The levels in these subdirectories are all made specifically 
for the game Hexen and won't run under DOOM, DOOM2, Heretic
or Strife without modifications.  Some of these files also
contain new sounds and graphics, and some are in fact large
compilations that replace all of Hexen.

They are split up into alphabetical groups.  The 'deathmatch'
directory contains deathmatch-only levels and is itself split
up alphabetically.

To create your own addon levels, try the editors in the
'utils/level_edit' directory.

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There is an incompatibility between Hexen v1.0 and v1.1 in the number of
multi-player starting points.  v1.0 supports 4 players and v1.1 supports
8 players.  Levels developed for v1.1 will not work in v1.0.

If levels are uploaded in both v1.0 and v1.1 versions, we keep only the
v1.1 one to conserve space.  If a level doesn't run, you are probably
running Hexen v1.0.  You can download the patch to upgrade to v1.1 from:
<main directory>/idstuff/hexen/hexn11rp.exe  in this archive.

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