The DOOM1 Tyson Collection

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Version 3:May 20th, 1998

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What's new??

Patrick Martin completed E4M1 in a 2.5 hour marathon lmp. Seven levels have new lmps with faster times.

What is Tyson style??

Tyson style is killing every monster in a DOOM level in Ultra-Violence using only the weakest weapons: fist, berserk fist, chainsaw, and pistol. What I call DOOM1 is the original DOOM game, now sold with the fourth episode under the name "Ultimate DOOM".

This collection was inspired by the Doom Honorific Title of Doom1 Tyson (D1T). Under DHT5, 15 people earned this title. Under the newer DHT6 format (same rules except no new level required), 11 people have earned the title (as of 5/98). See the DHT5 Hall of Fame or the DHT5 D1T directory to download DHT5 exams, and the DHT6 D1T directory to download DHT6 exams.

How were these recordings selected??

The fastest recording was selected among all recordings of that level. However a slower recording may be listed if it is in a harder style, such as Tyson with -fast monsters. Most of the D1T recordings are not very fast, and these are still not optimized to the point of the DOOM2 collection. This didn't start out as a competition (just a collection), but if you are serious about beating these, see the rules (with humor).

Four Ultimate DOOM levels have never been done Tyson style: E2M8, E4M2, E4M6 and E4M7. If you have a recording of any of these, be sure to send it to me. Faster recordings of existing levels are also of interest.

Playback tips

The Collection:

The following table summarizes all the lmps in this collection. If you click on a level number (first column), it will download that lmp. The "Style" column refers to the rules adhered by in the recording. Normal means usual Tyson style. Some of the recordings up the difficulty further by going with -fast monsters, fist only (or both). The fourth column lists the name of the person who first recorded that level Tyson style, although any level in the original D1T base is listed as "Unknown".

File name of the recordings is of the form: tu(map number)-(time in mmss).lmp. However, the dash is eaten up for recordings longer than 9:59, and maps with -fast monsters start with "tv".

You can download all the lmps in this collection (one recording of each level, 32 recordings, 291KB zipped -> 3.4MB uncompressed) by clicking below. If you want to view more than two of these recordings, this is the way to do it. There are some nifty bat files included to make playback easier, you won't have to remember the file names.

Download entire collection (

Level DHT6
Bsrk Pk? First Lmp
This Lmp
Style Run Time Comments
E1M1 Easy No Unknown Andy Kempling Normal 1:08 Eight seconds faster ...
E1M2 Easy No Unknown Andy Kempling Normal 3:39 There are enough bullets on this level to kill every monster twice!
E1M3 Medium No Unknown Patrick Martin Normal 9:06 Only need to punch demons and spectres.
E1M4 Medium No Unknown Patrick Martin Normal 7:20 .
E1M5 Medium No Unknown Patrick Martin Normal 7:45 Quick recording of this tough level.
E1M6 Hard No Unknown Patrick Martin Normal 21:16 This level was in the DHT base from the start, but interestingly was never assigned to any D1T title holder (under DHT5).
E1M7 Medium No Unknown Patrick Martin Normal 8:06 Some great barrel frags in this one!
E1M8 Medium No Unknown Patrick Martin Fist only! ~4:40 Patrick gets the Barons in a fight, then punches out the survivor! This level is not very hard if you use bullets.
E1M9 Medium No Mike Pratt Patrick Martin Normal 12:51 .
E2M1 Hard No Jeff Makaiwi Patrick Martin Normal 7:14 Much mandatory Demon punching.
E2M2 Easy Yes Unknown Patrick Martin Fast monst
Fist Only
10:21 A classic Tyson level with the Berserk right there at the start. Fastest normal recording by MCM (5:42).
E2M3 Medium Yes Jonas Andersson Mike Muir Normal 6:00 48 seconds faster!
E2M4 Medium Yes Unknown Patrick Martin Fist only 7:46 Crushers come in handy on this one, but not if you're in a hurry.
E2M5 Hard Yes Josh Horwich Patrick Martin Normal 14:34 .
E2M6 Medium Yes Terry Dunphy Peo Sjoblom Normal 10:37 Fastest fist only recording by PBM (11:50).
E2M7 Medium Yes Jonathan Hoof Peo Sjoblom Fist only 5:18 .
E2M8 Hardest No Uncomp. Uncomp. . . Punching out the Cyberdemon non-berserk is too tedious to contemplate.
E2M9 Easy No Unknown George Bell Fast monst
Chainsaw only
1:50 This level goes very quickly with fast monsters.
E3M1 Med No Unknown Andy Kempling Normal 3:10 50 seconds faster!
E3M2 Easy Yes Ian Egle Andy Kempling Fist Only 4:38 Only 7 seconds faster ...
E3M3 Easy Yes Alvin Chee Patrick Martin Fist only 4:53 Unreachable Imps are killed by a Baron (and Demon). Fastest normal recording by MCM (4:15) (some lost souls left).
E3M4 Hard Yes Mike Pratt Patrick Martin No invuln 12:39 .
E3M5 Hard Yes Phidias Bourlas Patrick Martin Fist only 8:27 Clever Baron telefrag. Patrick has also done this level Fist only, no Invuln (12:30).
E3M6 Hard Yes Anton Magleli Patrick Martin Normal 12:23 Tons of cacos on this one.
E3M7 Hard No Mike Toliver Patrick Martin Normal 10:52 This one is quite hard to do quickly.
E3M8 Hard No Joe Abene Joe Abene Normal ~2:40 Interesting spider paralysis makes this one possible.
E3M9 Hard Yes Patrick Martin Patrick Martin Normal 19:59 This is the longest and one of the hardest Ultimate Doom levels yet done Tyson style. Only Patrick and Anton Magleli have done it.
E4M1 Hardest No Patrick Martin Patrick Martin Normal ~2 hours
25 min
With 5 Barons, no berserk pack, and very little health and manuvering space this level is extremely difficult. A very conservative approach is needed, this is the most boring lmp in this collection. But the level has now been done.
E4M2 Hardest Yes Uncomp. Uncomp. . . May be possible but of extreme difficulty.
E4M3 Hard Yes Patrick Martin Peo Sjoblom Normal 9:01 Mandatory Baron punching. Peo took over 10 minutes off the previous best!
E4M4 Medium Yes George Bell Patrick Martin Normal 3:39 This is only about 1 minute slower than the current COMPET-N record!
E4M5 Hard Yes Roger Moraga Peo Sjoblom Normal 8:10 Original by RAM (21:45) in his D1T exam is also worth watching for some clever tips.
E4M6 Hardest Yes Uncomp. Uncomp. . . .
E4M7 Hardest Yes Uncomp. Uncomp. . . Only 220 bullets on this level, plus the Cyberdemon is in a very small room.
E4M8 Hard Yes Patrick Martin Patrick Martin Normal ~13:55 Much Baron punching and an intimidating end scene with a Spider Mastermind.
E4M9 Hard Yes Patrick Martin Patrick Martin Normal 8:08 Very difficult start until you get the berserk pack. Original lmp 11:20.

This collection may be updated every couple of months, if and when better recordings come in.

Current standings

I'm not going to go as far as Simon Widlake of COMPET-N with an elaborate point scheme, but here is a table of who has the most recordings in this collection:

Name DHT
First Level
Patrick Martin PBM 5 21
Andy Kempling ARK 0 4
Peo Sjoblom PS2 0 4
Joe Abene JMA 1 1
George Bell GIB 1 1
Mike Muir MCM 0 1
Mike Pratt MGP 2 0
Jonas Andersson JAG 1 0
Phidias Bourlas PNB 1 0
Alvin Chee AVC 1 0
Terry Dunphy TMD 1 0
Ian Egle IE 1 0
Jonathan Hoof JRH 1 0
Josh Horwich JBH 1 0
Anton Magleli AVM 1 0
Jeff Makaiwi JRM 1 0
Roger Moraga RAM 1 0
Mike Toliver MET 1 0