A quick start at Descent

Much of this information has been taken from the readme that comes with Descent. Make sure you read it

The story

The year is 2132. You are an outside contractor working for the Post Terran Minerals Corporation, a company known for its power, technology, and shameless materialism. Rumor has it the untouchable PTMC has a serious problem with its planetary mining network... you are ordered to report for a briefing...

Descent is a heart-pounding, gun-wrenching, edge-of-your-seat experience. Following is a few pointers on how to easily get inside and move around the Descent universe.

System Requirements

       - IBM PC compatible 386-33 or faster
       - 4 MB RAM
       - DOS 5.0 or greater

       - 486 or Pentium processor
       - 8 MB RAM
       - stereo 16-bit soundcard with General MIDI support
       - a quality joystick


sven@ ping.de, 3rd of February 1995; Comments welcome!

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