CHAPTER *11*: What is DOOM add-on software and where can I get it?

DOOM add-on software is software, not made by id Software, that modifies, changes, or helps you with your game when playing DOOM. Some examples are cheating utilities, map editors, and sound editors. This software is in no way endorsed by id, and neither id Software nor myself take any responsibility for any problems you have with this software. DO NOT contact id regarding any of this software. Most of this software will not work on the shareware version of DOOM, by request from id Software. Most of this software is available from these sites unless specified otherwise.

FTP  #(1) ftp.orst.edu              pub/doom/<directory_name_here>
       + ftp.uwp.edu              pub/msdos/games/id/home-brew/doom/<dir>
       + ftp.orst.edu             pub/gaming/DOOM/<directory_name>
       + empires.stanford.edu     pub/<directory_name>/<directory_name>
       + ftp.uni-erlangen.de      pub/pc/msdos/games/ID/DOOM-stuff/<dir>

FTP  (2) wuarchive.wustl.edu      pub/MSDOS_UPLOADS/games/doomstuff/<dir>

BBS  (3) Software Creations          (508)-365-2359 (2400 baud)
                                     (508)-368-7036 (9600-14.4k v.32bis)
                                     (508)-368-4137 (14.4k16.8k HST/DS)

BBS +(4) Game Palace                 (305)-587-4258
BBS +(6) 8N1                         (407)-438-1568

+: This site is a mirror (1)
#: ftp.orst.edu is a temporary site to replace the old DOOM site
   until a new permanent site can be found.

*11-1* If I don't have FTP access, how can I get these files?

Call one of the BBSs listed in Chapter [11].

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CHAPTER [12]: What cheating utilities have been made for DOOM?

This chapter describes utilities that have been created to help people cheat at DOOM. Due to the recent release of v1.666 of DOOM, there are currently no save game editors that work with the new save game format. Please E-mail me if you have created one!

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CHAPTER [13]: What add-on software allows me to alter DOOM?


[13-1]: BSP v1.2x

A 100% working nodes builder which builds the correct BSP nodes and blockmap data for any WAD file.
Colin Reed (colin@argonaut.com)
Site (1): wad_edit/node-build/bsp12x.zip

*13-2*: DEHACKED v2.1

DEHACKED allows modification of the DOOM.EXE file. This makes it possible to create new weapons, new monsters, many special-effects, and much more. Works will all versions of DOOM and DOOM II.
Greg Lewis (gregory.lewis@umich.edu)
Site (1): wad_edit/doomhack/dhe21.zip

(13-3) Deframed v1.0

Deframed v1.0 is a utility used to extract the frame table from the registered version of the DOOM.EXE. Patch files can be created in text or binary format, edited and written back to DOOM.EXE.
Chris Gillespie (gilles2@hubcap.clemson.edu)
Site (1): wad_edit/doomhack/dfram10.zip

*13-4*: DEU v5.3

A map editor to create brand new levels for DOOM or edit existing ones. Includes manual, tutorial, and complete source code. Widely considered THE DOOM level editor.
Note: v5.3 of DEU was not available at time of writing, but should be available very soon after.
Raphael Quinet (quinet@montefiore.ulg.ac.be)
Site (1): wad_edit/editors/deu53.zip
Site (2): deu53.zip

*13-5*: DMapEdit v3.01

A full DOOM map editor which allows editing of DOOM level components.
Jason Hofoss (hoffo002@gold.tc.umn.edu)
Site (1): wad_edit/editors/dme301.zip
Site (2): dmaped30.zip

[13-6]: DMAUD v1.1

DESCRIPTION: Input files can be any format (.AU, .VOC, .WAV, .SND, etc) and any sample rate; they will be converted as necessary.
Bill Neisius (bill@solaria.hac.com)
Site (1): wad_edit/misc/dmaud11.zip
Site (2): dmaud11.zip

[13-6-1]: DMFE v0.0.1

DMFE provides a simple front-end to Bill Neisius' excellent utility, DMAUD, which allows you to alter the sound files used in DOOM.
Douglas Reedy (welch@zaphod.mps.ohio-state.edu)
Site (1): misc/dmfe001.zip

[13-7]: DMGRAPH v1.1

Allows importing and exporting of graphics for DOOM. v1.0 allows usage of PPM or GIF graphic files in 320x200x256 format.
Bill Neisius (bill@solaria.hac.com)
Site (1): wad_edit/misc/dmgrap11.zip
Site (2): dmgrap11.zip

[13-8]: DMMUSIC v1.0a

DMMUSIC allows importing and exporting of MUS files with IWAD and PWAD files.
Bill Neisius (bill@solaria.hac.com)
Site (1): wad_edit/misc/dmmus10a.zip

*13-9*: DOOMCAD v4.3 and v5.0

DOOMCAD is a "state-of-the-art" DOOM map editor for Windows. Allows creations of levels from scratch, three dimensional previewing, drag-and-drop editing, and fairly good handling of nodes.
Note: v4.3 works only on DOOM I while v5.0 works only on DOOM II.
Matt Tagliaferri (matt.tagliaferri@pcohio.com)
Site (1): wad_edit/editors/dmcad43.zip and dmcad50.zip
Site (2): dmcad43.zip and dmcad50.zip

[13-10]: DOOM Color Changer

This program modifies the DOOM.WAD files' player pictures. This allows you to change the way other players are viewed in a multi-player game. If you are playing a cooperative game, you can make the players white so they stand out and you can avoid hitting them by accident. Or, you can make the players dark colors so that a deathmatch game can be more difficult. This program will only work on the registered DOOM v1.2 or above.
Douglas Leininger (72773.245@compuserve.com)
Site (1): misc/doomcc.zip

*13-11*: DOOM Construction Kit v1.1a

An easy to use DOOM map editor. Many functions allow the automating of texture placement.
Bill Morris (bmorris@amtsgi.bc.ca)
Site (1): wad_edit/editors/dck11a.zip

[13-12]: DOOMDump v0.9

Dumps out all structures contained in a WAD file to a text file.
Steve Simpson (ssimpson@world.std.com)
Site (1): wad_edit/misc/dmdump09.zip

[13-13]: DOOM Editor - The Real Thing v2.60b4

A DOOM map editor which allows map changes, bitmap viewing, and sound importing and exporting. Very little knowledge of DOOM WAD structure needed. Requires Windows v3.1.
Unknown name (pringler@cuug.ab.ca)
Site (1): wad_edit/editors/de_260b4.zip
Site (2): de_260b4.zip

*13-14*: DOOMLaunch v1.00

Menu-driven access to ALL DOOM options.
- Fully supports multi-player games
- Handles up to 750 external WAD files
- WADs are compressed with PKZIP until they are needed
- Allows 6 separate saved games for each WAD
- Allows assignment of rating and description to WADs
- WADs can be separated in up to 250 groups
- Keeps track of date/time/elapsed time WAD was played
- WAD statistics (number of monsters, ammo, weapons)
- Built in map viewer
Keith Cohen (viper@mercury.interpath.net)
Site (1): multi_player/dl100.zip

[13-15]: DOOMTOOL

A collection of two utilities: SND.EXE allows a sound to be put into a PWAD file. CAT.EXE allows two PWAD files to be merged into a third.
Unknown Name (jdooley@ugcs.caltech.edu)
Site (1): wad_edit/misc/doomtool.zip
Site (2): doomtool.zip

[13-16]: DOPE v1.2

DOPE is a DOOM Object Placement Editor. This program will allow you to completely edit object placement in all levels.
Chris Carollo (ccarollo@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu)
Site (2): dope12.zip

*13-17*: EdMap v1.23

Popular and powerful DOOM map editor. This is one of the few current map editors that works on both DOOM and DOOM II.
Jeff Rabenhorst (araya@wam.umd.edu)
Site (1): wad_edit/editors/edmap123.zip

[13-18]: IDBSP v1.0

id Software's BSP node builder ported to DOS.
Ron Rossbach (ej070@cleveland.freenet.edu)
Site (1): wad_edit/node-build/idbsp10.zip

[13-19]: Jumble v3.0

JUMBLE is a DOOM item randomizer; it randomly places, objects, enemies, and powerups in new locations.
Some useful features include savable configuration files, object weighting, removal of items, retention of items, and netDOOM compatibility. Also reads RanDOOM v1.x .W files.
The optional add-on archive includes many different already created .JBL files for immediate playability.
(Empty) Productions (joakim.erdfelt@swsbbs.com)
Site (1): random/jumble30.zip and random/jumble3s.zip
Site (2): jumble30.zip and jumble3s.zip
Site (3): jumble30.zip and jumble3s.zip

[13-20]: MDE: My DOOM Editor v0.90b

Allows modification of DOOM levels, including object placement, light levels, floor and ceiling heights, secret areas, acid damage, blinking lights, crushing ceilings, moving platforms, teleports, and more. Not a complete level structure editor.
Patrick Steele (Unknown address)
Site (1): wad_edit/editors/mde90b1.zip
Site (2): mde90b1.zip

[13-21]: Move Level v2.0

Move Level allows modification of the episode and mission number in a DOOM PWAD file.
Steve Stimpson (ssimpson@world.std.com)
Site (1): wad_edit/misc/movelev2.zip

[13-22]: MUS2PWAD v1.0

Places MUS files into PWAD files.
Wirta Wiriyan (kosasih@cae.wisc.edu)
Site (1): music/mus2pwad.zip

[13-23]: NodeNav v0.8

Allows observation of the geometry of the nodes structure for a particular DOOM level.
Frank Palazzolo (palazzol@msen.com)
Site (1): wad_edit/node-build/nodenav.zip
Site (2): nodenav.zip

[13-24]: RanDOOM v1.65

RanDOOM is a utility which will randomize the placement of objects in the DOOM playfield. Additionally, RanDOOM has some smarts and fixes major problems that other randomizers have. RanDOOM allows you to tailor its randomizing to your personal taste. RanDOOM has the capability to randomize and create PWAD files as well.
Scott Coleman: ASRE Software (tmkk@uiuc.edu)
Site (1): random/rdoom165.zip
Site (2): rdoom165.zip

[13-25]: REJECT v1.0

REJECT.EXE is a command line based utility used for building the REJECT resource in a DOOM PWAD file. It post-processes a PWAD which has been created using a level editor such as DEU. Its main purpose is to speed up slow PWAD files by reducing the number of line-of-sight calculations performed by the DOOM engine.
L. M. Witek (lee@trousers.demon.co.uk)
Site (1): wad_edit/misc/reject10.zip

[13-26]: Renegade Graphics DOOMED v1.1c/e

Allows advanced DOOM map editing and has been used by many PWAD creators. Allows modification and creation of PWAD files. Includes detailed documentation. A v2.0 upgrade is expected soon which should add many new features.
Note: The newest registered version is v1.1e. Registration is $25 US.
Joe Pantuso (73633.2517@compuserve.com)
Site (1): wad_edit/editors/rgde11cs.zip
Renegade Graphics BBS: (615)-337-9198

[13-27]: RENWAD

Allows modification of the episode and mission number in a DOOM PWAD file.
ASRE Software (tmkk@uiuc.edu)
Site (1): wad_edit/misc/renwad.zip

*13-28*: UltEd v1.00b

A DOOM map editor similar to DEU v5.2. This editor is unique because it runs under OS/2.
Peter Ott (pott@cate.ryerson.ca)
Site (1): wad_edit/editors/ulted.zip

[13-29]: VERDA v0.20

With VERDA, you can move THINGs around the map and change them to other things. You can change LINE triggers, SIDE image selection, SECTOR image selection, floor heights, ceiling heights, sector actions (raising/lowering, etc.), and properties (acid/blinking lights, etc.) You can graphically see which lines trigger which sectors, and change this. You can display the NODE information graphically, but it cannot currently be edited.
Mike Carter (verda@swri.edu)
Robert Fenske
Bob Robinson
Site (1): wad_edit/old_edit/verda020.zip

[13-30]: VERDA Node Builder v1.05

Builds nodes in a PWAD file.
Robert Fenske (rfenske@swri.edu)
Site (1): wad_edit/node-build/vbsp1050.zip

*13-31*: WADEd v1.42

WADED was designed to be an easy and decent DOOM map editor. It is completely mouse controlled, and run from DOS. The obvious goal was to write a good editor, so people would be able to create some good new DOOM levels from scratch that could be distributed in small patch .WAD (PWAD) files.
Matthew Ayres (ayres@cdrom.com)
Site (1): wad_edit/editors/waded142.zip

[13-32]: WAD Extended Tools v1.0

Allows viewing and hex editing of WAD resources such as pictures, textures, color maps, and more.
Unknown Name (vels@aldan.cs.biu.ac.il)
Site (1): wad_edit/misc/ewt.zip

[13-33]: WAD Hacker v2.0

WAD Hacker is a DOOM WAD file resource viewer. Allows viewing of all graphical resources. BMPs can be generated from any graphic and PWAD files can be produced from any level.
Roger Hayes (roger_hayes@stortek.com)
Site (1): wad_edit/misc/wadhak.zip

[13-34]: WADMASTER v0.5

Allows adding and removing of THINGS in DOOM levels. Also displays NODES, SSECTORS, and SEGS.
Site (1): wad_edit/old_edit/wdmstr05.zip
Site (2): wdmstr05.zip

[13-35]: WADNAME

WADNAME is a utility which will display the episode and mission number of all replacement levels contained in a given WAD file.
ASRE Software (tmkk@uiuc.edu)
Site (1): wad_edit/misc/wadname.zip

[13-36]: Wads_Up v1.1

Wads_Up is basically a THING editor. It allows you to move objects, graphics, enemies, around a level.
Gary Whitehead (gary@stek.demon.co.uk)
Site (1): wad_edit/editors/wadsup11.zip

[13-37]: WAD Tools v1.0

WAD Tools is a freeware program to be used with id Software's phenomenal action game, DOOM. It is designed to let any curious individual peruse the contents of the DOOM WAD file. Anyway, WAD Tools will let you do any number of operations on the resources in the WAD file. You can view it in hex mode, or if it's a graphic resource, you can view it in 320x200x256 VGA mode. You can also export it to a file (an LBM if it's a graphic resource), or replace it by importing a file. And, if you're really brave, you can export all the resources in the WAD file to individual files.
Jeff Miller (atomicus@indirect.com)
Site (1): wad_edit/misc/wt100.zip
Site (2): wt100.zip
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CHAPTER [14]: What add-on data files exist for DOOM?


*14-1*: Graphics

Here is a catalog of various graphics collections available for DOOM. Bill Neisius' DMGRAPH v1.1 or a similar utility is often needed to import many of these into DOOM and DOOM II.

        Site (1): graphics/(filename)
        Site (1): themes/starwars/(filename)  (Star Wars related)
        Site (1): themes/aliens/(filename)    (Aliens related)

FILE         DESCRIPTION             CREATOR
====         ===========             =======
alien-tc.zip Creates Aliens DOOM     Olivier Montanuy (montanuy@dmi.ens.fr)
aliens-x.zip Redo of Aliens patch    Unknown
alien102.zip Aliens levels           David Lobser (lobser@csn.org)
angels  .zip Sargeants have wings    Sam Lantinga (slouken@cs.ucdavis.edu)
babydoll.zip Troopers are baby dolls Unknown Name (fey@cyberspace.org)
barn3d21.zip 3-D Barney the Dinosaur David Lobser (lobser@csn.org)
baron_1 .zip Preview of DOOM T-shirt Teery Greenlaw (greenlaw@crl.com)
bdoom   .zip Barney the Dinosaur     Bill Neisius (bill@solaria.hac.com)
bigcacos.zip Super Cacodemons        Jim Hendrickson (jhendric@acs.bu.edu)
bny3dwad.zip WAD version of Bunny    David Lobser (lobser@csn.org)
borg    .zip Sargeants are Borg      Unknown (p.magnussen@auckland.ac.nz)
bright  .zip Turns up lighting       Atul Varma (atulv@bronze.coil.com)
brn-cln .zip Barney/Clinton combo    Robbie (teegarde@ucssun1.sdsu.edu)
brn3dwad.zip WAD version of Barney   David Lobser (lobser@csn.org)
bunny3d .zip 3-D Energizer Bunny     David Lobser (lobser@csn.org)
chook   .zip Rockets are chickens    David Biggs (dbiggs@yoyo.cc.monash.edu.au)
chookexe.zip Creats Chook DOOM       Sam Lantinga (slouken@cs.ucdavis.edu)
chungang.zip Gory new graphics       Unknown
clin-wad.zip Clinton DOOM WAD        Robbie Teegarden
clintn20.zip Clinton DOOM w/ sound   See above
clinton .zip Clinton DOOM            Adrian Hayes (ahayes@pacifier.rain.com)
coolskys.zip New skies for DOOM      Nathan Mielcare
CRAZDOOM.ZIP Imps wear bikinis       Unknown
crystld2.zip Enemies are "clear"     Unknown (brianf@halcyon.com)
custard .zip Custard Pie Launcher    Bernhard (kotzen@itu.sun.ac.za)
dalek3d .zip Imps are Daleks         David Lobser (lobser@csn.org)
dalek-3 .zip Imps are Daleks         Unknown Name (rkimmel@u.washington.edu)
dckscrn .zip Preview of DOOM constr- Ben Morris (bmorris@amtsgi.bc.ca)
dckscrn2.zip uction kit, coming soon Ben Morris (bmorris@amtsgi.bc.ca)
doom4win.zip DOOM logos for Windows  "Nightcrawler"
doommorf.zip Enemy FLI animation     Neal Miller (millen3@rpi.edu)
eyeball .zip Cacodemon is eyeball    Unknown
femdoom .zip Changes mugshot female  Lynn Forest (teejay@ccwf.cc.utexas.edu)
fhum    .zip New sargeant deaths     Unknown
frisb-dm.zip Rockets are frisbees    Chris Pimlott (pimlottc@shadowso.com)
gdoom   .zip Cacodemons are George   Don Miller (conm@uidaho.edu)
guy2sarg.zip Swaps Sargeants/Marines Dave Matteson (davematt@mail.msen.com)
happy   .zip Makes DOOM peaceful     Dan Lottero (dlottero@bu.edu)
headcdm .zip Pistol is Headcresher   Unknown
icesky  .zip Skies/Glacier Bay, AL   Unknown
imp2cyb .zip Imps are CyberDemons    Andrew Scott (raistlin@werple.apana.org.au)
imp_grfx.zip Imps are more gory      Greg Gimsby (Unknown E-mail address)
jagdoom .zip Jaguar DOOM preview     id Software (help@idsoftware.com)
joltdoom.zip Monsters are skulls     Unknown
lum     .zip Marine is "LUM"         Whisp (wafang@osiris.hmc.edu)
macbar10.zip Barrels are Macintoshes Atul Varma (atulv@bronze.coil.com)
movie10 .zip Aliens/Pred/Terminator  Werner Sphal
myface  .zip Cacodemons are faces    Adrian Hayes (ahayes@pacifier.rain.com)
nopent  .zip Removes pentagrams      Steve Simpson (ssimpson@world.std.com)
pacdoom .zip Pacmen have invaded     Bill Neisius (bill@solaria.hac.com)
pchan   .zip Plasma is P-Chan pig    Whisp (wafang@osiris.hmc.edu)
penguins.zip Cacodemons are penguins Tim Collins (collinst@ee-wp.bham.ac.uk)
redguy  .zip Marines are red/targets Unknown (daron@tyrell.net)
righthnd.zip Fist is right-handed    Unknown
rpgv1   .zip Rockets are RPGs        Josh Herndon (jherndon@vt.edu)
sequence.zip New death sequences     Unknown Name (dryerson@botany.utoronto.ca)
shotgun .zip New shotgun             Robert Allen (robbob2573@aol.com)
skullb  .zip Alters Marine graphics  Unknown
smiley-1.zip Cacodemons are smileys  Robbie Teegarden
stars2  .zip Another sky replacement Unknown (pinder2@griffin.emba.uvm.edu)	
stimpy_g.zip Monsters are enemies    Jussi Karjalainen
stars   .zip Skies are star fractals Unknown (pinder2@griffin.emba.uvm.edu)
strooper.zip Sargeant->Stormtrooper  Phillip (p.magnussen@auckland.ac.nz)
swatst  .zip CyberDemon is ATST      Howard Cohen (hsc5505@ritvax.isc.rit.edu)
swdoc11 .zip Star Wars DOOM          "Action Jackson"
swgfx2  .zip Cacodemons -> Probots   Mike C. (thomas@ug.cs.dal.ca)
swgfx3  .zip Barrels -> R2D2         Mike C. (thomas@ug.cs.dal.ca)
swgfx4  .zip Lost Souls ->           Mike C. (thomas@ug.cs.dal.ca)
             Interrigator Droids
swgfx5  .zip Baron -> Emperor guard  Mike C. (thomas@ug.cs.dal.ca)
swgfxmo .zip All Star Wars patches   Manny Mendoza
swlaser .zip Rockets -> Lasers       Jeff Johnston (brunner@gas.uug.arizona.edu)
swlsaber.zip Chainsaw is lightsaber  Claude Martins
swstuff .zip Star Wars title screen  Jeff Johnston (brunner@gas.uug.arizona.edu)
techbar .zip Changes status bar      Josh Fallon
toondm2 .zip Homer DOOM              Olivier Montanuy (montanuy@dmi.ens.fr)
ufo     .zip Cacodemon is UFO        Unknown (r.a.snow@bra0110.wins.icl.co.uk)
wolfdm_2.zip Wolfenstein enemies     Unknown Name (moss@plains.nodak.edu)
yiggle  .zip Sargeants are "Yiggles" Joey Cato (cato@orion.etsu.edu)
zebedee .zip Troopers are "Zebedees" Duncan Simpson (drsimpon@mh1.mcc.ac.uk)

*14-2*: Missions

There are simply too many add-on levels for DOOM to list them all here! However, a listing of the best DeathMatch WADs has been included. Do some of your own exploring to find your personal favorite missions.

*14-2-1*: DOOM DeathMatch WAD Ranking

        Site (1): wads/<directory_name_here>/<filename>

|                      DOOM DEATHMATCH WAD RANKING                        |
|                      =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                        |
|                  200+ WADS - Revision Date: 08/01/94                    |

             Compiled by: James Dicke & "Chainsaw Jim" Urbas

About the authors:

James Dicke   jdicke@carroll1.cc.edu   or   EXEC-PC: JAMES DICKE
   - DOOM Fanatic.  As an employee of the Virtual Gaming Center he finds
     time to talk to many doom-junkies that are not on the internet.  It
     has been his hobby to collect all WAD's.

Jim "Chainsaw" Urbas   jimu@point.cs.uwm.edu
   - DOOM Fanatic.  Current projects:  wc - Wad compiler; tool to help
     developers integrate new graphics into WAD files.  Deathmatch
     Compilations DM_xx_xx.ZIP; several 9 level episodes containing the
     best deathmatch maps, optimized for use in a single episode (namely:
     DMSMALL1 and DMSMALL2).  Also working on a new solo episode with
     Brant Katkansky, author of NUCLEAR.WAD.  Main area of interest is in
     adding additional graphics to doom missions.

     The Virtual Gaming Center (Milwaukee, WI) use several networks of fast
     computers with 27" screens and special controllers (steering wheels,
     flight sticks, etc) to play multi-player games IN-PERSON.  The VGC is
     also host to the Mid-West DOOM Tournaments.  You may contact them at
     VGCenter@execpc.com  or  (414) 476-1514.  Also, if you're into Magic:
     The Gathering, we sell and play it and also hold MTG tournies.

Ratings Legend:

    G = Game Play               D = Design         # = Recommended Minimum
How Fun And Addicting      How Interesting/Clever      Number Of Players
-------------------------  ----------------------  ------------------------
+ = Play til Dawn          + = A Piece Of Art      6 = WAY TOO LARGE
9 = Near Perfect           9 = Amazing             5 = Huntin' w/4 players
8 = Great--Play 1-2 hrs    8 = Fascinating         4 = Hopin' w/4 players
7 = Excellent--A favorite  7 = Interesting         3 = Hopin' w/3 players
6 = Very Good--30-60 min   6 = Above Average       2 = Hopin' w/2 players
5 = Average - Good         5 = Average             1 = A Frag every 10 sec
4 = OK but flawed          4 = Below Average           even with 2 players
3 = A diversion - 10 min.  3 = Poor                0 = WAY TOO SMALL
2 = Boring after 2 min.    2 = Ugly
1 = Painfully boring       1 = A Bad Joke          ? = Untested
0 = Utter shit             0 = Vomit
_ = Untested               _ = Untested

T: Type      A=Action, H=Hunting, B=Both, -= Who knows
W: Weapons   0=Pistol/Fists, 1=Shotgun, 2=Chain, 3=Rocket/Plasma 4=BFG
M: Monsters  0=None, 1=A few, 2=Several, 3=Lots, 4=Big&Bad, 5=Barons/Cyber

  +G  means new graphics  +S means new sounds,      +M  new music was added
  +Cx Cooperative Exit    +T text background story  +D2 Deathmatch v2.0 ok
  -X  has no exit         -x has an unmarked exit

    G = Game Play                       T = Type (Action/Hunting/Both)
    D = Design                          W = Weapons at skill 1 (0-4)
    # = Recommended Minimum # Players   M = Monsters at skill 1 (0-5)

G D Name      Map   Released  #T WM  Short Description and Comments
- - --------  ----  --------  -- --  ----------------------------------------
+ 7 ledges    E1M1   4-20-94  2A 34  Tunnels around a main room
+ 6 shadows   E1M1   4-11-94  2A 40  2 small rooms connected w/halls -X
+ 5 house     E1M1   5-28-94  2A 40  Simple house design, no furniture -X
9 9 markroom  E1M1   4-15-94  2A 30  Dark arena w/steps -x
9 7 butt      E1M1   6-17-94  3B 44  Wood arena, shadow snipers +SM -X
9 7 ihrke2    E1M1   7-22-94  2A 34  Pit w/ledges and crusher -x (dmihrke2.zip)
9 7 peace     E1M1   5-18-94  2B 40  Based on Shadows
9 6 cor81     E1M1   5-31-94  4A 40  Corridors w/side rooms. Invs walls -X
9 6 tourney   E1M1   6-27-94  2B 30  Central court yard w/snipe zones
9 5 corr2     E1M1   5-31-94  2A 40  VSml. Cross shaped. Light switch -X
9 5 circle    E1M1   7-13-94  2A 30  A circle w/guns in outside doorways. -X
9 5 hitmeinf  E1M1   7-20-94  2B 31  One lrg oval room w/obsticals -X
9 _ lavapit   E1M1   7-27-94  2B 45  Sqr. rooms w/halls & lova moat
8 8 core      E1M1   5-30-94  4B 34  Vbig, square/symmetrical +G
8 8 train2    E1M1   9-08-94  2B 44  2 lrg rooms, outer ledge, halls, snips +D2
8 7 buttv2    E1M1   7-19-94  3B 45  Updated version of BUTT for +D2
8 7 ledges3   E1M1   6-07-94  2A 34  2 rooms w/ledges, stairs, & elevators
8 7 shadows3  E1M1   5-17-94  2A 40  Updated shadows, cute- less playable
8 6 e2m1_joe  E2M1   7-14-94  2B 30  Three large elevators w/connecting halls
8 6 nova      E1M1   5-12-94  2A 32  Arena in outer ring. Passable walls -x
8 6 styx      E1M1   6-15-94  2A 30  Court yard w/bridge & sniper halls
8 5 fragday   E1M1   7-03-94  2A 40  Several big rooms, stairs, yard
8 5 ihrke1    E1M1   7-22-94  2A 44  Like "dthbox.wad" -x (dmihrke1.zip)
8 5 stream    E3M1   7-01-94  3A 40  Compound built around a stream -x
8 6 facelift  E1M1   7-25-94  3B 40  Elevators w/center room & teleporters
8 4 ledges2   E1M1   5-17-94  2A 34  Like Ledges, sloppy
8 3 dthbox    E1M1   5-04-94  2A 40  VSml room w/ TonsOweapons on pillars
8 _ 1kdeaths  E1M1   9-25-94  2A __  Central room w/teleporters & snipers
8 _ 21jpxfir  E2M1   9-15-94  2A __  A few halls & steps
8 _ bean      E1M1   9-25-94  3B __  Corridors & small dark rooms
8 _ castle    E1M1   8-24-94  3A __  Castle like area w/self moving elevators
8 _ cybrdeth  E1M1   8-25-94  2A __  Large square room w/pilars
8 _ dietdoom  E1M1   9-10-94  3B __  Multi-building/room w/outside, teleports
8 _ dmcath24  E1M1  10-03-94  3A 42  Central cathedral w/halls & elevators +Cx
8 _ deatday3  E1M3   9-25-94  2B __  2 main rooms w/teleporters
8 _ ihrke4    E1M1   8-01-94  2B 45  Several lrg rooms (dmihrke4.zip)
8 _ jeff19a   E1M9   7-26-94  2B 30  Several circle rooms w/yard. LotsOammo
8 _ jhkdth1   E1M1   9-25-94  3B __  Warehouse maze
8 _ joi-cm1   E2M1   8-13-94  __ 4_  Snipes, lrg castle-ish. (HOM)
8 _ peace_20  E1M1   7-18-94  2B 40  Updated version of PEACE for +D2
8 _ steels    E1M1   8-13-94  3B __  Circle w/maze & sniper zones
8 _ zrat      E1M1   8-03-94  3B 35  Castle-ish *G -x
7 + maverick  E2M1   6-03-94  3B 23  Little ammo, Multi-Theme Map +Cx
7 9 bludlust  E2M1   5-12-94  4H 45  Tall center room, plus shaped
7 9 markrm3   E1M1   6-13-94  2A 22  Staircases -x
7 9 mav2d     E1M1   8-09-94  2B __  Center room w/outer halls
7 8 bludlst2  E1M9   5-20-94  4H 43  Star shaped, lots of suicide
7 8 draco1    E2M1   7-22-94  4H 45  Cross halls, Elevators, & Teleporters
7 8 jadml1m1  E1M1   4-07-94  2A 21  Dark central room w/sniper points -x
7 8 lurker    E2M1   7-24-94  3B 30  Circles w/1 way walls & halls +D2
7 8 pentadth  E2M1   7-01-94  5B 30  5 Large Rooms w/ledges & elevators -X
7 8 tnplhome  E1M1   6-03-94  3A 31  Someone's nice home w/furniture
7 8 vampire5  E1M1   9-22-94  2B 50  Many connecting rooms/snipe spots
7 7 bilbo11   E1M1   7-28-94  3B 45  Halls & rooms *M -x
7 7 chase21a  E2M1   7-25-94  2B 40  Center building w/outside yard +G
7 7 phrag21a  E1M1   7-25-94  4H 45  Several halls & lrg rooms (Nudes) +G
7 6 chase     E1M1   7-01-94  2B 34  Center room w/side chambers
7 6 ihrke5    E1M1   8-03-94  2B 35  Two lrg rooms w/halls (dmihrke5.zip)
7 6 octafrag  E1M1   4-26-94  3B 12  Center elevators & snipe zones -X
7 6 tncross2  E2M1   4-05-94  2A 33  *corrupt*  (Use DMSMALL1)
7 6 town      E3M6   7-21-94  3H 45  Many buildings & walls
7 6 ultima    E1M1   5-02-94  2A 31  1Rm, Suspended Cross -x
7 5 clash     E1M1   5-23-94  2A 30  Symmetric w/center room, no Spec
7 5 cwwad     E1M1   6-08-94  5A 33  VLrg. Center room. Pyramid. Berserks
7 5 deathme   E3M1   6-06-94  2A 45  Large Sq w/pillars, barrels, windows +M
7 5 duo_1     E1M1   4-29-94  2H 30  Square area w/outside corridor
7 5 enigma    E1M1   7-30-94  2B 41  Center room w/elevators. Snipper zones
7 5 hexxed    E1M1   6-06-94  2A 45  Caged Spider & Cyber -x
7 5 show      E1M1   7-21-94  3H 35  Lrg hex room w/sniper zones
7 5 swetdeth  E1M1   5-06-94  3B 35  Square room w/trench & hill
7 5 trimatch  E1M1   7-20-94  2B 30  Three circles connected w/outer circle
7 4 nasty11   E1M1   6-03-94  1A 21  Simple octagon w/weapons in center
7 4 steps3    E1M1   3-30-94  3B 33  Multi-rooms & snipe windows
7 2 t3        E1M1   6-25-94  1A 50  VSml. 4 doors, 4 rooms, 4 Weapons. -X
7 _ auror12a  E1M2   7-29-94  3H 45  Lots of secrets, pillers, platforms
7 _ ayrton_2  E1M1   8-08-94  2B __  small rooms w/short halls +D2
7 _ carnage   E1M1   6-09-94  3B __  Four main rooms w/connecting halls
7 _ dblcross  E2M2   8-08-94  2B __  Crusher, 8 outer circles. +D2
7 _ dethday2  E1M2   9-25-94  3A __  Several large rooms
7 _ free4all  E2M9   8-24-94  3B __  Central room w/long elevator & halls *M
7 _ infinity  E1M1   9-12-94  3B __  Two central rooms w/long elevator & halls
7 _ ledges4i  E1M1   8-24-94  __ __  Large room with ledges and teleports +D2
7 _ maniac    E2M1   9-15-94  3B __  Few halls & small rooms & secrets
7 _ madmax    E1M1  10-11-94  2A __  Circular room & teleporters -X
7 _ megadeth  E2M7   9-25-94  2A __  1 room w/rockets
7 _ octfrag2  E1M1  10-11-94  3B __  Several rooms w/shotguns +D2 +S
7 _ ojsim1    E2M1   7-31-94  3B 40  Several rooms w/secret snipper zones
7 _ pentadth  E1M1   9-25-94  3B __  Several pentagrams & halls w/secrets
7 _ qwert7    E2M1   7-20-94  2A 31  Caverns and 1-way walls
7 _ rot       E1M1   9-18-94  3B __  Central room w/passages & secrets
7 _ slapme    E1M1   9-11-94  3B __  Big central square, snipers
7 _ tkmaz14a  E1M4   7-29-94  2H 34  Twisty halls, hidden maze
7 _ treedm1   E1M1  10-15-94  3B __  Several rooms & halls
7 _ trunk     E1M1   8-09-94  3B __  Several lrg rooms, halls
7 _ tourney2  E1M1  11-05-94  4B __  Designed for VGC Team Alt-Death Tourney
6 9 lookout   E1M1   9-16-94  4H __  Halls & rooms +G
6 9 mayan666  E1M1  10-17-94  3B __  Outside w/buildings & pyramids +G
6 8 morehell  E1M1   5-06-94  4H 11  VBig.  Interconnected rooms. +Cx
6 7 fragyou   E1M1   6-25-94  3A 22  Court yard w/stairs & elevators
6 6 dethe1m1  E1M1   4-30-94  4A 31  A large house. +GM
6 6 dethmaze  E1M1   7-13-94  4H 32  A maze w/some darkness & sniper zones
6 6 spaz      E2M1   6-27-94  5H 45  2 Large Rooms, Perches & snipe zones
6 6 spunk     E1M1   4-12-94  3B __  Several big rooms, TonsOammo
6 6 the-keep  E1M1   5-08-94  4H 30  In the shape of a castle/moat/court
6 5 gore1     E1M1   4-18-94  4A 30  Large cavernous rooms (maze like)
6 5 speedoom  E1M1   6-20-94  2A 30  Square room w/teleporters (DM?)
6 5 spiral    E2M1   4-20-94  4H 34  Room w/spiral stairs + small rooms
6 5 theta-4   E1M1   5-14-94  4H 30  Outside arena. Large rooms. +G
6 5 zzone     E1M1   4-20-94  2A 35  Big room w/perches
6 4 dmaze     E1M1   7-01-94  4H 30  Dark large twisting caverns
6 4 fig8      E1M1   7-23-94  2B 40  Figure 8 shaped.
6 3 avrax     E3M4   6-08-94  5H 40  Paths & Arenas. TonsOAmmo -X
6 3 death1    E1M1   5-04-94  0A 00  Itty bitty; distributed with DEATH9.ZIP
6 3 grease    E3M1   6-24-94  2A 33  Inverted pyramid. One way-down
6 _ area8     E1M1   9-10-94  3A __  Center arena w/ledges
6 _ ash15a    E1M5   7-26-94  2H 45  Tons of small rooms w/doors
6 _ batman    E2M1   7-24-94  4H 44  Lots of loops & shadows
6 _ chain     E2M1   7-31-94  2B 30  LotsOchainsaws, drak areas, fake walls
6 _ conquer   E3M1   9-25-94  4B __  Center outside room w/halls
6 _ drkstair  E2M1   7-20-94  3B 34  Stair pit w/outer halls -x
6 _ dthtown   E1M1   7-02-94  4B __  Streets & multi-level buildings
6 _ elements  E1M1   9-04-94  2B __  Square rooms, snipers, central area
6 _ garden    E1M1   9-05-94  __ __  Big rooms and hallways.
6 _ horror    E1M1   7-15-94  4H 45  Halls & rooms -x
6 _ led       E1M1   8-24-94  4H __  Halls & lrg room & ammo dump.
6 _ mav2m1    E1M1   8-09-94  2A __  Circle room w/outside doors (HOM)
6 _ maze      E1M1   7-31-94  3H 40  A simple maze w/all weapons -x +M
6 _ m_rohe    E1M1   9-06-94  3B __  Mansion & swiming pool w/outside. +G
6 _ night2-0  E1M8   9-25-94  3B __  Central room w/pillers +G +D2 -X
6 _ nomercy   E1M1   8-01-94  3B 45  Multi-strange rooms -x +M
6 _ pentgram  E1M2   9-15-94  4B __  Many rooms
6 _ pip       E1M1   9-19-94  4B __  Large room w/ledges & invis walls -x
6 _ pits13a   E1M3   7-29-94  3H 45  Inverted pyramid, platform, teleporters
6 _ pueblo    E1M1   9-03-94  3B __  Multi-building w/outside. +G
6 _ riana001  E1M1   7-30-94  3B _2  Rooms & elevators -X
6 _ sniper    E1M1   9-15-94  __ __  Several rooms w/snipers & rockets
6 _ tunnels   E1M2   7-21-94  2A 04  Butterfly shapped caverns w/teleports
6 _ usq2      E1M1   9-25-94  3B __  Large building & outside area
6 _ yes       E1M1   8-24-94  __ __  1 rectangle room, flashing lights.
5 9 space     E1M2   5-27-94  2B 33  Several large room in outer space +GS -X
5 9 the_grid  E2M1   5-20-94  4H 23  SLOW. Lots of nooks & crannies
5 8 trench    E1M1   5-12-94  3A 21  Trenches to run around in outside
5 7 markrm2   E2M1   6-13-94  3A 22  Veritical floor maze -x
5 7 stadium   E1M1   6-25-94  __ __  Very simple; Looks like football stadium
5 7 swig1     E1M1   7-01-94  5H 35  4 Rooms, 50 Rockets
5 6 afro      E1M1   4-19-94  4H 23  Large Complex level
5 6 flat-692  E1M1   6-07-94  2A 34  A house w/furniture & yard
5 6 jadml1m1  E1M1   4-07-94  2B 22  Dark Ring w/Powerups
5 6 warehse1  E1M1   6-13-94  5H 35  VBig. Boxes mazes & outside yard
5 5 11bones   E1M1   4-11-94  4B 21  Center room w/halls & perches
5 5 bigbro    E1M1   4-19-94  5H 23  Large rooms. One "god" player -x
5 5 cross     E1M3   3-11-94  5H 34  Big complex w/many rooms
5 5 dspiral   E2M1   1-26-94  2A 43  Arena & spiral stairs in center -x
5 5 flash     E1M1   4-04-94  4H 14  Side rooms w/central pit & balcony -x
5 5 frgfst21  E2M1   5-02-94  5H 21  Hex room, spiral stairs, big court yrd
5 5 techbase  E1M1   5-31-94  4H 32  Large room w/crates + snipe zones -x
5 5 urbnbeta  E1M1   6-06-94  4B 32  Several big houses & yards
5 4 acheron   E1M3   6-10-94  4B 22  Many hex rooms & teleporters
5 4 dodge     E1M1   6-29-94  2B 45  Very dark. Square chambers w/Barons
5 4 jaredm11  E1M1   7-03-94  3B 40  Coliseum w/side halls & teleports
5 4 xeno11    E1M1   5-24-94  5H 35  Many room complex w/outside area +G
5 3 cantrun   E1M1   6-27-94  4H 50  VBig, TonsOWep Repetitive -X
5 3 stolen    E2M1   7-01-94  4A 35  Based on Shadows. Bad lighting.
5 2 quirul    E1M1   7-01-94  4A 12  Large warehouse w/halls -X
5 2 rip2      E1M4   6-13-94  3B 30  Many caverns -X
5 1 canyon    E2M1   6-08-94  4B 32  Twisty canyon
5 _ altima    E2M5   8-07-94  4B __  Central room & strange rooms
5 _ andy      E1M1   8-06-94  3H 40  Follow arrows, several lrg rooms -x
5 _ circle_   E1M1   7-22-94  5H 35  Vlrg. interesting complex.
5 _ choppas   E1M1   9-11-94  2B __  Room w/lifts & chainsaws -x
5 _ dc        E1M1   8-24-94  4B __  Strange rooms
5 _ death__   E1M1   7-26-94  __ 35  Super TonsOammo, Elevators
5 _ dmarena1  E2M1   8-24-94  2A __  Big circle
5 _ evil_e    E1M1   4-20-94  __ 35  Central arena w/off chutes. Few secrets.
5 _ hunter    E1M1   9-15-94  4H __  Maze w/rooms
5 _ kill      E1M1   7-22-94  4H 40  Open area, ledges, buildings
5 _ maxfrag   E1M1   8-05-94  __ 31  Fast twisty halls, 2 rooms
5 _ rip2      E1M1   7-16-94  __ 30  -x
5 _ rip5      E1M3   7-16-94  __ 40  -x
5 _ runaway   E1M1   9-15-94  4H __  Multi-room w/halls
5 _ ry11ecr   E1M1  09-26-94  4H __  Large multi-room w/many doors -x
5 _ scarves   E1M3   7-10-94  4H __  Corridors
5 _ snipe99   E1M1   8-25-94  4H __  Big complex
5 _ triangle  E1M1   8-19-94  4B __  Triangle room w/teleports & pilars
5 _ zone      E1M1   9-09-94  4B __  Dark twisty halls w/outside +D2
4 8 coloseum  E3M1   6-08-94  3A 35  Circular room. Outside Secrets
4 8 deadzone  E1M1   6-07-94  5H 22  Arena & lift grid
4 7 thekeep2  E1M1   5-15-94  4H 20  In the shape of a castle/moat/court
4 7 9-to-5    E1M6   6-13-94  5H 35  Vlrg office building w/outside.
4 6 dmat4     E1M1   7-01-94  3A 44  Large warehouse. LotsOBarrels
4 5 freedom   E2M2   5-12-94  4H 33  Halls & large caverns interconnected
4 5 sewer     E2M1   5-30-94  5H 32  Large open center circled by building
4 5 stairs    E1M1   4-30-94  6H 35  VBig. Lots of rooms & stairs
4 4 grrfy11   E1M1   4-16-94  3H 22  Large multi-room complex -x
4 4 pyramid   E2M1   5-11-94  4H 34  Pyramid w/mazes. (DM?)
4 4 quary11   E1M1   5-02-94  2A 33  Large pit w/trenches. -X
4 4 rampage   E1M1   5-16-94  4H 33  Large complex w/many small rooms
4 3 atica     E1M1   6-29-94  4H 12  Large maze w/outside area
4 3 horror21  E2M1   5-28-94  4B 45  Multi-room complex
4 2 pellejos  E1M1   7-01-94  3A 10  Large Square room w/outer ring -X
4 _ abanware  E1M1   9-06-94  4B __  Central room & outside yard
4 _ biosci    E1M1   7-22-94  5H 44  Outside yard w/Lrg. building
4 _ convertm  E1M1   6-30-94  4H 13  Rooms w/cages, halls, elevators -x (HOM)
4 _ dead      E1M1   9-15-94  3B __  Central room, "sticky" corners, secrets
4 _ deathday  E1M1   9-15-94  4H __  Maze of rooms & halls -x
4 _ diefast   E1M1   8-08-94  3H __  Halls
4 _ eyespy    E2M2   9-15-94  3H __  Rooms w/many halls.
4 _ fist_em   E1M1   8-31-94  4H __  Many rooms w/outside area. (Slow outside)
4 _ gryblood  E2M2   7-20-94  4H 35  Bizaar floating building (DM?)
4 _ hiding    E1M1   7-28-94  4H 34  Halls, Lrg rooms, traps, secrets
4 _ holymoly  E2M3   7-20-94  2A 45  Huge circle arnea -x
4 _ joi-ctc   E2M1   8-01-94  __ 43  Huge multi-level w/ledges & elevators
4 _ kswood    E1M1   9-08-94  4H __  Huge outside w/some buildings +M
4 _ phucked   E1M1   9-07-94  __ __  Central area w/lifts -x
4 _ rip3      E1M2   7-16-94  __ 30  -x
4 _ rip4      E1M1   7-16-94  __ 34  -x
4 _ rip6      E3M1   7-16-94  __ 34  -x
4 _ rip7      E1M5   7-16-94  __ 30  -X
4 _ rip8      E1M3   7-16-94  __ 30  -x
4 _ spaceshp  E1M1   9-25-94  5H __  Huge corridors & TonsO'Weapons
4 _ spankme   E1M1   8-26-94  2B __  Room w/weapon pedistals
4 _ techtemp  E2M1   8-24-94  3H __  Halls & rooms -X
4 _ tour      E2M1   8-05-94  3H 42  Rooms & ledges. Unmarked teleports +M
4 _ turbo     E1M1   7-14-94  3B 34  Multi-room with many suicide traps -x
4 _ woodhal2  E1M1   9-12-94  4H __  Maze like halls
4 _ wow       E1M4   8-17-94  __ __  Space rooms (nudes) +G
3 9 thejoker  E1M1   8-09-94  4H __  TonsOswitches, traps. +M
3 6 castle    E1M1   7-12-94  5H 33  VLrg. Castle layout w/outside & moat.
3 6 longmtch  E2M1   4-21-94  4H 43  Lots of rooms, cages, secrets
3 5 djg21-1a  E2M1   3-28-94  5B 45  Rooms connected by halls
3 5 nitro2    E2M1   6-08-94  3H 23  Interconnecting rooms
3 5 pleasure  E1M1   5-10-94  5B 15  Huge stadium w/bleachers & lot -x
3 4 daemon2   E1M1   4-07-94  4H 25  Not a deathmatch specific.
3 4 upliftng  E1M1   4-17-94  4H 25  Halls, pits, & trees
3 3 hellbnd   E2M1   6-04-94  5H 30  Large multi-room complex
3 3 jal_dm1   E1M1   5-10-94  3B 31  Several large court yards + teleports
3 3 jeff-1-2  E1M2   3-24-94  4H 31  Large rooms some dark w/teleports
3 3 rings     E1M1   6-19-94  2A 12  Sq. Rings around a central block
3 2 dprison   E1M1   1-21-94  2A 45  All start in center room w/Baron
3 1 arena     E1M1   4-08-94  6A 40  Biggest room ever- HOMs & equip -X
3 _ bunka     E1M1   9-14-94  2B __  Dark arena
3 _ ghostown  E1M2   9-25-94  5H __  Large barren town w/streets & buildings
3 _ killer21  E2M1   9-15-94  4H __  Crushing walls, acid pits, secrets
3 _ newday    E1M1   9-15-94  4H __  Room & halls
3 _ murder2   E2M1   8-24-94  __ __  Huge.
3 _ wwf       E1M1   7-27-94  2B 32  Arena & halls
2 8 dethwalk  E2M1   4-11-94  2A 33  Planks on a green acid lake -X
2 8 quatro    E1M1   6-14-94  4H 44  VBig multi-level complex w/outside
2 4 lvnghell  E1M1   7-01-94  2H 33  Lots of large & weird rooms +M -X
2 4 pillars   E1M1   2-18-94  3H 34  Pillar room, Outside circle
2 4 sniper    E1M1   6-30-94  3H 32  Many connected rooms -x
2 4 softhell  E2M1   6-14-94  4H 35  Very big complex. Too many monsters
2 4 rock-it   E1M1   5-09-94  4H 35  Several Large rooms. Many Suicide
2 _ base      E1M1   8-13-94  __ __  Huge mazes w/outside -x
2 _ spoon!    E1M1   9-25-94  __ __  Acid w/thin walkways
1 1 nitro1    E2M2   5-20-94  2A 30  Very small. Interconnected rooms.
1 2 stewbeta  E1M1   9-07-78  5H 45  Outside lake & tower (lots of HOM)
1 3 tnspires  E2M1   4-07-94  2A 10  4 tall pillars surround by acid
1 _ escape    E1M1   8-05-94  __ __  Huge

*14-2-2*: PWAD Authoring Template v1.4

For all of you PWAD authors out there, here is the "Official" PWAD Authoring Template v1.4. When you release your PWAD, please fill this form out and place it in the information file you create about your PWAD. Thanks to Steve Bareman (bareman@hope.cit.hope.edu) for creating a WAD about file standard.

WAD Authoring Template V1.4   (Clip this line)
Title                   :
Filename                : xxxx.WAD
Author                  : Your name here
Email Address           :
Misc. Author Info       :

Description             : Set the mood here.

Additional Credits to   :

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : ExMx (,ExMx,...)
Single Player           : Yes/No
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes/No
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes/No
Difficulty Settings     : Yes/Not implemented
New Sounds              : Yes/No
New Graphics            : Yes/No
New Music               : Yes/No
Demos Replaced          : None/1/2/3/All

* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch/Modified ExMx/xxx.WAD
Editor(s) used          :
Known Bugs              :

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors (MAY/may NOT) use this level as a base to build additional

(One of the following)

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file

You MAY not distribute this WAD file in any format.

You may do whatever you want with this file.

* Where to get this WAD *

FTP sites:

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*14-3*: Sounds

Here is a catalog of various sound collections available for DOOM. Bill Neisius' DMAUD v1.1 or similar utility is needed to import many of them into DOOM. Others are in PWAD format, which require the use of the command line:

        "DOOM -FILE <wadfile>.WAD"
Site (1): sounds/(filename)
FILE         DESCRIPTION             CREATOR
====         ===========             =======
aliensnd.zip Aliens F/X and Music    Unknown
aliens2 .zip Aliens movie            Unknown
anime   .zip Anime sounds            Steve Chaney (gunhed@netcom.com)
ash-doom.zip PWAD of doom-ash.zip    Unknown
aoddoom .zip Army of Darkness        Unknown (flash@black.clarku.edu)
aodsound.zip Army of Darkness        Marc Wensauer (w9b192@ugrad.cs.ubc.ca)
awsdm1-2.zip Best sounds collection  Christian Reed (jcr@gas.uug.arizona.edu)
beav-but.zip Beavis and Butthead     Doug Dziedzic (dziedzic@ecst.csuchico.edu)
beavis  .zip Beavis and Butthead     Jeff Webinger (willey@iastate.edu)
dgold3lt.zip DOOM GOLD Lite          Enigma-13
dm_chris.zip Realistic/frightening   Chris Hayashida
dm_cool .zip Humourous sounds        Aaron Criger (blade@freenet.grfn.org)
dm_fluid.zip Fluid Motion sounds     Dagda Samildanac
dm_gheto.zip Explicit lyrics         Unknown
dmgold10.zip DOOM GOLD               Enigma-13
dmgold_4.zip DOOM GOLD IV (D2)       Enigma-13
dmaliens.zip Aliens movie            "Peacemaker"
dmfmj20 .zip Full Metal Jacket       Jin Kim (xjinkim@fullerton.edu)
dmmisc  .zip Star Wars/Ren & Stimpy  "Asthmahound"
dmnsnd1 .zip Aliens/Predator/Ash     Daniel Kennett (dkennett@sfu.ca)
dmnsnd2 .zip Simpsons                "Shriker" (gills@qucdn.queensu.ca)
dmnsnd3 .zip Predator/others         "Shriker" (gills@qucdn.queensu.ca)
dmpython.zip Monty Python            Adam Isgreen and Andre Vrignaud
dmsally .zip When Harry Met Sally    "Duran Duran"
dmsilly1.zip Humorous                Unknown (dchouina@sobeco.ca)
dmstrwr1.zip Star Wars PWAD          Unknown (aaronf@netcom.com)
dmwierd .zip 36 new sounds           Scott Schuricht
dmzounds.zip TV shows/songs/CDs      Stephen Pandke (pandke@zeus.achilles.net)
doe     .zip Homer Simpson           Steve (gunhed@netcom.com)
doom-ash.zip Army-Darkness/Evil Dead Brian Olson (olso0389@maroon.tc.umn.edu)
doomdwdk.zip Darkwing Duck           Patrick (patrick@fornext.com)
doomsnds.zip Util plays sounds       Michael Albers (mal@netcom.com)
doomwkd .zip "Wicked" sounds         "D.H."
doomwavs.zip Sound collection        "Halitosis"
drwho   .zip Dr. Who sounds          Simon Jansen (sjan01@cs.aukuni.ac.nz)
dsmdoom .zip Original DOOM sounds    Unknown (drudman@corp.hp.com)
dsmterm .zip Terminator              Unknown (drudman@corp.hp.com)
evildead.zip Evil Dead sounds        SubSector
funsnd  .zip Various movies          Steve Huskisson (steveh@satelnet.org)
gdsounds.zip PWAD of greatds.zip     Unknown (efisher@moose.uvm.edu)
goons   .zip Goons sounds            Peter Sellers (heasman@geo.geol.utas.edu.au)
greatds .zip Sound collection        Unknown
gus1m   .zip Optimized GUS MIDI      Tom Klok (a344@mindlink.bc.ca)
hiroshim.zip Scary sounds            Wes Ratliff (tas8663@utarlg.uta.edu)
hn_doom .zip HellNet sounds          Unknown
hhgwavs .zip Hitchhiker's Guide TTG  S.P. Harvey (sharvey@interaccess.com)
homer   .zip Simpsons PWAD           Dave Sawford and Andrew Gerrard
homerdm2.zip Homer DOOM              Shinobi
jamsnds2.zip NBA Jam sounds          Mr. Micro
jb-doom .zip James Brown sounds      Steven Fox (steven.fox@twwde.com)
jbrown  .zip James Brown sounds      Ron VanDevender
jerkey  .zip Jerky Boys              Unknown
jerky   .zip Jerky Boys              Steve Huskisson (steveh@satelnet.org)
jesco   .zip Jesco White sounds      Unknown (un035345@wvnvaxa.wvnet.edu)
jpdoom  .zip Jurassic Park sounds    Steven Waldner (waldner@plains.nodak.edu)
kickassa.zip Various Movies          Charles Fuoco (cfuoco@uxa.cso.uiuc.edu)
mstdoom .zip MST3k sounds            Michael Coleman (grolsch1@aol.com)
mydoom10.zip Sound collection        Unknown
mymixwad.zip Sound collection        Unknown
newsnd  .zip Various Sounds          Johnny Nugnug (jnugnug@nas.com)
not4kids.zip Explicit lyrics         Unknown (cluster@neosoft.com)
pooksnds.zip Pook Sounds             Evan Malsbury (Unknown)
predator.zip Predator                Dream Warrior
python  .zip Monty Python sounds     Solomon White (whitesol@math.enmu.edu)
raw     .zip Favorite Sounds (D2)    Andrew Smith (aes4@fdadr.cdrh.fda.gov)
realdm-1.zip Military Base Sounds    Andrew Schramm
seindoom.zip Seinfeld                Unknown
sex     .zip Explicit lyrics         Wade Stewart (swade@efn.org)
simpsons.zip Simpsons DOOM           Chuck Fuoco (cfuoco@uxa.cso.uiuc.edu)
spit    .zip Various Sounds          Unknown (s1076329@cedarville.edu)
st-snds .zip Star Trek               Pete Hesse (pmhesse@vax1.acs.jmu.edu)
sternwad.zip Howard Stern            Unknown
stooges .zip The Three Stooges       Phil Robinson
swdoc13 .zip Star Wars Sounds        AJ
swsfx   .zip Star Wars Sounds        Mike (Unknown)
swfxpwad.zip Star Wars               Unknown
t2sounds.zip Terminator II           Unknown
t2      .zip Terminator II           Unknown
udoomsfx.zip Various TV shows        Unknown
yaasp   .zip Aliens sounds           Jeremy Phillips
voices  .zip SPISPOPD sounds         Nathan Mielcarek
voodoom .zip Sounds                  Shinobi
wworld30.zip Wayne's World           Eric Wescott (wescotte@earth.execpc.com)

*14-4*: Music

Here is a catalog of various music collections available for DOOM. Bill Neisius' DMMUSIC v1.0a or similar utility is needed to import many of them into DOOM. Others are in PWAD format, which require the use of the command line:

        "DOOM -FILE <wadfile>.WAD"
Site (1): music/(filename)
====         ===========         === =======
allepmus.zip assorted music      123 Unknown
batmus  .zip Batman Music        1XX Tim McCune (trm@ksu.ksu.edu)
classic1.zip classical music     1XX Unknown
classic2.zip classical music     1XX Unknown
clasmus .zip classical music     1XX Unknown
e2music1.zip assorted music      12X Unknown (chadan@daisy.cc.utexas.edu)
e2newmus.zip New Music           X2X Unknown (chadan@daisy.cc.utexas.edu)
foreve  .zip Live Forever Queen  1XX Kathy Brown (Unknown)
jaymust .zip assorted music      12X Unknown (bgorski@emr1.emr.ca)
jjs-jams.zip New Music           123 J. J. Franzen (jfranzen@scf.usc.edu)
lithmusi.zip classic rock        123 Chris Hopkins (chopkins@peinet.pe.ca)
pop     .zip Pop Music           1XX Nigel Arnold (nige@theweb.demon.co.uk)
rikmusic.zip Rick's Music        12X Rick Kelly (bubsy1@aol.com)
starmid .zip Star Wars music     123 Unknown
swmusfx3.zip Star Wars music     123 Chris Hopkins (chopkins@peinet.pe.ca)
swmusic .zip Star Wars music     123 Chris Hopkins (chopkins@peinet.pe.ca)
t2mus   .zip Terminator II music 1XX Wirta Wiriyan (kosasih@cae.wisc.edu)
vamus1  .zip Various Pop Music   1XX Angelito So (aso@ic.sunysb.edu)

*14-5*: LMPs (Recordings)

As far as I am aware, no LMP packages have been released for DOOM v1.666 or DOOM II v1.7a.

*14-6*: DEHACKED patches

DEHACKED (see Chapter [13-2]) allows modification of the DOOM.EXE file. DEHACKED can be used to create DOOM.EXE patch files, which are used to save DOOM.EXE settings to be distributed. To use a DEHACKED patch, the DEHACKED utility is required (see Chapter [13-2]). Using the DEHACKED utility, type this to use a DEHACKED patch file.

        "DEHACKED  -LOAD .DEH"
For example, to use a DOOM.WAD in the C:\DOOM directory, and patch it with the monster morphing patch, you would use this command line:

        "DEHACKED c:\doom\doom.wad -LOAD monsmorf.deh"
Site (1): wad_edit/doomhack/(filename)
For a complete list and review of all DeHackEd patches, E-mail Michael Adcock at "adcock@menudo.uh.edu" asking for the DeHacked patch review.

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CHAPTER *15*: What other miscellaneous DOOM add-ons exist?


*15-1* APCiDOOM v5.1

A full front-end for DOOM and DOOM II. Allows use of the APCi MultiPlayer Game Server (available on various BBSes) as well as standard modem and IPX games.
APC, Inc. (Unknown)
Site (1): multi_doom/apcidm51.zip

[15-2]: BNUDOOM v1.26

A DOOM serial driver replacement utilizing a fossil driver. Allows modem-modem connections with modem speeds up to 115K with full error correction and hardware flow control, non-standard IRQ setups, voice to modem connections (no need to wait for RING in this case - goes straight to on-line to get the handshaking going), option NOT to drop DTR after a game has ended in order to restart the game without losing the connection, and more. If you are having trouble with your modem and DOOM, this is for you.
David Nugent (address@here)
Site (1): multi_doom/BNUDM126.ZIP

*15-3*: DeuTex and DeuSF v2.9

DeuTex is a freeware program to build, rip-off and rebuild PWADs. Allows you to flexibly redefine sprites, floors, ceilings, wall textures, sounds, music, levels (obtained from doom editors). DeuSF enables you to distribute PWADS where some sprite and floor/ceiling are redefined. A must to create customised and original looking PWADs. Supports .GIF .BMP .WAV .AU (and .MUS, obtained from MIDI files).
Olivier Montanuy (montanuy@dmi.ens.fr)
Site (1): wad_edit/misc/deutex29.zip

[15-4]: DIRPWAD

Reads episode and mission number from a PWAD file, including information about mode.
R. Nijlunsing (csg465@wing.rug.nl)
Site (1): wad_edit/misc/dirpwad.zip

[15-5]: DOOMBSP Source Code

id Software's BSP builder source code.
id Software (help@idsoftware.com)
Site (1): wad_edit/node-build/doombsp.zip

*15-6*: DOOM Color Changer v2.0

This program modifies the DOOM.WAD files' player pictures. This allows a you to change the way other players are viewed in a multi-player game. If you are playing a cooperative game, you can make the players white so they stand out and you can avoid hitting them by accident. Or, you can make the players dark colors so that a deathmatch game can be more difficult. This program will only work on the registered DOOM version 1.2.
Douglas Leininger (72773.245@compuserve.com)
Site (1): misc/doomcc2.zip

*15-7*: DOOM Control Center v3.0

Run single/serial/modem/network games. Mouse-driven user interface, control all aspects of modem and net games ITHOUT command line parameters. Use external WADs, edit chat macros, saved games. Re-assign levels of WAD files. Browse internal directory of WAD files.
Site (1): misc/dmcc30.zip

*15-8*: DOOM EasyWAD v1.11

This program was made for all those DOOMers with loadsa WAD files. It produces a nice WAD selection interface, which should put an end to losing track of all these files. (At least I get more frustrated from finding that particular WAD file and typing all that things on the command line than from playing DOOM itself!).
M. van der Heide (martijn@.htsa.hva.nl)
Site (1): misc/easyw111.zip

*15-9*: DOOMED v1.666

This is the one of the few save game editors that I know of that hassurvived each and every DOOM version release. This great editor works on all versions of DOOM I through v1.666.
Arun Bhalla (abhalla@imsa.edu)
Site (1): doomed16.zip

*15-10*: DOOMED v1.6b

Another saved game editor (different than the original DOOMED). This editor is unique as it works on both DOOM I and DOOM II.
Chris Holz (cholz@wilbur.mbrak.swin.oz.au)
Site (1): misc/doomedt.zip

*15-11*: DOOM Front End v3.10

A DOOM front end allowing many configurations. For DOOM I.
Josh Jackson (jsoftware@delphi.com) <
Site (1): misc/dfe310.zip

*15-12*: DOOM!gate v1.6

A DOOM front end allowing many configurations. For DOOM I.
Jani Halme (Unknown)
Site (1): misc/dgate160.zip

[15-13]: The DOOM Hacker's Tool Kit v1.0

The full source code for Josh Jackson's WAD editing utilities.
Josh Jackson (joshjackson@delphi.com)
Site (1): wad_edit/misc/dhtk100.zip

(15-14): The DOOM Help Service

A group of many files, including the "Official" DOOM FAQ and modem information, for help with DOOM.
Ian Mapleson (mapleson@cee.hw.ac.uk)
Site (1): text/doomhelp.zip

(15-15): The DOOM Honorific Titles

When you think your DOOM skills are solid and that no monster in hell can be a match for your shotgun, you have two basic ways of getting street credit. One is to win lots of DeathMatches against well-known players, and the other is to get one or more "DOOM Honorific Titles". The DHT is a rating system that awards top players with standardized and universally recognized titles. If you feel proud and/or silly enough, you can include the relevant letters after your name in your .sig and impress your fellow DOOM players.
There are four titles to be conquered:
     DOOM Master (DM):               can complete any level on Ultra-Violence.

     DOOM Grand Master (DGM):        can complete any level on Nightmare.

     DOOM Tyson (DT):                can complete any level on Ultra-Violence
                                     using nothing more than fist and pistol.

     DOOM Grand Ass Kicker (DGAK):   has the combined skills of a Master, a
                                     Tyson and a Grand Master.
The titles are awarded by passing an examination. As with most examinations, this will only be a random sampling of your capacity. You won't be required to complete all 27 episodes to prove that you can do it.
You will be your own judge for the results. You will receive the text of the examination, which tells you what to do to be awarded the title you think you deserve; from then on you just have to produce the corresponding LMPs and upload them to a specific public place in a specific format to be able to call yourself a DM, DT, DGM or DGAK. There is no time limit. The LMPs must be produced especially for the examination -- you can't just send in your old ones. This is because there is an authentication mechanism which prevents people from recycling other people's LMPs.
Frank Stajano (fms@cam-orl.co.uk)
Site (1): incoming/dht-exams/DHT3.ZIP

*15-16*: DOOMLaunch v1.00

DOOMLaunchis a complete DOOM .WAD manager. Looking for one program to handle all of your wads efficiently and easily? Can't find the text file to tell you what level that wad is? Is your hard drive overwhelmed by the sheer size of all those extra wads? Need a simple, easy to use solution? DOOMLaunch can help.
Keith Cohen (Unknown)
Site (1): misc/dl100.zip

[15-17]: DOOM Launcher for OS/2 v1.1

This program will create a REXX exec on-the-fly that will launch the DOOM v1.2 registered version with appropriate DOS SETTINGS and PARAMETERS to allow you to play DOOM under OS/2 2.1 in one of 3 ways: Stand alone, via Modem, and network. This program supports all known command line options for the DOOM.EXE, SERSETUP.EXE, and IPXSETUP.EXE executables.
Kevin Royalty (k.royalty@genie.geis.com)
Site (1): pub/doom/misc/dmos2run.zip

[15-18]: The DOOM Level Design FAQ v1.1

A file containing frequently asked questions about DOOM level design and editing.
Tom Neff (tneff@panix.com)
Site (1): wad_edit/text/design11.zip

[15-19]: DOOMLOAD v4.0

A replacement for DOOM's SETUP.EXE which allows quick net and modem play, "Sudden Death" play, play-logging for Novel networks, LMP recording and playback, and more.
Christian Antkow (cant@softchoice.com)
Site (2): doomld4.zip
Site (1): multi_doom/doomld4.zip

*15-20*: DOOM Master v3.0

The "ultimate" DOOM shell/launcher, handling everything from network to modem play, all DOOM configurations, and even has CD-ROM audio support.
Joe Wilcox (sillysft@aol.com)
Site (1): misc/dm3.zip

*15-21*: DOOMenu v17.0

DOOMenu is a utility which allows IPX network, modem, and null-modem, or single play quickly and easily. DOOMenu allows you to choose cooperative or deathmatch with respawn or monsters on or off. It can load a save game, or use an external WAD file. It will ask you for the skill, episode, episode map, number to dial, and whether to disable call waiting. It can store up to 9 different default phone numbers for speed dialing. It also has a built-in wad rating system, so you never have to remember which wads were good, and a wad counter which records the number of times you have played each wad. It fully supports DOOM v1.666 with -fast (speeds up monsters), -altdeath (DeathMatch v2.0 Rules), -turbo (Speeds up players! Gr8 for handicapping), and @RESPONSE.
Jason Sandlin (000082937@ucis.vill.edu)
Site (1): misc/doomen17.zip

[15-22]: DOOM Modem Contact List R7

The purpose of this list is to act as a directory of DOOM Modem players to help DOOMers connect with each other. If you are seeking a fellow player, simply locate someone near you on this list and send them E-Mail.
If you would like to be added to the list, send E-mail with the subject "DMCL - Add me" to 73743,431 on CompuServe, or "73743.431@compuserve.com" on the Internet. Please provide the following information:
Example: Canada, ON, 416, 631, Jeff Forsyth, Toronto, E, 73743,431
Jeff Forsyth (CompuServe: 73743,431)
Site (1): text/dmcl7.txt


A series of DOOM pictures, including death scenes, barrels, and a close up of a rocket. These graphics are in PCX format.
Edgar Roman (eroman@dante.nmsu.edu)
Site (2): doompics.zip

[15-24]: DOOM Serial Connection Manager v1.06b

DOOM Serial Connection Manager is an alternative to using SETUP.EXE or command line parameters to set up serial connections. It allows you to change many more options than with SETUP, and allows you to save up to 40 configurations.
The Blind Preacher: Nick Sabinske
To reach Nick, E-mail "sharvari@coke.eng.umd.edu" and the message will be forwarded.
Site (1): multi_doom/dscm106b.zip
Site (2): dscm106b.zip

[15-25]: DOOM Utilities v0.1

Allows you to view DOOM maps. Includes such features as zoom, pan, and multiple episode support.
Bill Kirby (bkirby@netcom.com)
Site (1): dmutil01.zip

[15-26]: DOOM WAD Manager v1.30c

DOOM WAD Manager is a program that allows you to organize and work with all of your DOOM PWAD levels. You can catalog your PWAD and IWAD files, change the level a PWAD modifies, and run DOOM with a single IWAD or PWAD to try them out.
The Blind Preacher: Nick Sabinske
To reach Nick, E-mail "sharvari@coke.eng.umd.edu" and the message will be forwarded.
Site (1): misc/dwm130c.zip
Site (2): dwm130c.zip

*15-27*: DOOM.WAD Patch v1.666

A unofficial patch which repairs a bug in DOOM I v1.666 in episode 3, mission 9.
Lloyd Shelby (lshelby@indy.net)
Site (1): misc/dmp1666r.zip

[15-28]: The DOOM IPX Network FAQ v1.2

A file containing answers to frequently asked questions about playing DOOM over an IPX network.
Josh Jackson (jsoftware@delphi.com)
Site (1): text/ipxnet12.faq

*15-29*: iDOOM v1.1

A TCP/IP network driver for playing DOOM over the Internet.
	* Full support for DOOM II
	* Online chat mode
	* Interactive game parameter setting
	* Built-in player "dialing directory"
Scott Coleman (asre@uiuc.edu)
Jay Cotton (jay@calc.vet.uga.edu)
Site (1): multi_player/idoom11.zip
mrcnext.cso.uiuc.edu: asre/idoom11.zip

*15-30*: Internet DOOM Client/Server System v0.12

The DOOM* Client/Server System is a front-end to DOOM TCP/IP network drivers. You use the client software to connect to a Frag Server. While connected to the server, you can chat with other players and bystanders and negotiate game parameters. You tell the server what parameters you want, and when all the players are ready, the server will give the client the decided game parameters plus the IP adresses of all your victims. The client software will disconnect from the server and then run a multi-player DOOM game (iDOOM* or linuxxdoom*).
Jay Cotton (jay@calc.vet.uga.edu)
Site (1): multi_doom/tcpsrv12.zip

[15-31]: LNTYP v1.01

Contains descriptions of the available linedef types by number, grouped by function. Includes 33 previously undefined linedef types and corrections to many others.
Brian McKimens (samneric@connected.com)
Site (1): wad_edit/text/lntyp101.zip

[15-32]: MIDI2MUS

Converts MIDI music files to DOOM's MUS file format. Useful for available DOOM music editors.
id Software (help@idsoftware.com)
Site (1): music/midi2mus.exe

[15-33]: OLDIPX.ZIP

These are some files which may be useful in getting DOOM running over a TCP/IP network. Included is an older version of a 3Com Etherlink III packet driver from 3Com, which has been found to be more reliable than the newer version from the Crynwr collection. Also included is an older version of the Crynwr collection, which includes a number of useful utilities that were taken out of the newer version. An old version of an IPX-to-PD converter is also included, which seems to run much better with DOOM than the new version by Intel.
Other files include a copy of the DOOM IPX FAQ.
Steve Bonds (sbonds@hmc.edu)
Site (1): oldipx.zip
Site (1): multi_doom/oldipx.zip

*15-34*: SER6.ZIP

A DOOM SERSETUP.EXE replacement which allows many baud rates, fixes all serial bugs, chat functions, statistics display, warping, and much more.
Russell Gilbert (b804682@csc1.ftw.bnr.com)
Paul Hermann (hermann@poly-eng.uakron.edu)
Site (1): multi_doom/ser6.zip
Site (2): ser6.zip

[15-35]: The Ultimate DOOM Maps

1024x768x256 GIF maps of all DOOM levels.
Hap Campbell (hsc5m@watt.seas.virginia.edu)
Site (2): ultmaps1.zip

*15-36*: Unofficial DOOM Specs v1.666

Technical information about the DOOM .WAD file for programmers. Includes complete explanation of all components of the .WAD file, including nodes. v1.666 of the specs may not be available until the first quarter of 1995.
Matt Burnett (matt.fell@acebbs.com)
Hank Leukart (Distribution: ap641@cleveland.freenet.edu)
Site (1): wad_edit/text/dmspec16.txt
Site (2): dmspec16.txt
Site (3): dmspec16.zip
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CHAPTER [16]: Future add-on software


[16-1]: Add-on software wish list

Attention programmers! Here is a wish list, created by the DOOM players, of add-on software that should be made for DOOM. If you would like to make an addition to this list, please send me E-mail. Additionally, if you are planning on creating one of these utilities, tell me, and I'll move it to the "Add-on software in the making" chapter.

(16-2): Add-on software in the making

This chapter tells about add-on software which is being currently worked on. If you are working on something that is not in here, please send me E-mail so I can put it in. In this section, you can also request help on creating some add-on software.

        Project: None
        Author: Ghent (ghent@rushnet.com)
        Status: Looking for programming project.  If anyone would like help
                from an experienced programmer for a DOOM project, E-mail

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