Descent FAQ 0.8

Compiled by John D. DeCuir ( and Seth Delackner

This is an UNOFFICIAL Descent FAQ. It provides pointers/answers to the
most Frequently Asked and easily answered Questions about Descent that
often get posted. NEW information has stars (**) by it.

This is NOT a substitution for the README.TXT that comes with Descent.
The README file contains vital information that every Descent-player
should read. This FAQ is intended as an up-to-date supplement, NOT
a substitution.

All specific names included herein are trademarks: Descent, Interplay
Productions, Parallax Software, FlightStick, Gravis GamePad, Pentium,
Intel, Cyrix, Id Software, Doom, Quake, Apogee, Wolfenstein 3D,
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Any trademarks not mentioned here are hypothetically acknowledged.

This article is (C) Copyright 1994, 1995 by John D. DeCuir. All rights
reserved. You are welcome to make copies and redistribute this article,
as long as it is kept in its original form.



[1a] What is Descent?
[1b] But I already play Doom. Why would I like Descent?
[1c] Who created Descent?
[1c-2] How can I contact Interplay?
[1d] What are the differences between the different releases of Descent?
[1e] Wait, I read somewhere about something called Quake. Isn't this it?
[1f] Will a level editor be released?
[1g] What is needed to run Descent?
[1h] Can I play Descent under OS/2?
[1i] Can I play Descent under Windows?
[1j] Where can I get Descent?
[1k] Is there a Descent newsgroup on Usenet?
[1l] Is there source code available?
[1m] What are the differences between the different robots?
[1n] What are some popular control configurations?

[2]. TACTICS (or, "Doom Recovery 101")

[2a] Help! I'm lost in the maze.
[2b] I'm having trouble controlling my ship. Any suggestions?
[2c] I can't find places on the map.
[2d] How do I beat the big bad robot at the end of level 7?
[2e] I think Descent is too easy.
[2f] I think Descent is too hard.
[2g] The secret resource: Lava
[2h] What are those yellow tunnels with sparkly things in it?
[2i] What are those purple areas that new ships come out of?


[3a] Is there a list of the secrets in Descent?
[3b] What are the cheat codes?
[3c] Undocumented Map features
** [3d] A Walkthrough of Level 7


[4a] Can I play with other people?
[4b] Does each computer require a distinct version of the software?
[4c] Why do different computers play differently on a net game?
[4d] Can I play over the Internet?
[4e] Is there a good place to meet other players?
[4f] A note about networking and Descent


[5a] Why can't I save my game in the middle of a level?
[5b] I just died; where did all my stuff go?
[5c] How can I skip past all the dialogue in the beginning of the game?
[5d] How can I avoid motion sickness?
[5e] I'm having hallucinations when I look away from the monitor.
[5f] Descent and Cyrix CPUs
[5g] Advice for 4 MB memory setups
[5h] My frame rate is far too slow. Any suggestions to speed it up?


12/26/94 Descent 0.1 FAQ born by John DeCuir.
12/26/94 A distinct, "Descent 0.5 FAQ" written by Seth Delackner.
12/27/94 Merger takes place, including new information from Adam Pletcher from Parallax Software. Thanks Adam! Descent FAQ 0.6 born.
12/28/94 Added Ascii Art logo by Thomas Axelsson, created FAQ 0.61.
12/28/94 Added lots of new info about robots, undocumented map features, control configurations, framerate. FAQ 0.7 born.
1/02/95 Added new Ascii Logo by Thomas Axelsson, some miscellaneous information. Re-organized, created a new TACTICS section. Debuted with FAQ 0.75.
1/03/95 Added minor info about OS/2 and GEnie. FAQ 0.77. This FAQ was never released.
1/03/95 Added Level 7 walkthrough by Mike Lorant. FAQ 0.8.
1/05/95 Converted without changes to html doc by Andrew C. Esh (DrChandra). FAQ 0.8html


Given that this is still a prototype FAQ and it's unofficial, you won't find it on news.answers. Look for it in,, or e-mail for a copy.

You can also FTP the FAQ from in the directory /pub/cs/csua/descent.

Alternatively, look on the IRC in channel #descent and ask for it. Either Bruin or Descender should have a current copy.

You can also browse this FAQ on the Web at
HTML version of this FAQ done by DrChandra on 95.01.05.