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Site closed to new levels

On March 13, 1997, The All-Time Best Doom Levels was closed to new levels. The noination and voting areas has been closed, and no more suggestions for new entries will be accepted. With my graduation coming in May, I will not have time to continue maintaining these pages. They will still be available as long as remains operational, but I will no longer work on them.

I want to say that I've been flattered by the popularity of the list over the years. I wish I could keep maintaining it, but it has already fallen into some disrepair and I'd like to stop before my real-life obligations cause it to become worse. Thanks to all of you, and to the master level designers who made the list worth reading.

Problems for AOL users

If you use AOL (wow, do I feel sorry for you!), you may occasionally be asked for a login and password when downloading levels. This is a defect in AOL's FTP software that shows up whenever the download site is full. Do not use your screen name. Do not send me E-mail asking for the password. Just cancel the download and try again. Don't waste time sending E-mail to AOL's technical support, because AOL doesn't fix defects in their software unless there's a risk of bad publicity. If I were you, I would ditch AOL; there are so many better alternatives.

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