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This is a simple hub page for TrackMania Nations ESWC. It aims to collect in one place useful information and references to official and community sites for this classic racing game by Nadeo. Here are relevant excerpts from the TMN ESWC press release:

"For the first time in the history of eSport, a video game has been specially developed for the Electronic Sports World Cup and is being offered free of charge to the players of the entire planet."

"This special version features a brand new environment, the Stadium, and a revolutionary new gameplay designed for Nadeo's own custom cars. Nadeo has pulled the technological rabbit from the hat with their own brand game engine, featuring the series' best graphics yet, finely tuned for the latest generation graphics cards, not forgetting simpler machines so that no one round the world has a technical freeze out on the race track. With the online in-game ladder, players can customise their cars and avatars and race in their nation's colours on the world's servers. Many Trackmania and Trackmania Sunrise players will already have access to the following exclusive features: peer 2 peer data exchange and skin and avatar customisation."


This page is also the initial home to XASECO, which stands for Xymph's ASECO and is the new name for the system formerly known as ASECO/RASP for classic TMN. It now supports TrackMania Forever as well. ASECO is an abbreviation of "Automatic SErver COntrol", a system for TrackMania Original, Sunrise and (especially) Nations and Forever servers to keep track of player records and provide useful player and admin commands. RASP is a sizable set of plugins for ASECO that adds server ranks, a track jukebox, a karma voting system, and lots more.

As evidenced by the many TrackMania (Nations) servers running it, the ASECO/RASP system for TMO/TMS/TMN remained a very popular package to keep track of records and offer players various useful commands and features. But its original authors have moved on to TM United, so I have been working at the system on my own since May 2007 to improve and expand it. The number of changes is so large that I decided (somewhat presumptuously perhaps) to call this system XASECO version 0.8, subsequently updated to v1.16, many major releases since ASECO 0.61b and RASP 1.5 that together combined into version 0.7. TrackMania Forever is also supported since XASECO v0.96.

I don't believe there's a point in running a barebones (X)ASECO system without at least the RASP plugins because those add so many basic and useful features and commands which players enjoy, so they are not released separately like before but as one combined system. The remaining plugins included in this v1.16 release (Mistral's idle-kick, and Jfreu's plugin) are however optional, as are the series of new plugins I developed myself. My overall goal remained to stick to 'core functionality' as much as possible, rather than include into the base system any of the variety of 'niche' plugins that exist out there, while still providing a complete and integrated solution for server control.

For a high-level outline of all of XASECO's features and plugins, see the Overview page. For screenshots of many of the TMF interface features, see this preview thread.

For a comprehensive overview of the new stuff, see the v0.8 initial release notes, v0.81 - v0.95 oldest release notes, v0.96 - v1.03 older release notes, and v1.04 - v1.16 current release notes.

And here is a complete overview of all available commands in HTML and Word.



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