This whole idea of providing a unified information service began when a few people began making Web pages all pertaining to the same topic. It was the game Doom from id software. We began to reach out and mail each other about various aspects of overall design and it was then when the idea of DoomWeb was born.

At that point a mailing list was formed and a few of us joined in and began to improve our work. We decided to try not only to duplicate each other's work but also to specialize in various aspects of information services we were about to provide to the world.

And that is how it all began. A seemingly Doomed venture from the start - since none of us really had either time or resources - flourished into what you all know as DoomGate. And here is where it all begins...

DoomGate is an example to all of you out there of what is possible when you combine hard work, dedication, ingenuity and resourcefulness of people around the world. When in the beginning of 1994 a group of individuals from around the world got together and decided to establish a joint project they didn't stop there. They took it to the next level and called it DoomWeb.

The project's goal was to bring to the Internet the coolest information service around. One that wouldn't just concentrate on making nice-looking pages but also to provide useful information through many other media. One that would not only be pretty but also informative and perhaps most importantly of all - it would be on the cutting edge of today's technologies.

Since then it grew beyond even the wildest expectations of its creators. The DoomWeb project is running on its own box and is seeing more load in a day then some hosts see in weeks.

Due to enormous popular demand DoomGate we managed to find a sponsor for a host ( and a T1 link to the net (see Sponsors for more info) I would like to thank you all for the great comments you have been feeding me with and I hope you will see some of the changes reflect them. There are also many new features DoomGate will provide. Some of them you might already know of. Others you might find useful. For a list take a look at the Services section.

DoomGate is the official entry point to DoomWeb. It is represented by the icon that appears at the bottom of this page. From here you will be able to browse all of the DoomWebNodes around the world. While many areas are still under construction there is plenty of information already available and more is coming out on daily basis.

DoomGate icon will always bring you back to the top of DoomWeb. If you find this service useful be sure to send us comments so that we can improve it even further.

Now I will leave you to explore this Web with the hope you will find it at least useful since a lot of work has been going into it.

Enjoy, Piotr Kapiszewski

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