Tutorial written by Flo

Creating a TMU Dedicated Server
This is not a tutorial in the true meaning, it's like a quickstart for the TMU DedicatedServer, so everyone will be able to help Nadeo making their programs even better Wink
If you've read this you will be able to shoot up a server on the easiest way. If you want to do a more professional solution I can recommend Blahitis' Dedicated Server Tutorial on Tm-Forum.

Configure and launch a TrackmaniaUnited Server
After you've downloaded the server from Nadeo's ftp server you will find the dedicated server as a .zip or tarball package.
You may extract this into any directory you want to have it. It's independent from any game files and will run without having the game installed.

Working out the dedicated.cfg
The dedicated.cfg tells the dedicated server what game settings it has to activate. There are also some technical settings in it, which you don't have to understand at first.

You will find this file in "...\TrackManiaServer\GameDate\Config\".
Open it in a text editor or even better in a html/xml editor.

Attention: This configuration file is completely written in xml, if you have difficulties in understanding how to apply changes to the file you should read this tutorial about what xml is.

1) Now that you see the source of the file we can start with its first section: authorization_levels.
There actually are three levels to split the users that can control the server by XmlRpc Calls into different groups that have more or less powerful commands to administrate the server.
The level that gives you the full control of the server is of course the SuperAdmin. You should change its password instantly! With the permissions of a SuperAdmin you, for instance, have the possibility to shutdown the server or ban players.
One step below there is the Admin. He's allowed to send chat messages and do all read and some of the write commands. I recommend to set a new password here as well.
Finally we're getting to the User-level. A user may do what a player is allowed to do ingame, as well. You probably won't change the password here.

2) Next section is the masterserver_account.
You have to create a player account for each server that you want to run. As TMU is in beta state at the moment you have to get an extra key from Benjisite. Use this key to create a new player profile/online account with it. Take the password and login you entered for it and write them between the "name" and "password" tags.

3) The server_options contain how the server should be run. Is it timeattack, how long is one round, how many players should be able to play on it?
For a first launch it's only necessary to enter a server name.

Write a command line to run the Dedicated Server
Because the dedicated server needs to know where the settings file is, for instance, you need to give it additional information when starting it. When you are using windows you will create a "start.bat" file or something similar to that. Linux uses .sh-files to execute something on the command-line.
After you have created the file (in the dedicated server directory) you can modify it with some editor again.
Type following line into the file:
TrackManiaServer.exe /internet /game_settings=MatchSettings/allraces.txt /dedicated_cfg=dedicated.cfg
This will launch the dedicated server on the easiest way. There are additional parameters to work out better solutions for each admin.

Launch the server
Now you'll be able to start the server by double click onto the start.bat (win) or by calling the start.sh from the terminal (linux).