Doom 2 Secrets List

Compiled by Paul Falstad; last updated August 21, 1995.

All the official secret areas in the game are numbered and listed in the pages referenced below, along with the sector number and coordinates. "Official" secrets are those which are counted towards the "Secrets" total on the end level screen. Some non-secret areas which are hard to find are also listed, but are not numbered. Demos (i.e. .lmp files) for levels 1-7, 15, 19, and 30 are also available now, showing how to complete each level with all the goodies.

Pick the level you need help on:

  1. Entryway
  2. Underhalls
  3. The Gantlet
  4. The Focus
  5. The Waste Tunnels
  6. The Crusher
  7. Dead Simple
  8. Tricks and Traps
  9. The Pit
  10. Refueling Base
  11. 'O' of Destruction!
  12. The Factory
  13. Downtown
  14. The Inmost Dens (max secrets: 0%)
  15. Industrial Zone (max secrets: 90%)
  16. Suburbs
  17. Tenements
  18. The Courtyard
  19. The Citadel
  20. Gotcha!
  21. Nirvana (max secrets: 0%)
  22. The Catacombs
  23. Barrels O' Fun
  24. The Chasm
  25. Bloodfalls (max secrets in version 1.666: 0%)
  26. The Abandoned Mines
  27. Monster Condo (max secrets: 87%)
  28. The Spirit World
  29. The Living End (max secrets: 0%)
  30. Icon of Sin
  31. Wolfenstein (max secrets in versions before 1.9: 0%)
  32. Grosse (max secrets in versions before 1.9: 0%)
Click here to see how many goodies there are in each level Doom 2, and click here to see how many monsters there are. Click here for information on what changed in version 1.7a. Click here for Heretic secrets information.

A plain text version of this document is also available.

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Also, thanks to Robert Forsman for writing pfme.

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