To the west of the big O with green toxic waste is a corridor with a T to the north <0x213d209,0xf9a64b57>. To the east of that corridor is a secret wall <0x27fad41,0xfab20726> with a partial invisibility and a chaingun. Shoot the wall to get them.

    # In the great round corridor in north, behind the blue door: In the east is a `dent' <0x4ed2810,0xff5f15c1> in the ring. This is a trapdoor with a secret door to the east and leads to a plasma gun and a teleport to the middle of the great round corridor.

    # In the great round corridor in the north: follow NE corridor to a room with lava.
    - The small door <0x62ffe68,0x3b6bde> in the SW leads to a small green lake. The SW corner has a blue armorvest behind some drums.
    - In NE corner <0x815a37c,0x2c8c810> behind the lava is a secret door. Warning! the SE branch of the corridor behind it leads to a crushing ceiling.
    Outrun it and push the green patch <0xa6ffd1d,0x64560a> in the east for the exit. The SW branch lets you go back to the lavaroom.

    # In the room above, just over the edge of the wall, is a small ledge with some medikits <0x6ff9294,0x22b3e1f> on them which normally aren't visible from the room and can be missed when running over the lava to the secret door.

    # In the south middle behind the place where you find the blue keycard, is a small twisty path <0x3550d3b,0xf5c84264> high above the acid. In the SW part of the toxic <0x35019f4,0xf510358a> is a berserker.

    # After you open the door to the exit, look back and get the supercharger <0x7e9bcac,0xf5497b99>.

    + Note: for those of you still searching for that damn switch so you can get to the exit: go in the lake and then towards the exit. The switch is on the right wall of the teleporter left of the exitdoor.


    # The room where the first door leads to has two secret rooms in the space between the room and the stairs. The doors <0xfb80ba93,0x7dbd7cc> <0xf8373cba,0x7e031f5> are facing the south and will open automatically to reveal Imps and ammo.

    + The ridges <0xfca60096,0x3febfc5> <0xf71000d0,0x3e622b8> of the green lakes of the big room south of the begin both lead back to normal territory.

    # In the SW is a roughly (--) shaped room. In the room NW of the middle of this (--) is a switch <0xf3efdd28,0x1367f57> which activates a stair so you can walk through the fake fire <0xf29412f7,0x18d236d> in the NW corner. The teleporter there takes you to an area infested with lost souls. The west wall <0xf4690f4,0x496136d> with the head leads to another room with transporter. That transporter takes you to the switch <0xfe9fb836,0x92ff44b> for the secret level.

    # In the room east to the room in the south middle with the room to the N,E, and W and a view to the circular stairway in the south, is a secret door <0xfbaff1cb,0xae3ad8> in the NE corner (near the cozy head-fire) hiding the chainsaw.

    # In the center of the circular stairway is a anti-radiation suit guarded by a demon. The door <0xf94949db,0xfe6d93d0> to it will open as soon as you are at the top of the stairs <0xfa165eed,0xfdd56896>.

    # The south door directly after the circular stairway leads to two corridors. The eastbound corridor is the way to the exit, the westbound leads to C formed green lake in the west. In the north of that lake is a door <0xf1a21e52,0xfe94f08f> (behind the ammo clip). Follow it to a baron of hell in a cage. North of that you will see a long corridor with three doors to the east. The northern and southern doors lead to a ledge around the lake to the east. The middle door <0xf27dc571,0x826c8a6> (the wall part with the pentagram over the ugly head) leads to the isle <0xf5420514,0x823f2c1> in the middle of the lake, where you'll find a plasma gun. To activate the bridge to the isle, you have to push the button <0xf2aff9f7,0xfd1cd93e> in the room in the center of the C-formed lake you passed while coming here. BTW: If you fall in the lake, the transporter <0xf42dc0b0,0x7500bcf> in the indention in the SW brings you back to the beginning.

    # In the slime lake mentioned above, not only is there a teleporter, but there is also another niche with a cell pack in it <0xf29859a4,0x8bf7c8b>.


    There are no secrets in this level.


    + In the SE where you find the blue keycard, two rooms with demons will open automatically. The SW one has a chainsaw behind the brown wall <0x6362f60, 0xff151336>.

    + Three parts of the mazes are secret. All the secrets are off the area at the north of the level after going down the long narrow passage to the junction.

    # The area to the east with the fake exit counts as a secret.

    # The area to the north with the goodies on the table counts as a secret.

    # The area to the west past the crushing ceiling counts as a secret.


    # In the NW is a corridor with ribbles. The third indention is a corridor leading to a very dark open patch. In the NE <0x126cccd,0x772feab> is a switch which opens a room with a chainsaw. In the SW <0x32fff5,0x3de1cbe> is the plasma gun.

    # In the SW is a room with a radiation shield and small patches of green acid in indentions along the walls. The SW indention <0x137b2c8,0xff25986d> has a corridor to the south leading to a chamber with a rocket launcher and a teleporter. The teleporter will get you to a red door, with a switch <0xffe013c6,0xfd1015b7> behind it. Pushing that switch will open an oute door to a secret room in the beginning-room <0x5d894b7,0x76751d7> (SE corner) with a supercharger. Because this room is protected by two doors, a second switch must be flipped to open the second door.

    + To open the inner door, flip the switch that is past the blue keycard door, up the stairs, and to the left in the room with the acid pool <0x4205835,0x2d00641>.


    There are no secrets on this level.



    # The small grey chamber before the exit has a secret room <0xfc900da5, 0x7606912> in west containing the rocketlauncher.


    # To get a chaingun, follow the wall to your right (west) to the chaingun behind the wall. The wall will lower when you walk over the red patch <0x6b010ab,0x75220b7> to its west side.

    + The second `finger' from the east has some cages with former sergeants. To get into those cages, walk over the red triangle <0x3fa278b,0x817fa0c>. The floors of the cages lowers and a wall behind you will come down. To lower the triangle column (actually it rises) you want to shoot the back wall of one of the six cages the sergeants were in. Shooting it raises the pillar exposing the red triangle, walking over which lowers the sergeant platforms allowing you to get the stuff in each one.

    # In the large circular room at the end of the middle finger is a supercharge.

    # The plasma gun is hidden in the western part <0x2072324,0x4ecdc0e> of the pillar you see when you stand with your back to the second `finger' from the west.


    + In the starting room, a megaarmor can be obtained on a ledge overlooking the yard in front of where you start. When you go up the stairs to the right, and then down the elevator to the area which has stairs going down to where the blue key is, there is actually a second elevator in the wall which leads up to the ledge with the armor. This second elevator <0x48189c,0xfe5f9916> can only be used once, and you must move back slightly after pressing the button or else the elevator will catch half way up under an overhang. The armor's ledge does damage so grab it quickly.

    + Directly north of the beginning is a great open place with 4 pillars. Pressing the switch <0xfea95756,0xaff327> in the north will lower the middle pillar <0xfe921ce9,0xfef4c1db>, so you can get the shotgun.

    + To get to the rooms with the windows to the room in the beginning, go north and take both the east and the west stairs, and then south.

    # A little north of the middle is a round green lake <0x120905e,0x1754b6d> with a lavalike ceiling. In an indention <0x1c9c5cd,0x1c492ee> in the east is the chaingun.

    # In the SW is a corridor with two platforms (one in the north and in the south). There is a small corridor in the south. When you follow it, you'll come to a T-split. In the west (right) is an invulnerability, useful for running over the lava in the east. Take the turn left (east). You should be on the southern platform of the corridor. In the south of that platform you can see a lava/blood maze <0xfd9760e5,0x1de4aec>. In that maze you'll find the BFG9000 <0xff1ebaad,0xdeec44> in the SE corner and a supercharger <0xfe3afdf3,0x2101114> in the NW corner. You can also get to the lava maze by going directly north from the beginning, then taking the west stairs, then following the path north.

    # One of the most northern chambers (the one just before the blue door leading to the exit) has two air shafts flanking a formation you could describe as a coach facing north. When you stand on the coach <0xff6e17cb,0x532520e> the wall part west of the stairs south will lower allowing you to get the map. The wall part <0xfffcfa97,0x41c62aa> east of the stairs will lower when you push it.

    # The last two secrets are in the area to the east of the level, off the east hall and over the stairs guarded by lost souls. Just entering the room around beyond it with the lava and Cacodemon counts as one secret. Getting to the area past that with the berserk pack and armor counts as another. E3M4: HOUSE OF PAIN:

    + The first room to the west from the beginning has a secret room <0xfebbbdcd, 0xc4c579> in the SE corner containing the shotgun.

    # In the SW (a bit behind the blue door) is a room with a doors to the east (the entrance), to the north (where you find the BFG9000 <0xffdaa1b0, 0xfd07e1fa> in some lava), to the west (where a lot of Imps and a baron of hell await you) and to the south. The south chamber has a secret room <0xff49f58f,0xfae5873e> to the west filled with rockets.

    # In the south middle east of the blue door is a room with a door to the north and a small patch of blue lake on the east side. Press the wall <0x3ddce70, 0xf9d91cc3> a bit more north of that patch of blue for a green armorvest.

    + In the middle is a room with two pillars with switches on all sides. Here is a rude ascii-chart of the scene to facilitate solving this. [#] is a door opened by switch # [Y] is the yellow keycard door [R] is the red keycard door Behind door 2: an invulnerability Behind door 3: the yellow key Behind door Y: the red key

                      +--+       |   |
                      |  +-------+   +--+
        +-------------+  +      [7] [Y] |
        |            [3] |    ---+---+--+  rest of the level...
        |     --------+--+      [6] [7] |   .
        |            [2] |     +-+[R]+--+   |
        |     --------+--+     | |          |
        |       0         4    | |          |
        |     3 [] 1    7 [] 5 | ++ +-+ +-+ +
        |       2         6    |  +-+ +-+ +-+ <----- secret wall, press it
        .                                 +-+        for a radiation suit

    # As drawn above, there is a secret wall <0x6cffeee,0xfdd03be8> in the south of the most eastern indention. It contains a radiation suit.

    # The final secret for this level is located to the left of the starting room, past the Cacodemon cages and behind the wall. Using the teleporter across the lava to enter the room counts as a secret.


    # Take the most western entrance to the cathedral. Push the west wall <0xfc4e8e97,0xfc5dfd80> and get the lightamplifier <0xfad56408,0xfc1fa3ee> in the SW corner.

    # The most NW chamber (the one with the lava floor) has secret door <0xfa4ed057,0x61933f5> to the east with a radiation suit. The transporter in the room leads to the middle of the map/cathedral.

    # The east wall <0x2d56f0d,0x9b29c1> of the big central room of the cathedral (the one with the four 2x2-teleporters) hides a small niche with a supercharger and a chainsaw. The yellow key is required to open this door.

    # Also the four stony structures to all sides of the middle warp-in are hollow. The doors will automatically open each time you warp in to the middle from another place (from outside to inside).

    # In the cathedral are four 2x2-teleport-places. The northern two are connected to the north by a corridor. That corridor has a secret passage <0xfd48642a,0x56afd0c> in the NW.

    # The most northern room has three switches and a teleport with crushing ceilings. The SE-switch opens the secret doors in the corridors to the east and west, enabling you to get the rocket launcher and some rockets. The NE-switch lowers the blue key in the NW-corner. The NW-switch lowers the chaingun in the NE-corner. The teleporter in the SW teleports you to the NE corner of the cathedral.

    # The most eastern room (east of the exit) has a small pit, from where many enemies will warp in. To the east of that room, behind the skull <0x787fd10, 0x2eaf2e4>, is the BFG9000.

    + For those of you wondering just which damn transporter you have to take to get out the middle of the cathedral: it's the most southwestern of the northwestern patch of transporters.

    E3M6: MT. EREBUS:

    + In the east is a cubus-formed building on a hexagon isle. The east alcove <0xd1027ea,0xfe2234b7> is the way in. In the NW corner <0xb9d75d8, 0xfeb0d1db> is the backpack. Pushing the skull <0xbd80026,0xfe22bffe> on the west wall lowers the wall in the SE, releasing the enemies trapped there. Pushing the skull <0xc5fdf50,0xfe67fb05> on the north wall lowers the wall in the NE, so you can get the radiation suit there.

    # In the north is a NW-SE oriented structure with two cages with Imps at both sides of the entrance. That structure has a secret door inside in the middle of the NE wall <0x3a60e7c,0x356d9b4> (at the small light on the floor) and a teleporter in the middle of the SW wall <0x281e808,0x22e23de>. The teleporter will put you on a high structure further north. From there you can 'jump' west and get the chainsaw. You can get out via the transporter in the SE side <0x34a6f68,0x9bd1900> of the structure you warped on.

    # East of the above described NW-SE oriented structure is a small _|_ formed building on a small hill. The building contains two teleporters. The eastern warps you on the NE ridge of the hill, where you can get the plasma gun <0x7e352bd,0x1c1c059>. The western transporter also warps you to a ridge (NW) of the hill, but there are only some shotgun shells there.

    + The small blue building <0x941bec7,0x293e0bb> in the NE contains a radiation suit and cacodemons.

    + All compact flaming red structures contain enemies and a few soul spheres or a radiation suit. Sometimes one of the walls goes down, spilling the enemies.

    # See Chapter [10-1-3] for information on getting to the secret level. This counts as a secret as well.

    # The fourth and final secret passage area on this level is inside the same building room with the secret teleporter leading to the blue box ledge. On the opposite wall is another hidden wall opening <0x3aa61a5,0x365963f> which contains a cell pack.

    + The exit is in the middle west: follow the south wall over the lava, you'll see a tunnel <0xfb186e6b,0x54a49e> going north to the blue door, and further the exit beyond.


    # Beyond the northern blue door is a maze of small lava tunnels. In the SE corner <0x7a37332,0x5bec063> of this maze is the BFG9000 and a transporter to the SW quadrant of the map. In the NW is a transporter <0xff7323ef, 0x824218c> warping to the SW quadrant, the red key <0xfe3f638e,0x6fd04ca> and a red door.

    + There are several pillars in the various lava-lakes with red doors, all containing transporters:
    (0) In the most SW lake is in the north a pillar <0xf9e908db,0xfc8d60ac>. It warps you to a room where you can see the yellow door. In the same room is also a switch <0xfcaffa88,0x45f8a18> on the east wall, pushing it activates a bridge in room (1).
    (1) In the middle (big) lake is also a pillar <9c3b9d,362e08> with a transporter. It warps you to the room west of the above room. In this room is also a yellow door, in it is a switch that activates the bridge to the pillar in the middle of a lake.
    - In the most northern lake are two pillars (east/west). The western pillar - SE: 31ff6e7,faea6d2e> NE of tower, with plasma gun.
    - In the NW lake is in the north a pillar <0xfe1aff7a,0x4093707> containing a transporter. It warps you to the yellow door.

    E3M8: DIS

    + Not a real secret room, but in case you are wondering: the room in the middle contains a plasma gun and a blue armorvest.


    + This level is very similar to E3M1, but is much more difficult.

    # Just like in Hell Keep, there is a rocket launcher just in the west of the small grey chamber <0xfd20a96c,0x76057af> in the NW. This rocket launcher is not available on Ultra-Violence mode and above.

    + Note that many of the hidden rooms full of enemies (the rooms that open when you go over the transporter-lookalike in the NW) contain weapons and other goodies. Most beneficial of those is the BFG9000 in the SW corner of the lake (west behind the entrance).

    *10-2-2*: DOOM II Secrets

    *10-2-2-1*: Secret Master List

    SECRET        IDMYPOS         DECIMAL
    ======== ================   ===========
    Level 1: Entryway
     1  41 < 8b00000,13700000> ( 2224,  4976)
     2   8 < 67c0000, bd80000> ( 1660,  3032)
     3  17 < 9b80000, a0c0000> ( 2488,  2572)
     4  57 < 9a10000, f800000> ( 2465,  3968)
     5  28 < b4e0000, ba60000> ( 2894,  2982)
    Level 2: Underhalls
     1  20 < a4c0000, 87b0000> ( 2636,  2171)
    Level 3: The Gantlet
     1   5 < da00000, ac90000> ( 3488,  2761)
    Level 4: The Focus
     1  15 < dca0000, 4890000> ( -566,  1161)
     2  14 < e020000, 34b0000> ( -510,   843)
     3  43 < f9f0000, 6250000> (  -97,  1573)
    Level 5: The Waste Tunnels
     1 139 < 6840000, 1c00000> ( 1668,   448)
     2   3 < 3510000, 1ad0000> (  849,   429)
     3  52 < 1800000,fa440000> (  384, -1468)
    Level 6: The Crusher
     1  98 < 4200000, 2600000> ( 1056,   608)
     2 124 < 24e0000, 1130000> (  590,   275)
     3 146 < f420000, 7520000> ( -190,  1874)
    Level 7: Dead Simple
     1   1 < da00000,ff600000> ( -608,  -160)
    Level 8: Tricks and Traps
     1   6 < f200000, 74c0000> ( 3872,  1868)
     2 125 < f200000, ae40000> ( 3872,  2788)
     3  12 < 0550000, 9200000> ( 4181,  2336)
     4   9 < 02c0000, a290000> ( 4140,  2601)
     5  57 < 2f40000, 9500000> (  756,  2384)
     6 100 < bc00000,10320000> ( 3008,  4146)
     7  98 < ea40000,11400000> ( 3748,  4416)
    Level 9: The Pit
     1 109 < c600000, 2600000> ( -928,   608)
     2 118 < d070000, 3050000> ( -761,   773)
     3  16 < 5c00000, 6db0000> ( 1472,  1755)
     4  17 < 5ac0000, 6c00000> ( 1452,  1728)
     5  22 < 5840000, 6ec0000> ( 1412,  1772)
     6  43 < 2d50000, c950000> (  725,  3221)
    Level 10: Refueling Base
     1 114 < da20000, 2480000> ( -606,   584)
     2 111 < da00000, 1380000> ( -608,   312)
     3 112 < f200000, 2800000> ( -224,   640)
     4 116 < c260000, 2800000> ( -986,   640)
     5   5 < 5c00000, 8c40000> ( 1472,  2244)
     6  12 < 3c60000, 7000000> (  966,  1792)
     7  26 < 80a0000, 5c00000> ( 2058,  1472)
     8 180 < 8b00000,f9600000> (-1872, -1696)
     9  34 < 57a0000, 5400000> ( 1402,  1344)
    10  49 < 37d0000, 4d50000> (  893,  1237)
    11  80 < 6400000, 3480000> ( 1600,   840)
    12  74 < 7a50000,fbbd0000> ( 1957, -1091)
    13  71 < 6840000,fc000000> ( 1668, -1024)
    14 101 <  600000,fffb0000> (   96,    -5)
    15  59 <  1c0000,fcc00000> (   28,  -832)
    16 120 < 8e00000, 4f00000> (-1824,  1264)
    17 121 < 8e00000, 4e00000> (-1824,  1248)
    18 122 < 8e00000, 4e00000> (-1824,  1248)
    Level 11: 'O' of Destruction!
     1  28 < 6600000, 3240000> ( 1632,   804)
     2  75 < 67e0000, 71f0000> ( 1662,  1823)
     3 114 < f480000, 9fc0000> ( -184,  2556)
    Level 12: The Factory
     1  26 < d950000, 3000000> ( -619,   768)
     2  85 < 3040000, 2c00000> (  772,   704)
     3 155 < ef80000,fc730000> ( -264,  -909)
     4 122 < fa00000, 1200000> (  -96,   288)
    Level 13: Downtown
     1   3 < 5000000,f68b0000> ( 1280, -2421)
     2  74 < cb00000,f2de0000> ( -848, -3362)
     3  11 < 2e00000,f3d00000> (  736, -3120)
     4 108 < d200000,f7680000> ( -736, -2200)
     5 128 < fb80000,f7780000> (  -72, -2184)
     6 166 < 2400000,  d20000> (  576,   210)
     7 213 < f400000,   40000> ( -192,     4)
     8 223 < fc20000,fc6f0000> (  -62,  -913)
    Level 14: The Inmost Dens
    Level 15: Industrial Zone
     1 290 < 11c0000,  600000> (  284,    96)
     2 276 < d880000,ff500000> ( -632,  -176)
     3 104 < 4c80000,fc800000> ( 1224,  -896)
     4  53 < b000000,f5800000> ( 2816, -2688)
     5  70 < 8100000,f3c80000> ( 2064, -3128)
     6  71 < 8100000,f3880000> ( 2064, -3192)
     7  47 < 7c30000,f5360000> ( 1987, -2762)
     8  21 < 5440000,f1040000> ( 1348, -3836)
     9 147 <  380000,f1e00000> (   56, -3616)
    10 216 < c970000,f5770000> ( -873, -2697)
    11 195 < ce00000,f0340000> ( -800, -4044)
    Level 16: Suburbs
     1  41 < 1c00000,fd180000> (  448,  -744)
     2  33 < 1b80000,fe580000> (  440,  -424)
     3  13 < 6c90000,  800000> ( 1737,   128)
     4   7 < 5310000,fff80000> ( 1329,    -8)
    Level 17: Tenements
     1  48 < d400000,f5200000> ( -704, -2784)
     2  89 < a900000,fd380000> (-1392,  -712)
     3 150 < b040000,f94c0000> (-1276, -1716)
    Level 18: The Courtyard
     1  17 < 7f40000, 3f60000> (-2060,  1014)
     2  36 < a050000,ff050000> (-1531,  -251)
     3  76 < a300000, 4300000> ( 2608,  1072)
     4  74 < 8b00000,  940000> ( 2224,   148)
    Level 19: The Citadel
     1  43 < dc20000,ffe20000> ( -574,   -30)
     2  97 < d860000, 1a00000> ( -634,   416)
     3  95 < c360000, 1e60000> ( -970,   486)
     4 100 < a350000, 5a90000> (-1483,  1449)
     5  85 < 9270000, 73c0000> (-1753,  1852)
     6  33 < 6430000, 5300000> ( 1603,  1328)
     7 126 < db70000,fc640000> ( -585,  -924)
     8  38 < f200000,ffad0000> ( -224,   -83)
     9  52 < 5400000, 1910000> ( 1344,   401)
    Level 20: Gotcha!
     1  56 < 8360000,ee3e0000> ( 2102, -4546)
     2   4 < ece0000,f5ff0000> ( 3790, -2561)
     3 101 < 5200000,fbf00000> ( 1312, -1040)
     4 127 < 2600000,ff180000> (  608,  -232)
     5 132 < 2210000,ff1c0000> (  545,  -228)
     6 128 < 29e0000,ff1c0000> (  670,  -228)
     7  59 < 6730000,f1270000> ( 1651, -3801)
    Level 21: Nirvana
    Level 22: The Catacombs
     1  85 < d200000,  f50000> ( -736,   245)
     2 125 < d300000,ff000000> ( -720,  -256)
     3  14 < 3340000, 3a00000> (  820,   928)
    Level 23: Barrels O' Fun
     1  61 <  600000, a700000> (   96,  2672)
     2  11 < 81c0000, b780000> ( 2076,  2936)
    Level 24: The Chasm
     1  98 < f000000,f8540000> ( -256, -1964)
     2 116 < 1000000,f6870000> (  256, -2425)
     3  62 < 5400000,fec00000> (-2752,  -320)
     4 123 < da00000,f1d00000> ( -608, -3632)
    Level 25: Bloodfalls
    Level 26: The Abandoned Mines
     1  29 <  e00000,ffb80000> (  224,   -72)
     2  34 < 16c0000,  200000> (  364,    32)
     3  98 < 8380000, 3a00000> (-1992,   928)
     4 121 < b6c0000, 4e00000> (-1172,  1248)
    Level 27: Monster Condo
     1  10 < b5c0000,fea50000> (-1188,  -347)
     2 177 < 5f60000,fdad0000> ( 1526,  -595)
     3 171 < 6400000,fbe00000> ( 1600, -1056)
     4  92 < 12d0000, 2f60000> (  301,   758)
     5  93 < 1200000, 4e00000> (  288,  1248)
     6  45 < 95d0000, 5000000> (-1699,  1280)
     7 129 < 7bd0000,fc400000> (-2115,  -960)
     8 157 < 4e00000,f7600000> ( 1248, -2208)
    Level 28: The Spirit World
     1  54 < 3e00000,f1a00000> (  992, -3680)
     2  55 < 5b00000,f1a00000> ( 1456, -3680)
     3  17 < dc80000,f3c00000> ( -568, -3136)
     4   3 < ea80000,f5a00000> ( -344, -2656)
     5  88 < 4240000,ff440000> ( 1060,  -188)
     6  92 < 6440000,  840000> ( 1604,   132)
     7  93 < 6440000, 3dc0000> ( 1604,   988)
    Level 29: The Living End
    Level 30: Icon of Sin
    The only secret here is how to complete the level. At the south end of the final room is a switch which raises the platform in the lava to the north (with the box of rockets). Hit the switch and wait for the platform to go up. Then go to the platform, hit space to lower it, and get on. Just before it gets to the top, shoot a rocket into the exposed brain of the demon. Then jump down and lower the platform again. This takes about three tries. Level 31: Wolfenstein
    Level 32: Grosse

    *10-2-2-2*: Secrets in Detail

    All the official secret areas in the game are numbered and listed below, along with the sector number, IDMYPOS coordinates, and decimal coordinates. "Official" secrets are those which are counted towards the "Secrets" total on the end level screen. Some non-secret areas which are hard to find are also listed, but are not numbered.

    Level 1: Entryway

     1  41 < 8b00000,13700000> ( 2224,  4976)
    In the northernmost room, you see two switches; a near one on your right, and a far one on your left. The one on the right opens a small area to the northeast with some armor and health. Hit the right switch before the left one, since the left one makes the right one go away. (Although if you stand in the right place and hit the space bar, you can still open the secret door, even if the switch is gone.)
     2   8 < 67c0000, bd80000> ( 1660,  3032)
     3  17 < 9b80000, a0c0000> ( 2488,  2572)
     4  57 < 9a10000, f800000> ( 2465,  3968)
    In the center room (just south of the exit), there is a lift to the west. Go up the lift and hit space on the wall to the west, revealing a few imps and a switch (#2) which opens a door leading outside in the southeast corner of the center room. Outside (#3) are some imps and a shotgun. Once you hit the switch at the top of the lift, jump down onto the platform just east of the lift. This will open a room with a rocket launcher to the north and east (#4).
     5  28 < b4e0000, ba60000> ( 2894,  2982)
    A room with two imps and a stimpack, behind a hidden door on the south side of the east wall of the center room.

    Level 2: Underhalls

     1  20 < a4c0000, 87b0000> ( 2636,  2171)
    Just southwest of the red keycard (at the top of the steps) lies a room with blue armor. There is also a teleporter back to the beginning.

    Level 3: The Gantlet

     1   5 < da00000, ac90000> ( 3488,  2761)
    In the main room, south of the two sets of stairs and the rocket launcher, is a small outcropping with a ledge. You can make it over the ledge if you run southeast at the right angle from the raised area west of the stairs. Try standing at Level 4: The Focus
     1  15 <dca0000, 4890000> ( -566,  1161)
    The hallway south of the starting point leads to a staircase, then curves east to a door. On the left side of the corridor are some windows into rooms containing armor and lots of sargeants. Near the east end of the corridor, there is a hidden door on the north wall, just to the right of the window, which lets you into the south windowed room (#1), and from there to the north windowed room.
     2  14 <e020000, 34b0000> ( -510,   843)
    On the way to the blue key is a room with a lava pool in the northwest. Jump in the pool; there is a secret door to the north, leading to a room (#2) containing a double-barreled shotgun.
     3  43 <f9f0000, 6250000> (  -97,  1573)
    Once you get the red key, walk east off the platform. There is a teleporter there, which takes you to the area just south of the staircase mentioned above.

    Level 5: The Waste Tunnels

     1 139 < 6840000, 1c00000> ( 1668,   448)
    Just behind the supercharger in the north area of the map (not the one at the start) is a small room with a beserker.
     2   3 < 3510000, 1ad0000> (  849,   429)
    Starting in the room with the blue key (the one with red doors at the west and east ends), walk north through the window and press space on the north wall. Then run north until you're in the room with the plasma gun.
     3  52 < 1800000,fa440000> (  384, -1468)
    On either side of the exit are doors to a room containing some ammo. Jump down from one of the ledges on the west or east sides of the room.

    Level 6: The Crusher

     1  98 < 4200000, 2600000> ( 1056,   608)
    Of the two southernmost pillars in the room just west of the starting point, the eastern one contains a secret. Hit space on its north or east wall to lower it, revealing a megasphere.
     2 124 < 24e0000, 1130000> (  590,   275)
    The poison river in the room with the blue keycard leads southeast to a room with a teleporter, which takes you to the staircase just east of the plasma rifle.
     3 146 <f420000, 7520000> ( -190,  1874)
    In the northwest corner of the room with the spiral staircase is a little outcropping with a few chaingun sargeants. You can jump into it from higher up on the staircase. (Don't try jumping straight west; you need to jump a little bit north, too. Try running straight ahead from <698256,70dce25> at angle <6d480000>.) In the middle of its west wall is a door leading to a secret room with lots of cool stuff, including a megasphere.

    Also: the blue door north of the starting room leads to a lift. After lowering the lift, you will see a little room to the south of the lift with some armor.

    Level 7: Dead Simple

     1   1 <da00000,ff600000> ( -608,  -160)
    The platform around the end-level switch in the center. Kinda hard to avoid, unless you're playing deathmatch, in which case there is another end-level switch (along with a BFG9000) in the northwest corner of the map. There is no way into that room from the outside, so you can't enter it in single player. There is a deathmatch start in there, however, and you can open the door from the inside.

    Level 8: Tricks and Traps

     1   6 < f200000, 74c0000> ( 3872,  1868)
     2 125 < f200000, ae40000> ( 3872,  2788)
     3  12 <0550000, 9200000> ( 4181,  2336)
     4   9 <02c0000, a290000> ( 4140,  2601)
    Through the door east of the starting point is a room with three teleporters; two obvious ones to the left and right, and a third one in the center which you can get to by shooting the lion. All three take you to a small octagonal room with a pillar in the center. The left, right, and center teleporters take you to the north, south, and east ends of the room, respectively. Shoot the north and south sides of the pillar to open up secret doors behind the teleport exits, revealing some ammo (#1), and a chaingun (#2); unfortunately, it also reveals some pain elementals, so you can decide for yourself if it's worth the trouble. From the east end of the room (which is secret #3), if you jump west over the slime to the center of the room, a door will open up in the northeast corner of the room. Actually, hitting space on the door will have the same effect. This door (#4) leads to two radiation suits, ammo, partial invisibility, and a teleporter back to the octagonal room.
     5  57 < 2f40000, 9500000> (  756,  2384)
    Through the door southwest of the starting point is a cacodemon and a chainsaw. As you take the chainsaw, a door will open up revealing a little more of the passageway (#5), containing some ammo and green armor, as well as a baron, who will teleport to the east to block your exit.
     6 100 < bc00000,10320000> ( 3008,  4146)
     7  98 < ea40000,11400000> ( 3748,  4416)
    In the room with way too many demons are two switches on the south side. The west one opens a door on the north wall leading to another door. If you have hit the switch in the room with all the cacodemons, then this door will be open, leading to a room (#6) with even more demons (though you won't see them at first; some doors open after you pass by them). There is a candle on the east side of it, marking a door which you can shoot open to reveal the BFG9000 (#7).

    Level 9: The Pit

     1 109 <c600000, 2600000> ( -928,   608)
     2 118 <d070000, 3050000> ( -761,   773)
    West of the starting point is a corridor leading to the supercharger. Once you get it, one of the corridor walls will open up, revealing a doom containing a rocket launcher and two rockets. You can try to jump for the launcher, or you can just walk off the northeast edge of the platform on the southwest corner of the room; the floor will raise up so you can easily get the launcher (#1). Once you do, some doors to the north and east will open up, revealing some sargeants. If you try to walk onto the platform with the rockets (#2), some doors will open up behind you revealing a wall of chaingunners, who will probably negate whatever benefit the supercharger gave you. :-)
     3  16 < 5c00000, 6db0000> ( 1472,  1755)
     4  17 < 5ac0000, 6c00000> ( 1452,  1728)
     5  22 < 5840000, 6ec0000> ( 1412,  1772)
    On the east side of the map is a room with a hexagonal structure with imps and sargeants firing down at you. If you walk up to the structure, the ledge that the bad guys are standing on will lower you, allowing you to walk up onto it (#3). On the north side of the structure is a door leading to interior of the structure (#4), which is crammed with imps and lost souls. Opposite the door, and a bit to the right, is a hidden door leading to the BFG9000 (#5).
     6  43 < 2d50000, c950000> (  725,  3221)
    In the northeast corner of the map is a spiral staircase of sorts, a large, circular series of steps that lower as you walk up to them. If you make it all the way up the staircase (clockwise), you can jump down to an area with ammo, a supercharger, blue armor, beserk, and a teleporter back to your starting point.

    Level 10: Refueling Base

     1 114 <da20000, 2480000> ( -606,   584)
     2 111 <da00000, 1380000> ( -608,   312)
     3 112 <f200000, 2800000> ( -224,   640)
     4 116 <c260000, 2800000> ( -986,   640)
    The round skylit room south of the starting point has four big brown pillars, each of which contains a secret area. These pillars open when you enter the room from various directions. When you enter from the south, the center (#1) and south (#2) pillars open doors facing each other; they contain health and various monsters. The south one contains a radiation suit, which can come in handy, since all these secret areas have acid floors. When you enter from the west, the east pillar opens, revealing health, ammo, and various monsters, which may include a pain elemental or two (#3). When you enter from the east, the west pillar opens, revealing the same sort of thing (#4).
     5   5 < 5c00000, 8c40000> ( 1472,  2244)
     6  12 < 3c60000, 7000000> (  966,  1792)
     7  26 < 80a0000, 5c00000> ( 2058,  1472)
     8 180 <8b00000,f9600000> (-1872, -1696)
     9  34 < 57a0000, 5400000> ( 1402,  1344)
    10  49 < 37d0000, 4d50000> (  893,  1237)
    11  80 < 6400000, 3480000> ( 1600,   840)
    In the northeast corner of the map is a room with a lot of sargeants and former humans. There are a lot of small niches in this room; several of them have secret doors behind them which you can shoot open. You can usually identify them by the fact that they have the large white UAC logo on them, rather than the small gray ones. There are five such secret doors; behind them, you can find a supercharger (#5); light amplification and 200% armor (#6); health, armor, demons, a backpack, and a teleporter (#7) (the teleporter, which is behind the door at the end of the hidden hallway, takes you to room in the southwest (#8), with a invulnerability and an ammo box, just west of the room with the cyberdemon); an energy pack (#9); and armor, a beserker, ammo, and various monsters (#10). Also, the switch in the southeast corner of the room opens a door to a hidden hallway (#11) which leads to the room with all the arachnotrons.
    12  74 < 7a50000,fbbd0000> ( 1957, -1091)
    13  71 < 6840000,fc000000> ( 1668, -1024)
    In the southeast corner of the arachnotron/revenant room is a secret door to a hallway (#12) leading south; it contains light amplification goggles. The secret door you emerge from is marked with green pillars. Up the steps to your north is another secret door, also marked with green pillars; it contains armor, beserk, and ammo (#13).
    14 101 <  600000,fffb0000> (   96,    -5)
    15  59 <  1c0000,fcc00000> (   28,  -832)
    In the room with the rocket launcher on the pedestal, northwest of the room with secret door #13, you can run past the rocket launcher and get onto the north ledge with the imps on it (#14). There is some health and green armor up there. The ledge on the south side of the room is actually a lift, which you can lower by hitting space. There are two boxes of rockets up there (#15).
    16 120 <8e00000, 4f00000> (-1824,  1264)
    17 121 <8e00000, 4e00000> (-1824,  1248)
    18 122 <8e00000, 4e00000> (-1824,  1248)
    In the northwest, there is a room with two acid floor areas and some pillars with stuff hidden behind them. On the southwest wall, there is a section of wall with mismatched texture; when you walk near that section of wall, a door opens in the northwest acid pool. The door leads to a megasphere, which counts as three secrets (#16, #17, #18).

    Also note that just southeast of your starting point is a secret door to a room with some goodies, but it's not an official secret.

    Level 11: 'O' of Destruction!

     1  28 < 6600000, 3240000> ( 1632,   804)
    On the east side of the map is a small room containing a chaingun with green torches on either side; you get to it via a lift which lowers when you come down a set of stairs. On the south side of this room is a secret door, which opens onto a hallway (#1) which leads to a ledge where you can get partial invisibility. Also, note that there is a supercharger west of the set of stairs mentioned above, on the left (south) side of the door. Just walk through the wall to the right of the green torch.
     2  75 < 67e0000, 71f0000> ( 1662,  1823)
    On the east side of the outer part of the circle (north of the walkway leading east, south of the outcropping with the supercharger on it) is a hidden door in the slime. It opens when you cross the trigger that reveals the arch-vile. The door leads to some boxes of rockets (#2) and a teleporter which takes you to some energy packs in the center of the circle.
     3 114 <f480000, 9fc0000> ( -184,  2556)
    In the northwest corner of the map is a series of bars which open automatically when you approach. Just north of the bars is a secret door (#3) leading west to the hell knight and invulnerability. Level 12: The Factory
     1  26 <d950000, 3000000> ( -619,   768)
    In the northwest corner of the big main building is a room with jagged walls (#1); it contains a BFG9000 and lots of chaingunners. To open the door leading there, you must hit the switch in the southeast corner of the room with the blue door facing northwest. Note that there is a radiation suit in the southwest corner of that room.
     2  85 < 3040000, 2c00000> (  772,   704)
    The room with the blue door facing northeast (with the platforms that lower as you reach them) contains a teleporter to a ledge facing northeast outside the building. From there, you can jump down to the southwest and get three boxes of ammo (#2). Hopefully you already killed the mancubus. This room also contains a switch which helps you get secret #4.
     3 155 <ef80000,fc730000> ( -264,  -909)
     4 122 <fa00000, 1200000> (  -96,   288)
    In the southwest corner of the map is a small building with some crates. High on the east wall are a chaingun and some ammo (#3); you can get to them by stepping from crate to crate until you get to the lift (the switch), and then use the lift to get up to ledge they're on. In the southwest corner of the room is a teleporter which takes you to the square structure in the center of the big main building. If you hit the switch mentioned in #2 already, then the center of this structure will be raised up so that you can just grab the supercharger (#4). If you haven't, then you'll be surrounded by four imps scratching away at you. Kill them and hit the switch, which will raise the floor up so you can get the supercharger. Level 13: Downtown
     1   3 < 5000000,f68b0000> ( 1280, -2421)
    There is a building in the southeast with a switch next to a lift. Hit the switch and take the lift up. There are two doors; the right door won't open. Take the left one and jump across the slime pit to the other side (#1); there's a computer map and a chaingun.
     2  74 <cb00000,f2de0000> ( -848, -3362)
     3  11 < 2e00000,f3d00000> (  736, -3120)
    In the southwest corner of the building in the southwest corner of the map is a switch which opens a door leading outside. There's a medikit and some ammo out there (#2). Just to the east of the switch is a stack of crates which you can lower by hitting the space bar, revealing another switch. After you hit the switch, you can walk around the stack of crates to your north to find a set of stairs leading up to a teleporter. The teleporter takes you to a ledge just west of the starting point (#3). From this ledge, you can run north into the building with the supercharger.
     4 108 <d200000,f7680000> ( -736, -2200)
    The building in the southwest corner of the map has a pit in the northwest corner, which leads to a lift. The lift takes you up into another building. Just across from the lift (to the east) is a switch; hitting the switch opens a door revealing some shotgun shells (#4).
     5 128 <fb80000,f7780000> (  -72, -2184)
    The building with the revenants guarding it (the one with the blue door at the entrance) contains a crate with a switch on the north side. You can hit the switch to lower the northeast platform, so you can get the chainsaw (#5).
     6 166 < 2400000,  d20000> (  576,   210)
    The structure with the red keycard on top of it has a hidden door in the middle of the north wall, which can be reached from the ground. The door opens to reveal some blue armor (#6).
     7 213 <f400000,   40000> ( -192,     4)
    In the northeast corner of the map is a teleporter which takes you to the ledge of a building with some imps. Jump over to the ledge of the building just to the west. There's a door there which leads to a teleporter, which takes you to the interior of a building farther north, right between two cacodemons (#7). There's a lot of ammo in there too. Hit space on the inner wall to get out.
     8 223 <fc20000,fc6f0000> (  -62,  -913)
    The building just southeast of the crusher with the plasma gun has a door in the south wall with a stairway leading up to a blue door. Once you have the blue key, you can enter out and get some ammo and rockets (#8).

    Level 14: The Inmost Dens
    No official secrets. One way to get the supercharger is to go to the building east of the starting building via the bridge. Enter the building through the south door. Run out one of the windows facing west into the moat, south of the bridge. Lower the lift in the southwest corner, then go through, and go east, kill the arachnotron, and get the supercharger.

    Level 15: Industrial Zone

     1 290 < 11c0000,  600000> (  284,    96)
    Get the red card key. Then jump down to the ground, just to the east of the platform the red key is on. There is a beserk box there. Hit the space bar on the crate just to your east to lower it, and get the stimpack (#1).
     2 276 <d880000,ff500000> ( -632,  -176)
    Take the teleporter in the southeast corner of the red card key building. Walk out onto the ledge, then go to the north end and drop into the opening to the west, falling down to the main floor of the building. Then walk out the west exit. Go back and take the teleporter in the red card key building again, and walk north and west again; this time, the floor has risen up to the level of the ledge on the north side of the building. From here you can jump south onto the platform with the ammo and chaingun (#2).
     3 104 < 4c80000,fc800000> ( 1224,  -896)
    Go to the top of the building northeast of the diamond-shaped building. Just north of the teleporter is a secret door on the east wall (#3). Go through down onto the acid pool; to the north is a backpack and some rockets.
     4  53 < b000000,f5800000> ( 2816, -2688)
    Go to the top of the diamond-shaped building on the north shore of the acid lake; walk to the south ledge of the building. Jump south down onto the small island with the radiation suit and energy cells. (Try walking instead of running.) Hit the switch, then jump off and go northeast to the east side of the lake. Go through the door you find there; through it, you'll find a platform with an invulnerability sphere (#4).
     5  70 < 8100000,f3c80000> ( 2064, -3128)
     6  71 < 8100000,f3880000> ( 2064, -3192)
     7  47 < 7c30000,f5360000> ( 1987, -2762)
     8  21 < 5440000,f1040000> ( 1348, -3836)
    In the southeast corner of the map is a building with a spiral staircase. Go up and around the staircase. As you turn to go south, a door will open to the east. Run south across the lift, then east, then run north, jumping across the lower hallway; there you'll find an open door (#5) revealing a megasphere (#6). Now go up the stairway again. As you go south over the lift, a door will open up on the north wall, behind you. Go through the door into an area with energy cells and lost souls (#7). Go east into a small opening with a switch. Hitting the switch will cause a teleporter to appear in the hallway to the west. Enter the teleporter; it will take you to a platform in the southwest corner of the building with a chainsaw (#8).
     9 147 <  380000,f1e00000> (   56, -3616)
    10 216 <c970000,f5770000> ( -873, -2697)
    11 195 <ce00000,f0340000> ( -800, -4044)
    Go the building in the southwest corner of the map. At the south end, you will find some stairs going east (unless you haven't hit the switch to raise them). At the top of the stairs is a secret door to the east, revealing a small area (#9) with a teleporter to the top of the square spiral staircase building northwest of the diamond-shaped building. I was not able to get credit for secret #9, even if I walked into the teleporter; so the most I could get for this level is 90% secrets. Instead of taking the teleporter, you could go to the top of the building to the ledge looking north. Hit the switch on the west wall, then jump down to the ground and go back through the front door of the building. Go into the acid river and follow it north to the lift, which takes you up to another ledge where you'll find a plasma gun and ammo (#10). Now go back to the south end of the building and go south through the acid river tunnel. If you got secret #4, there will be a secret door leading south in the tunnel (#11) leading to a teleporter to the secret level (level 31).

    Level 16: Suburbs

     1  41 < 1c00000,fd180000> (  448,  -744)
     2  33 < 1b80000,fe580000> (  440,  -424)
    There are two buildings in the center of the map. You start in the north one; enter the south one. In the south part of the building is a little platform with some shotgun shells on it. Hit space to lower the platform, then get on it. When you get to the top, shoot at the niche in the wall to your east. A megasphere will be revealed in the southeast corner (#1). (It's easy not to get credit for this secret, even if you do get the megasphere. Walk slowly into and out of that corner, making sure you drop into the depression there.) Then turn northwest and shoot at the eyes in the wall. You may need to do this while the platform is rising for it to work, or you could try using a shotgun. If you hit it, a door will open just behind the wall to your north, containing some ammo (#2).
     3  13 < 6c90000,  800000> ( 1737,   128)
     4   7 < 5310000,fff80000> ( 1329,    -8)
    On the east side of the map is a building with doors on each wall, but you can only go through the door in the east wall. Open the east door and enter the building (#3). Hit space on the northwest platform to lower it, then get on. When it rises back up, walk south into the acid pool inside the southwest platform, then hit the switch. The platform will lower, revealing a small room to the northwest. Inside the room is a BFG9000, some energy packs, and a medikit (#4).

    Level 17: Tenements

     1  48 <d400000,f5200000> ( -704, -2784)
    Go to the center of the map, then go east until you come to two staircases leading north and south. Lower the lift to your south by jumping down in the slime just to the west of it and hitting the switch. Just south of the lift is a hidden room with some armor. On the west wall of this room is a lift (#1) leading to a chaingun.
     2  89 <a900000,fd380000> (-1392,  -712)
    In the north part of the map is an M-shaped structure. Walk north down the middle of the M into the acid lake, then turn around and hit space on the wall. The middle of the M will be lowered, and you will see a switch to your south. Run south and hit the switch. (Actually, you don't have to lower the walkway to hit the switch; you just have to stand in the right place and press the space bar.) A door will be revealed to the east; you can jump into it and get some armor (#2) and a BFG9000.
     3 150 <b040000,f94c0000> (-1276, -1716)
    On the way to the exit, just to the southwest, is a lift. As you go up the lift, you'll notice an opening to the south. While the lift is moving, run into the opening (#3) and into a hallway leading east to a megasphere.

    Also, the room with the really annoying stairway north and west of the starting point has four teleporters on the floor. The northwest and southeast ones go to the north and south ledges where the monsters appear.

    Level 18: The Courtyard

     1  17 <7f40000, 3f60000> (-2060,  1014)
    When you walk around the pillar in the center of the main area, a number of doors will open up, including two against the wall west of the center pillar. Of these two doors, the north one leads to a BFG9000 and some more monsters (#1). (The south one has a hall of mirrors effect in the door tracks.)
     2  36 <a050000,ff050000> (-1531,  -251)
    When you walk counterclockwise around the pillar in the center of the main area, a door will open up northeast of the pillar leading to a teleporter, which takes you to the platform southwest of the pillar. The platform (#2) contains some rockets, health, and blue armor. The teleporter will not be there until you hit the switch on the northeast corner of the plus-shaped structure just to the south of it (the one containing the cacodemons).
     3  76 < a300000, 4300000> ( 2608,  1072)
    In the northwest corner of the map, hidden between the structures on the north and west walls, is a corner with a small bit of grass. Walking into the grass teleports you to the northeast corner of the map, on a ledge containing a medical kit and a computer map. (Note that the building just to the east of the bit of grass has an unclosed sector inside it; you can see out the east wall.)
     4  74 < 8b00000,  940000> ( 2224,   148)
    In the east area of the map is a hallway ending at a blue wall with a skull switch. Hitting the switch opens a hidden door revealing a chaingun (#4).

    Level 19: The Citadel

     1  43 <dc20000,ffe20000> ( -574,   -30)
     2  97 <d860000, 1a00000> ( -634,   416)
     3  95 <c360000, 1e60000> ( -970,   486)
     4 100 <a350000, 5a90000> (-1483,  1449)
     5  85 <9270000, 73c0000> (-1753,  1852)
     6  33 < 6430000, 5300000> ( 1603,  1328)
     7 126 <db70000,fc640000> ( -585,  -924)
    In the southwest corner of the main building is a room with a switch in the middle which opens doors leading north and south. Hit the switch and go north. At the intersection, go west, and north through the door into a room with health, partial invisibility, and lots of imps (#1). Then go back to the intersection and go north. At one point, you'll meet a hallway leading off to the northwest. Just south of this hallway on the west wall is a secret door. (It's just north of the place where it LOOKS like there's a secret door.) This door leads through a short hallway (#2) to a lift, which leads to a hall leading northwest (#3) and stops at a window. Jump out the window to the northwest. You should be able to reach the steps of the building to the northwest (#4). The building has two openings leading inside. Try the south one first; when you finish in there, an area will open up to the northeast with lots of troopers and a computer map (#5). The north opening leads (eventually) to five teleporters. The middle one leads to the pillar in the middle of the castle, which contains a rocket launcher. The other four lead to the four corners of the castle. Take the northeast one; in the northeast corner of the castle (#6), you will find the BFG9000, some demons, and the blue key. Or, take the southwest one; there you will find a chainsaw and the yellow key (#7). An easier way to get to the southwest tower is to go to the southwest room of the castle with the doors on the north and south; take the south door, and walk down the corridor until you hear a door open, then run back and walk through the open door to your left.
     8  38 <f200000,ffad0000> ( -224,   -83)
     9  52 < 5400000, 1910000> ( 1344,   401)
    In the southeast corner of the map is an area at the top of some steps with two things that look like switches to the north. They're not switches, but there's a hidden door between them. Go through the door and up the steps, and hit the switch you see there (on the east side of the wall) 3 times. Then jump down to the north onto the platform you've raised up, and from there jump onto the platform in the northeast corner of the room. Go through the teleporter, and you'll get a supercharger (#8). Go south a bit and then north, and you'll be teleported to a platform in the southeast area of the castle. Jump to the platform to the northwest (this platform appears when you shoot at the imps in the southwest corner; the room that they are in is missing its north wall, BTW) and go through the door, then down the steps to get the red skull key and some rockets (#9).

    Level 20: Gotcha!

     1  56 < 8360000,ee3e0000> ( 2102, -4546)
    The structure just south of your starting point consists of a building with a walkway around it to the south entrance. (The walkway may not be there if you have not tried to get to the structure; just walk south from the starting point to raise the walkway.) In the southwest part of the "moat" (the poison area between the walkway and the building) is a small opening, containing an energy cell pack and a radiation suit (#1). Once you have the radiation suit, you can safely walk around the moat to the other side, where there is a teleporter leading back to your starting point.
     2   4 < ece0000,f5ff0000> ( 3790, -2561)
    At the top of the structure on the east side of the map is a teleporter. (To get there, jump down into the slime just east of your starting point and walk north through the little door, up the steps (shoot the wall that's in your way), and jump down from the window. Then hit the switch to lower the lift to the entrance of the structure, and fight your way up to the top.) The teleporter takes you back to the starting point. Just to the left of the teleporter is a hidden door which takes you through a small room (#2) with another teleporter, which goes to a tower on the north side of the structure. In all likelihood, you'll teleport right on top of a pain elemental, killing it before it has a chance to fire any of those damn skulls.
     3 101 < 5200000,fbf00000> ( 1312, -1040)
    There are two towers west and east of the circular area to the north of the main building. There's nothing on the east one, but the west one (#3) has a megasphere on it. To get there, take the big demon teleporter in the circular area. Walk down the stairs and kill the bad guys. (Note that just south of the stairs, down in the slime, is a teleporter leading to the area where the cacodemon was hiding. There's blue armor and some health up there.) Then jump across to the dark area east of the stairs. Instead of walking south to the green armor, find the hidden path leading northeast in the dark to the teleporter, which takes you to the megasphere.
     4 127 < 2600000,ff180000> (  608,  -232)
     5 132 < 2210000,ff1c0000> (  545,  -228)
     6 128 < 29e0000,ff1c0000> (  670,  -228)
    The structure west of the circular area to the north of the main building (not #3--the thing to the northwest of it) has a supercharger (#4) and a BFG9000 in it. To get there, grab a radiation suit if you have one, and walk northeast through the slime to the building with the teleporter to #3. Walk around the southeast corner of the building, looking for a staircase; there should be some flaming skulls there to mark the place. Walk up the stairs to the teleporter, which takes you to the structure to the west. Hit the switch to raise the platform, and kill all the bad guys. If you don't see the BFG9000, shoot your pistol out the east window at the big demon teleporter, and a door behind you should open revealing the BFG and some ammo. Then hit the switch on the south side of the room to reveal the supercharger (#4). Unfortunately, there's a teleporter in the way, which takes you back to the demon teleporter; fortunately, there are two secret doors to the left and right of the teleporter, which you can take to get to the supercharger (through another secret door to its west or east). The left one has an arch-vile in it (#5), so I suggest you take the right one, which contains an energy cell (#6), unless you want 100% kills and secrets; but if you didn't, why would you be reading this?
     7  59 < 6730000,f1270000> ( 1651, -3801)
    In the room with a staircase leading to a plasma gun, there is a secret door on the south wall, leading to a small room (#7) with a supercharger on the west end.

    Level 21: Nirvana No official secrets. To get the megasphere, hit the switch next to the teleporter which takes you to the room it's in, then jump in the teleporter and run and get it. Note that the room with the arrow-shaped staircase has some weird effects on the ceiling.

    Level 22: The Catacombs

     1  85 <d200000,  f50000> ( -736,   245)
    In the northwest corner of the starting room is a hidden door leading to a room with rockets, a supercharger, armor, and a spectre.
     2 125 <d300000,ff000000> ( -720,  -256)
    In the southwest corner of the starting room is a hidden door which leads through a short hallway (#2) to the room you can see to your south, containing the plasma gun and an army of chaingunners. To open the door, hit space on the green torch.
     3  14 < 3340000, 3a00000> (  820,   928)
    A bit northeast of the red skull key is a secret door leading to a small opening (#3) with a teleporter, which takes you to the room south of your starting point which contains a plasma gun, in case you hadn't already gotten it.

    Level 23: Barrels O' Fun

     1  61 <  600000, a700000> (   96,  2672)
    Between the two north-south hallways which lead outside is a third hallway containing a megasphere and two boxes of rockets. It has a little outcropping just north of it which you can jump down onto, and then walk south to get the goodies.
     2  11 < 81c0000, b780000> ( 2076,  2936)
    In the northeast part of the map are two hallways with boxes and boxes of rockets, for use against the various spiders. In the south hallway is a door to the north, leading to a supercharger (#2). Level 24: The Chasm
     1  98 <f000000,f8540000> ( -256, -1964)
     2 116 < 1000000,f6870000> (  256, -2425)
    Your starting point is located in a small opening in the north side of a building. The main entrance to the building is around the walkway a short distance to the east, but you can't get in, because the entrance is too steep. To raise the stairs up, first fall into any of the teleporters in the slime on the floor of the southeast corner of the map, north and south of the building you're trying to get into. You should appear south of a series of tower. Jump down from tower to tower, working your way east to a small area with a teleporter. That will take you to another teleporter. Go straight (east) and hit all the switches in that area. That should raise the stairs at the main entrance of the building, so get back there by going back to the teleporter, and go through it to the teleporter at the base of the series of towers. Then run west to the teleporter on the acid floor. That will take you back up to the south tower, so run northwest to get back to the building near the starting point. Once you get inside (#1), you'll see three things sticking out of the north wall. Hit space on the first one you come to; it will lower a lift to your south, which leads to a small area with some ammo (#2).
     3  62 <5400000,fec00000> (-2752,  -320)
    This is the invulnerability in the west part of the map, which is not that hard to find; just follow the annoyingly thin walkway west. You can jump down onto it, but then you'll be stuck there; you'll have to get off that platform and wait for the floor to rise up, then walk to one of the surrounding walls, and hit space until you get back up to the level of the walkway. At that point, the invulnerability will have worn off. A better idea is to get a radiation suit and jump down into the moat around it, and then hit space on the surrounding walls until it reaches the level of the platform the sphere is sitting on, then grab it; then the floor will raise up to the level of the surrounding walls, and you can get out. Or you can try jumping down just to the left or right of the invulnerability sphere, enough to get the floor to raise up and take away the poison; then grab the sphere, and hit space a few more times to get back to the walkway.
     4 123 <da00000,f1d00000> ( -608, -3632)
    The south area of the map has a shotgun with a small walkway to its south. If you get the shotgun, an opening will appear to the south revealing some monsters. After killing the monsters, you can jump down into the opening to get some ammo and health (#4). When you jump back, the floor around the shotgun will rise up and become non-toxic.

    Level 25: Bloodfalls There are no official secrets, but there are some hidden areas. In the north-south hallway with two windows on each side of the hallway, in the north part of the map, there is a secret door between the two windows on the east side, leading to a rocket launcher and some ammo. In the south part of the map, in the room with some steps leading south between two windows, there is a hidden room in the northeast with a BFG9000; it's on the automap.

    Level 26: The Abandoned Mines

     1  29 <  e00000,ffb80000> (  224,   -72)
    When you start the level, there's a secret door right behind you (#1) which leads to a big room with lots of bad guys and items. The teleporter on the acid floor in the west area of the room takes you to a platform where you can jump and get the plasma gun.
     2  34 < 16c0000,  200000> (  364,    32)
    When you start the level, there's a secret door right to the east of you (#2). Hit the switch to lower the room first, then hit space on the south part of the east wall. This door leads to a network of tunnels that take you to many of the acid-floored rooms and monster ledges that you see from your starting point.
     3  98 <8380000, 3a00000> (-1992,   928)
     4 121 <b6c0000, 4e00000> (-1172,  1248)
    The blue keycard has a secret door behind it (#3) revealing a switch that lowers two lifts, revealing two areas to the north and south of the acid pool to your east, which contain some cacodemons. The south area contains a trigger line that raises the floor near the east door, and a switch which opens that door. The north area contains blue armor, and a secret door on the east wall (#4) leading to some health potions and a supercharger.

    Level 27: Monster Condo

     1  10 <b5c0000,fea50000> (-1188,  -347)
    When you start the level, the first thing you should do is go through the door in the northwest corner of the room (across the acid pool) and go west to the lit area with the ammo (#1). You have 30 seconds after the level begins before this area is closed off.
     2 177 < 5f60000,fdad0000> ( 1526,  -595)
     3 171 < 6400000,fbe00000> ( 1600, -1056)
    East of the acid pool with the rocket launcher in the center is a west-east dividing wall. On the east wall, north of the dividing wall, is a lit area in the corner. When you walk into this lit area, a door opens to the east revealing an area (#2) containing partial invisibility, light amplification, energy cells, and lots of monsters. South of the dividing wall is another lit area along the east wall. When you walk into it, a door opens to the east revealing an area (#3) containing some ammo, health, shotgun shells, and arachnotrons.
     4  92 < 12d0000, 2f60000> (  301,   758)
     5  93 < 1200000, 4e00000> (  288,  1248)
    In the northeast room with the impaled bodies everywhere, there are two switches to the north. The east one lowers a lift to the southwest, which leads to a long corridor of health potions (#4) and a teleporter (#5) which takes you up to the ledge in the northeast corner of the room, where there's health, armor, ammo, and a BFG. I don't think it's possible to get #5, since the teleporter's sector is secret, and you can never enter that sector, because there's the teleport line is in the way. Also note that you can't get out of the ledge in the northeast corner unless the door to it has opened up already.
     6  45 <95d0000, 5000000> (-1699,  1280)
     7 129 <7bd0000,fc400000> (-2115,  -960)
    There are two long north-south skylit rooms with large teleporters in the center and pictures of a demon on the north wall. Each one has a switch on the east wall, which you can use to open up the west wall in both rooms, revealing some mancubi, a beserk sphere, a supercharger, and a computer map in each room (#6 in the north one, #7 in the south one).
     8 157 < 4e00000,f7600000> ( 1248, -2208)
    This is the room with the hell knight, just southwest of the yellow key, which has the switch that lets you out of the room after you get the yellow key. Level 28: The Spirit World
     1  54 < 3e00000,f1a00000> (  992, -3680)
     2  55 < 5b00000,f1a00000> ( 1456, -3680)
    In the south part of the map is a room with five columns and a throne. Walk up to the throne to lower the middle column, and then go stand on it (#1). (You need to do this in order to complete the level, so I don't see why it's a secret.) When the column raises up again, you will see two switches to the north and south. The south one reveals the yellow key. The north one reveals a passage beyond the yellow key, as well as four hell knights, an arch-vile, and (fortunately) an invulnerability sphere, some rockets, and a teleporter which takes you to the ledge on the east side of the room (#2), where you can get another invulnerability sphere and a megasphere.
     3  17 <dc80000,f3c00000> ( -568, -3136)
     4   3 <ea80000,f5a00000> ( -344, -2656)
    In the southwest part of the map is a hallway which leads west and then north. At the bend in the hallway is a small niche to the south containing an arachnotron, who will come out and attack you. To enter the niche (#3), just walk through the south wall. There is also another niche farther north containing some chaingunners and troopers, as well as ammo and health (#4). Just walk through the east wall.
     5  88 < 4240000,ff440000> ( 1060,  -188)
     6  92 < 6440000,  840000> ( 1604,   132)
     7  93 < 6440000, 3dc0000> ( 1604,   988)
    In the northeast part of the map is a room with five columns. As soon as you enter, some hidden doors will open up and lots of monsters will come out. As soon as you kill all the monsters, look on the automap, and you will see three secret doors in the niches where the monsters were. The southwest niche has a secret door leading east to a supercharger (#5). The southeast niche has a secret door leading north to four backpacks, a medikit, and a revenant (#6). The northeast niche has a secret door leading east to a mancubus and a beserker (#7).

    Level 29: The Living End
    No official secrets.

    Northwest of your starting point is a path which leads west to a teleporter. As you approach the teleporter, some windows open to the north exposing some chaingunners, who promptly attack you. If you walk north off the ledge and then walk west around the structure the chaingunners are in, you'll see a small opening leading to a teleporter. This takes you to the ledge the chaingunners are on; there's a plasma gun there.

    Level 30: Icon of Sin
    The only secret here is how to complete the level. At the south end of the final room is a switch which raises the platform in the lava to the north (with the box of rockets). Hit the switch and wait for the platform to go up. Then go to the platform, hit space to lower it, and get on. Just before it gets to the top, shoot a rocket into the exposed brain of the demon. Then jump down and lower the platform again. This takes about three tries.

    Level 31: Wolfenstein
    No official secrets. However, the room just before the exit door has a secret door in the southwest corner, which leads to a small niche with a medikit. The west wall of this niche has another secret door which leads to a second exit door; this goes to the super-secret level (level 32). Just south and a bit east of the second exit door is a secret door which reveals a supercharger.

    Level 32: Grosse
    No official secrets. However, in the middle of the east wall (the middle Swastika) is a hidden door which reveals an invulnerability sphere. The west wall has a hidden door in the same place, leading to a bunch of medikits, and a plasma gun with lots of energy cells. Also, the two northernmost and two southernmost pillars contain various weapons, and a megasphere; walk up to them and hit the space bar.

    [10-3]: When should I use each weapon?

    FIST: Never use unless you have Berserk. This is really cool, but not as good as the chain saw.

    CHAIN SAW: Good for tight corners. Rips apart the Demons and Spectres. This is probably the best weapon for non-shooting enemies. The chain saw also works wonders on Cacodemons. They turn away when you start to chop them, and cannot fire.

    PISTOL: Average weapon. Does damage to the Former Humans, but the shotgun is preferred. Only to be used when in dire need of ammo.

    SHOTGUN: This is probably the best all around weapon. Use this much of the time as it is very powerful. Its only problem is that its rapid fire is not very fast. Very useful in "mazes" where enemies are very close but not in large amounts.

    SUPER SHOTGUN: Only found in DOOM II, shotgun gurus will love this one. Double the power, but uses double the ammo. Great for taking out those hard to kill enemies or many enemies in a group.

    CHAINGUN: This weapon takes a fair amount of time to kill enemies. Good for a lot of monsters in a row. Also very useful for Imps and Cacodemons, because the chain gun can keep them from firing back.

    ROCKET LAUNCHER: Good for occasional long shots at many enemies in one place. Be careful, however, this weapon can hurt you as well if the rocket bursts at close range. Very useful in DeathMatch mode. :)

    PLASMA RIFLE: Rapid fires very quickly. Hurts some enemies a lot, and others not as much. Tends to block the view, which is very dangerous when you have a large amount of enemies coming toward you.

    BFG9000: The most powerful weapon. Kills almost ANY enemy in one shot, but uses a lot of energy cells and rapid fire is very slow.

    [10-4]: Where can I get each weapon for the first time?

    Here is a chart that shows on which level in each episode you can pick up each weapon. This chart is for DOOM I.
                    | Weapon          | E1M | E2M | E3M |
                    | Chain saw       |  2  |  2  |  5  |
                    | Shotgun +       |  1  |  1  |  1  |
                    | Chain gun       |  2  |  2  |  2  |
                    | Rocket launcher |  3  |  2  |  1  |
                    | Plasma gun      |  -  |  1  |  2  |
                    | BFG9000         |  -  |  -  |  3  |
            +: Can also be picked up from the first dead sergeant.

    [10-5]: Where can I find the various powerups in the game?

    These charts outline where all of the powerups may be found in the game. This chart is for Ultra-Violence, single-player mode only.

    *10-5-1*: DOOM I

    SG = Shotgun, CG = Chaingun, RK = Rocket Launcher, PL = Plasma, BF = BFG9000
    CS = Chainsaw, BZ = Berzerk Pack
    A1 = Security Armor A2 = Combat armor
    BP = Backpack, RS = Radiation Shield, MP = Map, LA = Light Amplification
    SS = Supercharge, BA = Invisibility, IA = Invulnerability
    CC = Crushing Ceiling, T1 = One way Teleporter, T2 = Two way Teleporter pair
    # = This item can be found only in lower skills or DeathMatch games.

           SG CG RK PL BF   CS BZ   A1 A2   BP RS MP LA   SS BA IA   CC T1 T2  TOT
    E1M1:   1  +  +  .  .    .  .    1  1    .  .  .  .    .  .  .    .  .  .   #3
    E1M2:   1  1  +  .  .    1  .    3  .    2  .  .  .    1  .  .    .  .  .   #9
    E1M3:   1  1  1  .  .    1  .    3  1    1  .  .  .    2  1  .    .  .  .   12
    E1M9:   1  1  1  .  .    1  .    1  .    1  .  .  .    .  .  .    .  1  .    7
    E1M4:   .  1  1  .  .    .  .    1  1    1  +  .  .    1  .  .    .  .  .   #6
    E1M5:   1  1 #1  .  .    1  .    2  1    1  1  1  1    1  1  .    .  1  .   14
    E1M6:   1  1  1  .  .    .  .    4  1    3  3  1  1    2  2  .    .  .  .   20
    E1M7:   1  1  1  .  .    1  .    2  1    1  1  1  .    1  1  .    .  .  .   12
    E1M8:   1  1  .  .  .    .  .    1  .    .  .  2  .    1  1  .    .  1  .    8
    Total:  8 #8 #6  .  .    5  .   18  6   10 #5  5  2    9  6  .    .  3  .   91
           SG CG RK PL BF   CS BZ   A1 A2   BP RS MP LA   SS BA IA   CC T1 T2  TOT
    E2M1:  #1  .  .  1  .    .  .    1  1    .  .  1  .    .  .  .    .  2  5  #12
    E2M2:   1  1  1  1  .    1  1    4  1    2  +  1  .    1  1  .    5  .  .  #21
    E2M3:   1  1  .  1  .    .  1    1  1    1  2  .  .    1  1  .    .  .  .   11
    E2M4:   1  1  .  1  .    .  1    3  1    1  2  1  .    2  2  .    5  3  2   26
    E2M5:   .  1  .  1  .    1  1    2  1    1  2  1  .    .  1  .    .  3  1   16
    E2M9:   1  1  1  1  .    1  .    .  1    1  .  1  .    1  .  .    .  .  .    9
    E2M6:   .  1  1  1  .    1  1    1  1    1  .  1  4    1  3  .    1  .  .   18
    E2M7:   .  1  1  1  .    1  1    .  1    1  .  1  .    1  1  2    .  .  1   13
    E2M8:   .  .  1  .  .    .  .    1  .    .  .  .  .    2  .  .    .  .  .    4
    Total: #5  7  5  8  .    5  6   13  8    8 #6  7  4    9  9  2   11  8  9  130
           SG CG RK PL BF   CS BZ   A1 A2   BP RS MP LA   SS BA IA   CC T1 T2  TOT
    E3M1:   1  .  1  .  .    .  .    .  .    .  .  .  .    .  .  .    .  .  .    2
    E3M2:   .  1  1  1  .    .  1    1  1    .  .  1  .    1  .  .    .  .  .    8
    E3M3:   1  1  1  .  1    .  1    1  2    1  .  1  .    1  .  1    .  .  .   12
    E3M4:   1  1  1  .  1    .  1    2  2    1  1  .  .    1  1  2    2  .  1   18
    E3M5:  #1  1  1  1  1    1  1    .  .    .  1  .  1    2  1  1    4 18  1  #36
    E3M6:   1  1  1  1  .    1  1    2  1    1  5  1  .    2  .  2    .  5  .   25
    E3M9:   1  1 #1  1  1    1  1    1  .    .  2  .  .    2  1  2    .  1  .   16
    E3M7:   .  .  .  1  1    .  .    .  1    1 10  .  .    1  .  .    .  2  6   23
    E3M8:   .  .  1  1  .    .  .    .  1    .  .  .  .    .  .  .    .  .  .    3
    Total: #6  6 #8  6  5    3  6    7  8    4 19  3  1   10  3  8    6 26  8  143
           SG CG RK PL BF   CS BZ   A1 A2   BP RS MP LA   SS BA IA   CC T1 T2  TOT
    TOTAL: 19 21 19 14  5   13 12   38 22   22 30 15  7   28 18 10   17 37 17  364

    *10-5-2*: DOOM II

    SG = Shotgun, 2B = Double-barreled Shotgun, CG = Chaingun,
    RK = Rocket Launcher, PL = Plasma, BF = BFG9000
    CS = Chainsaw, BZ = Berzerk Pack
    A1 = Security Armor A2 = Combat armor
    BP = Backpack, RS = Radiation Shield, MP = Map, LA = Light Amplification
    SS = Supercharge, BA = Invisibility, IA = Invulnerability, MS = Megasphere
    CC = Crushing Ceiling, T1 = One way Teleporter, T2 = Two way Teleporter pair

        SG 2B CG RK PL BF  CS BZ  A1 A2  BP RS MP LA  SS BA IA MS  CC  T1 T2  TOT
     1:  1  .  .  1  .  .   1  .   1  .   .  .  .  .   .  .  .  .   .   .  .    4
     2:  .  1  .  .  .  .   .  .   .  1   .  .  .  .   .  .  .  .   .   1  .    3
     3:  1  .  1  1  .  .   .  .   .  2   .  .  .  .   1  1  .  .   .   5  .   12
     4:  .  1  .  .  .  .   .  .   .  .   .  .  .  .   .  .  .  .   2   5  .    8
     5:  .  1  .  1  1  .   .  1   1  1   .  .  .  .   2  .  .  .   .   2  .   10
     6:  .  1  .  1  1  .   .  .   1  1   1  .  .  .   1  .  .  2   .   3  3   15
     7:  .  1  1  1  1  1   .  1   .  .  10  .  .  .   .  4  .  1   .   .  .   21
     8:  1  .  1  1  1  1   1  .   2  .   5  2  .  .   2  1  2  .   .   9  1   30
     9:  1  .  .  1  .  1   .  3   1  2   1  1  1  .   2  .  .  .   .   5  .   19
    10:  1  .  1  1  1  1   1  2   2  1   1  1  .  3   2  1  2  1   .   5  .   27
    11:  1  .  1  1  1  1   .  .   1  1   1  2  .  .   2  1  1  .   .   3  .   17
    12:  1  1  1  .  .  1   .  3   2  .   1  1  .  .   1  1  .  .   .   2  .   15
    13:  1  .  1  1  1  1   1  3   .  1   1  .  1  .   1  3  2  .   2  15  .   35
    14:  1  .  1  1  1  .   .  .   .  1   .  .  .  .   1  1  .  .   1   .  .    8
    15:  1  .  1  1  1  1   1  2   1  2   2  3  1  .   1  2  1  1   .   6  1   29
    16:  1  1  1  1  4  1   .  1   .  .   1  1  .  .   1  1  1  1   .   5  .   21
    17:  1  .  1  1  1  1   .  1   2  1   1  .  .  .   2  1  .  1   .   6  .   20
    18:  1  1  1  1  1  1   .  1   1  .   1  .  1  .   1  2  2  .   .   6  1   22
    19:  .  1  1  1  .  .   .  1   2  1   1  .  1  .   1  1  1  .   1   9  .   22
    20:  .  1  .  1  1  1   .  1   2  2   .  2  .  .   4  .  .  1   1  15  1   33
    21:  .  1  .  1  .  .   .  .   .  .   1  4  .  .   .  .  1  1   .   3  4   16
    22:  1  .  .  1  1  .   .  1   1  .   .  2  .  .   1  .  .  .   .   3  .   11
    23:  1  .  .  1  .  1   .  1   1  .   2  .  1  .   1  .  .  1   .   8  .   18
    24:  1  1  .  1  1  1   .  2   1  .   1  7  .  .   .  .  1  2   .  16  1   36
    25:  .  1  1  1  1  .   .  .   1  .   .  .  .  .   .  1  .  1   .   5  .   12
    26:  .  1  1  1  1  .   .  .   1  1   1  1  .  .   1  1  .  .   .   8  .   18
    27:  .  1  1  1  1  1   1  2   2  .   4  .  2  2   5  3  3  .   .   4  .   33
    28:  .  1  1  1  1  1   1  1   1  .   4  .  .  .   1  .  5  2   .   1  .   21
    29:  .  1  1  .  1  .   .  2   1  1   2  2  .  .   1  .  .  .   .  11  .   23
    30:  1  1  1  1  1  1   1  1   .  .   1  2  .  .   3  .  .  2   .   1  .   17
    31:  1  1  1  1  1  1   .  1   .  .   4  .  .  .   1  1  .  1   .   .  .   14
    32:  .  1  3  1  1  1   .  1   .  .   .  .  .  .   .  .  1  1   .   .  .   10
    TOT 18 20 23 28 26 19   8 32  28 19  47 31  8  5  39 26 23 19   7 162 12  600

    *10-5-3*: How much do health and armor items help me?

    These charts explain how various powerups benefit the marine.
            .------------------------.      .-----------------------.
            | Health      | Incr.    |      | Armor       | Incr.   |
            |------------------------|      |-----------------------|
            | Potion      | ++   1 % |      | Helmet      | +++ 1 % |
            | Stimpack    | +   10 % |      | Green vest  | = 100 % |
            | Medikit     | +   25 % |      | Blue jacket | = 200 % |
            | Berserk     | =  100 % |      `-----------------------'
            | Soul sphere | ++ 100 % |
            `------------------------'      +  : Increments, up to 100 %
    = : Sets to this value if current       ++ : Increments, up to 199 %
        is less, otherwise no change        +++: Increments, even over 200 %

    [10-6]: How powerful is the ammunition?

    1 Ammo                  =   1 point of damage
    1 BFG9000               = + 100 points
    1 Berserk               =   10 points
    1 Cell (Plasma Rifle)   =   2 points
    1 Punch                 =   2 points
    1 Rocket                = + 20 points
    1 Shotgun               =   7 points (fires 7 pellets at 1 point per pellet)
                                (not every pellet will hit every target)
    1 Super Shotgun         = # 14 points (fires 14 pellets)
    +: Rockets and BFG9000 shots have an area effect.  The direct hit values
       are given above.
    #: Weapon only found in DOOM II

    [10-6-1]: How much ammunition is obtained from picking up the various types?

    Here is a chart that explains the amount of ammunition that is obtained from picking up bullets, shells, rockets, and cells.
            |             Ultra-Violence mode             |
            | Type            | BULL | SHEL | RCKT | CELL |
            | Human's clip    |   5  |   0  |   0  |   0  |
            | Bullet clip     |  10  |   0  |   0  |   0  |
            | Bullet box      |  50  |   0  |   0  |   0  |
            | Chain gun       |  20  |   0  |   0  |   0  |
            | Sarge's gun     |   0  |   4  |   0  |   0  |
            | Shell clip      |   0  |   4  |   0  |   0  |
            | Shell box       |   0  |  20  |   0  |   0  |
            | Shotgun         |   0  |   8  |   0  |   0  |
            | Rocket          |   0  |   0  |   1  |   0  |
            | Rocket box      |   0  |   0  |   5  |   0  |
            | Rocket launcher |   0  |   0  |   2  |   0  |
            | Cell pack       |   0  |   0  |   0  |  20  |
            | Energy charge   |   0  |   0  |   0  | 100  |
            | Plasma gun      |   0  |   0  |   0  |  40  |
            | BFG9000         |   0  |   0  |   0  |  40  |
            | Backpack +      |  10  |   4  |   1  |  20  |
            +: The first backpack doubles carrying capacity.

    *10-7*: How many enemies are in the entire game?

    These charts depict the amount of enemies contained in DOOM I and DOOM II. These only pertain to single-player, Ultra-Violence mode.

    *10-7-1*: DOOM I

    *10-7-1-1*: The entire game

                      Episode         1     2     3      Total
                      Humans          214   60    37    = 311
                      Sergeants       281   54    91    = 426
                      Imps            277   275   167   = 719
                      Demons          90    158   141   = 389
                      Spectres        63    15    36    = 114
                      Lost Souls      0     113   129   = 242
                      Cacodemons      0     50    76    = 126
                      Barons of Hell  2     17    18    = 37
                      Cyberdemons     0     1     1     = 2
                      Spiderdemon     0     0     1     = 1
                      TOTAL           927   743   697   = 2367

    The following charts display the amount of enemies per level and per episode, in Ultra-Violence mode.

    *10-7-1-2*: Knee Deep in the Dead

             Level          1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9
             Humans         9    53   28   22   28   22   47   0    5
             Sergeants      16   8    47   16   46   57   56   6    29
             Imps           4    18   47   36   31   57   39   5    40
             Demons         0    0    7    11   12   20   7    18   15
             Spectres       0    0    2    0    14   22   1    10   14
             Barons of Hell 0    0    0    0    0    0    0    2    0

    *10-7-1-3*: Shores of Hell

             Level          1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9
             Humans         15   0    18   2    14   11   0    0    0
             Sergeants      10   0    1    6    22   11   4    0    0
             Imps           14   82   27   27   40   39   46   0    0
             Demons         11   19   17   17   26   35   33   0    0
             Spectres       1    2    2    2    0    3    5    0    0
             Lost Souls     0    12   14   11   26   30   0    20   0
             Cacodemons     3    0    6    11   6    9    5    0    10
             Barons of Hell 0    0    4    4    3    2    0    0    4
             Cyberdemon     0    0    0    0    0    0    0    1    0

    *10-7-1-4*: Inferno

             Level          1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9
             Humans         0    6    0    22   0    7    2    0    0
             Sergeants      0    11   1    18   0    18   9    0    34
             Imps           18   0    34   26   35   36   0    0    18
             Demons         5    8    14   53   33   6    17   0    5
             Spectres       0    11   4    5    2    4    0    0    10
             Lost Souls     0    36   14   21   13   32   9    0    4
             Cacodemons     3    8    2    13   6    22   9    2    11
             Barons of Hell 0    0    2    3    5    1    1    1    5
             Cyberdemon     0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    1
             Spiderdemon    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    1    0

    *10-7-2* DOOM II

    *10-7-2-1*: Levels 1-11

              Level               1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  10  11
    	  Human              10  22  15   6  16   2   .   .   8  71   8
    	  Sargeant            .  50  20  15  25  30   .   5  38  31  12
    	  Chaingunner         .   .   9  10  11  11   .   .  17   4   4
    	  Imp                17  16  22  20  54  44   .  55 103  95  13
    	  Demon               .   2   8   1   1   7   .  43   9  31   1
    	  Spectre             .   .   4   3   7  11   .   3   5  10  12
    	  Lost soul           .   .   .   .   6   2   .   2  33  18   9
    	  Cacodemon           .   .   .   .   3   .   .  11   6   .  10
    	  Hell Knight         .   .   .   .   1   2   .   .   4   .   2
    	  Baron of Hell       .   .   .   .   .   .   .  20   .   .   .
    	  Arachnotron         .   .   .   .   .   .  12   .   .   7   3
    	  Pain Elemental      .   .   .   .   .   .   .   4  10   7   4
    	  Revenant            .   .   .   .   .   4   .   .   .   4   1
    	  Mancubus            .   .   .   .   .   .   7   .   5   .   .
    	  Arch-Vile           .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   1
    	  Spider-demon        .   .   .   .   .   1   .   .   .   .   .
    	  Cyber-demon         .   .   .   .   .   .   .   1   .   1   .
    	  Total              27  90  78  55 124 114  19 144 238 279  80

    *10-7-2-2*: Levels 12-22

              Level              12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  21  22
    	  Human               .   .  12  44   .   9   1  16   .   .   .
    	  Sargeant           15   .  20  43   .  24  28  10  13  19   .
    	  Chaingunner         9   .  17  17   .  22   .   .  12  11  25
    	  Imp                44  72  23  42  97  36  58 101  22  76  18
    	  Demon               .  15   .   .   4   .  43  36   .   .   3
    	  Spectre             .   2   3   .   4  11  21  27   .   3   7
    	  Lost soul           9  16   6   9   .   .   .  10   9   .   .
    	  Cacodemon          16  10   .  11  25  13  19   6  11   .   .
    	  Hell Knight         .   .   .   3   .   1   5   .   1   6   .
    	  Baron of Hell       1   .   .   2   .   .   .   .   1   .   1
    	  Arachnotron         6   6   1   1   .   2   .   2   .   .   .
    	  Pain Elemental      .   .   .   6   .   4   .   .   5   2   .
    	  Revenant            .   4   1   .  14   2   2   .   2   4   2
    	  Mancubus            9   1   .   .  15   .   1   .   .   3   .
    	  Arch-Vile           .   .   1   .   2   1   .   .   2   .   .
    	  Spider-demon        .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   1   .   .
    	  Cyber-demon         .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   1   .   .
    	  Total             109 126  84 178 161 125 178 208  80 124  56

    *10-7-2-3*: Levels 23-32

              Level              23  24  25  26  27  28  29  30  31  32  Tot
    	  Human               .   .  17   .  18   3  13   .   .   .  291
    	  WolfSS              .   .   .   .   .   .   .   . 128  28  156
    	  Sargeant            .   .  35   2  22   5  21   .   .   .  483
    	  Chaingunner        17  25  10  14  11   6  11   .   .   .  273
    	  Imp                31  46  24  27  21  24  22   .   .   . 1223
    	  Demon              28  56   .   .  16   6   .   .  21   .  331
    	  Spectre             .   8   6   1   9  17   1   .   .   .  175
    	  Lost soul           .  16   4  29   7  12   .   .   .   .  197
    	  Cacodemon           .   8   .  23   .   1  15   .   .   .  188
    	  Hell Knight         9   6   2   .  21   7   5   .   .   .   75
    	  Baron of Hell       .   .   .   2   1   .   3   .   .   .   31
    	  Arachnotron         7   .   1   .   4  12   .   .   .   .   64
    	  Pain Elemental      6   .   3   .   4   5   4   .   .   .   64
    	  Revenant            4   .   1   .  21  17   6   1   .   .   90
    	  Mancubus            1   2   .   3  13   2   4   .   .   .   66
    	  Arch-Vile           2   .   1   .   2   4   1   .   .   .   17
    	  Spider-demon        1   .   .   .   .   2   .   .   .   .    5
    	  Cyber-demon         .   .   .   .   .   .   1   .   .   1    5
    	  Boss Brain          .   .   .   .   .   .   .   1   .   .    1
    	  Total             106 167 104 101 170 123 107   2 149  29 3735

    [10-8]: How many shots does it take to kill each enemy?

    Here is a chart that show that amount of each kind of ammunition it takes to kill enemies. This chart pertains to Ultra-Violence mode.
     |                        Chapter [10-7] Chart                     |
     |                        Ultra-Violence Mode                      |
     | Monster | BULL | SHOT | ROCK | CELL | 9000 | CACO | BARN | REVN |
     | Player  |  10  |   2  |  ~2  |   5  |   1  |   7  |   4  |   3  | +
     | Human   |   2  |   1  |   1  |   1  |   1  |   2  |   1  |   1  |
     | Sergeant|   3  |   1  |   1  |   2  |   1  |   2  |   1  |   1  |
     | SS guard|   5  |   1  |   1  |   3  |   1  |   4  |   2  |   2  | *
     | Imp     |   6  |   1  |   1  |   3  |   1  |   4  |   2  |   2  |
     | CG Dude |   7  |   1  |   1  |   4  |   1  |   5  |   3  |   2  | * 
     | Demon   |  14  |   2  |   1  |   7  |   1  |  10  |   5  |   4  |
     | Spectre |  14  |   2  |   1  |   7  |   1  |  10  |   5  |   4  |
     | Souls   |  10  |   2  |   1  |   5  |   1  |   7  |   4  |   3  |
     | Revenant|  30  |   5  |   2  |  15  |   1  |  22  |  10  |   8  | *
     | Cacodmn.|  36  |   6  |   2  |  18  |   1  |  27  |  14  |  10  |
     | Pain El.|  40  |   6  |   2  |  20  |   1  |  27  |  14  |  10  | *
     | Arachno.|  50  |   8  |   3  |  25  |   1  |  34  |  17  |  12  | *
     | Knight  |  50  |   8  |   3  |  25  |   1  |  34  |  17  |  12  | *
     | Mancubus|  60  |   9  |   3  |  30  |   1  |  40  |  20  |  15  | *
     | Archvile|  70  |  10  |   4  |  35  |   1  |  50  |  24  |  18  | *
     | Barons  | 100  |  15  |   5  |  50  |   1  |  67  |  34  |  25  |
     | Cyberdm.| 400  |  58  |  20  | 200  |   3  | 267  | 134  | 100  |
     | Spiderd.| 300  |  43  |  15  | 150  |   2  | 200  | 100  |  75  |

    Note: This chart pertains to direct hits only. Missed shots increase the amount of ammunition required to kill any enemy. The last three columns relate to missiles fired by monsters. Imps and Lost Souls do the same damage as single bullets.

    *: Monster only found in DOOM II.
    +: This regards a player at 100% strength. Again, missed shots increase the amount.

    (10-9): Which enemies will attack each other?

    Projectile monster attacks do not hurt other monsters of the same species. For example, Imp fireballs do not hurt other Imps, but do hurt other monsters. Baron green plasma does not hurt other barons, Cacodemon gasballs don't hurt other Cacodemons, and Cyberdemons are immune to their own rockets.

    Bullet attacks are fair game for all. Troopers, Sergeants, and Spiderdemons all kill their own kind cheerfully.

    Scratching and biting attacks are hard to misdirect but it does happen, and when it does, Demons will happily go after each other, as will Spectres.

    Last but not least, Lost Souls who hit each other will duke it out to the finish.


    CHAPTER *11*: What is DOOM add-on software and where can I get it?

    DOOM add-on software is software, not made by id Software, that modifies, changes, or helps you with your game when playing DOOM. Some examples are cheating utilities, map editors, and sound editors. This software is in no way endorsed by id, and neither id Software nor myself take any responsibility for any problems you have with this software. DO NOT contact id regarding any of this software. Most of this software will not work on the shareware version of DOOM, by request from id Software. Most of this software is available from these sites unless specified otherwise.
    FTP # (1) ftp.orst.edu /pub/doom/<directory_name_here>
           +  ftp.uwp.edu /pub/msdos/games/id/home-brew/doom/<dir>
           +  empires.stanford.edu /pub/<directory_name>/<directory_name>
           +  ftp.uni-erlangen.de /pub/pc/msdos/games/ID/DOOM-stuff/<dir>
    FTP (2) wuarchive.wustl.edu /pub/MSDOS_UPLOADS/games/doomstuff/<dir>
    BBS (3) Software Creations (508)-365-2359 (2400 baud)
                               (508)-368-7036 (9600-14.4k v.32bis)
                               (508)-368-4137 (14.4k16.8k HST/DS)
    BBS + (4) Game Palace (305)-587-4258
    BBS + (6) 8N1 (407)-438-1568

    +: This site is a mirror of (1)
    #: ftp.orst.edu is a temporary site to replace the old DOOM site until a new permanent site can be found.

    *11-1* If I don't have FTP access, how can I get these files?

    Call one of the BBSs listed in Chapter [11].

    CHAPTER [12]: What cheating utilities have been made for DOOM?

    This chapter describes utilities that have been created to help people cheat at DOOM. Due to the recent release of v1.666 of DOOM, there are currently no save game editors that work with the new save game format. Please E-mail me if you have created one!

    CHAPTER [13]: What add-on software allows me to alter DOOM?

    [13-1]: BSP v1.2x


    A 100% working nodes builder which builds the correct BSP nodes and blockmap data for any WAD file.


    Colin Reed (colin@argonaut.com)


    Site (1): wad_edit/node-build/bsp12x.zip

    *13-2*: DEHACKED v2.1


    DEHACKED allows modification of the DOOM.EXE file. This makes it possible to create new weapons, new monsters, many special-effects, and much more. Works will all versions of DOOM and DOOM II.


    Greg Lewis (gregory.lewis@umich.edu)


    Site (1): wad_edit/doomhack/dhe21.zip

    (13-3) Deframed v1.0


    Deframed v1.0 is a utility used to extract the frame table from the registered version of the DOOM.EXE. Patch files can be created in text or binary format, edited and written back to DOOM.EXE.


    Chris Gillespie (gilles2@hubcap.clemson.edu) AVAILABLE AT:
    Site (1): wad_edit/doomhack/dfram10.zip

    *13-4*: DEU v5.3


    A map editor to create brand new levels for DOOM or edit existing ones. Includes manual, tutorial, and complete source code. Widely considered THE DOOM level editor.

    Note: v5.3 of DEU was not available at time of writing, but should be available very soon after.


    Raphael Quinet (quinet@montefiore.ulg.ac.be)


    Site (1): wad_edit/editors/deu53.zip
    Site (2): deu53.zip

    *13-5*: DMapEdit v3.01


    A full DOOM map editor which allows editing of DOOM level components.


    Jason Hofoss (hoffo002@gold.tc.umn.edu)


    Site (1): wad_edit/editors/dme301.zip
    Site (2): maped30.zip

    [13-6]: DMAUD v1.1


    DMAUD will store sounds into or extract sounds from DOOM.WAD files distributed with DOOM versions 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2. In addition, DMAUD will play the sound if a SoundBlaster compatible sound card is present. DMAUD v1.1 also has the ability to create PWAD files.
    Input files can be any format (.AU, .VOC, .WAV, .SND, etc) and any sample rate; they will be converted as necessary.


    Bill Neisius (bill@solaria.hac.com)


    Site (1): wad_edit/misc/dmaud11.zip
    Site (2): dmaud11.zip

    [13-6-1]: DMFE v0.0.1


    DMFE provides a simple front-end to Bill Neisius' excellent utility, DMAUD, which allows you to alter the sound files used in DOOM.


    Douglas Reedy (welch@zaphod.mps.ohio-state.edu)


    Site (1): dmfe001.zip

    [13-7]: DMGRAPH v1.1


    Allows importing and exporting of graphics for DOOM. v1.0 allows usage of PPM or GIF graphic files in 320x200x256 format.


    Bill Neisius (bill@solaria.hac.com)


    Site (1): wad_edit/misc/dmgrap11.zip
    Site (2): dmgrap11.zip

    [13-8]: DMMUSIC v1.0a


    DMMUSIC allows importing and exporting of MUS files with IWAD and PWAD files.


    Bill Neisius (bill@solaria.hac.com)


    Site (1): wad_edit/misc/dmmus10a.zip

    *13-9*: DOOMCAD v4.3 and v5.0


    DOOMCAD is a "state-of-the-art" DOOM map editor for Windows. Allows creations of levels from scratch, three dimensional previewing, drag-and-drop editing, and fairly good handling of nodes.

    Note: v4.3 works only on DOOM I while v5.0 works only on DOOM II.


    Matt Tagliaferri (matt.tagliaferri@pcohio.com)


    Site (1): /wad_edit/editors/dmcad43.zip and wad_edit/editors/dmcad43.zip
    Site (2): dmcad43.zip and dmcad50.zip

    [13-10]: DOOM Color Changer


    This program modifies the DOOM.WAD files' player pictures. This allows you to change the way other players are viewed in a multi-player game. If you are playing a cooperative game, you can make the players white so they stand out and you can avoid hitting them by accident. Or, you can make the players dark colors so that a deathmatch game can be more difficult. This program will only work on the registered DOOM v1.2 or above.


    Douglas Leininger (72773.245@compuserve.com)


    Site (1): misc/doomcc.zip

    *13-11*: DOOM Construction Kit v1.1a


    An easy to use DOOM map editor. Many functions allow the automating of texture placement.


    Bill Morris (bmorris@amtsgi.bc.ca)


    Site (1): wad_edit/editors/dck11a.zip

    [13-12]: DOOMDump v0.9


    Dumps out all structures contained in a WAD file to a text file.


    Steve Simpson (ssimpson@world.std.com)


    Site (1): wad_edit/misc/dmdump09.zip

    [13-13]: DOOM Editor - The Real Thing v2.60b4


    A DOOM map editor which allows map changes, bitmap viewing, and sound importing and exporting. Very little knowledge of DOOM WAD structure needed. Requires Windows v3.1.


    Unknown name (pringler@cuug.ab.ca)


    Site (1): wad_edit/editors/de_260b4.zip
    Site (2): de_260b4.zip

    *13-14*: DOOMLaunch v1.00


    • Menu-driven access to ALL DOOM options.
    • Fully supports multi-player games
    • Handles up to 750 external WAD files
    • WADs are compressed with PKZIP until they are needed
    • Allows 6 separate saved games for each WAD
    • Allows assignment of rating and description to WADs
    • WADs can be separated in up to 250 groups
    • Keeps track of date/time/elapsed time WAD was played
    • WAD statistics (number of monsters, ammo, weapons)
    • Built in map viewer


    Keith Cohen (viper@mercury.interpath.net)


    Site (1): multi_player/dl100.zip

    [13-15]: DOOMTOOL


    A collection of two utilities: SND.EXE allows a sound to be put into a PWAD file. CAT.EXE allows two PWAD files to be merged into a third.


    Unknown Name (jdooley@ugcs.caltech.edu)


    Site (1): wad_edit/misc/doomtool.zip
    Site (2): doomtool.zip

    [13-16]: DOPE v1.2


    DOPE is a DOOM Object Placement Editor. This program will allow you to completely edit object placement in all levels.


    Chris Carollo (ccarollo@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu)


    Site (2): dope12.zip

    *13-17*: EdMap v1.23


    Popular and powerful DOOM map editor. This is one of the few current map editors that works on both DOOM and DOOM II.


    Jeff Rabenhorst (araya@wam.umd.edu)


    Site (1): wad_edit/editors/edmap123.zip

    [13-18]: IDBSP v1.0


    Id Software's BSP node builder ported to DOS.


    Ron Rossbach (ej070@cleveland.freenet.edu)


    Site (1): wad_edit/node-build/idbsp10.zip

    [13-19]: Jumble v3.0


    JUMBLE is a DOOM item randomizer; it randomly places, objects, enemies, and powerups in new locations.
    Some useful features include savable configuration files, object weighting, removal of items, retention of items, and netDOOM compatibility. Also reads RanDOOM v1.x .W files.
    The optional add-on archive includes many different already created .JBL files for immediate playability.


    Productions (joakim.erdfelt@swsbbs.com)


    Site (1): random/jumble30.zip and random/jumble3s.zip
    Site (2): jumble30.zip and jumble3s.zip
    Site (3): jumble30.zip and jumble3s.zip

    [13-20]: MDE: My DOOM Editor v0.90b


    Allows modification of DOOM levels, including object placement, light levels, floor and ceiling heights, secret areas, acid damage, blinking lights, crushing ceilings, moving platforms, teleports, and more. Not a complete level structure editor.


    Patrick Steele (Unknown address)


    Site (1): wad_edit/editors/mde90b1.zip
    Site (2): mde90b1.zip

    [13-21]: Move Level v2.0


    Move Level allows modification of the episode and mission number in a DOOM PWAD file.


    Steve Stimpson (ssimpson@world.std.com)


    Site (1): wad_edit/misc/movelev2.zip

    [13-22]: MUS2PWAD v1.0


    Places MUS files into PWAD files.


    Wirta Wiriyan (kosasih@cae.wisc.edu)


    Site (1): music/mus2pwad.zip

    [13-23]: NodeNav v0.8


    Allows observation of the geometry of the nodes structure for a particular DOOM level.


    Frank Palazzolo (palazzol@msen.com)


    Site (1): wad_edit/node-build/nodenav.zip
    Site (2): nodenav.zip

    [13-24]: RanDOOM v1.65


    RanDOOM is a utility which will randomize the placement of objects in the DOOM playfield. Additionally, RanDOOM has some smarts and fixes major problems that other randomizers have. RanDOOM allows you to tailor its randomizing to your personal taste. RanDOOM has the capability to randomize and create PWAD files as well.


    Scott Coleman: ASRE Software (tmkk@uiuc.edu)


    Site (1): random/rdoom165.zip
    Site : rdoom165.zip

    [13-25]: REJECT v1.0


    REJECT.EXE is a command line based utility used for building the REJECT resource in a DOOM PWAD file. It post-processes a PWAD which has been created using a level editor such as DEU. Its main purpose is to speed up slow PWAD files by reducing the number of line-of-sight calculations performed by the DOOM engine.


    L. M. Witek (lee@trousers.demon.co.uk)


    Site (1): wad_edit/misc/reject10.zip

    [13-26]: Renegade Graphics DOOMED v1.1c/e


    Allows advanced DOOM map editing and has been used by many PWAD creators. Allows modification and creation of PWAD files. Includes detailed documentation. A v2.0 upgrade is expected soon which should add many new features.
    Note: The newest registered version is v1.1e. Registration is $25 US.


    Joe Pantuso (73633.2517@compuserve.com)


    Site (1): wad_edit/editors/rgde11cs.zip
    Renegade Graphics BBS: (615)-337-9198

    [13-27]: RENWAD


    Allows modification of the episode and mission number in a DOOM PWAD file.


    ASRE Software (tmkk@uiuc.edu)


    Site (1): wad_edit/misc/renwad.zip

    *13-28*: UltEd v1.00b


    A DOOM map editor similar to DEU v5.2. This editor is unique because it runs under OS/2.


    Peter Ott (pott@cate.ryerson.ca)


    Site (1): wad_edit/editors/ulted.zip

    [13-29]: VERDA v0.20


    With VERDA, you can move THINGs around the map and change them to other things. You can change LINE triggers, SIDE image selection, SECTOR image selection, floor heights, ceiling heights, sector actions (raising/lowering, etc.), and properties (acid/blinking lights, etc.) You can graphically see which lines trigger which sectors, and change this. You can display the NODE information graphically, but it cannot currently be edited.


    Mike Carter (verda@swri.edu)
    Robert Fenske
    Bob Robinson


    Site (1): `wad_edit/old_edit/verda020.zip

    [13-30]: VERDA Node Builder v1.05


    Builds nodes in a PWAD file.


    Robert Fenske (rfenske@swri.edu)


    Site (1): wad_edit/node-build/vbsp1050.zip

    *13-31*: WADEd v1.42


    WADED was designed to be an easy and decent DOOM map editor. It is completely mouse controlled, and run from DOS. The obvious goal was to write a good editor, so people would be able to create some good new DOOM levels from scratch that could be distributed in small patch .WAD (PWAD) files.


    Matthew Ayres (ayres@cdrom.com)


    Site (1): wad_edit/editors/waded142.zip

    [13-32]: WAD Extended Tools v1.0


    Allows viewing and hex editing of WAD resources such as pictures, textures, color maps, and more.


    Unknown Name (vels@aldan.cs.biu.ac.il)


    Site (1): wad_edit/misc/ewt.zip

    [13-33]: WAD Hacker v2.0


    WAD Hacker is a DOOM WAD file resource viewer. Allows viewing of all graphical resources. BMPs can be generated from any graphic and PWAD files can be produced from any level.


    Roger Hayes (roger_hayes@stortek.com)


    Site (1): wad_edit/misc/wadhak.zip

    [13-34]: WADMASTER v0.5


    Allows adding and removing of THINGS in DOOM levels. Also displays NODES, SSECTORS, and SEGS.




    Site (1): wad_edit/old_edit/wdmstr05.zip
    Site (2): wdmstr05.zip

    [13-35]: WADNAME


    WADNAME is a utility which will display the episode and mission number of all replacement levels contained in a given WAD file.


    ASRE Software (tmkk@uiuc.edu)


    Site (1):

    [13-36]: Wads_Up v1.1


    Wads_Up is basically a THING editor. It allows you to move objects, graphics, enemies, around a level.


    Gary Whitehead (gary@stek.demon.co.uk)


    Site (1): wad_edit/editors/wadsup11.zip

    [13-37]: WAD Tools v1.0


    WAD Tools is a freeware program to be used with id Software's phenomenal action game, DOOM. It is designed to let any curious individual peruse the contents of the DOOM WAD file. Anyway, WAD Tools will let you do any number of operations on the resources in the WAD file. You can view it in hex mode, or if it's a graphic resource, you can view it in 320x200x256 VGA mode. You can also export it to a file (an LBM if it's a graphic resource), or replace it by importing a file. And, if you're really brave, you can export all the resources in the WAD file to individual files.


    Jeff Miller (atomicus@indirect.com)


    Site (1): wad_edit/misc/wt100.zip
    Site (2): wt100.zip

    CHAPTER [14]: What add-on data files exist for DOOM?

    *14-1*: Graphics

    Here is a catalog of various graphics collections available for DOOM. Bill Neisius' DMGRAPH v1.1 or a similar utility is often needed to import many of these into DOOM and DOOM II.


    Site (1): /graphics/(filename)
    Site (1): /starwars/(filename) (Star Wars related)
    Site (1): /aliens/(filename) (Aliens related)
    FILE         DESCRIPTION             CREATOR
    ====         ===========             =======
    alien-tc.zip Creates Aliens DOOM     Olivier Montanuy (montanuy@dmi.ens.fr)
    aliens-x.zip Redo of Aliens patch    Unknown
    aliens-x.zip Aliens levels           David Lobser (lobser@csn.org)
    angels  .zip Sargeants have wings    Sam Lantinga (slouken@cs.ucdavis.edu)
    babydoll.zip Troopers are baby dolls Unknown Name (fey@cyberspace.org)
    barn3d21.zip 3-D Barney the Dinosaur David Lobser (lobser@csn.org)
    baron_1 .zip Preview of DOOM T-shirt Teery Greenlaw (greenlaw@crl.com)
    bdoom   .zip Barney the Dinosaur     Bill Neisius (bill@solaria.hac.com)
    bigcacos.zip Super Cacodemons        Jim Hendrickson (jhendric@acs.bu.edu)
    bny3dwad.zip WAD version of Bunny    David Lobser (lobser@csn.org)
    borg    .zip Sargeants are Borg      Unknown (p.magnussen@auckland.ac.nz)
    bright  .zip Turns up lighting       Atul Varma (atulv@bronze.coil.com)
    brn-cln .zip Barney/Clinton combo    Robbie (teegarde@ucssun1.sdsu.edu)
    brn3dwad.zip WAD version of Barney   David Lobser (lobser@csn.org)
    bunny3d .zip 3-D Energizer Bunny     David Lobser (lobser@csn.org)
    chook   .zip Rockets are chickens    David Biggs (dbiggs@yoyo.cc.monash.edu.au)
    chookexe.zip Creats Chook DOOM       Sam Lantinga (slouken@cs.ucdavis.edu)
    chungang.zip Gory new graphics       Unknown
    clin-wad.zip Clinton DOOM WAD        Robbie Teegarden
    clintn20.zip Clinton DOOM w/ sound   See above
    clinton .zip Clinton DOOM            Adrian Hayes (ahayes@pacifier.rain.com)
    coolskys.zip New skies for DOOM      Nathan Mielcare
    CRAZDOOM.ZIP Imps wear bikinis       Unknown
    crystld2.zip Enemies are "clear"     Unknown (brianf@halcyon.com)
    custard .zip Custard Pie Launcher    Bernhard (kotzen@itu.sun.ac.za)
    dalek3d .zip Imps are Daleks         David Lobser (lobser@csn.org)
    dalek-3 .zip Imps are Daleks         Unknown Name (rkimmel@u.washington.edu)
    dckscrn .zip Preview of DOOM constr- Ben Morris (bmorris@amtsgi.bc.ca)
    dckscrn2.zip Auction kit, coming soon Ben Morris (bmorris@amtsgi.bc.ca)
    doom4win.zip DOOM logos for Windows  "Nightcrawler"
    doommorf.zip Enemy FLI animation     Neal Miller (millen3@rpi.edu)
    eyeball .zip Cacodemon is eyeball    Unknown
    femdoom .zip Changes mugshot female  Lynn Forest (teejay@ccwf.cc.utexas.edu)
    fhum    .zip New sargeant deaths     Unknown
    frisb-dm.zip Rockets are frisbees    Chris Pimlott (pimlottc@shadowso.com)
    gdoom   .zip Cacodemons are George   Don Miller (conm@uidaho.edu)
    guy2sarg.zip Swaps Sargeants/Marines Dave Matteson (davematt@mail.msen.com)
    happy   .zip Makes DOOM peaceful     Dan Lottero (dlottero@bu.edu)
    headcdm .zip Pistol is Headcresher   Unknown
    icesky  .zip Skies/Glacier Bay, AL   Unknown
    imp2cyb .zip Imps are CyberDemons    Andrew Scott (raistlin@werple.apana.org.au)
    imp_grfx.zip Imps are more gory      Greg Gimsby (Unknown E-mail address)
    jagdoom .zip Jaguar DOOM preview     id Software (help@idsoftware.com)
    joltdoom.zip Monsters are skulls     Unknown
    lum     .zip Marine is "LUM"         Whisp (wafang@osiris.hmc.edu)
    macbar10.zip Barrels are Macintoshes Atul Varma (atulv@bronze.coil.com)
    movie10 .zip Aliens/Pred/Terminator  Werner Sphal
    myface  .zip Cacodemons are faces    Adrian Hayes (ahayes@pacifier.rain.com)
    nopent  .zip Removes pentagrams      Steve Simpson (ssimpson@world.std.com)
    pacdoom .zip Pacmen have invaded     Bill Neisius (bill@solaria.hac.com)
    pchan   .zip Plasma is P-Chan pig    Whisp (wafang@osiris.hmc.edu)
    penguins.zip Cacodemons are penguins Tim Collins (collinst@ee-wp.bham.ac.uk)
    redguy  .zip Marines are red/targets Unknown (daron@tyrell.net)
    righthnd.zip Fist is right-handed    Unknown
    rpgv1   .zip Rockets are RPGs        Josh Herndon (jherndon@vt.edu)
    sequence.zip New death sequences     Unknown Name (dryerson@botany.utoronto.ca)
    shotgun .zip New shotgun             Robert Allen (robbob2573@aol.com)
    skullb  .zip Alters Marine graphics  Unknown
    smiley-1.zip Cacodemons are smileys  Robbie Teegarden
    stars2  .zip Another sky replacement Unknown (pinder2@griffin.emba.uvm.edu) 
    stimpy_g.zip Monsters are enemies    Jussi Karjalainen
    stars   .zip Skies are star fractals Unknown (griffin.emba.uvm.edu)
    strooper.zip Sargeant->Stormtrooper  Phillip (p.magnussen@auckland.ac.nz)
    swatst  .zip CyberDemon is ATST      Howard Cohen (hsc5505@ritvax.isc.rit.edu)
    swdoc11 .zip Star Wars DOOM          "Action Jackson"
    swgfx2  .zip Cacodemons -> Probots   Mike C. (thomas@ug.cs.dal.ca)
    swgfx3  .zip Barrels -> R2D2         Mike C. (thomas@ug.cs.dal.ca)
    swgfx4  .zip Lost Souls ->           Mike C. (thomas@ug.cs.dal.ca)
                 Interrigator Droids
    swgfx5  .zip Baron -> Emperor guard  Mike C. (thomas@ug.cs.dal.ca)
    swgfxmo .zip All Star Wars patches   Manny Mendoza
    swlaser.zip Rockets -> Lasers       Jeff Johnston (brunner@gas.uug.arizona.edu)
    swlsaber.zip Chainsaw is lightsaber  Claude Martins
    swstuff .zip Star Wars title screen  Jeff Johnston (brunner@gas.uug.arizona.edu)
    techbar .zip Changes status bar      Josh Fallon
    toondm2 .zip Homer DOOM              Olivier Montanuy (montanuy@dmi.ens.fr)
    ufo     .zip Cacodemon is UFO        Unknown (r.a.snow@bra0110.wins.icl.co.uk)
    wolfdm_2.zip Wolfenstein enemies     Unknown Name (moss@plains.nodak.edu)
    yiggle  .zip Sargeants are "Yiggles" Joey Cato (cato@orion.etsu.edu)
    zebedee .zip Troopers are "Zebedees" Duncan Simpson (drsimpon@mh1.mcc.ac.uk)

    *14-2*: Missions

    There are simply too many add-on levels for DOOM to list them all here! However, a listing of the best DeathMatch WADs has been included. Do some of your own exploring to find your personal favorite missions.

    *14-2-1*: DOOM DeathMatch WAD Ranking


    Site (1): wads/<directory_name_here>/<filename>
    |                      DOOM DEATHMATCH WAD RANKING                        |
    |                      =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                        |
    |                  200+ WADS - Revision Date: 08/01/94                    |
    Compiled by: James Dicke & "Chainsaw Jim" Urbas

    About the authors:

    James Dicke jdicke@carroll1.cc.edu or EXEC-PC: JAMES DICKE

    - DOOM Fanatic. As an employee of the Virtual Gaming Center he finds time to talk to many doom-junkies that are not on the internet. It has been his hobby to collect all WAD's.

    Jim "Chainsaw" Urbas jimu@point.cs.uwm.edu

    DOOM Fanatic. Current projects: wc - Wad compiler; tool to help developers integrate new graphics into WAD files. Deathmatch Compilations DM_xx_xx.ZIP; several 9 level episodes containing the best deathmatch maps, optimized for use in a single episode (namely: DMSMALL1 and DMSMALL2). Also working on a new solo episode with Brant Katkansky, author of NUCLEAR.WAD. Main area of interest is in adding additional graphics to doom missions.

    [SHAMELESS PLUG MODE ON]: The Virtual Gaming Center (Milwaukee, WI) use several networks of fast computers with 27" screens and special controllers (steering wheels, flight sticks, etc) to play multi-player games IN-PERSON. The VGC is also host to the Mid-West DOOM Tournaments. You may contact them at VGCenter@execpc.com or (414) 476-1514. Also, if you're into Magic: The Gathering, we sell and play it and also hold MTG tournies.
    Ratings Legend:
        G = Game Play               D = Design         # = Recommended Minimum
    How Fun And Addicting      How Interesting/Clever      Number Of Players
    -------------------------  ----------------------  ------------------------
    + = Play til Dawn          + = A Piece Of Art      6 = WAY TOO LARGE
    9 = Near Perfect           9 = Amazing             5 = Huntin' w/4 players
    8 = Great--Play 1-2 hrs    8 = Fascinating         4 = Hopin' w/4 players
    7 = Excellent--A favorite  7 = Interesting         3 = Hopin' w/3 players
    6 = Very Good--30-60 min   6 = Above Average       2 = Hopin' w/2 players
    5 = Average - Good         5 = Average             1 = A Frag every 10 sec
    4 = OK but flawed          4 = Below Average           even with 2 players
    3 = A diversion - 10 min.  3 = Poor                0 = WAY TOO SMALL
    2 = Boring after 2 min.    2 = Ugly
    1 = Painfully boring       1 = A Bad Joke          ? = Untested
    0 = Utter shit             0 = Vomit
    _ = Untested               _ = Untested
    T: Type      A=Action, H=Hunting, B=Both, -= Who knows
    W: Weapons   0=Pistol/Fists, 1=Shotgun, 2=Chain, 3=Rocket/Plasma 4=BFG
    M: Monsters  0=None, 1=A few, 2=Several, 3=Lots, 4=Big&Bad, 5=Barons/Cyber
      +G  means new graphics  +S means new sounds,      +M  new music was added
      +Cx Cooperative Exit    +T text background story  +D2 Deathmatch v2.0 ok
      -X  has no exit         -x has an unmarked exit
        G = Game Play                       T = Type (Action/Hunting/Both)
        D = Design                          W = Weapons at skill 1 (0-4)
        # = Recommended Minimum # Players   M = Monsters at skill 1 (0-5)
    G D Name      Map   Released  #T WM  Short Description and Comments
    - - --------  ----  --------  -- --  ----------------------------------------
    + 7 ledges    E1M1   4-20-94  2A 34  Tunnels around a main room
    + 6 shadows   E1M1   4-11-94  2A 40  2 small rooms connected w/halls -X
    + 5 house     E1M1   5-28-94  2A 40  Simple house design, no furniture -X
    9 9 markroom  E1M1   4-15-94  2A 30  Dark arena w/steps -x
    9 7 butt      E1M1   6-17-94  3B 44  Wood arena, shadow snipers +SM -X
    9 7 ihrke2    E1M1   7-22-94  2A 34  Pit w/ledges and crusher -x (dmihrke2.zip)
    9 7 peace     E1M1   5-18-94  2B 40  Based on Shadows
    9 6 cor81     E1M1   5-31-94  4A 40  Corridors w/side rooms. Invs walls -X
    9 6 tourney   E1M1   6-27-94  2B 30  Central court yard w/snipe zones
    9 5 corr2     E1M1   5-31-94  2A 40  VSml. Cross shaped. Light switch -X
    9 5 circle    E1M1   7-13-94  2A 30  A circle w/guns in outside doorways. -X
    9 5 hitmeinf  E1M1   7-20-94  2B 31  One lrg oval room w/obsticals -X
    9 _ lavapit   E1M1   7-27-94  2B 45  Sqr. rooms w/halls & lova moat
    8 8 core      E1M1   5-30-94  4B 34  Vbig, square/symmetrical +G
    8 8 train2    E1M1   9-08-94  2B 44  2 lrg rooms, outer ledge, halls, snips +D2
    8 7 buttv2    E1M1   7-19-94  3B 45  Updated version of BUTT for +D2
    8 7 ledges3   E1M1   6-07-94  2A 34  2 rooms w/ledges, stairs, & elevators
    8 7 shadows3  E1M1   5-17-94  2A 40  Updated shadows, cute- less playable
    8 6 e2m1_joe  E2M1   7-14-94  2B 30  Three large elevators w/connecting halls
    8 6 nova      E1M1   5-12-94  2A 32  Arena in outer ring. Passable walls -x
    8 6 styx      E1M1   6-15-94  2A 30  Court yard w/bridge & sniper halls
    8 5 fragday   E1M1   7-03-94  2A 40  Several big rooms, stairs, yard
    8 5 ihrke1    E1M1   7-22-94  2A 44  Like "dthbox.wad" -x (dmihrke1.zip)
    8 5 stream    E3M1   7-01-94  3A 40  Compound built around a stream -x
    8 6 facelift  E1M1   7-25-94  3B 40  Elevators w/center room & teleporters
    8 4 ledges2   E1M1   5-17-94  2A 34  Like Ledges, sloppy
    8 3 dthbox    E1M1   5-04-94  2A 40  VSml room w/ TonsOweapons on pillars
    8 _ 1kdeaths  E1M1   9-25-94  2A __  Central room w/teleporters & snipers
    8 _ 21jpxfir  E2M1   9-15-94  2A __  A few halls & steps
    8 _ bean      E1M1   9-25-94  3B __  Corridors & small dark rooms
    8 _ castle    E1M1   8-24-94  3A __  Castle like area w/self moving elevators
    8 _ cybrdeth  E1M1   8-25-94  2A __  Large square room w/pilars
    8 _ dietdoom  E1M1   9-10-94  3B __  Multi-building/room w/outside, teleports
    8 _ dmcath24  E1M1  10-03-94  3A 42  Central cathedral w/halls & elevators +Cx
    8 _ deatday3  E1M3   9-25-94  2B __  2 main rooms w/teleporters
    8 _ ihrke4    E1M1   8-01-94  2B 45  Several lrg rooms (dmihrke4.zip)
    8 _ jeff19a   E1M9   7-26-94  2B 30  Several circle rooms w/yard. LotsOammo
    8 _ jhkdth1   E1M1   9-25-94  3B __  Warehouse maze
    8 _ joi-cm1   E2M1   8-13-94  __ 4_  Snipes, lrg castle-ish. (HOM)
    8 _ peace_20  E1M1   7-18-94  2B 40  Updated version of PEACE for +D2
    8 _ steels    E1M1   8-13-94  3B __  Circle w/maze & sniper zones
    8 _ zrat      E1M1   8-03-94  3B 35  Castle-ish *G -x
    7 + maverick  E2M1   6-03-94  3B 23  Little ammo, Multi-Theme Map +Cx
    7 9 bludlust  E2M1   5-12-94  4H 45  Tall center room, plus shaped
    7 9 markrm3   E1M1   6-13-94  2A 22  Staircases -x
    7 9 mav2d     E1M1   8-09-94  2B __  Center room w/outer halls
    7 8 bludlst2  E1M9   5-20-94  4H 43  Star shaped, lots of suicide
    7 8 draco1    E2M1   7-22-94  4H 45  Cross halls, Elevators, & Teleporters
    7 8 jadml1m1  E1M1   4-07-94  2A 21  Dark central room w/sniper points -x
    7 8 lurker    E2M1   7-24-94  3B 30  Circles w/1 way walls & halls +D2
    7 8 pentadth  E2M1   7-01-94  5B 30  5 Large Rooms w/ledges & elevators -X
    7 8 tnplhome  E1M1   6-03-94  3A 31  Someone's nice home w/furniture
    7 8 vampire5  E1M1   9-22-94  2B 50  Many connecting rooms/snipe spots
    7 7 bilbo11   E1M1   7-28-94  3B 45  Halls & rooms *M -x
    7 7 chase21a  E2M1   7-25-94  2B 40  Center building w/outside yard +G
    7 7 phrag21a  E1M1   7-25-94  4H 45  Several halls & lrg rooms (Nudes) +G
    7 6 chase     E1M1   7-01-94  2B 34  Center room w/side chambers
    7 6 ihrke5    E1M1   8-03-94  2B 35  Two lrg rooms w/halls (dmihrke5.zip)
    7 6 octafrag  E1M1   4-26-94  3B 12  Center elevators & snipe zones -X
    7 6 tncross2  E2M1   4-05-94  2A 33  *corrupt*  (Use DMSMALL1)
    7 6 town      E3M6   7-21-94  3H 45  Many buildings & walls
    7 6 ultima    E1M1   5-02-94  2A 31  1Rm, Suspended Cross -x
    7 5 clash     E1M1   5-23-94  2A 30  Symmetric w/center room, no Spec
    7 5 cwwad     E1M1   6-08-94  5A 33  VLrg. Center room. Pyramid. Berserks
    7 5 deathme   E3M1   6-06-94  2A 45  Large Sq w/pillars, barrels, windows +M
    7 5 duo_1     E1M1   4-29-94  2H 30  Square area w/outside corridor
    7 5 enigma    E1M1   7-30-94  2B 41  Center room w/elevators. Snipper zones
    7 5 hexxed    E1M1   6-06-94  2A 45  Caged Spider & Cyber -x
    7 5 show      E1M1   7-21-94  3H 35  Lrg hex room w/sniper zones
    7 5 swetdeth  E1M1   5-06-94  3B 35  Square room w/trench & hill
    7 5 trimatch  E1M1   7-20-94  2B 30  Three circles connected w/outer circle
    7 4 nasty11   E1M1   6-03-94  1A 21  Simple octagon w/weapons in center
    7 4 steps3    E1M1   3-30-94  3B 33  Multi-rooms & snipe windows
    7 2 t3        E1M1   6-25-94  1A 50  VSml. 4 doors, 4 rooms, 4 Weapons. -X
    7 _ auror12a  E1M2   7-29-94  3H 45  Lots of secrets, pillers, platforms
    7 _ ayrton_2  E1M1   8-08-94  2B __  small rooms w/short halls +D2
    7 _ carnage   E1M1   6-09-94  3B __  Four main rooms w/connecting halls
    7 _ dblcross  E2M2   8-08-94  2B __  Crusher, 8 outer circles. +D2
    7 _ dethday2  E1M2   9-25-94  3A __  Several large rooms
    7 _ free4all  E2M9   8-24-94  3B __  Central room w/long elevator & halls *M
    7 _ infinity  E1M1   9-12-94  3B __  Two central rooms w/long elevator & halls
    7 _ ledges4i  E1M1   8-24-94  __ __  Large room with ledges and teleports +D2
    7 _ maniac    E2M1   9-15-94  3B __  Few halls & small rooms & secrets
    7 _ madmax    E1M1  10-11-94  2A __  Circular room & teleporters -X
    7 _ megadeth  E2M7   9-25-94  2A __  1 room w/rockets
    7 _ octfrag2  E1M1  10-11-94  3B __  Several rooms w/shotguns +D2 +S
    7 _ ojsim1    E2M1   7-31-94  3B 40  Several rooms w/secret snipper zones
    7 _ pentadth  E1M1   9-25-94  3B __  Several pentagrams & halls w/secrets
    7 _ qwert7    E2M1   7-20-94  2A 31  Caverns and 1-way walls
    7 _ rot       E1M1   9-18-94  3B __  Central room w/passages & secrets
    7 _ slapme    E1M1   9-11-94  3B __  Big central square, snipers
    7 _ tkmaz14a  E1M4   7-29-94  2H 34  Twisty halls, hidden maze
    7 _ treedm1   E1M1  10-15-94  3B __  Several rooms & halls
    7 _ trunk     E1M1   8-09-94  3B __  Several lrg rooms, halls
    7 _ tourney2  E1M1  11-05-94  4B __  Designed for VGC Team Alt-Death Tourney
    6 9 lookout   E1M1   9-16-94  4H __  Halls & rooms +G
    6 9 mayan666  E1M1  10-17-94  3B __  Outside w/buildings & pyramids +G
    6 8 morehell  E1M1   5-06-94  4H 11  VBig.  Interconnected rooms. +Cx
    6 7 fragyou   E1M1   6-25-94  3A 22  Court yard w/stairs & elevators
    6 6 dethe1m1  E1M1   4-30-94  4A 31  A large house. +GM
    6 6 dethmaze  E1M1   7-13-94  4H 32  A maze w/some darkness & sniper zones
    6 6 spaz      E2M1   6-27-94  5H 45  2 Large Rooms, Perches & snipe zones
    6 6 spunk     E1M1   4-12-94  3B __  Several big rooms, TonsOammo
    6 6 the-keep  E1M1   5-08-94  4H 30  In the shape of a castle/moat/court
    6 5 gore1     E1M1   4-18-94  4A 30  Large cavernous rooms (maze like)
    6 5 speedoom  E1M1   6-20-94  2A 30  Square room w/teleporters (DM?)
    6 5 spiral    E2M1   4-20-94  4H 34  Room w/spiral stairs + small rooms
    6 5 theta-4   E1M1   5-14-94  4H 30  Outside arena. Large rooms. +G
    6 5 zzone     E1M1   4-20-94  2A 35  Big room w/perches
    6 4 dmaze     E1M1   7-01-94  4H 30  Dark large twisting caverns
    6 4 fig8      E1M1   7-23-94  2B 40  Figure 8 shaped.
    6 3 avrax     E3M4   6-08-94  5H 40  Paths & Arenas. TonsOAmmo -X
    6 3 death1    E1M1   5-04-94  0A 00  Itty bitty; distributed with DEATH9.ZIP
    6 3 grease    E3M1   6-24-94  2A 33  Inverted pyramid. One way-down
    6 _ area8     E1M1   9-10-94  3A __  Center arena w/ledges
    6 _ ash15a    E1M5   7-26-94  2H 45  Tons of small rooms w/doors
    6 _ batman    E2M1   7-24-94  4H 44  Lots of loops & shadows
    6 _ chain     E2M1   7-31-94  2B 30  LotsOchainsaws, drak areas, fake walls
    6 _ conquer   E3M1   9-25-94  4B __  Center outside room w/halls
    6 _ drkstair  E2M1   7-20-94  3B 34  Stair pit w/outer halls -x
    6 _ dthtown   E1M1   7-02-94  4B __  Streets & multi-level buildings
    6 _ elements  E1M1   9-04-94  2B __  Square rooms, snipers, central area
    6 _ garden    E1M1   9-05-94  __ __  Big rooms and hallways.
    6 _ horror    E1M1   7-15-94  4H 45  Halls & rooms -x
    6 _ led       E1M1   8-24-94  4H __  Halls & lrg room & ammo dump.
    6 _ mav2m1    E1M1   8-09-94  2A __  Circle room w/outside doors (HOM)
    6 _ maze      E1M1   7-31-94  3H 40  A simple maze w/all weapons -x +M
    6 _ m_rohe    E1M1   9-06-94  3B __  Mansion & swiming pool w/outside. +G
    6 _ night2-0  E1M8   9-25-94  3B __  Central room w/pillers +G +D2 -X
    6 _ nomercy   E1M1   8-01-94  3B 45  Multi-strange rooms -x +M
    6 _ pentgram  E1M2   9-15-94  4B __  Many rooms
    6 _ pip       E1M1   9-19-94  4B __  Large room w/ledges & invis walls -x
    6 _ pits13a   E1M3   7-29-94  3H 45  Inverted pyramid, platform, teleporters
    6 _ pueblo    E1M1   9-03-94  3B __  Multi-building w/outside. +G
    6 _ riana001  E1M1   7-30-94  3B _2  Rooms & elevators -X
    6 _ sniper    E1M1   9-15-94  __ __  Several rooms w/snipers & rockets
    6 _ tunnels   E1M2   7-21-94  2A 04  Butterfly shapped caverns w/teleports
    6 _ usq2      E1M1   9-25-94  3B __  Large building & outside area
    6 _ yes       E1M1   8-24-94  __ __  1 rectangle room, flashing lights.
    5 9 space     E1M2   5-27-94  2B 33  Several large room in outer space +GS -X
    5 9 the_grid  E2M1   5-20-94  4H 23  SLOW. Lots of nooks & crannies
    5 8 trench    E1M1   5-12-94  3A 21  Trenches to run around in outside
    5 7 markrm2   E2M1   6-13-94  3A 22  Veritical floor maze -x
    5 7 stadium   E1M1   6-25-94  __ __  Very simple; Looks like football stadium
    5 7 swig1     E1M1   7-01-94  5H 35  4 Rooms, 50 Rockets
    5 6 afro      E1M1   4-19-94  4H 23  Large Complex level
    5 6 flat-692  E1M1   6-07-94  2A 34  A house w/furniture & yard
    5 6 jadml1m1  E1M1   4-07-94  2B 22  Dark Ring w/Powerups
    5 6 warehse1  E1M1   6-13-94  5H 35  VBig. Boxes mazes & outside yard
    5 5 11bones   E1M1   4-11-94  4B 21  Center room w/halls & perches
    5 5 bigbro    E1M1   4-19-94  5H 23  Large rooms. One "god" player -x
    5 5 cross     E1M3   3-11-94  5H 34  Big complex w/many rooms
    5 5 dspiral   E2M1   1-26-94  2A 43  Arena & spiral stairs in center -x
    5 5 flash     E1M1   4-04-94  4H 14  Side rooms w/central pit & balcony -x
    5 5 frgfst21  E2M1   5-02-94  5H 21  Hex room, spiral stairs, big court yrd
    5 5 techbase  E1M1   5-31-94  4H 32  Large room w/crates + snipe zones -x
    5 5 urbnbeta  E1M1   6-06-94  4B 32  Several big houses & yards
    5 4 acheron   E1M3   6-10-94  4B 22  Many hex rooms & teleporters
    5 4 dodge     E1M1   6-29-94  2B 45  Very dark. Square chambers w/Barons
    5 4 jaredm11  E1M1   7-03-94  3B 40  Coliseum w/side halls & teleports
    5 4 xeno11    E1M1   5-24-94  5H 35  Many room complex w/outside area +G
    5 3 cantrun   E1M1   6-27-94  4H 50  VBig, TonsOWep Repetitive -X
    5 3 stolen    E2M1   7-01-94  4A 35  Based on Shadows. Bad lighting.
    5 2 quirul    E1M1   7-01-94  4A 12  Large warehouse w/halls -X
    5 2 rip2      E1M4   6-13-94  3B 30  Many caverns -X
    5 1 canyon    E2M1   6-08-94  4B 32  Twisty canyon
    5 _ altima    E2M5   8-07-94  4B __  Central room & strange rooms
    5 _ andy      E1M1   8-06-94  3H 40  Follow arrows, several lrg rooms -x
    5 _ circle_   E1M1   7-22-94  5H 35  Vlrg. interesting complex.
    5 _ choppas   E1M1   9-11-94  2B __  Room w/lifts & chainsaws -x
    5 _ dc        E1M1   8-24-94  4B __  Strange rooms
    5 _ death__   E1M1   7-26-94  __ 35  Super TonsOammo, Elevators
    5 _ dmarena1  E2M1   8-24-94  2A __  Big circle
    5 _ evil_e    E1M1   4-20-94  __ 35  Central arena w/off chutes. Few secrets.
    5 _ hunter    E1M1   9-15-94  4H __  Maze w/rooms
    5 _ kill      E1M1   7-22-94  4H 40  Open area, ledges, buildings
    5 _ maxfrag   E1M1   8-05-94  __ 31  Fast twisty halls, 2 rooms
    5 _ rip2      E1M1   7-16-94  __ 30  -x
    5 _ rip5      E1M3   7-16-94  __ 40  -x
    5 _ runaway   E1M1   9-15-94  4H __  Multi-room w/halls
    5 _ ry11ecr   E1M1  09-26-94  4H __  Large multi-room w/many doors -x
    5 _ scarves   E1M3   7-10-94  4H __  Corridors
    5 _ snipe99   E1M1   8-25-94  4H __  Big complex
    5 _ triangle  E1M1   8-19-94  4B __  Triangle room w/teleports & pilars
    5 _ zone      E1M1   9-09-94  4B __  Dark twisty halls w/outside +D2
    4 8 coloseum  E3M1   6-08-94  3A 35  Circular room. Outside Secrets
    4 8 deadzone  E1M1   6-07-94  5H 22  Arena & lift grid
    4 7 thekeep2  E1M1   5-15-94  4H 20  In the shape of a castle/moat/court
    4 7 9-to-5    E1M6   6-13-94  5H 35  Vlrg office building w/outside.
    4 6 dmat4     E1M1   7-01-94  3A 44  Large warehouse. LotsOBarrels
    4 5 freedom   E2M2   5-12-94  4H 33  Halls & large caverns interconnected
    4 5 sewer     E2M1   5-30-94  5H 32  Large open center circled by building
    4 5 stairs    E1M1   4-30-94  6H 35  VBig. Lots of rooms & stairs
    4 4 grrfy11   E1M1   4-16-94  3H 22  Large multi-room complex -x
    4 4 pyramid   E2M1   5-11-94  4H 34  Pyramid w/mazes. (DM?)
    4 4 quary11   E1M1   5-02-94  2A 33  Large pit w/trenches. -X
    4 4 rampage   E1M1   5-16-94  4H 33  Large complex w/many small rooms
    4 3 atica     E1M1   6-29-94  4H 12  Large maze w/outside area
    4 3 horror21  E2M1   5-28-94  4B 45  Multi-room complex
    4 2 pellejos  E1M1   7-01-94  3A 10  Large Square room w/outer ring -X
    4 _ abanware  E1M1   9-06-94  4B __  Central room & outside yard
    4 _ biosci    E1M1   7-22-94  5H 44  Outside yard w/Lrg. building
    4 _ convertm  E1M1   6-30-94  4H 13  Rooms w/cages, halls, elevators -x (HOM)
    4 _ dead      E1M1   9-15-94  3B __  Central room, "sticky" corners, secrets
    4 _ deathday  E1M1   9-15-94  4H __  Maze of rooms & halls -x
    4 _ diefast   E1M1   8-08-94  3H __  Halls
    4 _ eyespy    E2M2   9-15-94  3H __  Rooms w/many halls.
    4 _ fist_em   E1M1   8-31-94  4H __  Many rooms w/outside area. (Slow outside)
    4 _ gryblood  E2M2   7-20-94  4H 35  Bizaar floating building (DM?)
    4 _ hiding    E1M1   7-28-94  4H 34  Halls, Lrg rooms, traps, secrets
    4 _ holymoly  E2M3   7-20-94  2A 45  Huge circle arnea -x
    4 _ joi-ctc   E2M1   8-01-94  __ 43  Huge multi-level w/ledges & elevators
    4 _ kswood    E1M1   9-08-94  4H __  Huge outside w/some buildings +M
    4 _ phucked   E1M1   9-07-94  __ __  Central area w/lifts -x
    4 _ rip3      E1M2   7-16-94  __ 30  -x
    4 _ rip4      E1M1   7-16-94  __ 34  -x
    4 _ rip6      E3M1   7-16-94  __ 34  -x
    4 _ rip7      E1M5   7-16-94  __ 30  -X
    4 _ rip8      E1M3   7-16-94  __ 30  -x
    4 _ spaceshp  E1M1   9-25-94  5H __  Huge corridors & TonsO'Weapons
    4 _ spankme   E1M1   8-26-94  2B __  Room w/weapon pedistals
    4 _ techtemp  E2M1   8-24-94  3H __  Halls & rooms -X
    4 _ tour      E2M1   8-05-94  3H 42  Rooms & ledges. Unmarked teleports +M
    4 _ turbo     E1M1   7-14-94  3B 34  Multi-room with many suicide traps -x
    4 _ woodhal2  E1M1   9-12-94  4H __  Maze like halls
    4 _ wow       E1M4   8-17-94  __ __  Space rooms (nudes) +G
    3 9 thejoker  E1M1   8-09-94  4H __  TonsOswitches, traps. +M
    3 6 castle    E1M1   7-12-94  5H 33  VLrg. Castle layout w/outside & moat.
    3 6 longmtch  E2M1   4-21-94  4H 43  Lots of rooms, cages, secrets
    3 5 djg21-1a  E2M1   3-28-94  5B 45  Rooms connected by halls
    3 5 nitro2    E2M1   6-08-94  3H 23  Interconnecting rooms
    3 5 pleasure  E1M1   5-10-94  5B 15  Huge stadium w/bleachers & lot -x
    3 4 daemon2   E1M1   4-07-94  4H 25  Not a deathmatch specific.
    3 4 upliftng  E1M1   4-17-94  4H 25  Halls, pits, & trees
    3 3 hellbnd   E2M1   6-04-94  5H 30  Large multi-room complex
    3 3 jal_dm1   E1M1   5-10-94  3B 31  Several large court yards + teleports
    3 3 jeff-1-2  E1M2   3-24-94  4H 31  Large rooms some dark w/teleports
    3 3 rings     E1M1   6-19-94  2A 12  Sq. Rings around a central block
    3 2 dprison   E1M1   1-21-94  2A 45  All start in center room w/Baron
    3 1 arena     E1M1   4-08-94  6A 40  Biggest room ever- HOMs & equip -X
    3 _ bunka     E1M1   9-14-94  2B __  Dark arena
    3 _ ghostown  E1M2   9-25-94  5H __  Large barren town w/streets & buildings
    3 _ killer21  E2M1   9-15-94  4H __  Crushing walls, acid pits, secrets
    3 _ newday    E1M1   9-15-94  4H __  Room & halls
    3 _ murder2   E2M1   8-24-94  __ __  Huge.
    3 _ wwf       E1M1   7-27-94  2B 32  Arena & halls
    2 8 dethwalk  E2M1   4-11-94  2A 33  Planks on a green acid lake -X
    2 8 quatro    E1M1   6-14-94  4H 44  VBig multi-level complex w/outside
    2 4 lvnghell  E1M1   7-01-94  2H 33  Lots of large & weird rooms +M -X
    2 4 pillars   E1M1   2-18-94  3H 34  Pillar room, Outside circle
    2 4 sniper    E1M1   6-30-94  3H 32  Many connected rooms -x
    2 4 softhell  E2M1   6-14-94  4H 35  Very big complex. Too many monsters
    2 4 rock-it   E1M1   5-09-94  4H 35  Several Large rooms. Many Suicide
    2 _ base      E1M1   8-13-94  __ __  Huge mazes w/outside -x
    2 _ spoon!    E1M1   9-25-94  __ __  Acid w/thin walkways
    1 1 nitro1    E2M2   5-20-94  2A 30  Very small. Interconnected rooms.
    1 2 stewbeta  E1M1   9-07-78  5H 45  Outside lake & tower (lots of HOM)
    1 3 tnspires  E2M1   4-07-94  2A 10  4 tall pillars surround by acid
    1 _ escape    E1M1   8-05-94  __ __  Huge

    [14-2-2]: PWAD Authoring Template v1.4

    For all of you PWAD authors out there, here is the "Official" PWAD Authoring Template v1.4. When you release your PWAD, please fill this form out and place it in the information file you create about your PWAD. Thanks to Steve Bareman (bareman@hope.cit.hope.edu) for creating a WAD about file standard.
    WAD Authoring Template V1.4   (Clip this line)
    Title                   :
    Filename                : xxxx.WAD
    Author                  : Your name here
    Email Address           :
    Misc. Author Info       :
    Description             : Set the mood here.
    Additional Credits to   :
    * Play Information *
    Game                    : DOOM I/DOOM II/Both
    Episode and Level #     : ExMx (,ExMx,...)
    Single Player           : Yes/No
    Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes/No
    Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes/No
    Difficulty Settings     : Yes/Not implemented
    New Sounds              : Yes/No
    New Graphics            : Yes/No
    New Music               : Yes/No
    Demos Replaced          : None/1/2/3/All
    * Construction *
    Base                    : New level from scratch/Modified ExMx/xxx.WAD
    Editor(s) used          :
    Known Bugs              :
    * Copyright / Permissions *
    Authors (MAY/may NOT) use this level as a base to build additional
    (One of the following)
    You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
    no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
    format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file
    You MAY not distribute this WAD file in any format.
    You may do whatever you want with this file.
    * Where to get this WAD *
    FTP sites:
    BBS numbers:

    *14-3*: Sounds

    Here is a catalog of various sound collections available for DOOM. Bill Neisius' DMAUD v1.1 or similar utility is needed to import many of them into DOOM. Others are in PWAD format, which require the use of the command line:



    Site (1): sounds/(filename)
    FILE         DESCRIPTION             CREATOR
    ====         ===========             =======
    aliensnd.zip Aliens F/X and Music    Unknown
    aliens2 .zip Aliens movie            Unknown
    anime   .zip Anime sounds            Steve Chaney (gunhed@netcom.com)
    ash-doom.zip PWAD of doom-ash.zip    Unknown
    aoddoom .zip Army of Darkness        Unknown (flash@black.clarku.edu)
    aodsound.zip Army of Darkness        Marc Wensauer (w9b192@ugrad.cs.ubc.ca)
    awsdm1-2.zip Best sounds collection  Christian Reed (jcr@gas.uug.arizona.edu)
    beav-but.zip Beavis and Butthead     Doug Dziedzic (dziedzic@ecst.csuchico.edu)
    beavis  .zip Beavis and Butthead     Jeff Webinger (willey@iastate.edu)
    dgold3lt.zip DOOM GOLD Lite          Enigma-13
    dm_chris.zip Realistic/frightening   Chris Hayashida
    dm_cool.zip Humourous sounds         Aaron Criger (blade@freenet.grfn.org)
    dm_fluid.zip Fluid Motion sounds     Dagda Samildanac
    dm_gheto.zip Explicit lyrics         Unknown
    dmgold10.zip DOOM GOLD               Enigma-13
    dmgold_4.zip DOOM GOLD IV (D2)       Enigma-13
    dmaliens.zip Aliens movie            "Peacemaker"
    dmfmj20 .zip Full Metal Jacket       Jin Kim (xjinkim@fullerton.edu)
    dmmisc  .zip Star Wars/Ren & Stimpy  "Asthmahound"
    dmnsnd1 .zip Aliens/Predator/Ash     Daniel Kennett (dkennett@sfu.ca)
    dmnsnd2 .zip Simpsons                "Shriker" (gills@qucdn.queensu.ca)
    dmnsnd3 .zip Predator/others         "Shriker" (gills@qucdn.queensu.ca)
    dmpython.zip Monty Python            Adam Isgreen and Andre Vrignaud
    dmsally .zip When Harry Met Sally    "Duran Duran"
    dmsilly1.zip Humorous                Unknown (dchouina@sobeco.ca)
    dmstrwr1.zip Star Wars PWAD          Unknown (aaronf@netcom.com)
    dmwierd .zip 36 new sounds           Scott Schuricht
    dmzounds.zip TV shows/songs/CDs      Stephen Pandke (pandke@zeus.achilles.net)
    doe     .zip Homer Simpson           Steve (gunhed@netcom.com)
    doom-ash.zip Army-Darkness/Evil Dead Brian Olson (olso0389@maroon.tc.umn.edu)
    doomdwdk.zip Darkwing Duck           Patrick (patrick@fornext.com)
    doomsnds.zip Util plays sounds       Michael Albers (mal@netcom.com)
    doomwkd .zip "Wicked" sounds         "D.H."
    doomwavs.zip Sound collection        "Halitosis"
    drwho   .zip Dr. Who sounds          Simon Jansen (sjan01@cs.aukuni.ac.nz)
    dsmdoom .zip Original DOOM sounds    Unknown (drudman@corp.hp.com)
    dsmterm .zip Terminator              Unknown (drudman@corp.hp.com)
    evildead.zip Evil Dead sounds        SubSector
    funsnd  .zip Various movies          Steve Huskisson (steveh@satelnet.org)
    gdsounds.zip PWAD of greatds.zip     Unknown (efisher@moose.uvm.edu)
    goons   .zip Goons sounds            Peter Sellers (heasman@geo.geol.utas.edu.au)
    greatds .zip Sound collection        Unknown
    gus1m   .zip Optimized GUS MIDI      Tom Klok (a344@mindlink.bc.ca)
    hiroshim.zip Scary sounds            Wes Ratliff (tas8663@utarlg.uta.edu)
    hn_doom .zip HellNet sounds          Unknown
    hhgwavs .zip Hitchhiker's Guide TTG  S.P. Harvey (sharvey@interaccess.com)
    homer   .zip Simpsons PWAD           Dave Sawford and Andrew Gerrard
    homerdm2.zip Homer DOOM              Shinobi
    jamsnds2.zip NBA Jam sounds          Mr. Micro
    jb-doom .zip James Brown sounds      Steven Fox (steven.fox@twwde.com)
    jbrown  .zip James Brown sounds      Ron VanDevender
    jerkey  .zip Jerky Boys              Unknown
    jerky   .zip Jerky Boys              Steve Huskisson (steveh@satelnet.org)
    jesco   .zip Jesco White sounds      Unknown (un035345@wvnvaxa.wvnet.edu)
    jpdoom  .zip Jurassic Park sounds    Steven Waldner (waldner@plains.nodak.edu)
    kickassa.zip Various Movies          Charles Fuoco (cfuoco@uxa.cso.uiuc.edu)
    mstdoom .zip MST3k sounds            Michael Coleman (grolsch1@aol.com)
    mydoom10.zip Sound collection        Unknown
    mymixwad.zip Sound collection        Unknown
    newsnd  .zip Various Sounds          Johnny Nugnug (jnugnug@nas.com)
    not4kids.zip Explicit lyrics         Unknown (cluster@neosoft.com)
    pooksnds.zip Pook Sounds             Evan Malsbury (Unknown)
    predator.zip Predator                Dream Warrior
    python  .zip Monty Python sounds     Solomon White (whitesol@math.enmu.edu)
    raw     .zip Favorite Sounds (D2)    Andrew Smith (aes4@fdadr.cdrh.fda.gov)
    realdm-1.zip Military Base Sounds    Andrew Schramm
    seindoom.zip Seinfeld                Unknown
    sex     .zip Explicit lyrics         Wade Stewart (swade@efn.org)
    simpsons.zip Simpsons DOOM           Chuck Fuoco (cfuoco@uxa.cso.uiuc.edu)
    spit    .zip Various Sounds          Unknown (s1076329@cedarville.edu)
    st-snds .zip Star Trek               Pete Hesse (pmhesse@vax1.acs.jmu.edu)
    sternwad.zip Howard Stern            Unknown
    stooges .zip The Three Stooges       Phil Robinson
    swdoc13 .zip Star Wars Sounds        AJ
    swsfx   .zip Star Wars Sounds        Mike (Unknown)
    swfxpwad.zip Star Wars               Unknown
    t2sounds.zip Terminator II           Unknown
    t2      .zip Terminator II           Unknown
    udoomsfx.zip Various TV shows        Unknown
    yaasp   .zip Aliens sounds           Jeremy Phillips
    voices  .zip SPISPOPD sounds         Nathan Mielcarek
    voodoom .zip Sounds                  Shinobi
    wworld30.zip Wayne's World           Eric Wescott (wescotte@earth.execpc.com)

    *14-4*: Music

    Here is a catalog of various music collections available for DOOM. Bill Neisius' DMMUSIC v1.0a or similar utility is needed to import many of them into DOOM. Others are in PWAD format, which require the use of the command line:



    Site (1): /music/(filename)
    ====         ===========         === =======
    allepmus.zip assorted music      123 Unknown
    batmus  .zip Batman Music        1XX Tim McCune (trm@ksu.ksu.edu)
    classic1.zip classical music     1XX Unknown
    classic2.zip classical music     1XX Unknown
    clasmus .zip classical music     1XX Unknown
    e2music1.zip assorted music      12X Unknown (chadan@daisy.cc.utexas.edu)
    e2newmus.zip New Music           X2X Unknown (chadan@daisy.cc.utexas.edu)
    foreve  .zip Live Forever Queen  1XX Kathy Brown (Unknown)
    jaymust .zip assorted music      12X Unknown (bgorski@emr1.emr.ca)
    jjs-jams.zip New Music           123 J. J. Franzen (jfranzen@scf.usc.edu)
    lithmusi.zip classic rock        123 Chris Hopkins (chopkins@peinet.pe.ca)
    pop     .zip Pop Music           1XX Nigel Arnold (nige@theweb.demon.co.uk)
    rikmusic.zip Rick's Music        12X Rick Kelly (bubsy1@aol.com)
    starmid .zip Star Wars music     123 Unknown
    swmusfx3.zip Star Wars music     123 Chris Hopkins (mailto:chopkins@peinet.pe.ca)
    swmusic .zip Star Wars music     123 Chris Hopkins (chopkins@peinet.pe.ca)
    t2mus   .zip Terminator II music 1XX Wirta Wiriyan (kosasih@cae.wisc.edu)
    vamus1  .zip Various Pop Music   1XX Angelito So (aso@ic.sunysb.edu)

    *14-5*: LMPs (Recordings)

    As far as I am aware, no LMP packages have been released for DOOM v1.666 or DOOM II v1.7a.

    *14-6*: DEHACKED patches

    DEHACKED (see Chapter [13-2]) allows modification of the DOOM.EXE file. DEHACKED can be used to create DOOM.EXE patch files, which are used to save DOOM.EXE settings to be distributed. To use a DEHACKED patch, the DEHACKED utility is required (see Chapter [13-2]). Using the DEHACKED utility, type this to use a DEHACKED patch file.

    "DEHACKED <WAD file name/path> -LOAD .DEH"

    For example, to use a DOOM.WAD in the C:\DOOM directory, and patch it with the monster morphing patch, you would use this command line:

    "DEHACKED c:\doom\doom.wad -LOAD monsmorf.deh"


    Site (1): /doomhack/(filename)

    For a complete list and review of all DeHackEd patches, E-mail Michael Adcock at "adcock@menudo.uh.edu" asking for the DeHacked patch review.

    CHAPTER *15*: What other miscellaneous DOOM add-ons exist?

    *15-1* APCiDOOM v5.1


    A full front-end for DOOM and DOOM II. Allows use of the APCi MultiPlayer Game Server (available on various BBSes) as well as standard modem and IPX games.


    APC, Inc. (Unknown) AVAILABLE AT:
    Site (1): /multi_doom/apcidm51.zip

    [15-2]: BNUDOOM v1.26


    A DOOM serial driver replacement utilizing a fossil driver. Allows modem-modem connections with modem speeds up to 115K with full error correction and hardware flow control, non-standard IRQ setups, voice to modem connections (no need to wait for RING in this case - goes straight to on-line to get the handshaking going), option NOT to drop DTR after a game has ended in order to restart the game without losing the connection, and more. If you are having trouble with your modem and DOOM, this is for you.


    David Nugent (address@here)


    Site (1): /multi_doom/BNUDM126.ZIP

    *15-3*: DeuTex and DeuSF v2.9


    DeuTex is a freeware program to build, rip-off and rebuild PWADs. Allows you to flexibly redefine sprites, floors, ceilings, wall textures, sounds, music, levels (obtained from doom editors). DeuSF enables you to distribute PWADS where some sprite and floor/ceiling are redefined. A must to create customised and original looking PWADs. Supports .GIF .BMP .WAV .AU (and .MUS, obtained from MIDI files).


    Olivier Montanuy (montanuy@dmi.ens.fr)


    Site (1): /wad_edit/misc/deutex29.zip

    [15-4]: DIRPWAD


    Reads episode and mission number from a PWAD file, including information about mode.


    R. Nijlunsing (csg465@wing.rug.nl)


    Site (1): /wad_edit/misc/dirpwad.zip

    [15-5]: DOOMBSP Source Code


    id Software's BSP builder source code.


    id Software (help@idsoftware.com)


    Site (1): /wad_edit/node-build/doombsp.zip

    *15-6*: DOOM Color Changer v2.0


    This program modifies the DOOM.WAD files' player pictures. This allows a you to change the way other players are viewed in a multi-player game. If you are playing a cooperative game, you can make the players white so they stand out and you can avoid hitting them by accident. Or, you can make the players dark colors so that a deathmatch game can be more difficult. This program will only work on the registered DOOM version 1.2.


    Douglas Leininger (72773.245@compuserve.com)


    Site (1): /misc/doomcc2.zip

    *15-7*: DOOM Control Center v3.0


    Run single/serial/modem/network games. Mouse-driven user interface, control all aspects of modem and net games ITHOUT command line parameters. Use external WADs, edit chat macros, saved games. Re-assign levels of WAD files. Browse internal directory of WAD files.




    Site (1): /misc/dmcc30.zip

    *15-8*: DOOM EasyWAD v1.11


    This program was made for all those DOOMers with loadsa WAD files. It produces a nice WAD selection interface, which should put an end to losing track of all these files. (At least I get more frustrated from finding that particular WAD file and typing all that things on the command line than from playing DOOM itself!).


    M. van der Heide (martijn@.htsa.hva.nl)


    Site (1): /misc/easyw111.zip

    *15-9*: DOOMED v1.666


    This is the one of the few save game editors that I know of that hassurvived each and every DOOM version release. This great editor works on all versions of DOOM I through v1.666.


    Arun Bhalla (abhalla@imsa.edu)


    Site (1): doomed16.zip

    *15-10*: DOOMED v1.6b


    Another saved game editor (different than the original DOOMED). This editor is unique as it works on both DOOM I and DOOM II.


    Chris Holz (cholz@wilbur.mbrak.swin.oz.au)


    Site (1): /misc/doomedt.zip

    *15-11*: DOOM Front End v3.10


    A DOOM front end allowing many configurations. For DOOM I.


    Josh Jackson (jsoftware@delphi.com)


    Site (1): /misc/dfe310.zip

    *15-12*: DOOM!gate v1.6


    A DOOM front end allowing many configurations. For DOOM I.


    Jani Halme (Unknown)


    Site (1): /misc/dgate160.zip

    [15-13]: The DOOM Hacker's Tool Kit v1.0


    The full source code for Josh Jackson's WAD editing utilities.


    Josh Jackson (joshjackson@delphi.com)


    Site (1): wad_edit/misc/dhtk100.zip

    (15-14): The DOOM Help Service


    A group of many files, including the "Official" DOOM FAQ and modem information, for help with DOOM.


    Ian Mapleson (mapleson@cee.hw.ac.uk)


    Site (1): /text/doomhelp.zip

    (15-15): The DOOM Honorific Titles


    When you think your DOOM skills are solid and that no monster in hell can be a match for your shotgun, you have two basic ways of getting street credit. One is to win lots of DeathMatches against well-known players, and the other is to get one or more "DOOM Honorific Titles". The DHT is a rating system that awards top players with standardized and universally recognized titles. If you feel proud and/or silly enough, you can include the relevant letters after your name in your .sig and impress your fellow DOOM players.

    There are four titles to be conquered:

    DOOM Master (DM): can complete any level on Ultra-Violence.

    DOOM Grand Master (DGM): can complete any level on Nightmare.

    DOOM Tyson (DT): can complete any level on Ultra-Violence using nothing more than fist and pistol.

    DOOM Grand Ass Kicker (DGAK): has the combined skills of a Master, a Tyson and a Grand Master.

    The titles are awarded by passing an examination. As with most examinations, this will only be a random sampling of your capacity. You won't be required to complete all 27 episodes to prove that you can do it.

    You will be your own judge for the results. You will receive the text of the examination, which tells you what to do to be awarded the title you think you deserve; from then on you just have to produce the corresponding LMPs and upload them to a specific public place in a specific format to be able to call yourself a DM, DT, DGM or DGAK. There is no time limit. The LMPs must be produced especially for the examination -- you can't just send in your old ones. This is because there is an authentication mechanism which prevents people from recycling other people's LMPs.


    Frank Stajano (fms@cam-orl.co.uk)


    Site (1): /incoming/dht-exams/DHT3.zip

    *15-16*: DOOMLaunch v1.00


    DOOMLaunchis a complete DOOM .WAD manager. Looking for one program to handle all of your wads efficiently and easily? Can't find the text file to tell you what level that wad is? Is your hard drive overwhelmed by the sheer size of all those extra wads? Need a simple, easy to use solution? DOOMLaunch can help.


    Keith Cohen (Unknown)


    Site (1): /misc/dl100.zip

    [15-17]: DOOM Launcher for OS/2 v1.1


    This program will create a REXX exec on-the-fly that will launch the DOOM v1.2 registered version with appropriate DOS SETTINGS and PARAMETERS to allow you to play DOOM under OS/2 2.1 in one of 3 ways: Stand alone, via Modem, and network. This program supports all known command line options for the DOOM.EXE, SERSETUP.EXE, and IPXSETUP.EXE executables.


    Kevin Royalty (k.royalty@genie.geis.com)


    Site (1): /misc/dmos2run.zip

    [15-18]: The DOOM Level Design FAQ v1.1


    A file containing frequently asked questions about DOOM level design and editing.


    Tom Neff (tneff@panix.com)


    Site (1): /wad_edit/text/design11.zip

    [15-19]: DOOMLOAD v4.0


    A replacement for DOOM's SETUP.EXE which allows quick net and modem play, "Sudden Death" play, play-logging for Novel networks, LMP recording and playback, and more.


    Christian Antkow (cant@softchoice.com)


    Site (2): doomld4.zip">doomld4.zip
    Site (1): /multi_doom/doomld4.zip

    *15-20*: DOOM Master v3.0


    The "ultimate" DOOM shell/launcher, handling everything from network to modem play, all DOOM configurations, and even has CD-ROM audio support.


    Joe Wilcox (sillysft@aol.com)


    Site (1): /misc/dm3.zip

    *15-21*: DOOMenu v17.0


    DOOMenu is a utility which allows IPX network, modem, and null-modem, or single play quickly and easily. DOOMenu allows you to choose cooperative or deathmatch with respawn or monsters on or off. It can load a save game, or use an external WAD file. It will ask you for the skill, episode, episode map, number to dial, and whether to disable call waiting. It can store up to 9 different default phone numbers for speed dialing. It also has a built-in wad rating system, so you never have to remember which wads were good, and a wad counter which records the number of times you have played each wad. It fully supports DOOM v1.666 with -fast (speeds up monsters), -altdeath (DeathMatch v2.0 Rules), -turbo (Speeds up players! Gr8 for handicapping), and @RESPONSE.


    Jason Sandlin (000082937@ucis.vill.edu)


    Site (1): /misc/doomen17.zip

    [15-22]: DOOM Modem Contact List R7


    The purpose of this list is to act as a directory of DOOM Modem players to help DOOMers connect with each other. If you are seeking a fellow player, simply locate someone near you on this list and send them E-Mail.
    If you would like to be added to the list, send E-mail with the subject "DMCL - Add me" to 73743,431 on CompuServe, or "73743.431@compuserve.com" on the Internet. Please provide the following information:
    1) State/Province/Country (For North America, please use the state/province
                               2 character postal abbreviation.)
    2) Area Code
    3) NNX - This is the first 3 digits of your phone number, also known as
             your exchange. (Not required for European addresses)
    4) Name
    5) City
    6) Game play preference (D=Deathmatch/C=Cooperative/E=Either)
    7) E-Mail Address
    Example: Canada, ON, 416, 631, Jeff Forsyth, Toronto, E, 73743,431


    Jeff Forsyth (/text/dmcl7.txt

    [15-23]: DOOMPICS.ZIP


    A series of DOOM pictures, including death scenes, barrels, and a close up of a rocket. These graphics are in PCX format.


    Edgar Roman (eroman@dante.nmsu.edu)


    Site (2): doompics.zip

    [15-24]: DOOM Serial Connection Manager v1.06b


    DOOM Serial Connection Manager is an alternative to using SETUP.EXE or command line parameters to set up serial connections. It allows you to change many more options than with SETUP, and allows you to save up to 40 configurations.


    The Blind Preacher: Nick Sabinske
    To reach Nick, E-mail "sharvari@coke.eng.umd.edu" and the message will be forwarded.


    Site (1): dscm106b.zip

    [15-25]: DOOM Utilities v0.1


    Allows you to view DOOM maps. Includes such features as zoom, pan, and multiple episode support.


    Bill Kirby (bkirby@netcom.com)


    Site (1): dmutil01.zip

    [15-26]: DOOM WAD Manager v1.30c


    DOOM WAD Manager is a program that allows you to organize and work with all of your DOOM PWAD levels. You can catalog your PWAD and IWAD files, change the level a PWAD modifies, and run DOOM with a single IWAD or PWAD to try them out.


    The Blind Preacher: Nick Sabinske
    To reach Nick, E-mail "sharvari@coke.eng.umd.edu and the message will be forwarded.


    Site (1): /misc/dwm130c.zip
    Site (2): dwm130c.zip

    *15-27*: DOOM.WAD Patch v1.666


    A unofficial patch which repairs a bug in DOOM I v1.666 in episode 3, mission 9.


    Lloyd Shelby (lshelby@indy.net)


    Site (1): /misc/dmp1666r.zip

    [15-28]: The DOOM IPX Network FAQ v1.2


    A file containing answers to frequently asked questions about playing DOOM over an IPX network.


    Josh Jackson (jsoftware@delphi.com)


    Site (1): /text/ipxnet12.faq

    *15-29*: iDOOM v1.1


    • A TCP/IP network driver for playing DOOM over the Internet.
    • Full support for DOOM II
    • Online chat mode
    • Interactive game parameter setting
    • Built-in player "dialing directory"


    Scott Coleman (asre@uiuc.edu)
    Jay Cotton (jay@calc.vet.uga.edu)


    Site (1): /multi_player/idoom11.zip
    mrcnext.cso.uiuc.edu: /asre/idoom11.zip

    *15-30*: Internet DOOM Client/Server System v0.12


    The DOOM* Client/Server System is a front-end to DOOM TCP/IP network drivers. You use the client software to connect to a Frag Server. While connected to the server, you can chat with other players and bystanders and negotiate game parameters. You tell the server what parameters you want, and when all the players are ready, the server will give the client the decided game parameters plus the IP adresses of all your victims. The client software will disconnect from the server and then run a multi-player DOOM game (iDOOM* or linuxxdoom*).


    Jay Cotton (jay@calc.vet.uga.edu)


    Site (1): /multi_doom/tcpsrv12.zip

    [15-31]: LNTYP v1.01


    Contains descriptions of the available linedef types by number, grouped by function. Includes 33 previously undefined linedef types and corrections to many others.


    Brian McKimens (samneric@connected.com)


    Site (1): /wad_edit/text/lntyp101.zip

    [15-32]: MIDI2MUS


    Converts MIDI music files to DOOM's MUS file format. Useful for available DOOM music editors.


    id Software (help@idsoftware.com)


    Site (1): /music/midi2mus.exe

    [15-33]: OLDIPX.ZIP


    These are some files which may be useful in getting DOOM running over a TCP/IP network. Included is an older version of a 3Com Etherlink III packet driver from 3Com, which has been found to be more reliable than the newer version from the Crynwr collection. Also included is an older version of the Crynwr collection, which includes a number of useful utilities that were taken out of the newer version. An old version of an IPX-to-PD converter is also included, which seems to run much better with DOOM than the new version by Intel.
    Other files include a copy of the DOOM IPX FAQ.


    Steve Bonds (sbonds@jarthur.claremont.edu)


    Site (1): oldipx.zip
    Site (1): /multi_doom/oldipx.zip

    *15-34*: SER6.ZIP


    A DOOM SERSETUP.EXE replacement which allows many baud rates, fixes all serial bugs, chat functions, statistics display, warping, and much more.


    Russell Gilbert (b804682@csc1.ftw.bnr.com)
    Paul Hermann (hermann@poly-eng.uakron.edu)


    Site (1): /multi_doom/ser6.zip
    Site (2): ser6.zip

    [15-35]: The Ultimate DOOM Maps


    1024x768x256 GIF maps of all DOOM levels.


    Hap Campbell (hsc5m@watt.seas.virginia.edu)


    Site (2): ultmaps1.zip

    *15-36*: Unofficial DOOM Specs v1.666


    Technical information about the DOOM .WAD file for programmers. Includes complete explanation of all components of the .WAD file, including nodes. v1.666 of the specs may not be available until the first quarter of 1995.


    Matt Burnett (matt.fell@acebbs.com)
    Hank Leukart (Distribution: ap641@cleveland.freenet.edu)


    Site (1): dmspec16.txt

    CHAPTER [16]: Future add-on software

    [16-1]: Add-on software wish list

    Attention programmers! Here is a wish list, created by the DOOM players, of add-on software that should be made for DOOM. If you would like to make an addition to this list, please send me E-mail. Additionally, if you are planning on creating one of these utilities, tell me, and I'll move it to the "Add-on software in the making" chapter.
  • Patch for network play that allows more than four players

    [16-2]: Add-on software in the making

    This chapter tells about add-on software which is being currently worked on. If you are working on something that is not in here, please send me E-mail so I can put it in. In this section, you can also request help on creating some add-on software.

    Project: None
    Author: Ghent (ghent@rushnet.com)
    Status: Looking for programming project. If anyone would like help from an experienced programmer for a DOOM project, E-mail him.


    CHAPTER [17]: Why won't DOOM work correctly?

    This chapter helps you if you cannot get the game to function as it should.

    [17-1]: How can I use SMARTDRV.EXE with DOOM?

    Some people have been complaining about problems with DOOM and SMARTDRV.EXE. DOOM is not completely compatible with SMARTDRV.EXE, but here is how you can get it to work. Try putting the following command in your CONFIG.SYS (This will not work in the AUTOEXEC.BAT):


    The double buffering uses memory differently than the normal SMARTDRV.EXE commands. This command will take up 2k of conventional RAM and cannot be loaded into high memory. This has been tested on two machines that did not work with SMARTDRV.EXE, and this corrected the problem.

    [17-2]: Why am I getting an "OUT OF MEMORY" error with DOOM?

    If you are receiving an "OUT OF MEMORY" error when attempting to run DOOM, you might want to attempt any of the following:

    1. DOOM requires at least 4mb of RAM. Check to make sure you have at least this amount.
    2. If you are using MS-DOS v6.xx, try holding down the LEFT SHIFT key during bootup. This will stop all your TSRs from loading. Remember to reinstall your mouse driver, however.
    3. If you are using MS-DOS v5.0, rename your AUTOEXEC.BAT to stop all your TSRs from booting.
    4. If you are using MS-DOS v6.xx, try running MEMMAKER to free up more RAM at bootup time.
    5. If you are using MS-DOS v6.xx, create a boot menu. For details on creating a boot menu, type "HELP MENUITEM" at your MS-DOS prompt.
    6. Try running DOOM without using HIMEM and EMM386. If you are using a different memory manager, try removing it instead.

    [17-3]: Why does DOOM crash when I start it?

    Your motherboard may not be compatible with the DOS extender that DOOM uses. Try getting DOOM v1.2. If that still does not work, try running DOOM with one of the DOS extenders in the file "altdoom1.zip". See Chapter [6] for more information on how to get these files.

    [17-4]: How can I run DOOM under OS/2?

    People have been having a lot of trouble getting DOOM v1.x to work under OS/2. Native OS/2 code is being worked on, so hang in there! Here is a list of settings that many DOOM users have been able to use.
    DOS_BREAK                    OFF
    DOS_FCBS                     16
    DOS_FCBS_KEEP                8
    DOS_FILES                    20
    DOS_HIGH                     OFF
    DOS_RMSIZE                   640
    DOS_UMB                      OFF
    DPMI_DOS_API                 AUTO
    DPMI_MEMORY_LIMIT            8
    EMS_HIGH_OS_REGION           0
    EMS_LOW_OS_REGION            384
    EMS_MEMORY_LIMIT             2048
    HW_NOSOUND                   OFF
    HW_ROM_TO_RAM                ON
    HW_TIMER                     ON
    IDLE_SECONDS                 0
    IDLE_SENSITIVITY             100
    INT_DURING_IO                ON
    XMS_HANDLES                  32
    XMS_MEMORY_LIMIT             2048
    XMS_MINIMUM_HMA              0

    CHAPTER [18]: Why won't my sound card work with DOOM?

    This chapter helps fix problems with various sound cards in DOOM.

    [18-1]: Why won't my Sound Blaster v1.0 or v1.5 work with DOOM?

    The v1.0 shareware release of DOOM does not work correctly with earlier versions of the Sound Blaster. It is recommended that you receive v1.2 of DOOM to fix this problem. Information on getting this upgrade is available in Chapter [6].
    If you insist on using v1.0 of DOOM, here are two different ways to fix your problem, although they are not guaranteed to work on all computers.
    1. If you have a turbo button on your computer, turn it off. Run DOOM, and when the title screen appears, turn it back on.
    2. Disable the internal cache.

    [18-2]: Why won't my Sound Blaster Pro work with DOOM?

    If you are using an older graphics card that supports HiColor (16 bit graphics) you may have trouble getting this to work correctly. The only recommendation is to borrow a friend's graphics card.
    DOOM v1.1 has a bug that keeps the Sound Blaster Pro from working on IRQ 2, and later versions do not allow usage on IRQ 10.

    [18-3]: Why won't my Gravis UltraSound work with DOOM?

    To get DOOM to run properly with both music and digitized sound effects on the Gravis UltraSound use these three steps.

    ////// SOUND //////

  • Set your ULTRASND environment variable, and use GF1 IRQ less than 8
        example:  SET ULTRASND=220,1,1,7,5
                                       |_______ GF1 IRQ

    NOTE: DOOM v1.2 may be able to use any valid GF1 IRQ including 11,12,15. However, high IRQs are _not_ recommended. See BUGS.

    ////// MUSIC //////

  • Doom requires that you have installed the General MIDI patch set from the 2.06a Install Disks (or later) that came with your UltraSound (and are also available via FTP and BBS). DOOM will find your patches (using the ULTRADIR variable) in the MIDI subdirectory pointed to by ULTRADIR.


    (DOOM will look in C:\ULTRASND\MIDI for the patches)

    NOTE: Step 3 is only required for DOOM v1.0 / Operating System 0.99
  • You will also need to copy ULTRAMID.INI into your DOOM directory and rename it to DMXGUS.INI (or find and use the DMXGUS.INI file). ULTRAMID.INI is a part of the UltraMID/AIL package (also available via FTP and BBS).

    ////// SETUP //////

    Run the SETUP program in the DOOM directory and select the UltraSound for both sfx and music. Now run DOOM!

    ////// BUGS //////

    NOTE: DOOM v1.2 is known to occasionally lockup with GUS support.

    If you experience frequent lockups AND are using a high GF1 IRQ (10,11,12,15), try using a low IRQ (less than 8).

    If you experience frequent lockups AND have less than 1024K of GUS RAM, try upgrading to 1024K (1 Megabyte).

    ////// OPTIMIZING //////

    Title                   : GUS1M.WAD
    Author                  : Tom Klok
    Email Address           : a344@mindlink.bc.ca, a00344@giant.rsoft.bc.ca
    Description             : An optimized MIDI instrument mapping for
                              Gravis Ultrasound cards with 1024K on board.
    NOTE!  If you don't have a GUS with 1024K, this wad will gain you
           nothing (but shouldn't hurt anything either).
           This PWAD contains no new MUS music files or sounds whatsoever.
           Nor does it require any new .PAT files, just those supplied
           with the more recent install disks.


    As you probably know, Doom's wad file contains a resource named DMXGUS which contains a list of all MIDI instruments (patch file names) and a table specifying which instruments to load into card memory. Since all 190+ instruments can't be loaded at once, the DMXGUS file loads a subset of the full GM set and then maps the remaining instrument numbers to the loaded instruments.

    I was curious about the internal format of MUS files, and pretty happy when the MIDI2MUS utility was released. Thanks, guys! Mucking around with the original D_* MUS files Doom is supplied with, I decided to compare the patches they used with the DMXGUS file to see what kind of mapping was going on. It turns out there's a lot of it, but much of it is poorly set up. id's supplied DMXGUS file is almost exactly the same as the ULTRAMID.INI file supplied with Ultramid 2.00. That's a good shot at a generic GM mapping, but Doom never uses many of the loaded instruments... and many of the instruments it DOES use are mapped to something else.

    Therefore, I've rewritten the DMXGUS file to match Doom's MUS files as closely as possible. I've booted out about 40 unused instruments and added 29 new ones. The difference is quite dramatic. Some of the songs have percussion parts that were being thrown out before; some of the instruments sound quite different. It's a shame that id didn't take the time to do this themselves, but I guess they've been too busy tweaking other stuff.

    Ok, how do I use it?

    Extract the GUS1M.WAD file to wherever you normally put new wad files (ie c:\doom\wad), then use it as you'd use any other new WAD add-on:

    doom -file WAD\GUS1M.WAD

    That's it! Hopefully you'll hear the difference as soon as Doom's welcome screen comes up.

    Why only 1024K GUS's?

    Well, because that's what I own. :) It's taken about 10 hours of work to get the 1024K mapping to the point where I'm happy with it. If someone else would like to help out with mappings for 256, 512 and 768K boards, then go for it! Feel free to contact me for a few utils I've written to make >some< of this easier. Much of it is still trial and error.

    Will it work with id's shareware release of Doom?

    Well... yes, it will. I'm not sure that should be a problem, as it's not adding anything that wasn't there before... no new levels, sounds, music, etc. It's just touching up something that I feel wasn't properly implemented in the first place. And more importantly, I can't think of any way of preventing it. The typical means to foil shareware use for new levels is to either insert them into episodes 2 or 3, or to use textures/objects not found in the shareware release. Neither would work here.

    Look at it this way: it makes the music Doom comes with sound better on a 1024K GUS. If you like the change, register Doom and get ALL the music! Please give id your support. They're writing the best damn games on the market, publishing them as shareware, and supporting the GUS. What more could we want? Please let them know you appreciate it.

    Copyright / Permissions

    uthors may use this optimized DMXGUS WAD in their own WAD files, and may use it as a base to further modify the GUS's GM mapping, provided they give me (Tom Klok) credit within the DMXGUS resource and on their PWAD documentation.

    Anyone may distribute this WAD, provided you include this text file with attributions. You may distribute this pwad in via any media (BBS, floppy disk, CDROM, etc).

    [18-4]: Why does the game crash when using my Gravis UltraSound?

    DOOM v1.2 has a small bug which causes DOOM to crash on some systems, some of the time. People have reported that these crashes can be minimized by using an IRQ at 7 or less, and upgrading the GUS' on-board RAM to 1024k.

    [18-5]: Why won't my Pro Audio Spectrum 16 work with DOOM?

    You may be using an older version of DOOM such as v1.0 or v1.1. Get DOOM v1.666 for full PAS-16 support in native mode.
    If the game is locking up after the "HU Init" line, there is a solution. Make sure you are loading your PAS MVPRODD.SYS driver low. Loading it high can cause DOOM to lock up.

    [18-6]: Why won't my ATI Stereo-F/X work with DOOM?

    Turning off DMA buffering in the sound card's SFX.EXE configuration program should fix this problem.

    CHAPTER [19]: Miscellaneous DOOM problems

    [19-1]: Why won't my mouse work with DOOM?

    [19-1-1]: Why does my mouse start moving itself during play?

    It is recommended that you upgrade to DOOM v1.666 to fix this problem.

    Older mouse drivers cause a problem with DOOM v1.2. Make sure you are using Microsoft mouse drivers v9.x instead of v8.x. Logitech mouse drivers v6.x work as well. The newest Logitech mouse drivers are available at the FTP site "wuarchive.wustl.edu" in the directory "/systems/ibmpc/msdos/mouse" under the file name "drvr???.zip" where ??? is the version number of the drivers.
    If you continue to have this problem, try playing with the keyboard or joystick, with the mouse unplugged. DOOM has a bug that causes it to do strange things at times.

    [19-1-2]: Why won't my two button mouse work with DOOM?

    DOOM's SETUP.EXE program assumes that one has a three button mouse. The left button is "fire," the right button is "forward," and the center button is "strafe." If you run the setup program that comes with DOOM, you can assign "strafe" to the right mouse button, and the setting for "Move Forward" then appears to be blank. In actuality, "Move Forward" is set to be permanently "on." This can be fixed easily. Edit the file "DEFAULT.CFG" in your DOOM directory with any text editor. The three lines of interest are: mouseb_fire, mouseb_strafe, and mouseb_forward. The settings for these are 0 (left button), 1 (middle button) and 2 (right button). When you ran the setup program, mouseb_forward was assigned a value of -1. Go ahead and change this to "1", save the file and restart DOOM. The final entries should appear as:
    mouseb_fire      0
    mouseb_strafe    2
    mouseb_forward   1

    This will allow you to shoot with the left button and strafe with the right button.

    [19-1-3]: Why won't my IBM PS/2 mouse work with DOOM?

    The IBM PS/2 mouse does not seem to work well with DOOM. id Software is working on a solution to this problem. The only current solution that has been discovered is to load DOOM under Windows. Doing this allows the mouse to work perfectly. DOOM v1.666 fixes this problem, if you encounter this, upgrade.

    (19-2): Why does netDOOM seem to crash at certain times?

    This is a known bug in v1.2 of DOOM. Upgrade to v1.666, it fixes this problem.

    [19-3]: Why won't my modem work with DOOM?

    DOOM seems to be very picky about certain kinds of modems and the initialization strings you use with them. Here is a list of initialization strings that seem to work well. Many modems have more than one in this list; if one does not work, try another one. Place these initialization strings in the first line(s) of your MODEM.CFG file.
    AT&T Dataport 2001:        AT &F%VFX7S62=0%VG9\Q2\N0&W
    AT&T Dataport:             AT &F X7 S62=0 \Q2 \N0 &W
    Boca                       AT &Q6 %C0 &K0
    Boca 14.4 Fax/Modem        AT S46=0 S37=9 N0 &Q0 &D2 &K4
    Boca 14.4k                 AT S46=0 S37=9 N0 &Q0 &D2 &K0 %C0
    Boca 14.4 internal         AT &C0   S37=9 N0 &Q0 &K0 W0 S36=3 S48=128 %C0
    Boca 14.4k (external)      AT &F S0=1 S36=0 &K0 &Q6 N0 S37=9 &D2
    Boca M1440i (internal)     ATS48=0S37=9S46=136%C0%E0%M0&K0&Q0&R1&C1&D2\G0\N1N0
    Cardinal                   AT &F W0 &Q0 &D2
    Cardinal 14.4k             AT &F N0 S37=9 &Q0 &D2 \N1
    Computer Peripherals 14.4          AT &F S37=9 S46=0 N0 &Q0 &K0
    Digicom Systems (DSI) (softmodem)  AT Z \N0 &D2 &K0 S48=48
    Digicom Systems Scout Plus         ATZ*E0*N3*M0*S0*F0&D2
    Digicom connection 96+Softmodem:   AT \N1 &d2 %c0 s37=9 &K0
    Digicom connection 96+Softmodem:   AT Z \N0 &D2 &K0 S48=0
    Digicom connection 96+Softmodem:   ATZ*E0*N3*S0*M0*F0&D2
    GVC 14.4k (internal)      AT &F B8 \Q0
    Gateway Telepath          AT &F S37=9 %C0 &K0 &Q6 \G0
    Gateway Telepath 14.4k    AT S46=0 S37=9 N0 &Q0 &D2 &K0 %C0
    Gateway Telepath I:       AT S0=1 &N6 &K0 &M0
    Gateway Telepath I:       AT &F S37=9 &K0 &Q0 %C0 N0 \G0 &D2 S46=0 S0=1
    Gateway Telepath II       AT S0=1 S37=9 %C0 &Q0 &K0
    Gateway Telepath II:      AT &F &K0 &M0 &N6 S0=1
    Generic 14.4k Fax/Modem   AT S46=0 S37=9 N0 &Q0 &D2 %C0 \G0 &K0
    Generic v.32bis 14.4k     AT \N0 %C0 B8
    Hayes 28.8k V.FAST Modem  AT &Q6 &K S37=9 N %C0 \N0
    Hayes Optima 28.8/14.4    AT &F S37=9 N0 &Q0 &K0
    Infotel 144I:             AT &Q0 S37=9 N0 &D2
    Intel 14.4k               AT \N0 %C0 \Q0 B8
    Intel 14.4k (internal)    AT Z B8 Q1 \C0 \N1 %C0 \V
    Intel 400/i Fax/Modem:    AT Z\N0 %C0 "H0 S31=9 &Q0 &D
    Macronix                  AT S36=3 S37=9 &K0 %C0 \G0
    Microcom QX/4232bis       AT %C0 \N0
    NOKIA ECM 4896M TRELLIS V.32.    AT Z %C0 /N0
    Netcomm M7F                      AT &E &K0 B0 \V0 X4 &D2 \N1 \Q0 #J0 #Q9 %C0
    Nokia ECM 4896M Trellis V.32.    AT Z %C0 /N0
    Practical Peripherals 14400FX v.32bis   AT S46=0 &Q0 &K0 &D2
    Practical Peripherals 14400FX v.32bis   AT Z S46=0 &Q0 &D2
    Supra                     AT &F0 S46=136 %C0
    SupraFaxModem 14.4:       AT &K0 &Q6 &D2 \N0 %C0
    Supra (external)          AT &K0 &Q0 &D0 \N1
    Supra 14.4k v.32bis       AT &F0 S46=136 &Q0 &D2
    SupraFaxModem 14.4:       AT S37=9 &Q0 &D2 N \N1 &K
    SupraFaxModem 14.4:       AT \N0 &D2 &K0 S48 = 8
    SupraFaxModem:            AT &F0 N S37=9
    Supra                     AT N0 Q0 V1 W1 &K0 \G0 \N0 \%C0 %M0 S37=9
    Telebit 3000/Worldblazer  AT S50=6 S180=0
    Telepath 14.4k            AT &F &M0 &K0 &N6 &H0 S0=1
    Turbo Modem Plus          AT &F B8 %C0 /N1
    USR Sportster 9600        AT &M0 &K0 &N6
    USR 14.4k                 AT &K0 &H0 &D0 &I0 &R1
    USR 14.4k                 AT &F0 B0 S34=1 &N6 &K0 &I0
    USR Sportster             AT &F0 &K0 &M0 &B1 S34=1 &N6 &I0
    USR 14.4k                 AT &B1 &M0 S27=16 &H0 &I0 &K0 &N6
    USR 14.4k                 AT &M0 &K0 &N8 &D0 B0
    USR 14.4k                 AT &A0 &B0 &D0 &H1 &I0 &K0 &M0 &N6 &R1 S34=1
    USR Courier 16.8:         AT &A0 &M0 &K0& N6 B0 S0=0 X7
    USR Courier v.32bis       AT E1 Q0 V1 S7=60 &C1 &D2 &K0 &N6 &A3 &H0 &M0
    USR Sportster 14.4k       AT E1 Q0 V1 S7=60 &C1 &D2 &K0 &N6 &A3
    USR Sportster 14.4k:      AT &F0 &K0 &M0 &A0
    USR Sportster 14.4k       AT &F0 &M0 &K0 &N6 &H0
    USR Sportster 14.4k       AT &F0 &K0 &M0 &N6 &H0 &I0 &B1 &R1
    USR Sportster 14.4k:      AT &K0 &M0 &N6 &H0 &I0 &B0 &R1
    USR Sportster 14.4k:      AT &N6 &K0 &M0 &B1 &H0 &I0
    USR Sportster 14.4k:      AT B0 X4 E1 Q0 V1 &M0 &K0 &R1 &N6 &A3 &H0 &I0
    USR Sportster 14.4k       AT S7=60 E1 Q0 V1 &C1 &D2 &K0 &N6 &A3 &M0 &H0
    USR Sportster 14.4k:      AT S7=60 E1 Q0 V1 &C1 &D2 &K0 &N6 &A3
    USR 14.4k Dual Standard   AT B0 X4 Q0 &R1 &B1 &N6 &A0 &D2 &H0 &I0 &K0 &M0 M1
    USR DS v.32bis v.42bis    AT &M0 &N6 &A0 &R1 &H0 &K0 &I0 &S0 &B1 X1
    USR Courier HST/DS 16.8k  AT X4 B0 &A0 &B0 &H2 &I0 &K0 &M0 &N6
    ViVa 14.4k                AT &F &Q6 \N0 %C0 &D2 N0 S37=9
    Viva 14.4 Fax/Modem:      AT S11=50 S37=9 S95=52 L0 N0 S46=0 &Q0 &D2 \N1
    Wang 14/14 modem:         AT S46=0 S37=9 N0 &K0 %C0 %M0 &Q0 &D2 \N1
    Zoom Init                 AT &F &Q6 S37=9 N0 &K0 %C0
    Zoom Init                 AT &F &Q0 S37=9 N0 &K0 S46=0
    Zoom 14.4k VFX            AT &Q6 S37=9 N0 %C0 \N0
    Zoom Init                 AT &Q6 S37=9 N0 &K0 S46=136 S36=1 S48=128 %C0
    Zoom OEM Modem            AT &Q6 S37=9 N0 &K0
    Zoom:                     AT &Q6 S37=9 N0 &K0 %C0
    Zoom:                     AT &Q0 S37=9 N0 &K0 %C0
    Zoom:                     AT &Q6 &K0 &D2 \N0 %C0
    Zyxel (E+):               AT &N3 &K0
    Zyxel U-1496E+            AT Z &N4 &K0

    [19-4]: Why is my network slowing down when using DOOM?

    You may have an older version of DOOM, such as v1.0 or v1.1. These older versions utilized broadcast packets, which slow down many networks. Upgrading to v1.666 will fix this problem, since v1.666 utilizes direct packets.

    [19-5]: Why won't the v1.666 patch install correctly?

    The DOOM v1.666 patch expects to find the ORIGINAL game in your DOOM directory. If you replaced or altered the DOOM.EXE file with a new version, the patch will not work.
    If the patch complains about missing "LICENSE.DOC" and/or "FILE_ID.DIZ," the command "PATCH -ignoremissing" can be used. However, this will not help if the patch complains about "DOOM.EXE" or "DOOM.WAD."
    If you are using the registered version, some distributors shipped an older release of v1.1. It is recommended that you call your distributor, or E-mail "help@idsoftware.com" if you ordered from id oftware for more help.

    [19-6]: DOOM is too easy

      If you find DOOM too easy, here are some suggestions.
    1. Play on a harder difficulty level.
    2. Only save your game at the beginning of each level.
    3. Never save your game and try completing the mission.
    4. Only use your fist and pistol for the entire game.
    5. Turn down your screen contrast so you can see less.
    6. Use the "-respawn" parameter upon loading DOOM to allow the monsters to revive in other difficulty levels.

    [19-7]: DOOM is too hard

      If you find DOOM too hard, here are some suggestions.
    1. Play on an easier difficulty level.
    2. Save your game often.
    3. Try using some of the cheat codes or a cheating utility.
    4. Turn up your screen contrast so you can see more.
    5. Press F11 during game play for gamma correction.

    [19-8]: I get motion sickness when playing DOOM

    There have been a lot of discussion about this phenomenon. In short some people experience dizziness attributed to the game movement. There were many theories, most along the line of motion sickness. Some also said that the animation is too smooth so it fools your brain into believing it to be real. Others said its too jerky and it makes you vomit like being sea sick. Another popular theory is that lack of proper acceleration (like on-off high speed) attribute to the nausea. I will not go into discussion of why. Instead, I will post some steps people suggested. Remedies are not guaranteed to work. There are many, all are experimental and some will have opposite effects on different people. This, it seems, is a very individual problem.
    1. Try different display sizes. Either use different size monitors or use the screen size option to vary the display window.
    2. Try sitting closer/further from the display (don't stick your nose in it, I don't want you to get radiation sick). Try combining this with focusing/defocusing on the display or surroundings. This is to see if you are being aware that you are looking at the monitor and hopefully it may convince your brain that what you play is not really real.
    3. Try different machine speeds. If you have a turbo switch try playing with it on/off.
    4. Try different input devices. With a mouse you can control acceleration more accurately than with a joystick or the keyboard.
    5. Play on your friend's/colleague's computer. See if it is better/worse.
    6. Have breaks while you play. Play in turns. Watch others play & then play yourself.
    7. If you have sound card, try playing with/without the sound. If your sound card is stereo try playing with headphones on. Reverse the headphones so that left becomes right.

    After switching machines, many have problems adjusting too. On a 486, things may seem "too smooth." On a 386, it may make you want to vomit. Sometimes you just have to give time to adjust.


    CHAPTER *20*: The Night Before DOOM: A Poem From the Past

    Last year, about a week before DOOM was released, I wrote a poem about "The Night Before DOOM," an obvious parody of "The Night Before Christmas." In celebration of DOOM's birthday, Christmas 1995, and in memory of 1994, I return "The Night Before DOOM" to everyone.

    T H E N I G H T B E F O R E *-D-*-*-O-*-*-O-*-*-M-*
    Written by: Hank Leukart (ap641@cleveland.freenet.edu)

    'Twas the night before DOOM,
    and all through the house,
    I had set up my multi-playing networks,
    each with a mouse.
    The networks were strung,
    with extra special care
    in hopes that DOOM,
    soon would be there.
    The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
    while visions of demons danced through their heads.
    And my computer's processor it was so quick,
    boy was I glad I bought that 486.
    When out on the Internet there was a Usenet posting,
    I dialed right in to see what it was boasting.
    Off to the news reader I flew like a hound,
    "Oh no," I cried! The news reader was down!
    Frustrated, bewildered, feeling really low,
    I leaned back to see what I heard out the window.
    When what to my wondering eyes should appear,
    but a group of 6 cars, driving 60 I fear!
    With a big young driver, just look at him go!
    I knew in a moment, it must be John Romero!
    Over the speed limit, his band of cars came,
    And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name:
    "Now, Jay! Now, John!
    Now, Dave and Kevin!
    On, Adrian! On, Sandy!
    On, Shawn and Robert!"
    To the top of the driveway!
    Don't hit that wall!
    Now stop your car, stop your car, stop your car all!
    Leaving the car, he entered the house,
    Walking quietly, so as to not wake the spouse.
    He was dressed in a T-shirt, and a a pair of jeans too,
    I was unsure of what he was going to do.
    Boxes of DOOM he had flung on his back,
    and he looked like a peddler just opening his pack.
    Those boxes - how they sparkled! The shrink-wrap so tight!
    The character was drawn on the front, just ready to fight!
    The Chain Saw and Shotgun he held in his hand,
    Where was the BFG9000?: The best gun in the land.
    And then I saw it, strapped to his back,
    Along with a copy of the "Official" DOOM FAQ!
    A wink of John's eye and a twist of his head,
    Soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread.
    He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,
    Installed it on the network, then turned with a jerk.
    And placing a hand into his jeans,
    out came his keys - oh how they gleamed!
    He sprang to his car, to the id team gave a whistle,
    and away they all drove, like DOOM's launching of a missile.
    But I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight,

    CHAPTER *21*: Other literature available from Hank Leukart

    Other literature from Hank Leukart includes:

    - dmspec16.txt: The Unofficial DOOM Specs v1.666 (First Quarter, 1995)
    - dinsan66.txt: DOOM iNsAnItY: A humorous look at our favorite game

    CHAPTER [22]: Conclusion

    Phew! Well, that is all I have! I hope this FAQ proves to provide a good resource for DOOM information. If you have any suggestions, additions, or comments for the FAQ, send me E-mail at "ap641@cleveland.freenet.edu". Now, I will just wait in horror as id Software releases a press release about a new, upcoming game. Thanks for reading the FAQ!

    -Hank Leukart


    CHAPTER [23]: Revision History

    [23-1]: Pre-Game-Release FAQs

    v1.0: First release of the DOOM FAQ. (October 25, 1993 EST)

    v1.0a: When ASCII uploading v1.0, the spacing malfunctioned. This is the same version as 1.0, except with fixed spacing. (October 25, 1993 EST)

    v2.0: First major revision of the "Official" DOOM FAQ. Id gets involved, giving new information. The FAQ is rearranged. The FAQ is renamed from "The DOOM FAQ" to "The 'Official' DOOM FAQ." (November 1, 1993 EST)

    v2.5: A standard revision of the "Official" DOOM FAQ. More information comes in on what DOOM will and won't support. More DOOM iNsAnItY is added. Information on related DOOM software is added. Information on DOOM's music and multi-playing is added. Sorry! The "Official" DOOM FAQ is no longer 666 lines. :) (November 13, 1993 EST)

    v2.6: A minor revision of the "Official" DOOM FAQ. Grammatic and spelling errors are corrected. The use of asterixs, parenthesis, and brackets are used to highlight which information is new to a FAQ. Two new additions to DOOM iNsAnItY that didn't quite make it to the v2.5 release are added. More multi-playing information added. (November 17, 1993 EST)

    [23-2]: Post-Game-Release FAQs

    v5.0: A major revision of the "Official" DOOM FAQ. DOOM is released. FAQ is completely rewritten. FAQ tells about troubleshooting, cheating, and add-on software. New additions to DOOM iNsAnItY. (December 18, 1993 EST)

    v5.5: A standard revision of the "Official" DOOM FAQ. DOOM v1.2 is released, and information on modem play is added. DOOM iNsAnItY is released seperately. A complete list of add-on software, modem init strings, and troubleshooting guidelines are added. (February 24, 1994 EST)

    v5.6: A minor revision of the "Official" DOOM FAQ. New add-on software is added. Many grammatic problems fixed. The secrets section is rewritten. (April 17, 1994 EST)

    v5.7: A minor revision of the "Official" DOOM FAQ. Secret information completed. New add-on software, more grammatic problems fixed. Released in the DOOM v1.4 package. (June 28, 1994 EST)

    v5.8: A minor revision of the "Official" DOOM FAQ. Minor grammatic problems fixed, updated for v1.666 of DOOM. Released in the DOOM v1.666 package. (August 30, 1994 EST)

    v6.666: A standard revision of the "Official" DOOM FAQ. DOOM II information added. A large amount of new add-on software, updated information on ports and more. (DOOMSDAY (December 10), 1994 EST)