Proposal for an Unreal newsgroup

News flash: 2nd CFV posted! Last chance to vote!

The second and last Call For Votes (CFV) for has been posted in news.announce.newgroups, news.groups and the other groups listed below. If you are interested in Unreal, you should participate in this vote. You only have to get the CFV from one of the groups in which it was posted (it should be easy to get it from news.announce.newgroups which is a low-traffic group) and e-mail your vote to the votetaker, according to the instructions included in the CFV.

Votes must be received on the 26th of March at the latest. Do not wait until the last minute before voting...

The only official copy of the CFV is the one distributed in news.groups and it is not allowed to put it on web pages or distribute it by e-mail (otherwise, we could be accused of vote fraud if the voting ballot is modified). That is why you should get it from Usenet if you want to vote.

However, the CFV is very similar to the RFD included below (except that the RFD contains no voting instructions), so you can take a look at this copy of the RFD if you do not know what this is all about and if you want to get more information before fetching the CFV. If you have any comments about this, please post them to the unreal-proposal mailing list (see the Unreal page for more info). It would also be wise to check the hypermail archives of this list and see what comments have already been posted.

From: (Raphael Quinet)
Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups,news.groups,,,
Subject: RFD:
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 22:13:59 GMT

	     unmoderated group

This is a formal Request For Discussion (RFD) for the creation of a
world-wide unmoderated Usenet newsgroup
This is not a Call for Votes (CFV); you cannot vote at this time.
Procedural details are below.

Newsgroup Line:	Unreal, the 3D action game from Epic


The newsgroup is for discussing various
topics related to the computer game Unreal, soon to be published by
Epic Megagames, and its sequels and user-written add-ons.  Unreal is a
highly customizable 3D first-person perspective action game scheduled
for release later this year.

Although the game has not been released yet, it is expected to be very
successful (it offers features similar to Quake and beyond).  It is
already being actively discussed on IRC, on Unreal's WWW message board
and in several games-related newsgroups, such as
and  More than 3000 messages related to
Unreal have been posted on Usenet in the last two months.  A newsgroup has already been created on some servers; creating a
rec.* newsgroup early enough would help avoiding the kind of confusion
between alt.* and rec.* groups that occured for the Doom newsgroups
and, to a lesser extent, for the Quake newsgroups.

This first Request For Discussion proposes the creation of only one
newsgroup for Unreal.  If the traffic gets too high, it may be
necessary to split it later (by creating .editing, .playing, .servers
and others) and rename it to .misc.  However, we think that it is
better to create one group now and propose to split it later, when we
can judge from the existing traffic in that group and from the
information available when the game is released.


This group covers all topics related to the game Unreal.  The range of
topics will be very broad at first, but will be reduced if more
specific groups are created.  Examples include: discussion about
Unreal features, comparison with other games, playing standard or
user-written levels, editing the game, setting up a server, etc.

Binary files such as custom levels or compiled programs do not belong
in discussion groups and should not be posted here.  Instead, the
files should be put on an FTP or WWW site and a short announcement
should be posted in this group.  When relevant, excerpts of source
code or configuration files may be posted, as long as they are
reasonably short (at most a few dozen lines) and readable.



This is a request for discussion, not a call for votes.  In this phase
of the process, any potential problems with the proposed newsgroups
should be raised and resolved.  The discussion period will continue
for a minimum of 21 days (starting from when the first RFD for this
proposal is posted to news.announce.newgroups), after which a Call For
Votes (CFV) may be posted by a neutral vote taker if the discussion
warrants it.  Please do not attempt to vote until this happens.

All discussion of this proposal should be posted to news.groups.

This RFD attempts to comply fully with the Usenet newsgroup creation
guidelines outlined in "How to Create a New Usenet Newsgroup" and "How
to Format and Submit a New Group Proposal".  Please refer to these
documents (available in news.announce.newgroups) if you have any
questions about the process.


This RFD has been cross-posted to the following newsgroups:


Proponent: Raphael Quinet <>
Proponent: Joost Schuur <>

The first line of the charter in the CFV has been slightly modified in order to make it more obvious that sequels and add-ons to Unreal are on-topic in Check the CFV for more info.

Note: although you are supposed to use the official copy of the CFV as posted in news.announce.newgroups, a file including a copy of the RFD and CFV is available by FTP from

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