Welcome to DESCENT!

Descent is a 3D 1st person action game written by Parallax Software and published by Interplay. It is quite similar to Doom. If you liked Doom, chances are you will love Descent. If you are new to Descent, look at the introduction to get started. The current version of Descent is V1.4 .

Descent Registered GIFs!

Parallax was kind enough to provide me with some graphics. You can have a look at all weapons and powerups, including those only available in the registered version of Descent.

Multiplayer Descent on The Net

There are now several ways of playing Descent via the internet with more than just 2 players. The two I know of are SirDescent and KALI. There's a shareware version available which is limited to 10 minutes of playing. Give it a try. Reports are, with 14.4 three players are doable, and with 28.8, four players are still fun.

Get the HTMLized Descent FAQ!

Can't get enough Descent? Unanswered questions rob you of any sleep? There is hope. Read the HTML FAQ V0.8 to get the most out of the game! (Or get the ASCII Version[53k]). A big thanks to DrChandra for the HTML version. (The Ascii version is at 1.15 now)

Where to get it...

The first 7 levels of Descent are distributed as shareware. They can be downloaded via anonymous FTP from one of the following servers: You need the files dcnt11-1.zip and dcnt11-2.zip. They are approximately 1.44 megs each. The full, registered version with 30 levels can be ordered from Interplay. See the order form that comes with the game for details. If you want the CD-ROM version, just put "CDROM" on the order form. It's the same price.

Cheat codes!

So you're too much of a wimp to solve Descent like a man? There's still hope. Use the cheatcodes. Luckily, they don't work in network/modem Descent.

Other Descent pages

Check out the following web pages which also deal with Descent:
Note: The Descent graphics are © 1994 by Parallax software

Special thanks to Jet (he has an awesome homepage) from IRC for preparing some of the GIFs and to DrChandra from IRC for the HTML Version of the FAQ.

Note: This page contains outdated information . Try other Descent pages for more up-to-date information until I get around to updating this (hopefully around Christmas). Sorry about the inconvenience.
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