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Hexen: Beyond Heretic DEMO
Re-released October 18th, 1995
Created by Raven Software (C) 1995
Published by id Software
Distributed by GT Interactive Software
Worldwide retail release date: Oct 30th
Hexen is NOT a shareware product.

Please direct all bug reports to Do NOT email id Software or Raven Software with bug reports.

This is a 4-level demo of the new action-adventure Hexen: Beyond Heretic, the sequel to the original Heretic first-person action-adventure. Besides the storyline, the major differences between Heretic and Hexen are numerous.

This demo is multiplayer capable. Use the DM program to initiate a multiplayer game. Please read DM.DOC for details.

Enjoy the demo. Then rush out and get the game when it hits the stores! You won't be sorry. But your friends will be when they think they can take you on in a Deathmatch and they find a Maulotaur you just summoned bashing their brains into the dirt with you laughing at them behind its back.

John Romero
id Software, inc.

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